Phallosan Forte Review

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: January 3, 2020

Phallosan Forte review

Phallosan Forte is a male enhancement device manufactured by Swiss Sana Anstalt. Phallosan Forte is a discrete option penis extender. because Phallosan in the morning or can be worn at night. If you’re tired of reading a lot of Phallosan Forte reviews about this product claiming that Phallosan forte is very comfortable and easy to wear compared to other extenders, read this genuine Phallosan Forte review.

We hope you found our Phallosan Review and analysis, also added a summary of customer reviews on the net.

Why should you be ok with Phallosan forte?

BUT: Phallosan Forte For Sale

You have probably spent hours at a time and many hours per day researching reviews on the forums and men’s blog analysis for a solution to your problem as you go through site after site wondering if the use of  Phallosan Forte is a natural method of penile enlargement.

Most sites make many promises about results in the first week with Phallosan Forte increasing the size of your penis, but we give you the true effectiveness in the review about size increase techniques and harder erection quality.

[May 2020 UPDATE: Phallosan Forte is a patented medical device for penis enlargement, Proof!: Click To Download The British Journal Of Urology: Volume 99, Issue 6, pages 1449–1455, June 2007]

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Before Phallosan, I’ve Been There Too…

Phallosan Forte reviewI’ve also suffered from a smaller penis for some years myself.

Honestly, there isn’t a product that I haven’t tried because I wanted to feel more dominant in the bedroom. That means I have tried pills, vitamins, and read a bunch of different reviews on all traction extenders from those guys to find an answer to the problem for my male enhancement problem.

Weighing up the positive reviews, I got very few positive results and was ready just to give up when I got an email in my inbox about Phallosan. Due to my experience, I was very skeptical and started to investigate this penis enhancement product with very low expectations.

I had wasted a ton of money unnecessary pain looking for an effective and safe method. However I still carried the dream of having a larger penis, and that was the image that drove me to try out the product for pe and give it a go.

Does Phallosan Forte Work?

Phallosan takes time. Hours at a time over a period of time.

At a glance, Phallosan Forte is a painless application of traction but watch this video before your first training session with Phallosan Forte because this will be able to explain how it works much better than I can…

You’re probably wondering what it was that made me decide to spend the money and times with Phallosan extender after being let down many times by other products right?

Phallosan Forte reviewWell, the main reason is that of an actual medical Journal that I read which I have included a screenshot of and will explain later in this review and also because the Phallosan Forte is a type 2 medical device! Health insurance companies pay for Phallosan Forte when prescribed by a doctor. These are not my words, but the FDA has listed it in their inventory, and you can check that out HERE if you want.

Phallosan Forte review

How Phallosan Forte Is Supposed To Work…

One of the main differences Phallosan brings to the table is an entirely unique technique for making you the owner of an oversized dick!

The big advantage for Phallosan Forte is it uses vacuum suction bell and a tension clip with a spring and elastic belt system with the clasp to manipulate the penis into becoming bigger as you use it. The marker on the suction bell and belt is a helpful indication. Green, amber, and red indicate if the suction is strong. Increase or decrease the pressure. The Phallosan Forte system has a vacuum protector cap that allows the use of Phallosan Forte is painless if used to stretch correctly. Painlessly stretching the penile tissues of your penis shaft is easy with the Phallosan Forte to new sizes that you have only dreamed about.

The user places the Phallosan Forte protective cap of medical silicon on the tip of the penis head to protect the glans and foreskin from swelling, and this allows for Phallosan to create an unnoticeable vacuum seal of Phallosan to be created, and this will keep the air out and allow for Phallosan’s vacuum pressure traction force retention to commence.

Does The Phallosan Really Work As They Say?

Of course, I was skeptical as I unpacked the Phallosan Forte box but I had always dreamed of having a larger penis, and the process seemed to make sense. The Phallosan felt like it was solidly secure to my penis and the vacuum pump’s seal was not painful at all.

It didn’t take too long for me to see visible results with Phallosan and I have to say that I was thrilled. Simply wear phallosan forte everyday outside the house. Phallosan Forte makes it easy to allow me to wear for long periods 12-15 hours worn under clothes. The longer Phallosan was working, the longer the results would be.

Phallosan Forte reviewAfter a full 30 days of using Phallosan Forte penis extender, I can say that we have seen visible and surprising results. Because it is so comfortable; I can wear it overnight for 8hrs a day.

Usually, that is over 10 hours a day at the minimum and on average about 12 to 14 hours. The Phallosan is very subtle, and nobody knows I have it on. Is Phallosan Forte Safe? Yes and I testify that Phallosn Forte gives my penis the solid inches erect length and thicker wide girth gain change it deserves!

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I can even make up this large amount of hours per day by wearing the Phallosan while I sleep! I can snooze with the help of Phallosan Forte. Yes, you heard me correct; I could never do this with any of the regular stretchers I have tried. Getting a boner with Phallosan Forte is not a problem either.

There is no doubt for me that Phallosan Forte works, so stay with the program and if you investigate it fully, you will see a lot of other people who have found their true size by using this as well.

Phallosan Forte Quality?

The Phallosan Forte is made of the highest quality selected medical materials that give a good treatment with my private parts with the delicate care that they need. That is one of the reasons that the Phallosan is effective for this reason;  it can be worn comfortably for such a long time that it WILL continually stretch your penis.

All of the Phallosan spare parts you get with Phallosan Forte are of the highest quality orthopedic silicon and are used to provide comfort for each use and to prevent any allergic reactions.

Oh and don’t think for a second that Phallosan doesn’t produce the amount of tension or exerts pressure as the regular extenders. Up to 3KG of adjustable tension is possible in the highest setting which is much more than the other extenders which start and can go up to about 2.2KG.

Phallosan Forte reviewThe Phallosan will work well as long as it is recognizable in the penis extension/enlargement business for a long enough period. Phallosan has already been going strong for the past 18 years, so I think that speaks for itself, don’t you?

Should You Use Phallosan Forte?

One of the great things about the Phallosan Forte device is that it is backed by science. There have been independent studies done that have shown that it works well to attain significant stretching to provoke penis growth. Phallosan is a first-class medical device that has had its praises reported in the pages of official medical journals.

Phallosan Forte reviewThe study in sexual medicine written reviews revealed that with consistent use of the Phallosan extender, over a six month period that the average growth experienced will be about an increased gain of two inches in length added. You will get gains bar none.

They measured the targeted penis length results of users in the Phallosan study six months in cm after not using it too and guess what? Phallosan results are permanent!

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What makes Phallosan Forte different is that it’s easy to put on the device. Wearing the device for 4 hours sc daily is subtle and can be worn all day long with care and nobody will ever know. You should notch up 1000 hours total in 4-5 months equivalent to 2 years hanging experience. Make Phallosan part of your stretching routine during your training with Phallosan Forte and you can wear it doing work, commuting or shopping but also working on getting a larger penis at the same time.

Phallosan Forte review

Now, do you want to see a picture of what the Phallosan Forte looks like underneath trousers? Click HERE

The benefit of Phallosan Forte I have seen is that using it the right way will help correct a curvature of the penis, and it can be utilized even after prostate surgery.

My confidence has never been higher, I feel like Philthebeard and as I can see that Phallosan stimulates growth clearly, then I know that I can satisfy my sexual partners much more thoroughly than ever before.

[Update May 2018: New Phallosan Video illustrating exactly how to wear the Phallosan and how it functions]

My 7 Months results and review?

I know the reaction I got from my wife when she started to notice the progress with  Phallosan Forte and it encourages you and your sex drive too. She has been able to achieve more powerful orgasms, and if that is all I could achieve with Phallosan Forte. I could still call it a success.

If you are not happy with the size of your penis, then it is the time that you did something about it as I did. There is no reason to be less than the man you are capable of being because it can be done right here by ordering. Phallosan Forte is really a tool for you.Phallosan Forte review

So if you’re ready to order Phallosan, click the link below and check out their official website; I would also only recommend buying from the Official Phallosan website as this way you can rest assured that you will be receiving the genuine Phallosan Forte extender that comes with a full two Year warranty. The warranty are two pluses for phallosan forte.

AND now since April 2015 all the way up until the present day, you will receive 4 free Phallosan condom sleeves (it used to be only three free sleeve condoms which roll down) with your order but only if you buy Phallosan directly from the official site. The Phallosan Forte Plus is now available too.

The very discrete plain package contains an instructional DVD.

Nothing is as comfortable as the Phallosan Forte bell and condom sleeves which also prevent it from being slipped off the bell. And Phallosan’s excellent customer service is outstanding and top notch.


Don’t hesitate to participate in the review and write to us about your experience with Phallosan Forte and how you have increased the size of your package with Phallosan Forte and help others with useful tips and tricks to be successful.

Thanks for reading this Phallosan Forte review page and I hope this what I have mentioned in my reviews pm the web has given you enough information you need to make an informed buying decision.

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Phallosan Forte


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Build Quality



  • A 14-day Money back Guarantee
  • Directional Traction
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  • You Must Wear Phallosan Regular To Experience Permanent Size Gains
  • Phallosan Forte is Not As Expensive As You Would Imagine Compared To Others
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