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Review of the Bathmate Hydromax Series: Do These Penis Pumps Give Results? 

Bathmate is a hydro pump for male enhancement with reported benefits but potential risks. Research and consult a healthcare professional before use.
Shahrokh Shariat, MD
Senior Editor & Writer

Prof. Shariat has published over 1400 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. In 2014 he received the Matula Award from the European Society of Urology (EAU), and in 2017 the Gold Cystoscope Award from the American Society of Urology, probably the most important urologist award worldwide.

Finding comprehensive information on the Bathmate Hydro penis pumps and their full range can be a challenge. To simplify your search, we’ve created an in-depth review. We’ll walk you through their product lineup, teach you effective pump usage, and highlight the remarkable performance and gains attainable with hydro pumps.

Our Verdict

Editor’s Rating

Overall, a reputable company known for its commitment to men’s health offers innovative hydro pumps in various sizes. These pumps are made of high-quality, body-safe materials and provide uniform pressure for muscle-relaxing benefits during pumping sessions with water. Unlike traditional air pumps, Bathmate products are easy to use and offer unique advantages. Results vary depending on individual factors such as techniques used and anatomy response. 

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What is Bathmate?

Once a small start-up, Bathmate now dominates the penis pump industry. In 2004, innovator John Edwin Oakes crafted the first hydro pump to aid his friend – an injured athlete unable to achieve erections post-spinal injury. Dissatisfied with existing pumps, John applied his engineering skills to develop a revolutionary solution. By utilizing water for vacuum pressure, he revolutionized ED treatment with the world’s first water penis pump. Penis pumps have a success rate of up to 90% in helping men with erectile dysfunction achieve erections.1

Bathmate dominates the penis pump industry today

Just like the original invention, Bathmate pumps utilize water to initiate a vacuum seal surrounding the penis. When placed over the flaccid penis filled with water, you can pump the device against your pelvis, expelling excess water via a unique valve. This forms even pressure inside the pump, drawing blood into the shaft comfortably and evenly. The result? Potentially enhanced erection size and quality without discomfort.2 Established in 2006, Bathmate launched its first product – which we now call the Hydro7. The Bathmate Hercules quickly became popular and grew into a variety of offerings with added features.

Primary characteristics of Bathmate Penis Pumps

Bathmates are not just another gimmick. They have been meticulously crafted with innovative design features to ensure the utmost effectiveness, comfort, and ease of use. Let’s explore these game-changing design elements.

Hydro designUtilizes water rather than air for a comfortable and even vacuum pressure surrounding the penis, lowering the threat of pressure points.
Pumping SafetyThe water-based design prevents compression, ensuring consistent pressure and eliminating negative tension or pressure points on the penis.
Medical Grade materialsSafe plastics and silicones for quality; avoiding non-safe oils that may cause allergies or irritation.
Padded collarStrong silicone collar for a secure seal; optional comfort pad adds a softer, layer for enhanced comfort during use.
Measurement markingsCylinder with measuring markers for tracking gains; consistent usage provides a reliable measure of progress.
Robust materialsCrafted from durable, quality textiles, ensuring longevity; it comes with a warranty of 2 years upon serial number registration.
Spectrum of sizesDiverse product range accommodating various penis sizes, from Hydro7 for 5-inch erections to Hydroxtreme11 for over 9 inches; Wideboy versions are available for different girth preferences.

What The Experts Said

Researching products online can be tricky. It’s tough to know whether the info comes from real users. To ensure you’re getting the facts, we consulted with Thomas M. Buckley, MD, an Associate Professor of Urology and our expert medical reviewer on the Bodyfreedom advisory board, for an honest opinion on the brand and its products:

Bathmate stands out as a top brand in the field, constantly innovating with new technology. By switching the medum of air to water, they eliminate uneven pressure risks. The patented PIP valve ensures even water distribution for controlled pressure. While lacking a pressure gauge, these pumps are best suited for experienced users. Despite a higher price tag, their products are worth the investment. If budget is an issue, there are alternative air pumps available with similar performance and quality.

Bathmate Product Range

Check out our convenient table showcasing their product lines. Dive deeper into each collection below for comprehensive details and information.

Product LineExperts RatingCostDesignUsabilityQualitySuited For
Hydro Range8.0Lower8.48.49Beginners
Hydromax Range9.2Mid9.48.59Beginners/advanced users
HydroXtreme Range9.3Higher9.48.09Somebody with disposable income

The Hydro Range

The Hydro range, a forthright derivative of the earliest Hercules model that established Bathmate, is perfect for beginners in hydro pumping. Offering a gentler pressure than Hydromax and HydroXtreme models, it’s easy to use. Simply fill the pump with warm water, enter your shaft into the cylinder, and create suction by pumping against your groin. Take your shower or bath routine to the next level with Hydrotherapy.

The Hydro range’s appeal lies in its user-friendly simplicity.

With the majority of men falling in between the 5 -7 inch range,3 Our expert testers recommend the Hydro7 pump as a perfect fit. While not as powerful as other models, this pump is ideal for those starting on their penis enlargement journey to discover what works best for them.


  • Hydro7 suits beginners with its lower-pressure
  • The most value-for-money model
  • Easy to use, includes a user guide
  • Robust build quality
  • Two years guarantee upon registration


  • Firm bellows may challenge some users in sealing
  • No accurate pressure measurement
  • Measuring rule visibility underwater might be an issue
  • Just a 7-inch version is available

The Hydromax Range

This is a significant upgrade from the Hydro7 pump, boasting more than a million sold globally. Bathmate proudly touts it as the most popular choice among penis pumps worldwide. What sets the Hydromax apart are its multiple sizes and increased pressure capabilities.

If you don’t conform to the ‘average’ size, this collection is essential.

Perfect for penis sizes between 1 and 9 inches as you can choose sizes between 3,5,7 and 9 inches. Ideal if you’re not ‘average’. The Hydromax7 ‘wideboy’ caters to thicker penises. Redesigned body, bellows, and valve in this Hydromax line allow for higher pressure levels – up to 35% more than standard pumps without sacrificing safety or comfort.


  • Boosts pressure by 35% compared to Hydro7
  • Wide-boy model ideal for thicker penises
  • Diverse size range surpasses Hydro
  • Premium materials and advanced features
  • Two years guarantee upon registration


  • Significant price jump from Hydro
  • Firm bellows pose sealing challenges
  • No precise pressure measurement method

The HydroXtreme Line

This series reigns as the ultimate model, boasting superior upgrades over the Hydro7 and Hydromax pumps. Claimed to be the world’s most powerful, these pumps offer dual pumping options for maximum pressure. You can either use your body or the handball pump attached to the top of the cylinder for added pressure through the top valve.

The most powerful pumps on the planet are HydroXtreme. This is not just a small claim – it’s a game-changer.

For advanced users wanting to boost their gains, the HydroXtreme offers next-level pressure. Take it slow at first to minimize discomfort. While the HydroXtreme is pricier, you get valuable free accessories like cleaning equipment, a strap to allow pumping hands-free, Pleasure lubricant, and a tactful storage case for travel.

Before diving into this high-end model, approach it with care to ensure a smooth experience.

Experience the HydroXtreme line, offering a variety of sizes to suit every need. From 3 to 11 inches in length, with the HydroXtreme7 specially designed for thicker girths over 6 and a half inches. Find your perfect fit today!


  • Market’s most potent penis pump
  • Handball pump for comfortable pressure increase
  • Wide-boy model for thicker shafts
  • Diverse size range surpasses Hydro and Hydromax
  • Includes accessory kit
  • Robust high-grade materials
  • Two years guarantee upon registration


  • Higher cost than lower-tier versions
  • Challenges in viewing measurements underwater
  • May be overwhelming for beginners
  • Caution needed without a pressure gauge

Advantages of Using Bathmate Pumps

With each body being unique, penis enhancement through pumps is a personalized journey. Beware of false promises claiming identical results to others. Here are some common benefits users have experienced:

Enhanced Erections

Did you know that the muscles in your penis relax to allow blood flow into the ‘corpora cavernosa’ when an erection occurs? This sponge-like tissue can make your penis harder, longer, and thicker for intercourse. Erectile dysfunction can prevent full engorgement of the penis with blood, leading to a softer or weaker erection. Upto 77% of users are happy with the outcome of treating ED.4

Surprisingly, penis muscles relax when you become erect.

Water pumps address this issue with a two-pronged approach. By applying uniform pressure, they enhance blood flow to the penis for stronger erections. Warm water promotes muscle relaxation, further increasing blood flow. This unique method leads to superior results compared to using no pump or an air-based pump that doesn’t relax muscles.

Effects ranging from temporary to potentially permanent in both girth and length

Beware of false promises about penis pumps as permanent extenders, but some users do see gains. A pump is meant to increase blood flow for a fuller erection.5 With consistent use, you may notice a bigger and additionally satisfying result than usual.

Beware of promises that any penis pump ensures permanent extension. Stay skeptical

Speaking of permanent enlargement using hydro pumps is challenging due to the lack of scientific studies. Therefore, any claims of permanent gains should be taken with caution. However, don’t dismiss it entirely. Anxiety about penis length can affect sexual function, leading to softer erections. With a Bathmate, this anxiety may decrease, potentially resulting in a fuller and more prepared penis for action.

Heightened penile sensitivity.

Enhancing penis acuity is crucial for a satisfying sexual experience. A lack of sensitivity can lead to delayed or nonexistent erections and orgasms. The Bathmate is a valuable tool for increasing sensitivity, resulting in more powerful erections. Various factors such as stress, anxiety, cycling, and diet can contribute to decreased circulation around the penis, leading to reduced erection quality. A flimsier erection denotes less passionate sensations during sexual activity.

Heightened sensitivity in the penis is crucial for maximizing pleasure during sexual activities

The warm water relaxes muscles, boosting blood flow for optimal performance. Its powerful negative pressure draws blood where it’s needed most, priming nerve endings for peak action. Get ready to experience a whole new level of satisfaction.

How to use the Bathmate Pump: Pro Tips for Optimal Results
Shave or trim pubic hair
Ensuring a tight seal between your skin and the base of your Bathmate can be challenging with excessive body hair. Consider trimming to a 1-2 guard or removing hair completely for easier sealing.
Prepare the pump
Always ensure your pump is clean before use. To guarantee cleanliness, store it sanitarily or give it a quick clean with soap to eliminate any lingering bacteria.
Locate the perfect spot
Fill your Bathmate with water and maximize its effectiveness by pumping in the bathtub or shower. If you’re short on time, using it elsewhere is an option – just keep a towel handy to soak any spills.
Make sure to warm up
To maximize blood flow, consider warming up your penis and surrounding muscles with a hot bath or shower before pumping. This can enhance results by ensuring your muscles are primed for success.
Enter into it
Get ready to slip the pump onto your penis. Fill the cylinder with warm water, then insert your penis. For best results, don’t use the pump when completely flaccid – aim for some level of erection before starting. To get things going, try fantasizing or light masturbation. If you’re comfortable, consider involving a partner for added stimulation.
Create a water-tight seal
Insert your penis into the pump and push the base against your body. Excess water will be discharged via the top valve as you accommodate the bellows towards your groin until it seals. With practice, this process becomes more effortless each time.
Begin slowly Pumping
In a pumping motion push the pump against your groin until you can feel a suction seal around the base of the pump and your penis, ensuring pressure without discomfort. Adjust as needed and play with the suction until it feels right for you. Keep track of the number of pumps for future reference. The sensation of increased blood flow may be unusual, but if you’re not in pain, it’s doing its job effectively.
Pay close attention
For optimal results, our experts advise employing the pump in a few short 5-minute sessions. Release the pressure and pump again 2, 3, or 4 times to achieve your desired goals. Keep a close eye on your penis during this process – a slight flush is normal, but if it appears too discolored, injured, bruised, or swollen, reduce the pressure for next time.
Release the pressure
Once you’ve reached your desired time, simply press the top valve to release the pump. This gentle action gradually relieves pressure, preserving your gains.

What is the optimal timing for maximizing your gains?

As per the user guide, pump for a total of 10-15 minutes daily.6 Optimal results come from pumping in 5-minute increments.

Bathmate, a company of significant size, has thoroughly researched this product to ensure it is safe and well-suited for your body’s tolerance levels.

Each body is unique, so take days off between pumping sessions if you feel any irritation. Gradually increase the time as you become accustomed to the pump. Results and techniques will differ as per individual anatomy, so begin slowly and find a ritual that suits you best.

Can you use a Bathmate before sex?

Achieve a strong erection with its help, making it an ideal pre-sex preparation tool. Find a routine that suits you best for optimal results. Enhance your pumping experience by adding a cock-ring to the mix. Experiment with different types to find one that is comfortable and works well with your routine but don’t use it for longer than 30 minutes.7

Prepare for mind-blowing sex with the ultimate tool to achieve a powerful erection.

Wondering what a routine should entail? Begin by achieving a semi-erection, possibly with your partner’s assistance. Pump to the greatest comfortable tension as instructed above for 3-5 minutes to attain an erection. Discharge the pressure from the pump and promptly place the ring on.

Exploiting the Bathmate to Promote Growth

Are you ready to boost your sexual performance and health for long-lasting gains? To achieve this, you must approach a regular pumping regimen differently than just preparing for sex. Remember, any gains will come from a pumping marathon, not a sprint. Don’t overlook this crucial point!

Take your time and stay focused on your goals, avoiding the temptation of seeking quick fixes or immediate results.

Create a daily routine. Start with 2-3 short sessions. Consider adding massage or jelqing techniques for added benefits. Jelqing’s effectiveness varies depending on the person, but it can help warm up the area and improve blood flow for healthier erections.8 Results won’t happen overnight, so be patient. Stick to a plan that works for you and see progress after weeks or even months of consistency.

How to Clean Your Bathmate
Mastering the use of it is crucial, but maintaining its cleanliness is equally important. These steps not only eliminate bacteria but also extend the lifespan of your pump. Despite the detailed instructions, cleaning will only require 2-3 minutes plus drying time.
Take apart
Dismantle your pump meticulously, taking out the valve and any removable parts.
Rinse with water
After each use, flush the pump with warm water.
Use a Sanitizing Product
Clean your pump thoroughly by mixing warm water with soap or using a specialized cleaning fluid. Gently scrub both the inside and outside surfaces, focusing on areas that touch the skin directly. For tough spots, scrub using a brush to guarantee a deep clean.
Valve Maintenance
Be vigilant with the valve, making sure it is free of any remnants or soap deposition.
Always ensure a thorough rinse
Once the solution has been used for cleaning, make sure to thoroughly flush the pump with water to eliminate any leftover soap residue.
Leave to Air Dry
Dry the pump thoroughly by shaking off any surplus water and allowing it to air dry thoroughly. Place it in a well-ventilated place, away from direct sunlight to prevent damage to the material.
Put it back together
After ensuring all components are thoroughly dried, meticulously reassemble the pump.
Proper storage is crucial
Keep your Bathmate stored in a dry, cool area to protect it from direct sunlight.
Frequent Maintenance
Regularly inspect your pump, focusing on the valve for any indications of wear or deterioration. Bathmates are expertly crafted, ensuring minimal issues; however, if you do notice any problems, cease using the pump immediately.

Selecting Your Bathmate: A Handy Guide

Pump ModelIdeal Penis SizeBudget ConsiderationPressure & Experience LevelSize Options
Hydro75-7 inchesBudget-friendlyImpressive pressure, suitable for beginners1 size
Hydromax1-9 inchesModerateHigher pressure, suitable for experienced users5 sizes (including wide-boy)
HydroXtremeUp to 11 inchesPremium InvestmentState-of-the-art technology, highest pressure6 sizes (including wide-boy)

Expert Tips:

  • Size Matters: Ensure the perfect fit by measuring your manhood before selecting a pump.
  • Budget-friendly: Hydro7 is the perfect choice for those looking to save money, especially if you’re in the 5-7-inch range.
  • Experience is key. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or hungry for a challenge, the Hydromax series delivers.
  • Luxury and Maximum Pressure: For the ultimate experience and size flexibility, HydroXtreme is the top-tier choice.

Bathmate FAQs

How we reviewed this article:


The Bathmate is a popular hydro pump for male enhancement. Some users report positive results in terms of increased size and performance, while others caution about potential risks like bruising or overuse. It’s important to research thoroughly before trying it.

– Body Freedom



Some users experience lasting gains while others use Bathmate for pre-sex preparation. Though pricier than air pumps, Bathmate products are worth the investment for those seeking quality and community support. With excellent materials, a strong guarantee, and an online community of pumpers offering techniques and advice, choosing the right model pump ensures a premium pumping experience tailored to your needs.

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March 20, 2024

March 20, 2024
March 20, 2024

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Medically Reviewed By
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March 20, 2024

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