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Do ExtenZe Results, Ratings And Reviews Indicate It’s An Effective Male Enhancement Product?

Our experts conducted an in-depth assessment to aid you in your research to evaluate how this supplement helps boost libido and sexual vitality
Shahrokh Shariat, MD
Senior Editor & Writer

Prof. Shariat has published over 1400 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. In 2014 he received the Matula Award from the European Society of Urology (EAU), and in 2017 the Gold Cystoscope Award from the American Society of Urology, probably the most important urologist award worldwide.

A persistent challenge shadows men of all ages: the struggle to attain and maintain erections.1 This obstacle arises from diverse sources of physiological ailments, mental health concerns, and specific medications all play a role. In response to this widespread issue, a flood of supplements and medications inundates the market, each promising relief.

Amidst this array of solutions, ExtenZe emerges as a prominent contender, widely available and recognized. The pivotal query lingers: does it truly live up to its claims? We embarked on an intensive investigation, meticulously scrutinizing this product as a potential remedy for men wrestling with these formidable erectile challenges. Our mission was clear: to provide you with unambiguous insights into what lies ahead.

Our Verdict

Editor’s Rating

In the shadowy expanse of male enhancement products, ExtenZe’s secretive ingredient doses raise unsettling questions about their effectiveness. Despite combined efforts, doubts linger, especially given the availability of more potent alternatives and the company’s questionable safety record. Explore our curated “Alternatives” section below for comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs.

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  • Innovative Ingredients: Utilizes cutting-edge elements for effective ED treatment.
  • Affordable: Budget-friendly, outperforming competitors in cost.
  • Enhanced Absorption: Gel caps optimize ingredient effectiveness.
  • Confidence Guarantee: Offers a 67-day money-back guarantee for user assurance.
  • Exclusive Discount: 15% off 1-month supply with code: BODYFREEDOM15.


  • Hidden Doses: Ingredient quantities are concealed, lacking transparency.
  • FDA Cautions: FDA warnings raise safety concerns.
  • Conflicting Claims: Company statements create ingredient uncertainty.
  • Health Limitations: Not suitable for men with specific health conditions; doctor consultation necessary.
  • Banned Substance: Contains DHEA, posing ethical concerns in sports

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Why you can have confidence in us

In the realm of vibrant living, Bodyfreedom Collaborative has stood as a beacon for two decades. Millions find empowerment in our profound health insights. Our mission? To unravel the complexities of male sexual dysfunction and pioneer genuine solutions.

We plunged into the heart of this supplement, dissecting it meticulously. Research papers opened doors to understanding, intertwining seamlessly with our vast knowledge of male sexual function. But it didn’t stop there. We immersed ourselves in it, experiencing their customer service intricacies and shipping efficiency firsthand.

Rest assured, our scrutiny never wavers. Every health-centric piece on our platform undergoes rigorous evaluation. Our Medical Review Board, revered and diligent, examined this ExtenZe analysis. We promise relentless vigilance, tracking the shifting landscape of men’s health. Our commitment ensures our review remains a paragon of relevance and precision. Stay tuned for crucial updates that reshape the narrative.

Examining ExtenZe: The Criteria We Used

In our rigorous assessment, we mirror the scrutiny applied to similar male enhancement pills. We traverse the vast landscape of men’s sexual health products, enabling us to vividly portray the realm of male enhancement pills and related supplements.

Effectiveness stands as the pivotal measure for any product. Recognizing that discerning consumers prioritize tangible results, we meticulously gauge the product’s potential. Safety promptly follows, addressing users’ inherent concerns, and cementing its significance in our evaluation.

Costs within the male enhancement product sphere modestly range from $50 for a monthly supply to approximately $80. Bulk purchases and subscription incentives, contingent on the provider, pave the way for savings. While cost is acknowledged within this financial spectrum, it takes a backseat to the critical metrics of effectiveness and safety, shaping our definitive product assessment.

Moreover, we integrate the aspect of convenience, a subtle yet influential factor in our evaluation. Recognizing its power to sway consumer choices when faced with comparable products, convenience finds its position in our thorough analysis.

Examining each criterion thoroughly, let’s see how it stacked up:


Rating: 5 / 10

In evaluating it’s efficacy, a major challenge arises: the company conceals most doses within proprietary blends. Unlike many men’s sexual health supplements that openly disclose ingredient specifics, ExtenZe shrouds its formula in secrecy. While ingredient prominence hints at their prevalence, the absence of precise dose information complicates assessment.

Only niacin and folate are quantified on the label, at 23mg and 500mcg, respectively. Notably, this niacin dose falls below the effective levels observed in ED studies.2 Folate doses of 400mcg and 500mcg show some ED relief,3 yet ExtenZe’s efficacy extends beyond these components. Comparing extensive research on other ingredients, contradictory findings emerge. Icariin, a key extract from horny goat weed, exhibits promise in enhancing erectile performance, albeit in limited studies.4 However, it occupies a lower tier in this supplements ingredient list, likely insufficient for significant impact.


Rating: 2 / 10

In unraveling it’s safety, clarity proves elusive. The company veils its formula details within a secretive blend, hindering the comparison of it’s doses to individual ingredient studies. This opacity shrouds potential results and adverse effects.

Yet, this opacity alone doesn’t condemn the product. Despite the total blend measuring just 358mg, the scant presence of any single ingredient seems unlikely to pose a substantial risk. However, the synergy between these ingredients remains an enigma, casting shadows on safety.

Even if ExtenZe divulged ingredient specifics, a persistent concern lingers. The formula appears in flux, with ingredients evolving, a fact underscored by label disparities. Seeking clarification, we engaged their parent company. Their provided box ingredients diverged from the online description, sparking ambiguity.

ExtenZes history is marred by ingredient discrepancies, sparking legal battles and penalties. This turbulence erodes trust, casting doubt on the tablets’ contents. In this uncertainty, it’s credibility wavers, leaving consumers adrift in a sea of doubt.


Rating: 8 / 10

In the realm of affordability, Extenze stands head and shoulders above its competition, showcasing a striking prowess that few can match. Much like its counterparts in the male enhancement supplement domain, it entices thrifty consumers with the prospect of substantial savings when they opt for bulk purchases. Notably, there’s no concept of subscription models from them or their rivals’ offerings.

When you delve into the domain of the one-month supply, ExtenZe emerges as the unrivaled champion, boasting the most competitive price point in its league. This edge, it’s important to emphasize, remains unshaken as you ascend to the two-month, three-month, and six-month tiers, effortlessly outclassing the lion’s share of other brands in the market.

However, a noteworthy exception emerges when we contemplate the absence of a 12-month bulk purchase option. In this realm, other male enhancement products beckon with tantalizing offers, rendering their monthly rates even more appealing than the six-month package. To shed light on the comparative pricing landscape at the highest bulk levels, we’ve prepared a handy chart that will steer you through the options provided by ExtenZe and its foremost competitors:

 Cost per month (one-month supply)Cost per month at highest bulk level
Performer 8$64.99$39
VigRX Plus$69.65$49.16
Max Performer$69$30
Volume Pills$59.95$33.33
Male Extra$59.99$30

Intrigued consumers, contemplating a brief dalliance with a male enhancement pill, discover ExtenZe as the optimal choice for substantial savings during a month-long trial. Yet, beneath this economical facade lies a commitment that burgeons if efficacy is achieved, beckoning them toward a more substantial, enduring investment in pursuit of heightened vitality and satisfaction.


Rating: 6 / 10

In the world of enhancement solutions, it shines brightly, transforming the landscape with exceptional customer service, a straightforward dosage system, rapid shipping, and ideal pill size. Positioned for maximum accessibility, ExtenZe excels in user convenience.

Navigating the official website resembles navigating a meticulously designed map, seamlessly guiding visitors. While crucial details about ingredients and policies are readily accessible, each section harmoniously converges, directing visitors toward a gratifying purchase. The purchasing process, marked by its speed and simplicity, ensures a swift checkout, enhanced by prompt and complimentary shipping services.

Yet, a minor inconvenience arises: restocking your supply necessitates repeating the purchase process. Unfortunately, they do not offer subscription services, aligning with industry norms. However, the vision of a future where a company breaks free from this standard and introduces automatic shipping remains alluring.

ExtenZe’s capsule size adheres to industry standards but stands out by requiring only one capsule per dose. This stark comparison to competitors like Semenax, which demand a daunting four-capsule regimen, emphasizes their user-friendly approach, proving that simplicity can indeed be superior.

What is ExtenZe?

In the realm of male enhancement supplements, ExtenZe emerges as a prominent contender, largely owed to its unforgettable 2000s advertising blitz. This blend, a fusion of vitamins, minerals, botanicals, amino acids, and hormones, aims to amplify erectile prowess. While individual elements exhibit potential in isolated trials, the collective formula lacks comprehensive scrutiny, particularly when juxtaposed with the higher doses explored in these studies.

Their core idea, akin to other supplements in its league, hinges on ingredient synergy compensating for modest individual dosages. However, the dearth of research on the specific amalgamations present in these pills raises concerns about their effectiveness. A substantial scientific endorsement conspicuously eludes this supplement, posing a significant challenge.

What distinguishes ExtenZe is its integration of hormones, a unique facet setting it apart from rivals. While this incorporation might bolster its efficacy, a substantial drawback looms large. Professional athletes find themselves prohibited from using it, courtesy of DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), an ingredient classified as a performance-enhancing substance by esteemed bodies like the International Olympic Committee. This restriction underscores the intricate landscape these supplements traverse, sparking questions about their practicality and acceptance in the fiercely competitive realm of athletic performance.

Let’s delve swiftly into the core components. A detailed exploration awaits, but first, a glimpse at the label:

  • Supplement Facts

  • 30 servings per container
  • Serving Size1 soft Gelcap
  • Amount per serving
  • Calories0
  • % Daily Value*
  • Niacin23 mg143.75%
  • Folate500 mcg DFE*125%
  • Extenze Multi Active Blend100 mg
  • Tribulus Extract (seed)
  • Velvet Bean Extract (seed)
  • DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone)
  • Yohimbe Extract (bark)
  • Extenze Male Enhancement Blend+182 mg
  • Tribulus Extract (seed)
  • Velvet Bean Extract (seed)
  • DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone)
  • Maca Extract (root)
  • L-Arginine HCL
  • Cnidium Extract (seed)
  • Pregnenolone
  • Epimedium Extract (stem & leaf)
  • Muira Puama Extract (bark)
  • Astragalus Extract (root)
  • Black Pepper (berries)

Is ExtenZe the right choice for You?

The realm of male enhancement is rife with promises, yet ExtenZe’s allure falters upon examination. Despite claims of a cure for erectile dysfunction and a path to a more significant manhood, the reality is far less certain. While a glimmer of hope exists for those with minor erectile issues linked to zinc and vitamin B9 deficiencies, it’s effectiveness is marred by minuscule doses within its 358mg proprietary blend. Clinical skepticism further clouds its potential, rendering it an unconvincing choice for most. Notably, even those grappling with waning libido due to aging, weight gain, or mental health issues find no respite. 

It’s key ingredients mirror commonplace multivitamin components, albeit at a higher price point, leaving its promises shrouded in uncertainty. As genuine solutions remain elusive, ExtenZe finds itself on the periphery of viable choices in the pursuit of male enhancement.

How does ExtenZe work?

In the realm of male sexual enhancement, whether through over-the-counter options like ExtenZe or prescription-grade medications like sildenafil, the singular objective perseveres: amplifying blood circulation to the penis. This achievement centers around a fundamental mechanism elevating nitric oxide (NO) levels, a pivotal catalyst in the body’s signaling process for heightened blood flow into the penile chambers, ultimately facilitating an erection.

Scientific evidence refrains from endorsing the idea that ExtenZe can enlarge the penis beyond its natural dimensions. However, what distinguishes this pill lies in its constituent elements. These ingredients collaborate harmoniously to intensify NO levels, amplify blood circulation, and augment the presence of free testosterone. By rectifying hormonal imbalances, ExtenZe not only strengthens libido and sexual stamina but also reinforces overall energy levels. Concurrently, the enhancement in blood flow to the penis lays the foundation for a more robust and enduring erection.

Caution must be exercised when delving into the realm of such products. Safely and authentically procuring ExtenZe mandates the use of the official website of the manufacturing company. Regrettably, unscrupulous entities have replicated ExtenZe, occasionally incorporating prescription medications like sildenafil. These products can pose substantial health hazards, particularly when consumed without the guidance of a licensed healthcare professional.

Can It Increase the size of your penis?

It emerges as a beacon of hope, promising not just size but also endurance. A closer look, however, reveals a different narrative. However, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t sculpt colossal manhood. It orchestrates a surge in blood flow, sculpting a robust erection, and lending a fleeting illusion of size. Once the fervor subsides, reality dawns on your manhood, unaltered. For genuine enlargement, our comprehensive guide navigates the maze, offering insights beyond the mirage.

ExtenZe Ingredients

One can encounter a mix of well-studied components and others backed solely by anecdotal whispers. Clinical trials, often a battleground of conflicting outcomes, have examined some ingredients, leaving us in a perpetual state of ambiguity. Some studies vouch for efficacy, while others passionately refute it. The quest for clarity typically concludes in a plea for more research, leaving us hanging on the edge of uncertainty.

Yet, within the 358mg concoction of ExtenZe’s secret blend, individual ingredients blur into a mosaic too minuscule for substantial scrutiny. No singular element stands tall enough to be spotlighted by a study, casting a shadow over our confidence in it’s potential. It becomes crucial, nonetheless, to unravel the supplement’s composition for those daring enough to venture into uncharted territories. Perhaps the amalgamation of these elements, even in their diminished forms, might wield power. Alas, our hopes remain stranded in the desert of clinical data, unable to find an oasis of substantiated beliefs.

Let’s dissect the enigma by spotlighting its core constituents:

Yohimbine extractIn West African medicine, Yohimbine, hailing from tree bark, stands as a potent ED remedy. 2021 studies reveal its efficacy, especially in combination with botanical treatments, ranging from 5mg to 100mg daily.5 Yet, challenges arise with side effects like dizziness and gastrointestinal issues, marking the nuanced journey of healing.
Horny goat weedExploring icariin, akin to Viagra, researchers seek vitality enhancement. Human trials, like the 2008 study with 526mg doses,6 hint at potential. A breakthrough in wellness pursuit.
BoronResearch reveals most testosterone-boosting supplements feature a trace of boron. This mineral amplifies free testosterone in your body, pivotal for sexual prowess, muscle upkeep, and masculinity.7 Regrettably, ExtenZe’s ingredient quantities, including boron, remain undisclosed.
ZincThe potential of zinc and magnesium, vital minerals that elevate testosterone levels when your diet lacks sufficient zinc intake.8 If your zinc levels are optimal, supplementation may yield no benefits.
Tribulus terrestrisIntriguing signs point toward Tribulus Terrestris elevating male sexual prowess and aiding in ED, even though the exact workings remain a mystery. A notable study administered hefty 250mg daily amounts,9 significantly surpassing what’s typically found in products like ExtenZe. Stay tuned for deeper insights.
PregnenoloneIn the intricate dance of bodily chemistry, this hormone orchestrates the creation of testosterone and various other vital hormones. Yet, a glaring void looms: rigorous studies are absent, leaving the query unanswered can this hormone truly elevate sexual prowess or vanquish the specter of erectile challenges?
L-arginineIn high doses, this amino acid boosts blood flow, functioning as a potent vasodilator that widens vessels and lowers blood pressure.10 When combined with PDE-5 inhibitors such as Viagra or Cialis, or specific blood pressure medications, it can trigger serious side effects.
DHEAIn the human body, DHEA, or dehydroepiandrosterone, is a natural hormone facilitating the production of testosterone and estrogen. Limited-scale studies conducted until 2018 hint at its potential in treating ED, eliciting optimism. However, conclusive evidence remains elusive, hindering definitive conclusions.11 Intriguingly, certain sports organizations categorize DHEA as a performance enhancer, necessitating thorough legality checks for athletes.
FolateEmbraced as Vitamin B9, folate plays a pivotal role. Its absence in one’s diet can cast a shadow of infertility.12 Limited studies hint at enhanced erectile prowess through folate supplementation, yet the small sample sizes hinder statistical weight.2
Piper longumPiper longum, or long pepper, an herbal remedy akin to black pepper, is utilized in Ayurvedic practices for digestive and menstrual issues. Its inclusion in products like ExtenZe suggests a potential role in enhancing ingredient absorption,14 yet concrete evidence for its effectiveness in treating erectile dysfunction remains lacking.

Safety Profile

In scrutinizing the safety of a dietary supplement, it becomes crucial to align ingredient dosages with documented adverse effects in research. It, however, throws us into a dilemma due to its utilization of secretive blends, obscuring vital ingredient quantities, particularly within obscure herbal elements and hormones.

This lack of transparency hampers our ability to guarantee it’s safety. Some of its constituents, like epimedium functioning as a vasodilator, may harbor risks and contraindications, especially when intermingled with prescription medications such as warfarin.

A glaring concern arises with DHEA, a pivotal ExtenZe ingredient, banned by several competitive bodies due to its classification as a performance-enhancing substance. It’s disconcerting that it touts this as a benefit, not a worry.

The situation worsens with the FDA’s recurrent alerts regarding ExtenZe. FDA probes have unearthed undisclosed pharmacologically active elements, including sildenafil, akin to Viagra, necessitating prescriptions due to potentially lethal risks without medical oversight.

Compounding the problem is the prevalence of counterfeit versions, make it alarmingly easy for the FDA to inadvertently procure these dubious versions. The company has faced legal consequences, losing class action lawsuits over false advertising and incurring hefty fines related to disparities in drug formulation and marketing. Even the product’s packaging warns against usage for individuals below 40.

This grim portrayal strongly indicates that it is likely perilous for many potential consumers. For those undeterred, consulting a physician is an absolute prerequisite.

Prices, Packages, and Discounts?

This male enhancement product, provides cost-effective options: 1, 2, 3, and 6-month supplies priced at $50, $90, $125, and $250 respectively. While competitors start at $60, ExtenZe stands out for affordability.

Crucial Consideration: ExtenZe contains under 400mg of combined ingredients, highlighting potential potency differences compared to rivals.

Exclusive Discounts:

  • 1-month supply: BODYFREEDOM15 for 15% off
  • 2-month supply: BODYFREEDOM25 for 25% off
  • 3- or 6-month supply: BODYFREEDOM30 for 30% off

Free U.S. shipping for all orders adds to its appeal.

67-day money-back guarantee

Leading Edge Health, the powerhouse behind ExtenZe, meticulously crafts a suite of potent male enhancement marvels. It unfurls with a robust 67-day assurance, emblematic of Leading Edge Health’s unwavering dedication.

The wisdom dictating this 67-day timeframe lies in granting patrons a generous span of two months to discern transformative shifts, with an additional week as a safety net. A commendable gesture, yet it may pale against the tapestry of supplement intricacies. These elixirs often demand up to 12 weeks to sculpt noteworthy changes within the average human frame. Hence, the 67-day horizon might scarcely unveil the product’s full prowess. In stark contrast, alternatives like Performer 8 and Testo Prime extend an all-encompassing embrace with lifetime guarantees, assuring perennial contentment.

ExtenZe Alternatives

In your quest for answers about ExtenZe, consider this: skepticism shouldn’t deter you from finding the right solution for your concerns. Whether you seek sexual enhancement or a confidence boost, there are viable alternatives. Male enhancement pills, backed by robust scientific research, feature key ingredients like ashwagandha, zinc, and L-arginine. These formulations, supported by clinical data, offer promising results.15

Prescription ED medications, including Viagra, Cialis, and their generics, offer a safe and well-researched option. These FDA-approved drugs undergo rigorous testing, ensuring efficacy and safety. While supplements may lack such credibility, these medications provide proven solutions to erectile issues. Understanding the potential side effects and contraindications is crucial, and making informed decisions is paramount.

For those exploring penis enlargement, ExtenZe’s promises may fall short. Increased blood flow enhances individual erections but doesn’t yield permanent size gains. Yet, traction therapy, initially developed for Peyronies disease, offers a non-invasive approach. Daily dedication to this method has shown marginal growth, with gains of up to an inch in length over months.16 The commitment pays off, offering permanent results for those seeking enlargement options.

Explore our comprehensive guides on male enhancement pills, ED treatments, and penis extenders for informed choices tailored to your needs. Your journey to confidence and satisfaction starts with knowledge and ends with empowered decisions.

How we reviewed this article:


A leading male enhancement supplement, promises to enhance sexual performance. While some users rave about its benefits, others caution against potential side effects. Prior to trying any new supplement, consulting with a healthcare professional is crucial.

– Body Freedom

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Extenze, a revolutionary male enhancement product, is being scrutinized for its impact, affordability, and user-friendly features. Despite its promising ingredients and money-back guarantee, concerns loom over undisclosed dosages, FDA alerts, and a questionable safety track record. With effectiveness rated at 5/10, safety at 2/10, cost at 8/10, and convenience at 6/10 – the analysis highlights the urgent need for transparency and clinical validation in evaluating such products.

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March 8, 2024

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