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Our mission at Body Freedom relies on support from readers like you. We fairly compensate our expert writers and conduct thorough product evaluations monthly, incurring significant costs. To keep our information accessible to all, we instead receive referral fees from select companies mentioned on our site. Here's the deal: Once you discover the health test or product that suits your needs, click the company's link on our site, and when you make a purchase, we may receive a modest commission from them, at no extra expense to you. We're also Amazon Associates, earning from qualifying purchases through our website links. Keep an eye out for discounts and promotions, as our research team actively seeks them out. While we can't guarantee lower prices every time, we assure you they'll never be higher.

We uphold editorial integrity.

Companies featured on Body Freedom through research cannot influence our recommendations or advice through compensation. Our guidance is firmly rooted in countless hours of diligent research. Moreover, we purchase all reviewed products ourselves and decline freebies. Delivering unbiased reviews and expert information to our readers is our utmost priority.

Our Editorial Process

With so much untrustworthy information freely available elsewhere, it’s easy to self-diagnose symptoms mistakenly, leaving you convinced you should make an emergency appointment at the hospital…or even worse. Medical information and guidance need to be authored by qualified medical experts with specialist knowledge, written in a manner that is easily comprehended and not misleading.

It is our obligation and mission to make sure that you genuinely understand what you’re reading without it alarming you. We are diligent in dissecting elaborate health terminology, expressing the latest research, and delivering the most precise details in such a way that sanctions you to make a proactive contribution to your health.

Body Freedom responds to your health concerns even when you may be too ashamed or embarrassed to confide in anyone. We feel compassionate towards your health journey and intend on accompanying you en route; laying the groundwork necessary for you to carry on making well-educated practical choices.

We are committed to helping you make the best health choices possible.


Writers with expertise in their fields

Our authors are renowned representatives in their corresponding specialisms, varying from physicians to medical doctors to surgeons and urologists. These experts are categorically chosen for both their ample academic knowledge and practical experience, together with their aptitude to convey complicated information in a straightforward, useful, and impartial manner.

Voices from diverse backgrounds

We have a continued pledge to enable all people to grasp an understanding of their health and well-being—despite bias, rather we embrace individual identities as such characteristics make us unique and diverse allowing for inclusion and involvement across our brands’ scope.

Our editorial staff

Our adept editorial team presides over all published content. Every single content piece has been scrutinized to corroborate its reliability, helpfulness, accuracy, understandability, practicality, trustworthiness, comprehensiveness, and inclusion.

Medical Advisory Board

Body Freedoms Medical Advisory Board is composed of board-certified physicians spanning an assortment of specialties. Members of the board peer review and authenticate content based on the establishment of medical facts; working incessantly, delivering the essential analysis that ensures our information is accurate and valid.

Reviewers are delegated content topics that fall in line with their particular specialty and area of expertise. The facts and guidelines must be stringently according to the latest evidence-based scientific research and health news. A content piece only goes live once a medical reviewer has given it approval. If updates or improvements are required it once again goes through the same process until it can then be officially stamped in the byline of the article.

Performing a fact check

We also depend on our dedicated professionals for verification and fact-checking our content for editorial integrity. A fact check guarantees our adherence for relevancy and accuracy of data. We remain contingent upon reputable primary sources for reference, including peer-reviewed scientific journals, prestigious academic institutes, independent governing bodies, and health trusts.


We hold ourselves at Body Freedom accountable for the accurate, clearly worded, and trustworthy reporting in each piece of content. We periodically fact-check each piece monthly to remove outdated information and include the latest groundbreaking research. The timestamps in the bylines will reflect this.

Sources, Citations, and References

Any medical statements and claims will be fact-checked using the most notable primary sources. We include our references at the bottom of each article and inline. For accessibility, inline references can be clicked taking you to the bibliography, and can also be seen as a tooltip.

Information on the latest developments

Research and information are always improving and evolving. Subject-matter experts in our multidisciplinary editorial team routinely assess existing content to represent the most contemporary research and guidelines.

If necessary, the content will be modified, re-drafted, and re-evaluated by our Medical Advisory Board.

The Body Freedom Collaborative

We are aware that health information online can subjugate readers. But it doesn’t have to be scary. Hence, we perceive all things through our reader’s eyes, substantiating our content in an assertive yet empathetic and compassionate way.

We love feedback

We value feedback from our readers. If you have any suggestions or would like to contribute your comments, feel free to contact us at