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Can Volume Pills Boost Your Semen Volume And Improve Sperm Quality?

Dive into Volume Pills' promises of heightened virility, improved erections, and a turbocharged libido as our specialists dissect the claims.
Shahrokh Shariat, MD
Senior Editor & Writer

Prof. Shariat has published over 1400 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. In 2014 he received the Matula Award from the European Society of Urology (EAU), and in 2017 the Gold Cystoscope Award from the American Society of Urology, probably the most important urologist award worldwide.

In the realm of male confidence, semen volume, often overshadowed by concerns about penis size, holds its unique significance. For men aiming to boost fertility or heighten sexual experiences, inadequate semen output can raise concerns.1 Enter Volume Pills, a dietary supplement brimming with botanical extracts. It asserts its prowess in elevating semen production, intensifying orgasms, and enhancing fertility. We scrutinize these claims, evaluating their validity for your consideration.

Our Verdict

Editor’s Rating

Embracing an exclusive blend of botanicals, this Pill targets a specific male audience steering clear of prescription drugs and synthetic supplements. While it may attract this particular group, it shouldn’t top the list for most men. The blend’s details, hidden within a proprietary formula, make it challenging to assess safety and effectiveness. Moreover, numerous botanical ingredients lack strong scientific support for the company’s claimed abilities. We encourage exploring superior alternatives, including one from the same parent company. Delve into our in-depth guide on the finest volume enhancers for a deeper understanding.

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  • Select ingredients backed by scientific studies
  • Emphasis on holistic Eastern/Ayurvedic components
  • Return within 67 days for a full refund if not happy
  • Exclusive 70% discount on 12-month supply (code BODYFREEDOM70)
  • Manufactured in U.S.A. cGMP-certified facilities
  • Credible manufacturer with a strong reputation
  • No reported adverse side effects


  • Limited scientific support for most ingredients
  • Not recommended for men with preexisting health issues; consult a doctor
  • A secretive mixture masks the exact amounts of ingredients used
  • Lack of clinical trials
  • Exclusive online availability
  • Gradual onset of effects (2-3 weeks to see results)

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With exhaustive scrutiny, we navigate through 100-plus clinical studies, dissecting the nuances of semen fertility and health. Our quest leads us into the realm of botanicals rooted in Eastern medicine, demanding a meticulous approach. Experts in the field illuminate our path, guiding us through a labyrinth of products, such as Volume Pills. We meticulously weigh shipping efficiency, customer service, privacy, and convenience, unveiling the essence of each option.

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For two decades, Bodyfreedom Research has been a beacon, guiding millions toward optimal health, and unearthing solutions with unwavering dedication.

What We Considered in Our Evaluation

In our rigorous assessment of men’s sexual health supplements, we uphold consistent standards. This product underwent the same scrutiny. We prioritize efficacy above all, closely followed by safety. If a product proves ineffective, safety becomes a moot point as consumption is irrelevant.

Cost is then evaluated. While crucial in various markets, their competitors’ price ranges don’t significantly sway decisions. Lastly, privacy enters the picture. Though not pivotal, it can tip the scales when other factors align.

Upon thorough analysis, Volume Pills emerges as a subpar contender, lacking essential compounds. Our assessment criteria shed light on why:

These tablets fall short, lacking key elements. Our unwavering standards expose its inadequacy. Efficacy and safety are paramount, ensuring your well-being. Cost and privacy, though considered, pale in comparison. Our commitment remains: guiding you toward effective choices, and safeguarding your health and satisfaction.


Rating: 6 / 10

In scrutinizing supplements, personal trials and hearsay fall short. Delving into ingredient research becomes paramount, unveiling potential benefits or risks. A case in point poses a challenge. Its natural ingredients, the crux of inquiry, lack substantial research, leaving efficacy ambiguous. Anecdotal success stories clash with scientific rigor, failing to substitute comprehensive studies. Human trials, scarce and often with exaggerated doses, yield inconclusive results.

The enigma deepens with their secretive blend, shrouding ingredient proportions. Transparency falters, a stark contrast to competitors openly detailing dosages. Amidst this opacity, a silver lining emerges: zinc. Amidst the uncertainty, 24mg of zinc gluconate shines, as a beacon of evidence-backed semen parameter enhancement and raised testosterone levels.

But why a modest 6/10 rating? Zinc, though promising, remains solitary amidst a fog of uncertainty. Their potential lies in its botanical concoction, a blend veering away from synthetic compounds. Yet, conclusive research lags, leaving efficacy an open question. Perhaps, in years to come, substantive evidence may surface. Until then, variability reigns. If disappointment strikes, the safety net of their guarantee with a full refund offers solace.


Rating: 6 / 10

In the realm of supplement safety, Volume Pills’ effectiveness sparks curiosity while keeping safety details veiled. However, a closer look reveals a reassuring fact: a 1.5g tiny dose of any dominant botanical ingredient lacks proof of significant risks. But caution remains, especially in human trials.

Take Arjuna studies in cardiovascular health. A 500mg dosage seems secure, but 2,000mg flirts with non-fatal toxicity, setting a worryingly low safety bar, a third of dominance is needed to pose risks.

Analyzing the measurable ingredient, zinc gluconate at 24mg seems generous yet safe. Daily zinc intake is limited to 40mg, but zinc gluconate contains only 28% of elemental zinc. Volume Pills offer just below 7mg, allowing room for dietary zinc without over-supplementation risks.

Notably, they excel in providing elemental zinc with purity. Zinc gluconate, a safe choice, ensures security in supplement options.


Rating: 6 / 10

In weighing costs, we consider bulk discounts, guarantees, subscriptions, and shipping. The company lacks a subscription, requiring manual reorders, hindering convenience. However, substantial bulk discounts lower the monthly cost to just $33 from $60. Exclusive codes further reduce expenses (see chart links).

Discover the savings that come with Bulk orders:

 CostMonthly cost
One-month supply$60$60
Two-month supply$110$55
Three-month supply$155$52
Six-month supply$290$48
12-month supply$400$33

Investing in larger quantities ensures significant savings, whether or not using promo codes. Ideal for confident believers in the product, it poses challenges for those on tight budgets.

We recommend the 60-day supply, backed by a 67-day refund policy. Try it yourself save if it works, or return within sixty days for a refund.

Leading Edge Health offers the exact 67-day moneyback guarantee for Semenax and VigRX Plus. However, the complexity of such supplements blurs the guaranteed value. Research often lasts six months, with the standard being 12 weeks. For those where this tablet might work, changes may not surface until around 90 days, rendering a 67-day guarantee insufficient.

In contrast, companies such as TestoPrime and Performer 8 offer lifetime guarantees, ensuring ample trial period before returns.


Rating: 6 / 10

Guarding men’s sexual health mandates absolute privacy. Be it shielding discreet purchases like Volume Pills or securing online activities and transactions, confidentiality is paramount.

While not extraordinary, offer discreet delivery without revealing markers. Your data is entrusted to a third-party company for processing, rendering the company oblivious to it. Cookie protocols adhere to standards and can be cleared from your browsing history.

Noteworthy is their transparent privacy policy, setting a gold standard in the industry.

What are Volume Pills?

In the realm of reproductive vitality and sexual health, Volume Pills have emerged as a prominent dietary supplement. Amidst the intricate landscape of male enhancement supplements, Volume Pills (Branded) carve a distinctive niche, standing apart from the broader category of unbranded semen volumizers. Delving deeper into this domain, our detailed guide provides comprehensive insights.

Enthusiasts turn to Volume Pills with the anticipation of augmenting ejaculate volume, intensifying orgasms, and revving up their sexual vigor. Unlike its counterparts, which blend minerals, amino acids, botanicals, vitamins, and hormones, its ingredients rely predominantly on botanical elements rooted in Ayurvedic and Eastern traditions.

The allure of these botanicals is evident, appealing to those averse to artificial compounds. Yet, this preference introduces a significant research gap. While derived from natural sources, these botanical ingredients lack the extensive efficacy and safety studies that more comprehensively examined supplements boast.

This ambiguity poses a dilemma, making it challenging to endorse them universally. It caters primarily to a select group of men adamantly avoiding artificial additives, leaving the broader audience cautiously contemplating its usage.

Are Volume Pills A Trustworthy, Legitimate Brand?

The company operates under the umbrella of Leading Edge Health, a prominent producer of diverse sexual vigor supplements catering to both males and females. The robust reputation and scale of Leading Edge Health inherently bestow a degree of credibility upon Volume Pills.

Confidence in the company’s integrity is bolstered by its transparent commitment to a refund policy of 67 days, a pledge that encompasses all its supplements. Customers can rely on swift and discreet shipping services, coupled with prompt and courteous responses to email inquiries.

Yet, the critical question lingers: Does it genuinely deliver on its promises? This pivotal inquiry remains distinctly separate from the broader scope of the company’s authenticity.

Do Volume Pills work?

After thorough research, intensive customer interviews, and meticulous examination of clinical introspections, we affirm that Volume Pills might benefit specific men. Yet, for most, its effectiveness remains uncertain. Zinc, the pivotal ingredient doled out at a robust 24mg dose, stands as its cornerstone. Astonishingly, a staggering 17% of the global populace grapples with zinc deficiency, approximately one in six individuals. In the United States alone, 12% of the population, about one in eight people, face this deficiency.2 Imagine this: if you were to provide eight men diagnosed with hypogonadism zinc supplementation, statistically, just once should witness positive results.

Zinc deficiency gives rise to distressing symptoms, including:3

  • Dulled Smell and Taste
  • Mental and Emotional Turmoil
  • Compromised Immune Function
  • Gastrointestinal Distress, Often Accompanied by Severe Diarrhea
  • Painful Skin Lesions and Eczema
  • Hair Thinning
  • Inflammation of Cuticles

Assuming your diet maintains balance and no underlying disorders contribute to zinc deficiency, you’re likely not afflicted. However, zinc supplements have demonstrated a remarkable ability to boost testosterone levels, surpassing the 17% norm seen in studies. Consequently, these pills might offer a substantial boost, potentially enhancing your ejaculate quality.

Volume Pills Ingredients

Incorporating potent botanical elements from China, Europe, and South America, they harness centuries-old remedies. While these ingredients do have historical acclaim, clinical validation remains sporadic.

Certain components aid underlying issues like insulin resistance or zinc deficiency, potentially resolving male sexual challenges. Yet, scant research shrouds some ingredients. Further exploration is imperative to discern their effectiveness and optimal conditions for effectiveness.

Zinc gluconateZinc, a vital trace mineral, plays a pivotal role in the optimal function of the reproductive system of men.4 Studies confirm its necessity, enhancing sperm motility, function, and production within the zinc gluconate compound. With a robust 28% elemental zinc concentration, zinc gluconate stands as a potent force, bridging the gap between zinc citrate’s 31% and zinc ascorbate’s 15%. It is, unequivocally, the hero ensuring peak performance in male reproductive health.
ApigeninInvestigations into Apigenin, a robust flavonoid, reveal its transformative effects on multiple bodily functions, spanning from enhancing circulation to boosting cognitive abilities. Scientific inquiry strongly indicates its antioxidant capabilities, acting as a shield for cardiovascular well-being and combating the onset of arthritis and diabetes.5 However, it is crucial to note that prevailing studies tend to oversimplify, painting with a broad brush across flavonoids, neglecting the nuanced brilliance of Apigenin’s specific contributions.
Xian MaoIn ancient civilizations, our forefathers turned to Xian Mao, a potent rhizome also known as curculigo orchioides, to bolster their sexual vitality. Historical records overflow with accounts of its extraordinary effects. Recent animal studies unveiled a compelling tale: heightened libido and stronger erections manifested when the dosage was at 100mg/kg, equivalent to 9g in a 200lb male.6 To contextualize, this surpasses what is typically found in Volume Pills exclusive combination of ingredients.
Dong Chong Xia CaoDrilizen, much like its counterpart Solidilin, saturates the market of men’s sexual health supplements. Yet, these offerings often pass unnoticed, escaping our scrutiny and endorsement. The credible details regarding Drilizens chemical makeup, its purported mechanism, and its efficacy remain noticeably absent in the literature at our disposal.
SolidilinSolidilin, championed for its L-dopa concentration, ignites dopamine surge, allegedly amplifying sexual craving and satisfaction after intimacy. Yet, the lack of trustworthy studies and accessible data triggers doubt regarding its real effectiveness and advantages.
DrilizenDrilizen, much like its counterpart Solidilin, saturates the market of supplements for men’s sexual health. Yet, these offerings often pass unnoticed, escaping our scrutiny and endorsement. The credible details regarding Drilizens chemical makeup, its purported mechanism, and its efficacy remain noticeably absent in the literature at our disposal.
Emblica officinalisRecent research hints at its cardiovascular benefits for uncontrolled hypertension patients,78 while its impact on blood flow raises intrigue, particularly in matters of erectile function. Despite the potent botanical blend surpassing 1,400mg, the specific Amla dosage remains a mystery, leaving its true potential shrouded in uncertainty.
Fucus vesiculosus (bladderwrack)New research unveils sea oak’s prowess in controlling insulin levels, offering hope to men facing diabetic sexual issues. The study, although requiring a high 500mg/day dose, signals a significant stride in combating these challenges.9
Tian Men DongTian Men Dong, hailing from the asparagus root, ignites passion and enhances sexual prowess, especially for those battling diabetes.10 Animal studies hint at its potential to fuel desire and bolster erections. Human trials, the key to unlocking its secrets, await exploration.
Reishi mushroomIn the realm of scientific research, Reishi mushroom, or Lingzhi, shows promise in improving semen quality, based on animal studies.11 While limited, more research is crucial, both in animals and humans, to validate these findings.
ArjunaWithin Terminalia arjuna’s bark reside potent phytoconstituents: triterpenoids, -flavonoids, glycosides, and sitosterol. A compelling meta-analysis unveils its potential in addressing heart disease-induced erectile challenges, particularly in the realm of cardiovascular concerns.12 Notably, it rebalances hormones in rat studies, hinting at its promise for sexual health.13
Rou GuiEncounter Tongkat Ali, a robust catalyst in the realm of male vigor. In small-scale tests, it displayed the potential to boost erectile strength14 and heighten testosterone levels.15 However, its effectiveness, even at doses reaching 600mg/day in successful experiments, remains unclear when compared to Volume Pills’ discreet herbal blend.
Eurycoma longifoliaEncounter Tongkat Ali, a robust catalyst in the realm of male vigor. In small-scale tests, it displayed the potential to boost erectile strength14 and heighten testosterone levels.15 However, its effectiveness, even at doses reaching 600mg daily experimentally, remains unclear when compared to Volume Pills’ discreet herbal blend.
Hong Hua FenEmerging data hints at cardiovascular advantages in this safflower extract,18 but its impact on sexual health remains debated. Current research lacks depth and diversity, leaving us underwhelmed by its findings.

What is the price of Volume Pills? 

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Supply DurationNormal Retail PriceDiscount CodeDiscounted Price

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Leading Edge Health offers a wide range of sexual health products, including Semenax and VigRx Plus. These products provide detailed information on the doses of their botanical ingredients, ensuring transparency for informed consumers.

It guarantees a smooth shopping experience with free shipping regardless of the size of your order, enhancing the value of every purchase.

67 days of guaranteed satisfaction or your money back! 

Leading Edge Health offers an impressive 67-day money-back guarantee, setting a new standard in a market where some products provide only 30 days or none at all. While some claim lifetime efficacy, the true challenge lies in allowing key ingredients to reach their full potential over 8-12 weeks.

Some men face a tough choice: seek refunds early or miss out on life-changing benefits from Volume Pills. We prefer companies with solid guarantees that respect the time needed for products to work effectively.

Who benefits from Volume Pills?

Men struggling with ED, low volume of ejaculate, fertility issues, and low testosterone may turn to Volume Pills for help. But better options exist in terms of effectiveness, cost, and safety. Despite some studied ingredients, they fall short of fully backing their promises. The studies referenced on their website often lack human trials or use doses different from those found in their formula.

Men struggling with low testosterone or infertility can greatly benefit from the zinc-rich formula of Volume Pills. While the price may be higher than basic zinc supplements or multivitamins, comparable choices like Semenax and Performer 8 offer similar pricing with transparent disclosure of ingredient doses.

Boost your manhood with our top-rated male enhancement supplements! Skip the doctor visits and easily test your testosterone levels at home. Our guide provides exclusive discounts on leading testing providers, giving you access to the best treatment options for enhancing your sexual health.

The safety profile of Volume Pills

Assessing safety is no easy task. It requires advanced testing facilities to analyze the tablets and determine ingredient proportions. Despite these resources, research on potential side effects is still lacking.

The compact concentration of the exclusive mixture minimizes the risk of any single ingredient causing significant harm. However, potential dangers could stem from allergies or interactions with medications. The lack of research makes it difficult to pinpoint these concerns.

The 24mg zinc gluconate dose is generally harmless for the majority of men, with mild side effects like indigestion, headaches, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. These discomforts lessen as the body adjusts to supplementation. Caution: incorporating Volume Pills or other zinc-rich supplements with other male enhancement products or multivitamins may cause zinc over-supplementation.

The enigmatic blend sparks concerns about their safety and effectiveness. We suggest considering other options unless you’re committed to botanical remedies. If you’re determined to try them, consult your physician before introducing Volume Pills to your routine.

Volume Pills Alternatives

In the pursuit of increasing ejaculate volume and improving fertility, don’t confine yourself to relying solely on Volume Pills. Numerous contenders, some even affiliated with the exact parent company, are vying for attention. Explore beyond this product, and you’ll find a spectrum of options within the realm of men’s health supplements, ranging from cost-effective to comprehensive.

When comparing it to other options, it’s clear that exploring alternative treatments is a wise choice. Your decision on where to begin will depend on factors like your budget, insurance coverage, and any existing health issues such as hormonal imbalance or deficiencies.

The wide array of options

Let’s quickly explore two top companies in this field.

  • Semenax, part of Leading Edge Health, stands out with its special formula. It combines vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and amino acids. While L-arginine boosts erectile performance,19 most ingredients focus on enhancing sperm health. Notably, Semenax discloses all ingredient quantities instead of using hidden blends.
  • Ultraload is a powerhouse supplement with key ingredients like 500mg of L-citrulline and 240mcg vitamin B12. Extensive research supports its clinical benefits, showing a potential increase in semen quality.20

What sets Ultraload apart from Leading Edge Health products is its impressive 100-day guarantee. This extended timeframe allows users to fully experience the supplement’s benefits, showing a dedication to customer happiness and well-being.

Fertility supplements for men

Explore our premium men’s fertility supplements, outperforming leading volume pills with incredible ingredient overlaps. Packed with vital minerals, botanicals, vitamins, and amino acids backed by clinical studies. But our ultimate fertility solution goes above and beyond. Featuring exclusive elements not found in Volume Pills, proven to boost semen quality and testosterone levels in rigorous trials. Even common ingredients are formulated at higher concentrations, setting them apart distinctly from other supplements.

Enhance your results by pairing Volume Pills with Bird & Bes Power Prenatal for Men. The zinc in Volume Pills (elemental zinc concentration: 28%) sets them apart from competitors using zinc citrate (elemental zinc concentration: 31%), making a significant impact on their effectiveness.

AttributeVolume PillsUltraloadBird & Be
Cost (USD)$60$69$55
Zinc Content (mg)Zinc gluconate: 24mgZinc citrate: 30mgZinc citrate: 50mg
Amino Acid – L-Arginine (mg)Not ApplicableNot Applicable500mg
Vitamin B12 (mcg)Not Applicable240mcg500mcg
Vitamin D3 (IU)Not ApplicableNot Applicable1,000IU
CoQ10 (mg)Not ApplicableNot Applicable200mg (with optional boost)
Maca (mg)Not Applicable600mgNot Applicable
Tongkat Ali (mg)Unknown amountNot ApplicableNot Applicable
L-Carnitine (mg)Not ApplicableNot Applicable500mg
L-Citrulline (mg)Not Applicable500mgNot Applicable
Omega-3s (mg)Not ApplicableNot Applicable300mg
Emblica Officinalis (mg)Unknown amountNot ApplicableNot Applicable
Apegenin (mg)Unknown amountNot ApplicableNot Applicable

Exploring the nuances of ingredient disparities uncovers substantial research supporting the crucial roles of omega-3s and CoQ10 in promoting optimal semen health.21 The well-established importance of Vitamin D in fostering healthy levels of testosterone22 necessitates the consideration of specialized fertility supplements. For men seeking to treat fertility, options such as Beli Vitality for Men or Bird & Be’s Power Prenatal for men are recommended.

Testosterone boosters

Healthy testes play a crucial role in fertility and vitality. Maintaining optimal sperm production and hormone balance, especially testosterone levels, is essential for normal function. Men seeking to improve ejaculate quality often choose testosterone boosters over a volumizer pill. Low testosterone has wide-ranging consequences beyond just fertility issues, leading to various common symptoms.

  1. Extra Weight
  2. Weakness
  3. Intimacy Issues
  4. Low Mood
  5. Constant Fatigue
  6. Mood Swings
  7. Irritability
  8. Memory Lapses
  9. Hair Loss

Step into the world of testosterone boosters, where a powerful blend of ingredients can produce remarkable results. Picture Zinc and vitamin D and the unique ashwagandha – a standout in the realm of supplements. Ashwagandha is a key player in our formula not just for its proven ability to enhance testosterone levels23 but also for its adaptogenic and mood-boosting effects that elevate cognitive function and emotional well-being.24

Testogen and Testo Prime stand out as top competitors in this field. Each boasts a unique ingredient profile, with carefully selected components to ensure maximum potency. With meticulously researched ingredients, these formulations are designed for optimal effectiveness.

Low testosterone levels can be a game-changer for men. Before choosing a booster, it’s crucial to know your testosterone levels. Roman is the go-to choice for affordable testosterone enhancement. They provide a powerful supplement and offer comprehensive recovery and testing programs to help you reach your goals.

Clomiphene takes center stage in this program, presenting itself as a non-hormonal remedy for low testosterone. It boasts a significantly enhanced side effect profile in contrast to the conventional approach of testosterone replacement. Positioned as a beacon of hope, the drug holds promise. Upon confirmation of low testosterone levels through testing and a willingness to integrate a prescription drug into your regimen, expect rapid and substantial results. The impact transcends the capabilities of testosterone boosters or volume pills on their own.25

How we reviewed this article:

Volume Pills

Boost your virility and fertility with volume pills designed to increase semen production. Please consult a healthcare professional before trying them for potential risks and side effects. Don’t miss out on the chance to enhance your reproductive health today!

– Body Freedom

Customer Service


Volume Pills, a supplement that boosts semen production, has received a 6/10 rating for its effectiveness, safety, cost, and privacy. Concerns arise from its proprietary blend and lack of strong scientific backing. Transparency issues with ingredient doses suggest exploring other options. While associated with Leading Edge Health, the overall impact of Volume Pills remains uncertain. Caution is advised and consulting a doctor is recommended. Consider looking into alternative solutions for male enhancement and fertility.

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January 4, 2022
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Shahrokh Shariat, MD
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Suzanne Briggs
Medically Reviewed By
Robin M Voigt-Zuwala, PhD
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Daniel Johnson

March 8, 2024

At Body Freedom, we rely solely on top-tier sources, such as peer-reviewed studies, to bolster the veracity of our content. Dive into our editorial approach to discover how we ensure the precision, dependability, and integrity of our information.

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