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Can You Experience Professional Penis Enlargement Results with PeniMasterPro?

Our in-depth exploration and analysis of the PeniMaster Pro unveiled its potential for delivering substantial, enduring gains in penis size.
Shahrokh Shariat, MD
Senior Editor & Writer

Prof. Shariat has published over 1400 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. In 2014 he received the Matula Award from the European Society of Urology (EAU), and in 2017 the Gold Cystoscope Award from the American Society of Urology, probably the most important urologist award worldwide.

Many men grapple with shame or fear due to their penis size. Cultural and individual norms often intensify their worries about inadequacy and the ability to satisfy a significant other. These concerns persist despite reading countless studies on average penis sizes.1

Adding to the complexity are erectile issues post-prostate surgery and conditions like Peyronies disease, causing painful penis curvature. Finding a safe medical solution to enhance proportions and function becomes perplexing.2 Hence, PeniMaster products have garnered significant interest among men.

PeniMaster boasts a range of products promising increased length, girth, and correction of uncomfortable curves caused by Peyronie’s disease.3 While these claims hold some truth, PeniMaster isn’t a straightforward solution. We dissect the nuances of penis extension, presenting our research findings to help you determine if PeniMaster truly addresses your concerns.

Our Verdict

Editor’s Rating

In-depth trials reveal PeniMaster Pro’s effectiveness over prolonged use. Despite its moderate cost and strength, its comfortable design permits usage during sleep. Yet, it lacks the subtlety of simpler options under clothing and demands unwavering patience, a trait common to all extenders.


  • Versatile Effectiveness: Appeals to diverse users, delivering remarkable results.
  • Supreme Comfort: Redefines comfort, surpassing similar devices with ease.
  • Innovative Design: Unites traction and vacuum pressure, setting a new standard.
  • Comprehensive Guidance: Includes invaluable instructional DVD for user support.
  • Exceptional Service: Outstanding customer support ensures a smooth experience.


  • Higher Price: Premium cost compared to alternatives.
  • Limited Portability: Bulkiness restricts travel convenience.
  • Custom Adjustments: Requires tailored modifications for individuals without circumcision.
  • Patience Needed: Long-term results demand months of consistent use.

Editor’s Top Picks


PeniMaster Pro Belt Expander Budget option

5 Years Warranty
Review by: Body Freedom

PeniMaster Pro Rod Expander Best Value

5 Years Warranty
Review by: Body Freedom
5 Years Warranty
Review by: Body Freedom

What Makes Us Trustworthy?

In the last two decades, Body Freedom Collaborative has empowered millions with informed choices for healthier living. But what about tools promising increased penis size?

PeniMaster stands out, employing vacuum tension, traction, and increased weights.4 Our research team invested countless hours delving into penis extension, engaging with users, and examining market-leading devices. When new tools emerge, we scrutinize their superiority, confidentiality, and usability. While we abstain from personal long-term experiments, we stay abreast based on the newest clinical research findings on penis extension, ensuring you’re aware of safety and performance.

Just like all our health content, this review underwent rigorous scrutiny by our Medical Review Board. We vigilantly monitor PeniMaster and its competitors for the most current evaluation of their worth.

How did we evaluate PeniMaster?

Examining PeniMaster, we scrutinized it through the lens we employ for any penile enhancement tool. Effectiveness and safety took precedence, with cost close behind. Simplicity and confidentiality, though vital, ranked lower than the tool’s efficacy and safety.

Numerous studies demonstrate positive outcomes from diverse extension methods, including PeniMasters use of pressure exerted by the rod, and vacuum suction force. We meticulously analyzed this information, and our team of testers assessed PeniMaster products for material quality and construction. We compared these findings with our evaluations of PeniMasters alternatives. Our team employed the devices on anatomical simulations for assessment, refraining from personal use.

Let’s delve into every parameter to gauge PeniMaster’s performance.


Rating: 8.5 / 10

How well a penile elongation device works poses a unique challenge, given its outcomes are influenced by the individual’s initial anatomical structure. Yet, in instances of consistent and reliable gains, albeit varying from person to person, the extender’s efficacy becomes apparent.

PeniMaster products garner praise for their efficacy due to the company’s provision of two designs tailored to diverse comfort and extension requirements. Their methods, backed by positive outcomes in prominent studies, enhance their credibility substantially. Unlike the majority of alternative penis extension products reliant solely on rod systems, which, though effective, carry inherent limitations, PeniMaster stands out.

Just like two individuals engaging in identical gym routines can yield contrasting results, factors beyond the extender itself come into play. Lifestyle choices and genetics, significant influencers, contribute to this divergence. Hence, for certain men, be it PeniMaster products or extenders in general, transformative outcomes might remain elusive.

Editor’s Note: The PeniMaster products have revolutionized the realm of penis extenders, offering tailored solutions and credible methods, even amid the variability of individual factors.


Rating: 8 / 10

In the realm of penis augmentation, a penis extender stands as a promising investment, especially when contemplating the considerable expenses men might bear for augmenting their girth or length. Amidst a plethora of alternatives, PeniMaster products emerge, albeit at a higher price point. Nevertheless, in comparison to counterparts like the Phallosan Forte, bearing a striking resemblance with its belt attachment and vacuum pressure, PeniMaster presents a significantly more attractive proposition.

Crucially, American patrons must recognize that the PeniMaster website exclusively lists prices in Euro, subjecting the cost to fluctuations based on the prevailing exchange rates. As of the latest update, this currency shift works to the advantage of U.S. buyers, with Euro prices remaining stable while their dollar equivalents have markedly decreased. Notably, the PeniMaster website automatically performs this conversion, sparing customers the need for manual calculations.

In the competitive realm of penile enhancement products, PeniMaster stands tall, not just in terms of stature but also in pricing and performance. Compare for yourself:

  • PeniMaster Pro Rod Set: Priced at $282, it flaunts its prowess with rods.
  • PeniMaster Pro Belt Set: For $263, it embraces the power of belts.
  • Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Standard: Valued at $179, it relies on rods for its strength.
  • Phallosan Forte: At $379, it trusts in the might of belts.
  • Male Edge: Priced at $174, it harnesses the energy of rods.
  • SizeGenetics Value Edition: Yours for $200, it thrives with rods.
  • JES Extender Platinum: A high-end option at $1,000, it too commands with rods.


Rating: 7 / 10

Delving into the realm of penis extension demands utmost caution. These incredibly sensitive organs serve fundamental human purposes, such as eliminating waste and, notably, reproduction. Yet, in the pursuit of enhancement, the margin for error is vast. PeniMaster provides comprehensive instructions, yet mastering the device proves challenging. Hours of meticulous practice are imperative to ensure safe application. This learning curve is universal among penis extenders.

Optimal tension is pivotal. Insufficient tension yields negligible results, while excessive force may result in painful bruising, lingering for days. No shortcuts exist for safe usage, and precautions to avoid improper use are sparse. Patience, along with a considerable degree of dexterity, is indispensable. Following instructions meticulously and proceeding with gradual precision is paramount. The journey to enhancement demands nothing less.


Rating: 7 / 10

Embracing a penis extender is anything but convenient. Its usage feels awkward, its presence clunky, and could be quite uncomfortable. Beneath your clothes, it molds a peculiar silhouette, a challenge to clarify things to a vigilant TSA agent if tucked in your luggage.

PeniMaster stands out not for its convenience, but for its exceptional customer service. Their distinction begins with a 30-day money-back guarantee, a window just sufficient to perceive changes if the product is reliably and accurately utilized. However, 30 days fail to promise permanence. For enduring results, a commitment of no less than 12 weeks with the device is imperative. Unlike other companies, such as Quick Extender Pro with a 6-month guarantee, PeniMaster secures your investment with a robust five-year warranty, affirming the device’s enduring quality.

Senior Editor’s Note: In exploring the realm of penis extenders, PeniMaster stands tall not for its ease but for its unwavering customer commitment. Despite the inherent discomfort of these devices, PeniMaster’s exceptional service and guarantee illuminate a path toward potential solutions.


Rating: 7 / 10

In the context of sexual health, preserving absolute privacy stands as a primary concern. No one wishes for inquisitive neighbors or roommates to stumble upon hints of their intimate medical necessities, be it from an overt shipment label or a branded box. PeniMaster, aligning with industry standards, ships its products in plain, untraceable packaging that conceals any identifiable return information.

PeniMaster’s website utilizes cookies for tracking user activity, but it’s crucial to emphasize that this tracking and site usage data remains confined to their platform. Throughout your purchasing journey, they meticulously secure your data.

What exactly is PeniMaster Pro?

PeniMaster Pro, hailing from the innovative minds at MSP Concept GmbH & Co., a renowned German company, crafts urological and medical marvels that cater to both health and aesthetics.

In 2011, spurred by invaluable user input on the original PeniMaster, now dubbed PeniMaster Classic, the Pro series emerged. It offers a range of products designed for traction, sculpting, and bolstering, akin to “penis sculpting” through weights. These tools can be seamlessly integrated to create a comprehensive and dynamic regimen for enhancing penile dimensions.

Is PeniMaster Pro a credible option?

Maintaining a healthy dose of skepticism proves essential when evaluating companies promoting products for penis enlargement. The internet teems with dubious enterprises peddling extravagant assortments of placebo pills and false elixirs, all designed to create the mere facade of efficacy in order to drive sales. Nevertheless, PeniMaster Pro boasts a commendable track record in terms of customer service.

Beyond the efficacy of PeniMaster Pro, any issues that may arise during the utilization of their devices find swift resolutions through the diligent support team at PeniMaster. We encountered affable and expeditious assistance from their customer service representatives, mirroring the consistently positive reviews shared by fellow device users.

Does PeniMaster Pro work?

PeniMaster Pro subtly enhances some men’s penises, primarily in length rather than girth. While a leap from one inch to ten is unrealistic, an additional inch might be attainable, contingent on your usage and individual physiology.

PeniMaster harnesses the power of traction, a method substantiated by numerous studies affirming its effectiveness.5 This innovative approach focuses on elongating the penis, predominantly utilizing belt tension devices and rods, with potential for marginal girth augmentation through consistent application.

The methodology behind PeniMaster Pro revolves around three key elements: traction, weights, and fixation.


PeniMaster Pro’s Rod Expander and Belt Expander systems delicately stretch the penile tissue, inducing microtears that lead to substantial growth after healing takes place.


Utilizing gravity and various weights, this method vertically stretches the penis, generating microtears that prompt the growth of new tissue during the healing process.


Incorporating vacuum suction, adhesion, and latex, fixation techniques secure the glans firmly, eliminating discomfort. This suction force enhances blood circulation, induces microtears, and ensures uniform tension distribution throughout the penis.

While PeniMaster Pro isn’t a miracle solution, the company refrains from making grandiose promises, a reassuring sign for discerning customers. Their products are designed for gradual, consistent use over several months. Many users report nearly an inch of growth within six months, with results appearing to be enduring.

How does PeniMaster Pro work?

In a groundbreaking approach, this program transforms penile augmentation by fixing the glans and applying tension along the length of the shaft. This induces tiny microtears within the penile tissue, triggering natural cell creation. Over time, the body adds tissue during the recovery phase, resulting in significant enlargement and strengthening, as proven by a Mayo Clinic-sponsored 2020 study. After just six months of consistent, moderate usage (30 minutes, two times a day), participants experienced a remarkable 2cm increase in length.6 The PeniMaster Pros innovative systems ensure safe and effective enlargement through a combination of extension techniques.

Central to the PeniMaster Pros success is its rod-based extension design, which achieves symmetry along an axis in the applied force. This balanced tension, exerted equally from both sides of the device, enhances comfort and relief during treatment. Moreover, this symmetry plays a pivotal role in achieving desired cosmetic outcomes, particularly for individuals with smaller than average size penis or Peyronies Disease.7

Intriguing Insights into PeniMasters Mechanics

PeniMasters standout creation, the PeniMaster Pro Basic, dynamically links the glans and penis, catering to most adults based on their glans size. But, clarity is key: the PeniMaster Pro Basic (with its bulb attachment) isn’t the sole catalyst for penis enlargement, a common misconception among our clientele. Our testers observed a communication gap on the website, where the constraints of using just the PeniMaster Pro Basic were not adequately emphasized. To truly unlock enlargement potential, the rod or belt expander system becomes indispensable alongside the PeniMaster.

Applying the PeniMaster Pro device

Our staff discovered the instructional DVD’s profound utility when dealing with the PeniMaster Pro, a device that can pose a steep learning curve for first-time users.

Usage Guidelines:

  1.    Apply lubricant sparingly, just 3-4 drops to the penis head and inside the enclosed latex chamber.
  2.    Firmly compress the spherical pumping device and secure it to the sealed rotary valve.
  3.    Rotate the glans enclosure and pressure pump together; compress the pump ball to its maximum.
  4.    Release the pressure gradually, creating a subtle vacuum that securely secures your glans within the enclosure.
  5.    Detach the pump ball; ensure the valve remains closed.
  6.    Configure up the rod extension system; enter your penis, starting with a length equal to your stretched non-erect penis size and an additional 1.5 centimeters.
  7.    Insert the extender rods, and attach them to the slim portion of the coupling socket. Adjust traction using the spring balance shorter rods for lighter traction, and longer rods for stronger traction.

How soon will results become visible?

Discovering the timeframe for visible progress varies, the PeniMaster Pro promises swift transformations. Most users witness gains after consistent daily usage for a few hours over a couple of months. For optimal results, we advocate using the device for a minimum of six months, aligning with other products in the same category.

Reports from numerous users highlight visible changes within mere weeks of adopting the PeniMaster Pro. However, it’s vital to note that these early gains are temporary. Your body adapts initially, but substantial, enduring enhancements require patience. Genuine progress becomes evident after a minimum of 12 weeks, peaking around six months of unwavering commitment. Both length and girth show remarkable, lasting improvements.

Dedication is key. Make the PeniMaster Pro a daily ritual, investing a few hours each day. This consistency is your pathway to enduring transformation. Embrace your journey; unlock the potential for lasting change.

Is it safe to use PeniMaster Pro?

Adhere meticulously to the PeniMaster Pro guidelines and heed your body’s signals. Proper use should yield no discomfort; each product includes a comprehensive guide for safe, effective application.8 If discomfort persists, common errors in the learning curve might be at play.

Establish a meticulous routine for donning and doffing the device before extended use. This method, in tandem with accurate application, guards against entrapment or undue force during post-stretching removal.

Missteps, like excessive pulling forces before readiness, can result in a bluish-glans discoloration. Temporarily refrain from using the device until symptoms fade before making adjustments.

Packages and prices

Discover PeniMaster’s revolutionary extension systems and accessories, meticulously crafted for your comfort and efficiency. Here’s a glance at our flagship products. (Note: Prices are in Euros, converted to your local currency at the current rates.)

PeniMaster Pro Basic Package – Cost: $195

PeniMaster Pro Basic, the pivotal bulb attachment for the glans, forms the heart of our product line. It’s the cornerstone, yet it alone won’t enhance your size unless paired with a personalized weight system. Please refrain from standalone purchases unless you have a compatible weight setup.

This device effortlessly adheres to your glans using a blend of vacuum and adhesion, ensuring a secure fit. Compatible with the belt system or rods, it elongates your penis effectively. Key features:

  • Combines vacuum and bonding
  • Simple maintenance
  • Firm grip
  • Preserves foreskin
  • Compatible with belts and rods
  • Safe for overnight wear

PeniMaster Pro Rod Expander System – Cost: $282

The Rod Expander, bundled with PeniMaster Pro Basic, amplifies your penis length and boosts your erections. Its benefits comprise:

  • Flexible for diverse penis sizes
  • Optional wear in up or downward-orientation
  • Additional accessories not required
  • Safe for overnight use

PeniMaster Pro Belt Expander System – Cost: $263

Versatility meets function with our Belt Expander, wearable as a hip, shoulder, or leg belt. Enjoy both aesthetic and therapeutic advantages. Bundled with PeniMaster Pro Basic, it utilizes pulling force for gentle yet effective elongation. Highlights:

  • Discreet in daily life
  • Safe for machine washing
  • Customizable attachment points
  • Fits as knee, hip, or shoulder belt
  • Suitable for overnight wear

Insider Tip: Wear it discreetly under loose clothing, experimenting with positions (especially hip and knee) before venturing out.

PeniMaster Pro Complete Set – Cost: $321

Indulge in the best of both worlds with our Complete package. This all-inclusive kit combines the versatility of belts and the precision of rods. For just a fraction higher than the standalone rod system price, enjoy variety in your routine, preventing monotony and enhancing your gains.

PeniMaster Pro Weight Expander – $312

Maximize your results with the Weight Expander, complementing the Pro Basic. Utilizing gravity and pulling force, it elongates your penis steadily. This package includes weights ranging from 250g to 1,250g. Key features:

  • No pressure on pubic bone
  • Consistent pulling force
  • Fixed weights for specified traction

PeniMaster Pro Complete Set Including Weights – Priced: $409

Experience the ultimate transformation with our Complete Set + Weights. Enjoy unmatched savings and accelerated gains. This comprehensive set includes:

  • Complete weight range from 125g-1,250g
  • Rod system
  • Belt system
  • Basic glans ball

To optimize results, alternate between the belt and rod systems. After 12 weeks, incorporate weights for rapid length and girth gains.

PeniMaster Extra’s and Add-ons

In the world of PeniMaster, a plethora of accessories awaits, designed to enhance your experience. Some are vital for your comfort and convenience, while others are expendables, gradually succumbing to the wear and tear of time, urging you to seek replacements. These accessories, ranging from $3 to $18, include:

  • PROMaster Comfort & Care: Tailored for your well-being.
  • Men’s Care Oil: A nurturing touch for intimate care.
  • Fabric Storage Case: Where practicality meets sophistication.
  • Sluices: Crafted for seamless functionality.
  • Adhesion Diaphragms: Ensuring a secure fit.
  • Hose Application System: Streamlining your PeniMaster experience.

For those investing in the PeniMaster Pro belt set individually, the option to later augment it with weights exists. This addition, typically found in the Weight Expander or Complete systems, can be acquired for $154. However, this route proves a tad costlier than obtaining it within a comprehensive system.

Confidentiality concerns

PeniMaster prioritizes safeguarding your privacy. They employ various stringent measures to disconnect your personal information from their products, in both the tangible and virtual realms. Here’s how PeniMaster fortifies your privacy:

  1. Stealthy Shipping: Your packages arrive discreetly, concealed within unmarked boxes devoid of item specifications. This ensures that the goods within your parcel remain concealed from prying eyes, whether it’s your postal worker or fellow household members.
  2. Minimal Data Gathering: PeniMaster only acquires essential personal information required for order fulfillment, such as the name of the addressee and address. Beyond this point, the collection halts, and the sharing of this data is limited exclusively to essential entities responsible for payment processing and shipment handling.
  3. Versatile Payment methods: You can settle payments for PeniMaster products through credit and debit cards, PayPal, or secure bank transfers. These diverse options grant you the ability to shield your purchase from the view of shared account users.
  4. Guidance on Cookies: PeniMaster’s website employs cookies much like any other business site. However, they also equip users with instructions on how to eliminate these computer-based cookies and curtail their future accumulation.

Alternatives to PeniMaster and competitors

Penis extension has evolved over time, with the PeniMaster Pro emerging as the safest and effective choice. While several other devices, methods, and approaches allege to enlarge the penis, some prove effective but pose significant risks. Others lack sufficient research for a verdict, and some just simply fall short.

Let’s explore the wider scope of penis extenders initially, and then we’ll examine alternative options for you.

Penis extenders

Penis extenders flood the market, with options ranging from rod to belt systems. Few brands, however, combine both approaches, a unique trait exemplified by PeniMaster. While some competitors offer lower prices and comparable effectiveness, they often lack the force potential and extensive warranty synonymous with PeniMaster.

Before delving into PeniMasters top contenders, explore this informative chart detailing the landscape of these products.

Phallosan Forte Most Similar
This device closely resembles the PeniMaster system in design and functionality. It utilizes vacuum suction and a belt mechanism to administer traction therapy. While it may be a bit pricier than the PeniMaster Pro Belt Set, its setup process is somewhat complex, and not all men may make full use of the included accessories.

Another drawback is the terms of warranty and guarantee of the Phallosan Forte. A 2-year warranty falls short, especially when compared to Quick Extender Pro’s lifetime coverage, and PeniMaster’s 5-year warranty surpasses it by a considerable margin. Moreover, a 14-day guarantee is insufficient. These products typically take weeks to yield results. A mere fourteen days isn’t a reasonable evaluation period.
Quick Extender Pro Best Values
Your go-to choice for a cost-friendly, no-nonsense rod system, impresses with a lifetime warranty covering product defects. However, it lacks the option to incorporate additional weight or vacuum pressure and may not offer the utmost comfort. Nevertheless, it delivers effectiveness at a reasonable price.

In the dynamic realm of male enhancement devices, Danalife, a prominent Danish company, proudly introduces its innovations: SizeGenetics, Male Edge and JES Extender. Each bears the distinct Danalife signature – a robust two-year warranty and an unyielding six-month guarantee, uniting them in a commitment to excellence.

sizegenetics offer
SizeGenetics Popular Choice
SizeGenetics, reminiscent of Quick Extender Pro in structure and material, falls short due to its lackluster comfort accessories. While the promise lingers, the delivery falters.
male edge extender
MaleEdge Budget Option
Male Edge, the most economical choice among the trio, belies its affordability with compromises in quality. Our testers handled components that felt fragile, a stark departure from durability.
Jes Extender Premium
JES Extender mirrors SizeGenetics in its foundational form, yet ventures into opulence with extravagant versions boasting titanium rods or lavish gold and platinum plating.

Exploring Methods to Enhance Penile Size: Debunking Myths

Penis pumps, often touted as tools for enlargement, prove to be myths. Their purpose lies in treating erectile dysfunction, enhancing blood flow for temporary, albeit illusory, size gains.

Extension surgery offers potential size increases, but the perilous use of artificial fillers and cadaveric tissue carries immense risks. Refusal and tissue-death loom large, exacerbated by non-standardized procedures. 9

Jelqing, a set of stretching exercises, claims to lengthen the penis. Despite lacking scientific backing, enthusiasts persist, despite gains appearing ephemeral. The method demands precision and patience, yet its efficacy remains dubious.

Male enhancement pills, akin to PDE5 inhibitors, promise size augmentation. However, their impact pales compared to Viagra or Cialis. Any perceived size increase results from heightened blood flow, not actual growth.

In scrutinizing these methods, the truth emerges: quick fixes evade reality. Science and patience outweigh risky endeavors, offering a perspective grounded in truth rather than false hope.

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PeniMaster Pro

Discover the Penimaster Pro, a pioneering device reshaping the landscape of penile enhancement and therapy. Through gentle stretching, it fosters tissue growth and bolsters blood circulation, promising not just increased size, but also heightened erectile function and enriched sexual gratification. Before embarking on this journey, it’s imperative to seek guidance from a healthcare professional.

– Body Freedom

penimaster pro device


In the domain of male enhancement devices, Penimaster Pro has garnered recognition for its innovative design and patented vacuum protector technology, guaranteeing both a secure grip and exceptional comfort. Crafted from medical-grade materials, it facilitates extended wear without irritation, catering to a diverse range of body shapes. With robust support from clinical studies, Penimaster Pro stands as a pioneering choice, seamlessly integrating advanced technology with demonstrated efficacy.

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October 14, 2023

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