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Can Promescent Desensitizing Delay Spray Make You Last Longer In Bed?

Find out if Promescent's desensitizing spray is an effective treatment. Discover the benefits, drawbacks, and everything you need to know.
Shahrokh Shariat, MD
Senior Editor & Writer

Prof. Shariat has published over 1400 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. In 2014 he received the Matula Award from the European Society of Urology (EAU), and in 2017 the Gold Cystoscope Award from the American Society of Urology, probably the most important urologist award worldwide.

Premature ejaculation is a prevalent issue, impacting up to a third of men across the country.1 Many men feel ashamed or anxious when pursuing assistance for this condition. Even those not clinically diagnosed still desire to improve their stamina in bed.

Telehealth services are booming, giving men easy and private ways to resolve these issues from home. Promescent presents a range of services, like the popular Delay Spray for PE. They also deliver ED medication and sex toys right to your doorstep.

We rigorously examined Promescent’s offerings, delving into scientific studies to aid your decision to try them out.

Our Verdict

Editor’s Rating

This company has transformed into a hub for various sexual health offerings beyond just Delay Spray. Their range is designed to enhance performance and maximize pleasure, offering unbeatable prices across the board. While they may have some gaps compared to competitors, they are rapidly closing in on those areas.


  • Cost-effective ED medications from a reputed telehealth company
  • Money-back 60-day guarantee
  • Safe Lidocaine numbing agent
  • Subscription savings for budget optimization
  • USA-crafted, high-quality products
  • Premium lubricants for silicone allergies
  • Bundle purchases for bigger savings


  • Not all products/packages qualify for subscription savings
  • No free/reduced price trial options
  • Limited money-back guarantee
  • Premature ejaculation prescriptions are not offered
  • Caution: spray contains potential allergens
Editor’s Summary

Overall Rating 9 / 10

Purchase directly for optimal savings: an additional $5 discount on orders exceeding $30 through our website. While they do maintain an Amazon storefront, its prices often surpass those on its official platform. A few items match Amazon’s cost, and others are approximately $1 cheaper there, but obtaining their products is more cost-effective through direct purchase.

With complimentary shipping for orders surpassing $20, Prime advantages contribute to limited value. Certain products—such as sex toys, condoms, toy cleaners, and recently introduced prescription medications for ED—exclusively reside on the company’s website.

Our Assessment of Promescent

We thoroughly tested it to determine its effectiveness, safety, affordability, and customer support. Our hands-on experience and detailed analysis of clinical studies were used to evaluate both the company and its products.

Our rating prioritizes safety and effectiveness above all else. Promescent’s products are not only competitively priced but also deliver exceptional results. While customer care is important, our focus remains on the quality of the products themselves. Competitor offerings in this area were comparable, making it a less decisive factor in our assessment.

Explore each benchmark to uncover how this product stands out in.


Rating: 9.1 / 10

They provide a range of products, including delay spray, condoms, prescription ED medication, and massage oils. We honed in on the effectiveness of the delay spray since it’s their top seller and sparks the most interest. Rest assured, it delivers results.

Promescent delivers a powerful numbing effect, prolonging sexual performance without sacrificing pleasure. Surpassing rivals such as VigRX, and Hims. Its innovative spray pattern achieves optimal coverage with pinpoint accuracy. Watch below to witness the sprays in motion and experience the difference.

Illustration by Body Freedom Collaborative

Promescent’s delay wipes stand out, relying on benzocaine rather than lidocaine. Our testing team consistently rates benzocaine as the less effective anesthetic across various products, comparing favorably with Delay Wipes from Hims and outperforming VigRX and Roman.

They recently launched their prescription ED services, featuring generic Viagra and Cialis. Years of investigation support the effectiveness of both tadalafil and sildenafil in treating ED.2 While Roman and Hims have more experience, Promescent undercuts their costs greatly, as detailed below.

In addition to its primary product, it offers sex toys and condoms from top industry manufacturers, as well as lubricants compatible with condoms and various toys. The company not only delivers on its core product promises but also ensures the reliability of its ancillary offerings.


Rating: 8.2 / 10

Assessing the safety of Promesent is no simple task, given the vast range of products they offer. Below, we delve into their safety measures, highlighting key factors that shaped our scrutiny of their safety standards.

Delay Sprays use Lidocaine

Lidocaine, a powerful topical anesthetic, is essential in numerous medical procedures.3 Despite its rare allergy risk for some individuals, it boasts a strong safety record. While there are potential contraindications to consider, the majority of users will not be affected.4

Benzocaine is used in Delay Wipes

Derived from a distinct anesthetic lineage, benzocaine boasts a favorable safety record. However, it carries a higher risk of contact dermatitis and contraindications compared to lidocaine.5

Trustworthy and precisely dosed, ED medications offer reliable relief.

Promescent now provides prescription ED meds like tadalafil and sildenafil. Backed by numerous studies, these treatments are proven safe and effective.6 Rest easy knowing that a doctor carefully considers your info before prescribing anything.

Choose from a range of hypoallergenic lubricants to enhance your playtime with different types of toys.

The company offers a diverse range of lubricants that are compatible with most toys.

Supplements contain safe and effective ingredients in appropriate doses.

While they may not have a large selection of supplements, they prioritize using well-researched ingredients in safe doses, such as arginine in 2,000mg found in the VitaFLUX line.7 While some supplements use unique botanical blends, keeping it focused on safety and effectiveness.

Toys are crafted by top-tier manufacturers.

The website offers a curated selection of top-rated sex toys from leading brands like We-Vibe, MYHIXEL, and Arcwave.

We factored in other elements, but here it exemplifies how we determined its safety rating.


Rating: 9.1 / 10

They now offer Erectile Dysfunction medication at unbeatable prices, causing their cost rating to soar. Let’s compare the prices of 5mg and 2.5mg daily doses of tadalafil for a better understanding.

 Lowest cost per doseMonthly costAnual cost
Roman tadalafil 2.5mg$8$140$1,440
Roman tadalafil 5mg$8$240$2,880
Hims tadalafil 2.5mg$1.49$45$534
Hims tadalafil 5mg$2.97$89$1,068
Promescent tadalafil 2.5mg$1.00$30$360
Promescent tadalafil 5mg$2.00$60$720

All three companies offer 5mg tablets, regardless of your prescribed dosage. You can split them yourself. If you need 2.5mg, you’ll get only 15 tablets a month. To save money, ask for a higher dose and split the pills if that works for you. None of these companies penalize pausing subscriptions; cease and resume as needed.

Discover their exclusive  packages:

 PriceTotal Sprays as AdvertisedCost per Spray
Single 20-spray bottle$22.9520$1.14
Single 60-spray bottle$59.9560$1.00
Never Without (3x 20-spray bottles)$61.9560$1.03
Home and Away (1x 20 + 1x 60-spray bottle)$73.9580$0.92
The Threesome (3x 60-spray bottles)$159.95180$0.89
The Six-Pack (3x 20 + 3x 60-spray bottles)$199.95240$0.83

Our testing uncovered that the spray count promoted underestimates the actual number of sprays per bottle, resulting in a significantly reduced price per spray.

These prices are almost unbeatable compared to competitors. VigRX offers the lowest cost per spray., but their version depends on benzocaine rather than lidocaine, It doesn’t possess the absorption prowess of Promescent and utilizes extra components that could potentially yield their own set of side effects.

Promescent now offers exclusive bundles that guarantee savings of up to 12%. While customization options have been streamlined, the potential for discounts remains high. Explore new combinations and enjoy significant savings on every purchase.

Customer Service

Rating: 8.3 / 10

The company demonstrates a commendable commitment to customer service, yet its competitors outshine it by maintaining a dedicated team of phone operators and responding more promptly to email queries. While we’ve engaged with the knowledgeable and amiable team, the frequent encounters with the answering machine have been noteworthy.

A distinctive feature of its consumer consideration is its robust money-back guarantee. Their products can be utilized for 60 days, with the option to request a refund. Exceptions apply to unopened intimate products. A comprehensive list of eligible items for the 60-day money-back guarantee is provided.

This guarantee distinguishes it from its close competitors such as Roman and Hims. Both competitors employ ambiguous language regarding potential returns, offering minimal assurance.

Why You Can Trust Our Research

At Body Freedom Collaborative, we rigorously test every product or service we evaluate, such as Promescent. With over 208 hours dedicated to researching and testing all of their offerings and competitors, our team provides valuable insights into customer experiences and the quality of the product. Our hands-on approach ensures our readers receive unbiased evaluations that they can trust.

Our research team has delved into over 500 scientific studies on men’s sexual health and premature ejaculation, ensuring our product testing is thorough. Every health-related guide on this site undergoes strict vetting by our Medical Review Board for precision.

In the last 20 years, Body Freedom Research has empowered countless readers to make smarter choices for a healthier life.

What Is A Delay Spray?

It is a powerful topical anesthetic that targets the penis, nerves enhancing stamina without numbing sensation. By absorbing under the skin within 10 minutes, it allows men to prolong sexual activity while maintaining pleasure. The key ingredient, lidocaine, ensures both safety and effectiveness. Among various tested clinically, Promescent stands out as the only one in North USA backed by IRB-certified research proving its efficacy. In a study on those with premature ejaculation, using the spray nearly doubled their ejaculation latency duration from 6.81 to 11.16 minutes.8 This clear evidence confirms the effectiveness of delay sprays for lasting longer during sex.

What Is Promescent?

Photo by Body Freedom Collaborative

It is a leading company offering a range of products such as Delay Spray, Wipes, ED medication, supplements, and more. Dr. Ronald Gilbert revolutionized the industry with the creation of his Delay Spray. Say goodbye to numbing substances and daily pharmaceuticals – now you can enjoy longer-lasting pleasure without any unwanted side effects.

No prescription is required for Promescent Spray. It absorbs fully without transferring to your partner. Our testing shows it effectively desensitizes the skin while maintaining sensation for maximum pleasure. The inactive ingredients contribute to its unique oil-aqueous formula, enhancing fragrance and other qualities.

The company is expanding its product line with new massage oils and sex toys. Ordering from them is easy and secure, with discreet packaging. Your bank statement will show the name Promescent. The company boasts a prestigious medical review board specializing in urology, psychology, and sexual health.

Does Promescent Work?

It transforms intimate experiences, sensitizing without complete numbness for prolonged pleasure. Recent study: men double performance duration from six to 11 minutes; partners achieve 66% orgasm rate with Promescent versus 44% without, potentially bridging the orgasm gap.9 Our testers report a 30-45 minute desensitizing effect, elevating overall satisfaction.

Curious about how this spray works?

Revitalizing Elixir, powered by TargetZone™ Technology, swiftly numbs penile nerves pre-intercourse with lidocaine.10 Its advanced formula absorbs faster, minimizing transmission risk.11 On average, three spritzes yield potent desensitization for a more satisfying experience.

Insider Tip:

Instead of viewing the 10-minute holdup as a chore, see it as an opportunity to pamper your partner. Use this time to show them love and attention, making both of you feel more connected and fulfilled.

Who stands to gain from using this product?

Many men struggle with premature ejaculation, finishing sooner than desired. Clinically diagnosed PE is the incapacity to prolong climax beyond the initial minute of sexual engagement.12 Men typically climax in roughly 5 minutes, while women take around 18 minutes on average. This orgasm gap can lead to dissatisfaction in relationships, with men reaching climax more often than women.13 If a man consistently finishes before his partner, he may benefit from using a delay spray. It shows consideration for his partner to achieve mutual satisfaction.

Who needs to seek help from other sources for PE?

Anyone allergic to lidocaine or other amide group anesthetics such as Carbocaine, Septocaine, Ropivacaine, Lidocaine, Bupivacaine and Prilocaine. If you are allergic to lidocaine, you might still be able to tolerate benzocaine. Consider trying their Delay Wipes with benzocaine if you’re allergic to amide group anesthetics.

Both benzocaine and lidocaine can interact with certain medications, increasing the risk of methemoglobinemia. This condition reduces oxygen transport in blood cells, leading to damaged tissues and potential fatality. Learn more about safety concerns in the following section.

Promescent Safety

It contains lidocaine, which heightens pleasure without excessive numbness. Caution for lidocaine or amide anesthetic allergies. Men with soy or tree nut allergies, be wary due to soy lecithin and macadamia nut oil.14 Watch for interactions with antimalarials, antibiotics, and other medications, as it may increase the risk of methemoglobinemia.15 Avoid using it in conjunction with antimalarials, anti-inflammatories, or antibiotics.16 Consult your doctor for safety assurance.

Safety of their other products

The company prescribes potent solutions featuring generic Viagra and Cialis to address severe cardiovascular side effects.17 Extensively researched and secure, these medications require cautious acquisition following a thorough case assessment.

Their non-prescription supplements offer remedies for ED and heighten female arousal using nitric oxide enhancers such as zinc, L-citrulline, L-arginine, and other crucial elements. These supplements provide safe doses below the market average, supported by research.

Beyond that, their products present minimal risks, mainly linked with potential silicone allergies in its products or improper use.18

What Is The Price Of Promescent Spray?

Photo by Body Freedom Collaborative

It comes in two sizes with subscription discounts available. Here’s the breakdown:

 20-spray bottle60-spray bottle
One-time purchase$22.95$59.95
Subscription purchase$21.34$55.75
Cost per spray (one-time purchase)$1.15$1.00
Cost per spray (subscription)$1.07$0.93

The 60-spray version offers the best value, lasting longer and giving you more for your money. Choose from delivery options of 30, 60, or 90 days to suit your needs. Our testing shows that on average, the 20 bottle spray delivers 35 sprays and the 60-spray bottle delivers an impressive 72 sprays. Alternatives like those from Hims and VigRX also exceed advertised spray counts. The industry may be cautious in their numbers to avoid false advertising, but rest assured you’ll get more than expected with our products.

PackageContentsPriceCost per Spray
Single-Bottle1 large bedroom bottleCustomizedCustomized
Multiple BottlesMultiple options availableVariedVaried
Subscribe for ConvenienceExclusive subscription for added easeDifferentiatedDifferentiated
Home and Away Bundle1 large bedroom bottle + 1 travel-sized bottle$73.95N/A
The Threesome3 x 60-spray bottles$159.95Customized
Never Without3 x 20-spray bottles$61.95Customized
The Six Pack3 x 60-spray bottles + 3 travel-sized bottles$199.95$0.83

How to use Promescent Spray

Photo by Body Freedom Collaborative
  1. Shake & Spray: Give the bottle a quick shake, no need for a vigorous workout. Spray 1-10 times close to your special areas – think frenulum, glans, and maybe the shaft.
  2. Massage & Wait: Massage it in and then play the waiting game for 10-15 minutes. This step is crucial, so resist the urge to spread it everywhere unintentionally.
  3. Wipe & Go: Wipe away any extra. If some lingers after 10-15 minutes, just gently dab it away.

Bonus tips:

  • For first-timers, break that small white tab prior to getting started.
  • Erect or flaccid, it’s your call. Some discover its more straightforward when things are on the up and up.
  • No need for ninja-level aiming – just keep the nozzle close for precise targeting.

Promescent Delay Wipes

Photo by Body Freedom Collaborative

Some find sprays messy and inconvenient. For a more discreet option, consider Promescent’s Delay Wipes. These ready-moistened wipes contain benzocaine. Ideal for men with allergies or sensitivities to certain compounds like soy lecithin or macadamia nut oil.

Separately enveloped wipes offer convenience, but they admit their Wipes are not as potent as the spray. If a couple of spritzes work for you, the wipes may suffice. Remember, though, that they are pricier than the spray per use.

 5 Pack15 Pack30 Pack
Cost per wipe (one-time purchase)$3.99$2.66$2
Cost per wipe (subscription)$3.71$2.47$1.12
One-time purchase$19.95$39.95$59.95

Only VigRX comes close to matching Promescent’s unbeatable price of $1.12, but to access it, you must purchase 60 wipes upfront for over $100. Unlike Promescent, VigRX wipes are made with purely botanical ingredients and do not contain benzocaine or lidocaine.

Promescent’s Prescription Meds

They continually lead the pack with early launches of products and a full suite of sexual health solutions. Now, you can snag ED meds like sildenafil and tadalafil through virtual visits, making their website your central hub for male sexual wellness. Plus, their prices are tough to beat.

How do they keep it affordable? Well, they simplify things – they offer sildenafil in just 100mg and 50 mg-sized pills, a smart move compared to Hims and their dose variety. Even if their docs can prescribe 75mg or 25mg, you might end up doing a little pill-splitting. But hey, the savings here are no joke, particularly when you stack up against Roman.

Compare their unbeatable prices for ED medication per dose with those offered by Hims and Roman.

Tadalafil 2.5mg daily$8$1.49$1
Tadalafil 20mg as needed$44$10.17$7.50
Sildenafil 50mg$6$5.17$6

Expert Tip: To secure Promescent’s $1 tadalafil price, get a prescription for a 5mg dosage and split the pill down the middle. with a penalty-free subscription, which restarts every six months. Ideal for those responding to doses of 2.5mg a day.

They excel with competitive sildenafil prices, particularly in lower tadalafil costs.

Drawback: Limited availability due to its recent launch; accessible in all states except, New Jersey, Kansas, Washington DC, and South Carolina.

Their Other Products

The company offers various sexual health products, including condoms from LELO, lubricants, sex toys, supplements (VitaFLUX), and Before and After Wipes. The condoms, priced at $19.90 (12-pack) and $34.90 (36-pack), feature a hexagonal latex structure. Lubricants are free from parabens, with options for organic, water-based, and silicone varieties.

Sex toys include stamina trainers, vibrators, prostate massagers, and male masturbators. The VitaFLUX supplement aims to improve sexual and cardiovascular health with amino acids, magnesium, and Zinc.19 Before and After Wipes are biodegradable and pH-balanced. Their bundles offer savings of about 15% replacing a discontinued customization feature. The catalog distinguishes them from competitors like Hims.

Privacy, Shipping, and Returns

AspectPromescent Experience
– StandardUSPS 3-5 day – Free on orders over $20
 $3.99 shipping for orders below $20
– Expedited (FedEx)$38.21 Overnight (location-based)
 2-day: $9.95 (flat fee)
– InternationalRates calculated during checkout
– Money-Back Policy60-day refund for dissatisfied customers
– Refund
– Covered ProductsDelay Spray, Wipes, Condoms, Lubricants,
 Adult Toys, and more
– ExclusionsSome intimate products(unopened),
 Prescriptions (unless damaged)
– We-Vibe Guarantee60-day guarantee on We-Vibe toys
 (sold by Promescent)
– Non-ReturnableUsed intimate items, prescriptions
Shipping FeesNot refunded
ComparisonPromescent: Robust guarantee
 Hims/Roman: No similar promise
 VigRX: 67-day guarantee, inferior quality
 and variety compared to Promescent

Privacy Considerations

Your packages arrive confidentially with no identifying information on the package. This grade of secrecy is crucial when purchasing intimate health products online. Rest assured, they value your privacy and will safeguard it at all costs. While charges on your credit card statement may show the company name, they do not enclose any further details. The website uses SSL encryption to safeguard your data but may sell usage information for site improvements.

Promescent Alternatives

Comparison of Sexual Desensitizer Products and Companies

Product TypeLidocaine-based spray and wipesLidocaine-based delay spray and wipes (Promescent-manufactured)Benzocaine-based delay sprayLidocaine-based delay wipes
Company OverviewPioneered oil-aqueous lidocaine solutionTelehealth offering sexual health, hair loss treatments and talk therapy.Offers benzocaine-based spraySimilar to Hims with additional focus on testosterone, hair care, and skincare
Prescription OptionsOver-the-counterTelehealth platform with access to doctors for SSRIs prescriptionOver-the-counterTelehealth with access to various treatments including ED, hair loss, and more
Cost ComparisonCompetitive pricingVaried pricing, potentially higher for significant performance and valueOutlandishly low upfront cost, but fewer pumps per dollarHigher prices in some categories, especially testosterone support, hair care, and skincare
Spray PerformanceHigh accuracy and dose deliveryHims Delay Spray may have less accurate spray pattern based on video analysisReliable performanceComparable to Promescent and Hims
Allergic ReactionsMinimal risk with lidocaineSlightly higher risk with benzocaine20Higher risk due to benzocaine21Minimal risk with lidocaine
Texture/ConsistencyEffective fluid with moderate thicknessPotential thickness requiring wiping before intercourseNoticeably thicker formula, may require wipingN/A
Overall RecommendationRecommended for significant value and performanceAll-in-one solution for minor PE, ED, and hair loss issuesSuitable for lidocaine allergies, limited use due to thicknessHigher prices with specialization in testosterone, hair care, and skincare

Alternative methods for addressing premature ejaculation (PE)

SSRI AntidepressantsMedication that increases serotonin levels, delaying ejaculation.Effective for some, but not suitable for everyone due to allergies or concerns.Potential side effects and not suitable for everyone.
KegelsPelvic floor muscle exercises, easily performed by stopping urination mid-stream and holding contractions for a few seconds.Strengthens pelvic floor muscles, leading to improved orgasm control.22Requires consistency and may take time to see results.
Prostate MassagePleasurable and safe method to relieve prostate inflammation,23 associated with an enlarged prostate and premature ejaculation.24Potentially addresses the root cause of PE in some cases.Must be done correctly to avoid complications. Consider individual comfort and preference.
ED MedicationErectile Dysfunction medication, showing evidence of helping with premature ejaculation.Last resort for those without ED, as it may have potential side effects.25Possible link between healthy men consuming ED meds and the commencement of ED.26 Consider potential hazardous side effects.
Delay ProductsTopical anesthetics or sprays designed to desensitize the penis, delaying ejaculation.Convenient and non-invasive solution for some.Some individuals may experience irritation or reduced sensation.


How we reviewed this article:


It is a well-known delay spray for premature ejaculation, yields diverse user experiences. While some praise its effectiveness, others find it lacking. Consulting healthcare professionals before use is advised.

– Body Freedom



Promescent delay spray underwent a thorough review, comparing its effectiveness, safety, and affordability to competitors. Despite limitations, it emerges as a reliable choice for enhancing sexual performance, backed by competitive pricing and a diverse product range.

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Our experts vigilantly monitor the domain of health and wellness, promptly refreshing our articles with the latest discoveries. Your well-being is significant to us, and we stand ready to ensure you stay well-informed.

March 21, 2024

March 21, 2024
March 21, 2024

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Written By
Shahrokh Shariat, MD
Edited By
Suzanne Briggs
Medically Reviewed By
Thomas M. Buckley, MD
Copy Edited By
Daniel Johnson

March 21, 2024

At Body Freedom, we rely solely on top-tier sources, such as peer-reviewed studies, to bolster the veracity of our content. Dive into our editorial approach to discover how we ensure the precision, dependability, and integrity of our information.

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