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Jes Extender Review: Best Penis Enlarger For Penile Enhancement Results?

What Is The Jes Extender?
The Jes Penis Extender is a state-of-the-art stretcher device. One of the first original protocols available to buy for penis enhancement since 1995. It is designed and manufactured in the USA keeping in view penile enlargement results for various penis sizes and lengths.

One of the top health parameters that have been incorporated into the Jes Extender is safety. The others are reliability, quality, and durability. All these factors have been brought into the Jes extender spare parts and accessories for practical purposes.

The quality of the Jes Extender is dependent on the material with which it is made. The highest quality medical grade steel and titanium elongation bars, even one made of gold and platinum are available and a light version.

Proper care has been taken to ensure that it does not extend putting too much traction force on the penis during the exercising and elongation processes.

This is done via a very delicate design. When it starts functioning, it automatically balances the pressure on all the sides of your penis. It ensures consistent pressure is applied evenly.

You can see how much a Jes Extender package costs on the official website and see the different version comparisons in the table below.

Original Standard Comfort

At no point will you will feel any suffocation or restriction on your penis within this device. This has been ensured by the designing of tiny respirators on the extender, meaning the part of your penis which gets covered/partially covered gets a regular supply of fresh oxygen and blood flow.

When you start using it regularly over some time, you will begin seeing the results. The length and girth start changing. These changes are mostly happening due to two processes that simultaneously occur within the corpora-cavernosa region.

Elongation Is Done Through Traction With Jes Extender

The penis traction process, however, is applied in a very gentle and consistent manner. It has been found over many years of research that the Mitosis process has certain limitations. For example, when you split a cell with mitosis, you are getting two daughter cells from a single parent cell.

The structure and other parameters of daughter cells will be similar to that of the parent. But the divided cells now will have their sources of nourishment. Hence, the device has been designed to bring about mitosis in a streamlined way with the exercising and dieting pattern. Hence, you will be able to maintain a continuous supply of energy and nutrients to the newly split cells.

Jes Extender For Expansion

Here, the pressure is applied to the cylindrical structure of your corpora-cavernosa structure. Once this is used continuously, your corpora tissues start getting fattened automatically. Hence your girth also automatically increases.

Jes Extender Exercising

The tissues and cells that are newly formed get equally exercised with this process of exercising. It is made sure that your entire penis length gets a uniform massaging also. This way your tissues and cells are in a relaxed manner.

What’s So Special About The Design Of The Jes Extender?

It took quite some time for the researchers to arrive at the simple, yet superior stretching device. There were some parameters taken into consideration while this method was being developed. Various tests and clinical trials were carried out. Every review tells you about it. The main parameters taken into consideration were

  1. Suitability for all-size penises.
  2. Safety of the Penis and its hygiene
  3. Healthy status of the penis after usage
  4. The effectiveness of the stretching process

The Final Blueprint Of The Jes Extender

How Does It Function And Does Jes Extender Work?

The extender works through various stages. Its efficient operation depends on the

This Task Is Accomplished In Two Forms. The First Form Of Action Belongs To The Regular Exercising Of Your Penis.

What Are The Limitations Of Jes Extender For Achieving The Desired Results?

Jes Extender Final Thoughts?

Many reviews underestimate the use of penis extenders to achieve results. Of course, there is some element of truth in the reports. You can find a lot of cheap counterparts in the market which may not be based on any scientific principles at all. These sorts of products have brought about people thinking that the Jes Extender is a scam.

Therefore, we must advise that you refrain from buying from any third-party sites and purchase it from the reputable official website if you are interested in getting your hands on one. Even avoid Amazon and eBay as you can’t guarantee you will be receiving a genuine Jes Extender.

However, the Jes Extender has earned the reputation of being the most real medical product from world health bodies. Besides, the thousands of users on forums giving testimonials who have got 100% success from this product are also another living example.

The way you use it makes a lot of difference to the outcome. It is recommended that you use the device strictly as per the instructions in the manual. In the initial stages, you may be bored and may face uncomfortable conditions. This is natural. Once you go through with the initial days of strange feelings, your results after those days will make you pleased.

12 Month Money Back Guarantee From Jes Extender

And not just an ordinary money-back guarantee but they will double your money back. So basically they are allowing you to try it out for a whole year (more than enough time to see some gains) and if you are still not happy you have nothing to lose.

Again you won’t get this if you buy from anywhere else apart from the official website. You can’t go wrong.

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JES Extender

159.99 USD

Penis Enlargement




Overall Efficiency




Build Quality



  • Full 12 Month DOUBLE Your Money Back Guarantee - You Can't Go Wrong!
  • Many Different Packages Available For Your Budget - Even Available In Gold!
  • One Of The First Reputable Extender Companies To Hit The Market - Reputation Speaks For Itself!
  • PERMANENT Length & Girth Increases
  • Recommended By Doctors & Backed By Clinical Studies


  • Must Be Committed & Consistent To See The Best Results
  • Takes Up To 3-6 Months To See Best Results
  • Many Fake Versions Available So Be Sure To Buy From ONLY The Official Website

Shahrokh Shariat, MD

Prof. Shariat has published over 1400 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. In 2014 he received the Matula Award from the European Society of Urology (EAU), in 2017 the Gold Cystoscope Award from the American Society of Urology, probably the most important urologist award worldwide.

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