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Can VigRX Plus Male Enhancement Unlock Sexual Performance Results?

Explore the transformative impact of VigRX Plus: experience robust erections, heightened libido, and profound satisfaction.
Shahrokh Shariat, MD
Senior Editor & Writer

Prof. Shariat has published over 1400 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. In 2014 he received the Matula Award from the European Society of Urology (EAU), and in 2017 the Gold Cystoscope Award from the American Society of Urology, probably the most important urologist award worldwide.

Men, spanning various age groups, confront a range of sexual hurdles, from diminishing desire to fertility woes, each issue unique. While conventional medications provide a typical solution, certain men, cautious of pharmaceuticals or viewing their problems as less grave, explore other options.1 Introducing VigRX Plus: a supplement that not only improves erections but also enhances holistic sexual health, providing men with a non-pharmaceutical alternative.

Our Verdict

Editor’s Rating

VigRX Plus might aid men grappling with specific sexual challenges, particularly those linked to benign prostatic hyperplasia or related prostate issues affecting their bedroom performance. In a significant departure from its competitors, VigRX meticulously tested its concoction in a clinical analysis, a commendable effort albeit with nuances. Notably, the study administered a dosage higher than the consumer recommendation, raising questions. Furthermore, a critical analysis reveals that several ingredients feature suboptimal doses, casting doubts on their universal efficacy. Delve into our male enhancement pills guide for superior recommendations.

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  • Demonstrated exceptional performance in an independent clinical trial we financed ourselves.
  • Utilizes BioPerine to enhance your body’s absorption of key components.
  • Maintains low amounts of active components, mitigating safety concerns.
  • Unlock an exclusive 35% discount on a monthly supply with code BODYFREEDOM35.
  • Enjoy even greater savings on bulk orders—apply code BODYFREEDOM45 for an impressive 45% discount on a three-month supply.


  • The self-funded study utilized a dosage of VigRX higher than the recommended amount offered to customers.
  • Pricier compared to the majority of competing products.
  • No individual ingredient is provided in a dose deemed clinically significant.
  • Potential bias was introduced due to study funding.

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Why You Can Trust Our Research

In our extensive exploration of the sexual health industry, VigRX Plus stands as a pivotal focus. We meticulously dissect devices, services, and supplements, discerning the gems from the dross. Immersed as customers, we delve deep into the user experience, pushing the boundaries of understanding. We engage fellow consumers and tap into the wisdom of specialists across disciplines. Our pursuit delves beyond the surface, digesting 200+ academic papers on men’s sexual health, and dissecting drugs and ingredients combatting issues like Erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, and hair loss. Time spent isn’t counted in hours but in thousands.

Every health-related piece on this platform undergoes rigorous scrutiny, including this review, meticulously validated by our esteemed Medical Review Board. We maintain vigilant watch, tracking VigRX Plus’s position in this ever-shifting landscape, ensuring this review remains current.

For two decades, Body Freedom Collaborative research has empowered millions, guiding them toward healthier choices, and enhancing their well-being.

Assessment of VigRX Plus

In the process of assessing this product, our team adhered to rigorous standards commonly applied in evaluating men’s sexual health supplements. This meticulous approach ensured a fair and unbiased comparison against its competitors.

Foremost, we prioritized effectiveness; if a product like VigRX Plus fails to deliver results, its utility is questionable. Safety, while crucial, becomes secondary if efficacy isn’t substantiated. Nevertheless, we remain vigilant about possible negative consequences and contraindications.

Furthermore, our evaluation encompassed factors such as convenience and cost. Typically falling within the $40 to $70 range for a month’s supply, supplements in this category share similar pricing structures. Common features include company reputation, bulk deals, free shipping, and money-back guarantees.

In direct comparison, VigRX falls short. It lacks a standout ingredient with robust clinical support or a substantial dosage to command attention. While it points to its own study, critical analysis reveals flaws in its argument, as elaborated below. Competitors like Performer 8 offer superior ingredients at higher doses and a more affordable price point.

In the following sections, we meticulously dissect each benchmark to offer readers a comprehensive insight into our evaluation process.


Rating: 6 / 10

In our pursuit of evaluating product effectiveness, we meticulously assess scientific research and user feedback. While scientific studies often lack scrutiny of a certain brand’s formula, we meticulously analyze individual components’ research to gauge prospects.

VigRX Plus stands out among male enhancement remedies. It features a dedicated research study investigating its unique formula.2 A closer inspection reveals well-executed aspects: The study is structured with both a placebo control and a triple-blind approach, enhancing the credibility of its findings. Participants evaluated their erectile performance through esteemed questionnaires, suggesting a potential rating of 9/10. However, beneath the surface, complexities arise.

Crucially, the study was funded by the manufacturers, Leading Edge Health, potentially introducing bias. Moreover, the study involved a mere 75 participants, insufficient for statistical significance. Most significantly, the dosage and formulation used in the study vary from the current product. Although the study dates back a decade, it fails to provide concrete insights into the present formulation.

 Daily dose: StudyDaily dose: VigRX as sold
Asian red ginseng400mg100mg
Catuaba bark extract200mg25mg
Cuscuta extract100mg50mg
Epimedium leaf extract60mg15mg
Ginkgo Biloba400mg100mg
Hawthorne berry400mg100mg
Muira pauma bark extract200mg50mg
Saw palmetto400mg100mg
Tribulus terrestris300mg150mg
AspectStudy AmountsSold Amounts
Doses Administered2-8 times the quantity in VigRX PlusSignificant variation
Capsule PotencyExceeds public capsules in potencyStandard potency
Daily Dosage in StudyFour capsulesTwo capsules (as indicated on packaging)
Effective Doses from Other StudiesStudy doses surpassed; higher dosages requiredImprobable results unless


Rating: 8 / 10

In the charts above, notice some encouraging safety updates: the public version of this supplement now offers lower doses, reducing potential side effects. In their internal study, effects varied from mild fever to moderate “sticky discharge” in urine. However, total adverse effects were limited. Additionally, some study ingredients were present in fourfold amounts for consumers.

To assess the product’s safety comprehensively, we must examine studies on VigRX Plus’s individual components, especially given the study’s small sample size of 75 people, funded by VigRX. For instance, a 2002 review3 revealed potential interactions between ginseng and warfarin4 and phenelzine.5

Ginkgo biloba contains approaches to a clinically relevant dose. Studies on its memory-enhancing potential use 80-120mg daily. In the realm of men’s sexual health, a study successfully treating antidepressant-induced erectile dysfunction used 209mg daily.6 Side effects included headaches, gastrointestinal problems, and central nervous system activation. Yet, VigRX’s 100mg dose should be well-tolerated.

Credit is due for disclosing specific formula doses; many brands hide dosages in proprietary blends. We have reasons to believe it stands among safer male enhancement products, although some may boast superior safety profiles.


Rating: 6 / 10

Exploring costs involves more than standard pricing; we consider various factors. These encompass bulk or subscription savings, return policies, money-back guarantees, and shipping expenses. Unlike its counterparts, VigRX doesn’t provide subscriptions; instead, it relies on bulk savings. Despite containing lower ingredient doses, it’s isn’t cheaper than its rivals. It stands as one of the priciest male enhancement pills in its category, priced at $70 per box for a month’s supply. VigRX does offer bulk discounts, reducing the monthly cost to around $42. However, some competitors offer better prices for single-month orders and similar bulk discounts.

Below is a brief comparison of prices against its key competitors:

 Cost per monthCost per month with a three-month supplyCost per month at highest bulk level
Male Extra$60$40$30
Volume Pills$60$52$33
VigRX Plus$70$60$42
Performer 8$65$43$39
Max Performer$70$46$30
Performer 8, our leading male enhancement pill, outshines VigRX on all fronts. It boasts a more affordable price and a lifetime guarantee, surpassing the 67-day offer.

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Rating: 6 / 10

The concept of convenience stretches across a web of nuances. A meticulous evaluation spans website fluidity, ordering simplicity, adept customer service, shipping efficiency, and adherence to prescribed dosages.

A glaring deficiency emerges: It stands devoid of a subscription service. While auto-debit systems irk some, the peace of mind in uninterrupted supply cannot be overlooked. VigRX Plus necessitates vigilant inventory management; failure results in intermittent usage gaps. Absent subscription incentives, bulk purchasing presents its own set of challenges.

Bulk discounts beckon, yet the prospect of storing a year’s worth, even for a compact item like VigRX Plus, poses logistical hurdles. Ordering remains user-friendly, but the absence of a subscription option remains a point of contention. To be fair, counterparts emulate VigRX’s bulk, non-subscription approach, yet a handful extend the convenience of automated deliveries.

What is VigRX Plus?

Manufactured, marketed, and sold by Leading Edge Health, it is a nutritional supplement, that asserts its prowess in enhancing multiple facets of men’s sexual vitality. These encompass:

  1. Reviving Libido
  2. Boosting Erectile Performance
  3. Amplifying Testosterone Levels
  4. Surging Energy
  5. Intensifying Orgasm Pleasure

While it may not match the swiftness of prescription pharmaceuticals designed to up testosterone or combat erectile dysfunction, VigRX stands somewhat dwarfed in the wake of these medical marvels. The entry to prescription sexual health remedies has become a smoother path, thanks to the rise of telemedicine, rendering these options more economical and accessible.

However, not every man opts for the prescription route. Some harbor reservations regarding the potential side effects that accompany intense treatment, while others fret over their intimate concerns becoming permanent entries in their health records. Whatever the rationale, a substantial number of men prefer to embark on their wellness journey with the aid of nutritional supplements before venturing into the pharmacy.

From an effectiveness vantage point, no dietary supplement can probably rival the efficacy of the prevailing prescription medications for male sexual dysfunction. A cursory glance at VigRX’s ingredient roster uncovers a product with relatively modest doses of its constituents. The manufacturer contends that these smaller doses synergize to produce a combined impact greater than the sum of their parts. Yet, we maintain a degree of skepticism, particularly when faced with limited clinical evidence endorsing this particular blend. Additionally, the use of a higher dose in the VigRX study than what’s enclosed in the packaging only deepens our skepticism.

Explore VigRX Plus’ ingredients here. Delve into each component below:

  • Damiana: 200mg
  • Epimedium leaf extract: 15mg
  • Asian red ginseng: 100mg
  • Muira pauma bark extract: 50mg
  • Tribulus terrestris: 150mg
  • Cuscuta extract: 50mg
  • Hawthorne berry: 100mg
  • Catuaba bark extract: 25mg
  • Saw palmetto: 100mg
  • Ginkgo Biloba: 100mg
  • Bioperine: 10mg

Low testosterone can contribute to performance issues. VigRX incorporates ingredients to enhance testosterone levels. Discover if you have low T through at-home testing. Reputable companies offer accurate results. Our comprehensive guide to at-home testosterone tests provides options and exclusive discount codes for your convenience.

Does VigRX work?

This remedy lacks sufficient human clinical proof to guarantee efficacy or negate ineffectiveness for most men. Insufficient data exists to affirm that these specific ingredients at these dosages significantly enhance men’s sexual health. However, if your bedroom challenges arise from diverse factors, integrating VigRX Plus into a multifaceted strategy might help.

Potential causes of sexual issues encompass:

  • Cardiovascular troubles
  • Obesity
  • Fatigue
  • Diabetes
  • Low testosterone levels
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

While it can’t entirely cure these problems, when coupled with improved diet, exercise, counseling, and lifestyle adjustments, it could serve as a supplementary aid. It’s worth noting, though, it comes at a higher cost than alternative supplements you could explore.

Clinical study results from VigRX Plus

In 2010, VigRX’s parent company commissioned a groundbreaking study involving 75 men aged 25 to 50.7 Employing the rigorous standards of the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF), the research measured overall erectile function, orgasmic satisfaction, sexual desire, intercourse contentment, and overall fulfillment. To enrich the data, researchers utilized supplementary surveys including the Erectile Dysfunction Inventory and Treatment Satisfaction (EDITS). Semen parameters and serum testosterone levels were also meticulously analyzed.

In this study, one group of men consumed a potent dosage of the supplement for 84 days, doubling the recommended intake to four capsules daily. Simultaneously, a control group received a placebo. The study, meticulously designed as a triple-blind, placebo-controlled endeavor, ensured that participants, experiment overseers, and data analysts remained unaware of the administered substances.

All participants were heterosexual, engaged in monogamous relationships, and reported mild-to-moderate erectile dysfunction within an otherwise healthy context. None suffered from any underlying condition that could impair their sexual health.

The results revealed the relative safety of VigRX, with incident rates of side effects comparable between the VigRX and placebo groups. Notably, participants in the test group were exposed to higher doses of various VigRX Plus components than those found in today’s consumer products. Both groups experienced a minor increase in body temperature. However, by the 84th day, two men in the VigRX group reported a peculiar symptom: a sticky discharge accompanying urination. Although a direct correlation with VigRX was not definitively established, this observation warrants further investigation.

In a recent study, the VigRX group demonstrated impressive progress:

  • They increased their ability to sustain an erection by 62.82%.
  • Quality and frequency of orgasms improved by around 22.49%.
  • Effortless penetration saw a substantial 59% boost.
  • Sexual desire and drive surged by 47%.
  • Satisfaction from sexual encounters skyrocketed by an impressive 71%.

The study revealed an overall 56% enhancement in erectile function, leading 90% of the participants to express their intent to continue the treatment after the study.

Despite these promising results, significant study caveats emerge. A critical concern is the study’s funding source: Leading Edge Health, the company behind VigRX, sponsored the research. While the study design maintained a rigorous triple-blind framework and a clear ethical stance, the sample size proved insufficient to yield statistically robust conclusions.

However, the primary issue arises from the disparity between the doses administered to participants and those available to the public. Study participants received doses ranging from two to eight times the strength indicated on the product packaging. Although these doses didn’t precisely align with isolated component studies, the amalgamation of higher doses held a stronger potential for efficacy compared to the standard VigRX Plus dosage.

How Does VigRX Plus Work?

It distinguishes itself in the realm of sexual performance-enhancing supplements by boldly disclosing its ingredient list, a level of transparency rarely encountered in the industry. However, this transparency lays bare a disconcerting reality: most of its components are underdosed. To assess their effectiveness, let’s scrutinize each ingredient individually:

Epimedium Leaf Extract (Horny Goat Weed)Contains icariin, a proven flavonoid that relaxes corpus cavernosum muscles,8 akin to prescription PDE-5 inhibitors like Viagra.
Nevertheless, most studies are conducted on rats, necessitating human trials for definitive conclusions.
Asian Red GinsengStudied in small scales, yielding positive results for treating sexual dysfunction.
VigRX Plus utilizes a meager 100mg dose, significantly less than the 1,000mg9 or 900mg10 doses in effective studies.
Muira Puama Bark ExtractLimited research focuses on its effects when combined with other elements, rendering its individual impact uncertain.
Ginkgo BilobaIn a study on SSRI-induced erectile dysfunction,11 Ginkgo biloba’s efficacy was tested. Doses ranged from 50mg to 250mg. VigRX Plus contains 100mg per serving, making it a notable contender in sexual health enhancement.
Hawthorne BerryKnown for lowering blood pressure, potentially improving penile blood flow. However, research typically involves combinations with other substances, obscuring its isolated efficacy.12
Catuaba Bark ExtractPrimary research is based on animal studies, offering limited human-specific data.13
Saw PalmettoStudied for its potential to address SSRI-induced erectile dysfunction,14 and VigRX Plus include it at a clinically significant 100mg dose.
Cuscuta ExtractInsufficient data on its impact in sexual performance, but its antioxidant properties suggest potential fertility benefits.15
Tribulus TerrestrisShown to enhance erectile performance and boost testosterone.16 Nevertheless, studies indicate that doses of 150mg, such as in VigRX, may fall short of optimal effectiveness.
Bioperine (Black Pepper Extract)Recognized for its contributions to men’s health, VigRX Plus provides only 100mg, whereas studies suggest doses ranging from 100mg to 500mg.17
Its commendable transparency underscores the pressing need for further research to ascertain its genuine efficacy.

Is VigRX safe?

The company touts robust safety, especially for healthy men. Unlike typical male enhancement pills, which augment blood flow through vasodilation akin to prescription PDE-5 inhibitors like Viagra, it adopts a different approach. While this promises efficacy, it also raises red flags. The peril lies in the widening of blood vessels, mirroring the action of PDE-5 inhibitors. Such dilation potentially triggers a hazardous drop in blood pressure, a grave concern necessitating blood pressure assessments for PDE-5 prescriptions.

Men with cardiovascular issues or on medications like warfarin play a perilous game with their lives, potentially facing similar threats when resorting to male enhancement pills, especially VigRX Plus.

Yet, it veers toward caution, offering doses lower than those in clinical studies. The safety data, however, stems primarily from a limited, self-funded study by the company, raising concerns about reliability.

Apart from blood pressure woes, its usage may usher in an array of side effects based on individual ingredient studies:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Increased heart rate
  • Abdominal pain
  • Insomnia

Considering these risks, it’s paramount to consult your physician before incorporating any new supplement into your regimen. Any concerning symptoms post-intake warrant an immediate call to your doctor, ensuring a vigilant approach to your well-being.

Pricing and discounts

In a bid to maintain competitive pricing, VigRX consistently offers discounts to our readers, ensuring costs align closely with the figures outlined in our previous chart. Technically, retail prices reflect a 20% increase; however, with the discount codes provided by Leading Edge Health, readers can experience significant savings on VigRX. These codes slash a percentage off the retail price across all purchase levels, consistently reducing the final cost below VigRX Plus’s promotional rates.

Consider the breakdown below:

  • 1-month supply (typically $90): Now $59 with BODYFREEDOM35, saving you 35%.
  • 3-month supply (usually $270): Now $149 with BODYFREEDOM45, a 45% discount.
  • 5-month supply (normally $450): Now $248 with BODYFREEDOM45 — saving you 45%.

Previously, they offered a 12-month supply, a choice no longer available due to recent changes.

Notably, these codes appear functional only when clicked through. Manual input on the official website may yield different results.

Given the 67-day money-back guarantee for dissatisfied customers, bulk purchasing is advisable, minimizing costs if positive results are observed. However, it necessitates a substantial initial investment.

It’s important to note that the effectiveness of VigRX Plus and similar male enhancement pills often becomes evident after 8-12 weeks of consistent use. The 67-day guarantee period might not allow sufficient time to observe results. In contrast, competitors like Ultraload offer a 100-day guarantee, while Performer 8, our top male enhancement pill, provides lifetime coverage, offering consumers greater peace of mind.

Privacy considerations

In safeguarding its sensitive offerings, the company crafts robust privacy policies spanning the digital realm to the tangible world. The parent company, Leading Edge Health, excels in articulating its privacy commitments across its branded platforms, assuring users of their contact information’s inviolability. Our scrutiny, after extensive site exploration, attests to the integrity of this claim.

Yet, a bolder stance is desirable. A conspicuous “do not sell my information” button, a common feature elsewhere, is lacking. Opting out mandates a call, a hurdle discouraging many. Other platforms simplify this with a one-click opt-out, enhancing user convenience.

In discrete packaging, it conceals its product, devoid of any branding, an industry standard yet noteworthy practice. The shipping label bears an innocuous “shipping manager” tag, shrouding the package’s contents in mystery, ensuring absolute privacy.

VigRX Plus FAQ’s

Alternatives to VigRX Plus

In the realm of male performance challenges, a plethora of strategies exist. Some can be combined synergistically, heightening the potential for a rapid return to peak performance. However, VigRX Plus doesn’t stand as the ideal starting point for men facing these issues. Its efficacy pales in comparison to prescription alternatives, and its cost-effectiveness is lacking, making it a less promising choice for significant improvements.

To offer a nuanced perspective, let’s explore different product categories and treatment methods in greater detail.

Prescription ED medication

In the ever-changing world of men’s health, alternatives to prescriptions were once common. But now, after rigorous testing and widespread use, sildenafil (the active ingredient in Viagra) and tadalafil (the powerhouse in Cialis) have emerged as safe and potent solutions for erectile dysfunction. These pills don’t claim to address every sexual hurdle. They can’t help with libido issues, premature ejaculation, or infertility. However, if your main concern is sustaining a strong erection for satisfying sexual encounters, these medications are the go-to choice. In today’s digital age, getting prescription-grade erectile dysfunction medication has become incredibly easy thanks to telehealth. Established companies offer virtual doctor consultations, online prescriptions, and doorstep delivery at affordable prices. Unlike daily supplements, most ED medications are taken shortly before intimacy – making them not only convenient but also cost-effective for many people.

For a comprehensive roadmap to obtaining a prescription online, our guide provides in-depth insights. Among the standout options are:

BlueChew: A top contender for men seeking ED medication. BlueChew offers discreet, budget-friendly service, delivering medications in the form of convenient chewable tablets, individually packaged for on-the-go ease.

Hims: Paving the way with an innovative approach, Hims provides an economical method to obtain tadalafil for daily or as-needed use, particularly for those requiring doses of 5mg or less.

Rugiet: Taking a unique stance, Rugiet offers a combination approach. Their sublingual lozenge delivers sildenafil, tadalafil, and the less common apomorphine. While potentially effective, this option falls into the higher price bracket.18

Other male enhancement pills

In the realm of supplements, VigRX Plus stands as a beacon among male enhancement pills. Crafted to enrich men’s intimate lives, these supplements aspire to:

  • Ignite desire
  • Enhance erectile prowess
  • Amplify testosterone levels
  • Strengthen semen quality
  • Boost vitality

These promises emerge from blends of underexplored botanicals and select vitamins. Despite limited scientific scrutiny, whispers of efficacy abound, propelling our dive into the male enhancement arena, detailed in our comprehensive guide.

Amidst fierce competition, VigRX finds itself in the shadows. Outperformed by rivals offering superior ingredients at lower costs, it struggles to seize the spotlight. Meet Performer 8, our champion. Priced at $65 for a month or $195 for five, it not only mirrors its competitor’s components but amplifies them. With potent doses and the addition of ashwagandha, revered for its testosterone-boosting prowess19 and calming effects,20 Performer 8 reigns supreme.

Testosterone boosters

When it comes to male enhancement, testosterone boosters are the real deal. They focus on increasing testosterone levels instead of just improving blood flow to the penis. These boosters are a game-changer for men with low testosterone, especially as they age and experience a decline of 1-2% each year after 40.21 While they may share some ingredients with other male enhancement pills, what sets testosterone boosters apart are their unique components:

1. D-Aspartic Acid

D-aspartic acid, a nuanced element, influences its effectiveness greatly through precise dosing. Studies illustrate its prowess in augmenting luteinizing hormone production, thereby escalating testosterone levels.22 However, excessive doses (6g and above) may yield negative outcomes, emphasizing the ingredient’s intricacy.23

2. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha emerges as a powerhouse, elevating testosterone while diminishing anxiety. Moreover, compelling evidence suggests its efficacy in enhancing semen parameters,24 rendering it a pivotal ingredient at clinically relevant doses.

3. Zinc

Critical for sexual health and muscle maintenance, free testosterone often binds with sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), hindering its utility. Zinc intervenes, diminishing this binding, and allowing testosterone to circulate freely.25 Supplementation proves beneficial, particularly for individuals with insufficient dietary zinc levels.

4. Vitamin D3

Vitamin D deficiency correlates with low testosterone, a common scenario among men. This dual relationship underscores its significance in testosterone boosters.26 Its prevalence in deficiency deems it a promising ingredient, promising favorable outcomes.

Lifestyle changes

Investigate lifestyle changes to enhance sexual health: adopt a balanced diet, exercise regularly, quit smoking and drinking, spend time outdoors (safely sun-protected), maintain open communication with your partner(s), and engage in talk therapy. Consult your doctor to identify nutritional gaps or low testosterone, and devise a tailored plan for swift recovery.

How we reviewed this article:

VigRX Plus

It is a popular male enhancement supplement that may help improve sexual performance and satisfaction. It contains natural ingredients known to enhance libido, increase blood flow, and support overall sexual health. Many users report positive results in terms of stamina, erections, and confidence in the bedroom.

– Body Freedom



This supplement offers transparent ingredient disclosure but raises concerns due to underdosing and limited clinical evidence, leading to potential side effects. The article suggests considering alternatives such as prescription medications and other male enhancement pills for better results and cost-effectiveness.

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