Shahrokh F. Shariat, M.D.

Dr. Shahrokh F. Shariat is a urologist in New York. He graduated with a medical degree from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Vienna and has been a practicing Urologist for over 2 decades.

Dr. Shahrokh Shariat is a senior medical writer and a member of our Medical Review Board.

Professional Background

Dr. Shahrokh François Sharia is presently professor and chairman of the department of urology at the  Medical University of Vienna. He is also an adjunct professor of urology at the following establishments;

He has published over 1400 peer-reviewed research papers and 26 book chapters. He holds four patents in the research into prostate and bladder cancer and received both the 2014 Crystal Matula Award (EAU) and the 2017 Gold Cystoscope Award (AUA).

He is a member of diverse academic societies and a journal, meeting abstracts, and grant reviewer for numerous national and international organizations. Editorial board member of various journals including European Urology, BJU International, World Journal of Urology, Current Opinion in Urology, Immunotherapy, and Journal of Men’s Health among others.

Educational Background

Dr. Shariat embarked on his studies at the University of Vienna Medical School from 1993 to 1998, graduating as a Doctor of Medicine with his thesis entitled “Impact of dialysis on serum total PSA, free PSA and free to total PSA ratio: is prostate cancer detection compromised in patients on chronic hemodialysis?” Dr. Shahrokh Shariat’s LinkedIn Profile.


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