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Don't be clothes-minded!

Making friends while showering at Black Rock City

infectious! }

So spread the good news about body-positive values! Do it in the name of your health, spiritual values, human diversity, equal opportunity, free expression, and fighting shame! Being naked is not a crime! Seize your freedom - GO NAKED! EVERY BODY wins!

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"Laws against public nudity stem from people's unease with the human body. It makes people uneasy that others are comfortable enough to be naked in public, when they are not".

(Katie Mann, from article in Going Natural, Vol. 17, Number 2)

Check out our collection of body-positive and inspirational quotes.

If you can't even safely be naked in public then where can you?

naked hiker

Naked people all over the world, just like this man, need your help! Will you take the initiative to make a difference?

There are regions all over the world where too much skin can lead to someone getting harassed, ticketed, arrested, knocked on their ass, or much worse.

Please help support the push for the ethical treatment of humans in their natural state!

Give generously to the BFC, The Naturist Society, and other hard-working organizations in your community.

Find out more about how you can make a difference.

Photo above courtesy INA's "Photos of Freedom". Click on image to view at full size.

Go Naked or Live in Shame!

See what are others doing around the world. Check out these regions of activity in our Guide to Body-positive Living

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* Pacific
* Africa
* EU 1
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* Canada
* Latin America
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Fun with Beach History

In 1934, men began going topfree in crowded New York public beaches, despite the threat of arrest. At the time, full-body swim attire was the norm. Today, many women who prefer to go topfree still face the threat of arrest or citation in many public places.

For more information about topfree equality check out Topfree Equal Rights Association (TERA)

How far have we come in the battle over naked prohibition?

"One of the greatest dangers for German culture and morality is the so-called naked culture movement. It takes away women's natural shame and robs men of their respect for women, so destroying the conditions for real culture."

- 1933 Nazi edict banning a newly emerging and flourishing naked culture

Perhaps civic leaders should take heed to Abraham Lincoln's warning:

"Prohibition... goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a man's appetite by legislation and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes... A prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded."

Organic Living

A wholesome way of life denied to so many - what are you going to do to set things right?

Naked in winter - why not?

Stop the war against the naked - a war against a body-positive culture. End discrimination and persecution for nakedness!

Photo above courtesy INA's "Photos of Freedom". Click on image to view at full size.

Does the mere sight of naked people send you running for the eyewash?

Perhaps you should read Mark Storey's essay "The Offense of Public Nudity"


"Gymnophobia (from the Greek word for nude gymnos) is the fear of being (or seeing others) naked. A gymnophobic person usually wants to prevent others from experiencing the freedom of not wearing clothes."

- Anonymous.

What will be your role in the

Body-Positive Revolution

Check out one of our latest collaborative projects! A timeline for naked expression on public lands.

A handy film and video guide is also waiting for you.

Help us out by sending in your additions, suggestions, and corrections. Thanks!

Help a naked activist in need!

When you choose a special man or women to sponsor, you begin a relationship that can change lives — yours, theirs, and thousands of others! You can even give a gift sponsorship for that someone special in your life. Make a difference today - sponsor a naked activist!

Send an inquiry to the BFC or donate online by using our support page.

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"How idiotic civilization is! Why be given a body if you have to keep it shut up in a case like a rare, rare fiddle?"

- Katherine Mansfield

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You want natural? You got natural! Get ready for the May 3, 2008

World Naked Gardening Day NEW!

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Participate in a public lands event near you or learn how to organize and promote your own events.

God's children
know no shame

free range humans enjoy a dip

Free-range humans
enjoy a dip

Photo above courtesy INA's "Photos of Freedom". Click on image to view at full size.

BFC Projects

See an organizational overview and find out more about specific projects like the Naked Freedom Film Festival, Citizen's Campaign for Clothing-optional Beaches & Parks, Experience Nakedness Project, Free Beach Trilogy, Guide to Body-Positive Living, Media Workshop & Salon, the ENP DVD, animated films, and many more.

Check out our activities for 2003 at the Experience Nakedness Project (ENP). Activities range from recreation, civil nudification, to community events. If you think you've got what it takes to make a difference at the BFC, drop us a note and fill out our survey to get involved! Become an ambassador for body-positive values!

Body shame is
a social disease

Wearing a swimsuit while swimming makes as much sense as wearing a bathingsuit while bathing!

Take your clothes
off and live!

Don't let The Man make you wear a soggy shamesuit when your birthdaysuit fits best! While you're at it, kick some sand in his eyes for insulting your natural appearance!

Liberate the beaches!

"Those who hold body-positive beliefs will only realize their freedom the day when the merits of their arguments and their cries of civil injustice drown out those few remaining individuals who claim offense at the sight of a natural person."

- Daniel Johnson, BFC Co-founder

Photo above courtesy INA's "Photos of Freedom"


BFC is very grateful to the friendly people at the International Naturists Association (INA) / ClothesFree.com for their support of our mission and for hosting our web site.


The BFC would like to thank The Naturist Society (TNS) for their history of public lands advocacy.

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