VigRx Plus Review

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: June 11, 2019

vigrx plus

If you’re considering ordering Erectile Dysfunction Pills VigRX Plus, you need to hold off and read this VigRX Plus review before making a buying decision!


First of all, I want to thank you for visiting our newly redesigned website!

Today I’m writing to you because I wish to answer a question that some people are embarrassed to ask, but all people are curious to know.

That question is:

“Do these VigRX Plus erectile dysfunction pills work?”

vigrx plus

Well before I answer that question, let me tell you a little about me…

I have been happily married to my wife for 15 years, and we have a decent sex life but over time, it has become a little bit of a routine for us in the bedroom.

One of the problems for me is that I have always been embarrassed about has been erectile dysfunction.  We are not sure about what caused the problem, but I definitely had issues.

Well for years I just did the best that I could and never even considered that there was something that I could do about it to make my life a bit better.

vigrx plusThen I started to hear about all of the erectile dysfunction products that are available today. That told me that I wasn’t the only one that wasn’t measuring up.

I nervously brought this up to my wife who said point blank that if I wanted to investigate fixing my erection problems, then she would support me.

This has been a group effort right from the start, and we have both been excited when we get positive results and disappointed when we don’t.

Unfortunately, at the beginning of our journey no matter what product we tried…

None Of Them Worked…Well…

As we started to look for a solution to my erection problem we just dove in and began to use products we found on the internet.

This led to many different types of products that were long on promises but quite literally……short on results.

As we went through one product after another disappointment, it was only human nature to start to become very syndical about each new endeavor.

The pills that I had the experience to take were simply overblown dietary supplements that didn’t provide us with any relevant results and other than feeling like a human guinea pig; I didn’t see any tangible rewards for my endowment dilemma.

Although I will say that the journey to a solve my erectile dysfunction has brought my wife and me much closer together in our relationship, as she has been much more interested in finding out what was working for me and how that might just affect our sexual experiences.

However, after months of trial and a lot of error the enthusiasm for the project was beginning to wilt.

vigrx plus

And Then One Day I Learned About Vigrx Plus…

I am not sure where I first heard about it.

But it came across my computer screen at some point and on the surface, I was feeling a bit defeated but as I read more there seemed to be a difference in the advertisement of this product.

At first, I was a little skeptical,

especially since I never heard of the company before, but I was so desperate for the solution that I had no choice.

vigrx plusThere was a lot of information on the website that was backed up by the presence of a doctor, Dr. Steven Lamm.

First I thought this Dr. Steven Lamm guy must just be some made up overhyped way of the company selling their product so I looked into it more and I found him on reputable television shows, so he is a real guy.

Oh and he is the author of the hardness factor which is a book that sounds like it’s all about getting a harder penis (I have never read it so I wouldn’t know, but he seems to know what he’s talking about)

Even though we had tried a lot of different herbal and natural remedies with no real results, I forwarded the site to my wife. She is very thorough in her research techniques, and the product has to be promising to give it a try.

She placed the order and put a rush delivery on the package to boot.

VigRx Ingredients

It was the powerful natural herbal ingredients that won her trust and the fact that these substances were not available in any other form of erectile dysfunction pill currently accessible on the market.

VigRX-Plus-Ingredients-ComparedI was starting to get pretty hopeful that my sexual frustrations were about to come to an end, and I would find a solution that is going to solve my problems in the bedroom.

Also, this product wasn’t going to be all that expensive for me to try.

She ordered a short trial version to see what the results would be and then ordering more was going to be quite easy from the website, and if I wanted to order an entire year’s worth of the pills, it would cost less than a dollar a day. I was extremely encouraged.

After Using VigRX Plus, My Wife Told Me That I Was No Longer a Problem In the Bedroom

Unlike using Viagra or other narcotics, using Vigrx is not going to be an instant solution to the problem, but it was going to be a solution that needed some time to build up in my system.

It is estimated that taking this all-natural supplement for about ten days to two weeks will start to see erectile dysfunction disappear and become a problem in the past.

vigrx plus

For me, however, it was only a short week after I started taking the pills that the results began to show themselves to the world. Well more importantly to my wife in the bedroom.

It wasn’t only the physical act of sex that improved but also my confidence surrounding the performance was a problem.

vigrx plusI can say that I was thoroughly happy with the performance of using the pills, and it was worth every single cent that I spent on it.

Now as I have continued to take the supplement over time it seems like my libido is back to what it used to be back when I was in my early twenties.

What’s more, is that I haven’t noticed any adverse side effects.

It is so satisfying to know that when the moment is right that I will be able to respond as a man should.

So if you’re struggling with the embarrassment of erectile dysfunction and you don’t want to run the risk of taking a medication that needs a prescription then giving Vigrx Plus a try.

It will provide you with the abilities that have been lacking for a very long time.


Solve Erectile Dysfunction Problems Forever With VigRX Plus

But if you were after VigRx Plus to increase the size of your penis then I wouldn’t recommend using just these miracle pills on their own.

They are great for turning you back into an 18-year-old again…

And they will make your dick look bigger because of the harder erections and increased blood flow.


I did get a bigger dick

But I used a penis stretcher for several months at the same time as using VigRX Plus, so I can’t comment on the size increase from the pills alone, but the stretcher’s that I have used have sorted my life out.

I have used the Phallosan and Sizegenetics penis stretchers which are both great, but the Phallosan is way better in my opinion because you can wear it for literally hours on end with no pain whatsoever and it can be set to a higher tension than the Sizegenetics extender too :)

vigrx plus

Only Buy VigRx Plus From The Official Website


With any popular products, you will soon start to see fakes and counterfeit versions of them because there is always some shady person who is willing to make a quick buck.

So far, VigRx has tried to stop this by providing a verification code on the box which you can enter on their website and check to see if your VigRx is authentic or not.

This was put in place since Dec 2012, so you won’t be able to check any of your purchases if they were made before then.

Plus when you buy from the official site, not only are you getting the genuine product but also a full money-back guarantee, discounts on bulk orders AND free gifts when you buy a few months supply in one go.

Check them out, and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed by the results you get using their products.

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