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Prosolution Plus Reviews: Buy the Best Performance Pill for Enhanced Ejaculation!

ProSolution Plus enhances sexual vitality, triumphing over premature ejaculation. Our experts meticulously assess its strengths and weaknesses.
Shahrokh Shariat, MD
Senior Editor & Writer

Prof. Shariat has published over 1400 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. In 2014 he received the Matula Award from the European Society of Urology (EAU), and in 2017 the Gold Cystoscope Award from the American Society of Urology, probably the most important urologist award worldwide.

Premature ejaculation (PE) afflicts almost 50% of all men during their lives, hindering their relationships and daily routines, as recent clinical research reveals, 1 in 3 men grappling with its impact. ProSolution Plus, a non-prescription nutritional supplement, aspires to empower men to extend their endurance in bed while enhancing their sexual prowess. This accessible remedy beckons to countless men, promising a liberating alternative. Below, we delve deeper into the realm of PE, ProSolution Plus’s mission, and its suitability for you.

Our Verdict

Editor’s Rating

ProSolution Plus pioneers support for premature ejaculation, standing as a rare supplement in its league. Extensively studied ingredients, albeit mostly on animals, underpin its formulation. A human study, albeit sponsored and triple-blind, hints at significant potential pending peer review. Caution is essential due to uncharted long-term safety; heed your doctors counsel.

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  • Groundbreaking study combats premature ejaculation, enhancing participants’ intimacy.
  • Certain ingredients match SSRIs’ effectiveness, offering hope for users.
  • Minimal 2% experience mild side effects, ensuring safety.
  • 67-day money-back guarantee and 14% savings in bulk purchases.


  • Self-funding raises potential bias concerns.
  • Lack of specific dosage information prompts questions.
  • Majority of ingredient research relies on animal studies.
  • Long-term effects remain unexplored, highlighting research gaps.

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Why Should You Trust in Our Expertise?

At Body Freedom Collaborative, we delve deep into every health product, consulting users, testing products ourselves, and relying on experts to ensure our reviews aid you.

We analyzed 170+ scientific studies on men’s sexual health, premature ejaculation, and ProSolution Plus ingredients. We scrutinized dosages, efficacy reports, and side effects. We then compared these with data on ProSolution Plus rivals.

Our health content, including this review, underwent rigorous scrutiny by our Medical Review Board for accuracy. We’ll keep tracking premature ejaculation and ProSolution Plus for ongoing updates.

For two decades, Body Freedom Collaborative Research has empowered millions to make healthier choices, shaping lives.

ProSolution Plus Evaluation Criteria

In the realm of men’s sexual wellness products, assessing ProSolution Plus differs significantly from our usual evaluations of numerous competitors. Unlike other supplements, ProSolution Plus stands out as a unique formulation designed specifically to combat premature ejaculation. While some products claim similar benefits, they often rely on a few common ingredients available elsewhere at a lower cost.

The scarcity of supplements addressing extended ejaculation time in the market remains a mystery. It could be attributed to the prevalence of prescription treatments and topical delay products. Regardless, our evaluation of ProSolution Plus centers on meticulously scrutinizing its efficacy and safety, our paramount criteria.

Our scrutiny delves deep into the individual ingredients, many of which are prevalent in various male enhancement products. This comparison not only aids us in assessing their effectiveness but also enables us to gauge ProSolution Plus’s worth concerning its price point in comparison to its counterparts. Similarly, we evaluate its convenience by comparing the overall customer experience, aligning with our comprehensive approach.

Examining ProSolution Plus through these lenses, our assessment unveils a unique and promising solution for premature ejaculation, setting it apart in the realm of men’s sexual wellness products.


Rating: 7 / 10

Assessing ProSolution Plus efficacy delves beyond mere anecdotes. We meticulously analyze its ingredient composition and dosages, comparing them to rigorous research standards. Our focus narrows on the neural impact these ingredients have on critical neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, pivotal in premature ejaculation treatment. Some studies explore broader sexual and erectile performance, occasionally touching on ejaculate latency, primarily in animal models.

While ProSolution Plus ingredient doses don’t exceed established research thresholds, their adequacy isn’t dismissed outright. Comprehensive studies mirroring the exact quantities found in ProSolution Plus are notably scarce. However, the possibility that smaller doses could yield comparable effects isn’t discounted; not all outcomes hinge strictly on dosage magnitude.

What sets ProSolution Plus apart is its unique blend of herbal ingredients a rare phenomenon in scientific studies. To validate their formula, ProSolution Plus commissioned an independent study, revealing promising results. Despite challenges like dosage discrepancies and funding disputes, the research illuminates ProSolution Plus’s potential efficacy on a hopeful note.


Rating: 8 / 10

When evaluating a product’s safety, we meticulously analyze its efficacy, exploring detailed studies outlining potential adverse effects. The advantage? ProSolution Plus small-scale clinical trial yielded crucial insights.

Remarkably, adverse effects were less frequent in the ProSolution Plus group compared to the placebo group. A mere 2% of participants reported issues, a rate significantly lower than that associated with popular medications like Viagra, Cialis, sertraline, or paroxetine. This favorable outcome is likely due to the supplement’s low ingredient doses.

Yet, individual studies offer nuanced perspectives. For instance, ashwagandha is linked to elevated thyroid hormone levels, potentially risking hyperthyroidism, especially in vulnerable populations. It can induce drowsiness in individuals taking sedatives and trigger hypotension or hypoglycemia in those on specific medications.

Furthermore, mucuna pruriens contains compounds toxic in substantial amounts, including phenols, tannins, and hallucinogenic tryptamines.

ProSolution Plus, like other male enhancement products, aims to enhance erectile performance by increasing blood flow and nitric oxide production. While effective, this approach can pose risks, especially for men with low blood pressure or those on relevant medications.

However, adverse reactions from ProSolution Plus ingredients typically result from much higher doses than those present in the supplement. Consequently, it appears safe for most healthy men. Nonetheless, consulting a healthcare professional before use is strongly advised.


Rating: 5 / 10

When assessing supplements, the primary focus often centers on the financial aspect. The cost takes precedence, considering bulk deals, subscription discounts, shipping fees, and return policies. ProSolution Plus, although unique, invites comparisons with similar male enhancement products (such as Test Boost Max, sharing key ingredients) and prescription SSRIs or topical delay solutions.

In this comparison, ProSolution Plus appears expensive. Let’s break down the cost of a one-month supply of ProSolution Plus and measure it against these alternatives for the same period. To level the playing field, we’ve doubled the national average frequency of intimacy from 54 times a year to 108 times (eight times a month).

 Cost per monthMoney-back guarantee
ProSolution Plus$7067 days
Test Boost Max$49Lifetime
Promescent Delay Spray$2360 days
Hims Delay Wipes$32N/A
Hims SSRIs$24N/A

ProSolution Plus tops the price list here. If it suits you and you can afford it, a 12-month stash reduces the monthly expense to about $35. Still costlier than SSRIs or topical remedies, and pricier than bulk-buying Test Boost Max.

Using sprays or wipes frequently alongside regular intimacy might match ProSolution Plus’s expenses. Uncommon for most men with clinical PE.


Rating: 6 / 10

In evaluating supplements like ProSolution Plus, we gauge convenience across several factors: website design, shipping efficiency, customer service accessibility, and dosage simplicity. ProSolution Plus, in the realm of web design, disappoints. Despite our modest expectations for male enhancement product websites, ProSolution Plus lags behind. Even its parent company’s other offerings boast superior websites. Glaring issues mar the ProSolution Plus site, with malfunctioning modules evident, such as broken links to the company’s clinical study and non-functional drop-down explanations of its ingredients. Nevertheless, all purchasing buttons operate seamlessly.

However, the situation improves significantly beyond the website interface. Leading Edge Health provides a reachable phone line for various concerns, and ProSolution Plus offers a functional contact form, ensuring effective communication via email. Shipping remains hassle-free, typically taking a week, unless expedited for a quicker delivery.

A noteworthy aspect of ProSolution Plus lies in its dosage convenience. Unlike many men’s sexual wellness supplements, which demand ingesting 4-8 pills per dose often frustrating or impossible for some ProSolution Plus simplifies this with just two manageable capsules, not substantially larger than others.

Regrettably, ProSolution Plus lacks subscription services akin to those found with Promescent, Hims, or Roman’s topical delay products. Consequently, users must vigilantly monitor their supply and reorder before depletion to maintain uninterrupted usage.

Editor’s Note: ProSolution Plus, despite its website shortcomings, manages to shine in certain areas, notably in its user-friendly dosage format. While some competitors offer subscription services for added convenience, ProSolution Plus remains a viable option for those seeking a simpler, pill-friendly solution to men’s wellness concerns.

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Am I Afflicted by Clinical Premature Ejaculation?

Premature Ejaculation (PE) has eluded precise definition, its parameters shifting over the past century. Criteria for lifelong and acquired PE in men have varied. Outdated notions, rooted in Freudian psychology, linking attitudes towards women with maternal influence, have been discarded. While psychological elements persist, a nuanced understanding of internal processes governing ejaculation has spotlighted PE’s physiological origins.

In 2007, the International Society for Sexual Medicine established a Committee for Defining PE. Their definition:

  1. Ejaculation consistently within one minute of vaginal penetration from the first encounter (lifelong), or a notable reduction to about 3 minutes or less (acquired).
  2. Inability to delay ejaculation in most vaginal penetrations.
  3. Adverse personal outcomes like distress or sexual intimacy avoidance.

Lifelong PE endures since first sexual experience; acquired PE manifests after a normal period, pinpointed during diagnosis. Be it lifelong or acquired, if early climax hampers relationships, seeking solutions is crucial — for the issue itself and its underlying causes.

Consulting a doctor for severity assessment and potential causes is vital. Depression, low serotonin/dopamine levels, performance anxiety, penis sensitivity, and relationship strain can trigger PE, especially acquired. Accurate diagnosis is key. Doctors inquire:

  • Does this occur consistently?
  • How long have symptoms persisted?
  • Do anxiety or depression affect you?
  • Is maintaining an erection challenging?
  • Do relationship issues arise due to this?

Answers guide tailored treatment. Following our review, consulting a doctor is prudent; consider ProSolution Plus after expert evaluation.

What is ProSolution Plus?

ProSolution Plus, a supplement by Leading Edge Health, aims to alleviate PE symptoms like low libido, performance anxiety, erection quality, and ejaculation control. Research suggests its ingredients address these factors, although further human studies are needed for conclusive evidence.

Leading Edge Health, known for male-targeted wellness products, produces various male enhancement items. ProSolution Plus, specifically designed for PE treatment, stands as their unique offering in this category.

Is ProSolution Plus Right for You?

Are you grappling with PE, a force that disrupts your everyday life and relationships? In such moments, ProSolution Plus emerges as a beacon of hope, especially for those dealing with milder cases. If you’ve found no respite in other remedies or have suffered severe side effects, consider this alternative approach. While it may not wield the same potency as prescription medications, it illuminates a path to relief for a select group of individuals.

Who won’t find ProSolution Plus useful?

In addressing ProSolution Plus, it’s crucial to emphasize its suitability for specific male groups. It’s not tailored for those with healthy ejaculation timing seeking extended performance. Clinical PE benchmarks often cite durations under a minute. If your endurance is already at eight minutes but you aspire for 10-15 minutes, ProSolution Plus isn’t the optimal choice. Consider topical delay solutions like wipes or sprays instead.

Individuals grappling with severe psychological issues might not benefit from ProSolution Plus. While ashwagandha studies hint at alleviating anxiety and depression, profound psychological challenges leading to premature climax require more potent interventions.

Furthermore, ProSolution Plus isn’t the remedy for men with PE rooted in precise physiological issues such as prostate complications. It’s pivotal to recognize PE’s intricate nature, with diverse origins. Consulting a physician before investing in ProSolution Plus or any PE supplement is imperative.

How ProSolution Plus works

ProSolution Plus integrates familiar elements from men’s sexual health supplements, often tailored for erectile function and libido, rather than specifically targeting premature ejaculation (PE). While links between ED and PE exist, ProSolution Plus differentiates itself by incorporating ingredients not commonly found in male enhancement products.

Among its seven active components, five are proven to enhance dopamine and serotonin activity, pivotal for pleasure and ejaculation control. Typically prescribed for PE, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) serve as the go-to treatment. Although study doses surpass those in ProSolution Plus, and much of the research involves animals, combining these substances could yield a synergistic impact. However, confirming this synergy remains uncertain due to the absence of dedicated ProSolution Plus research. In response, the company initiated a clinical study for its product.

ProSolution Plus clinical study

The ProSolution Plus website touted a study published in The American Journal of Therapeutics. This triple-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial assessed two ProSolution Plus doses against a similar blend with added piper longum and Anacyclus pyrethrum. Participants gauged progress using standard criteria for erectile function, sexual contentment, and premature ejaculation. The results claimed a 64% drop in premature ejaculation and a 67% surge in erection maintenance.

However, the study raises doubts due to critical gaps. Firstly, it fails to specify the doses tested, leaving a crucial detail in the dark. The study hints at low and high dosages but offers no clarity. Surprisingly, the low dose outperformed the high dose and the augmented formula, but exact quantities remain undisclosed.

Moreover, the study lacks depth in its data analysis. It evaluates premature ejaculation using the Index of Premature Ejaculation (IPE), comprising ten questions on ejaculation control, sexual satisfaction, and distress. Scores range from 0 to 50, often converted to a 0-100 scale. The study only provides total IPE scores for baseline and day 60 across four groups. None confirm ProSolution Plus’ claim of a 64% reduction in premature ejaculation, suggesting potential cherry-picking of specific IPE aspects. The study lacks such specificity.

A major concern arises from the study’s funding. Leading Edge Health, ProSolution Plus’s parent company, solely financed the research. Despite attempts to mitigate bias, this direct conflict of interest raises questions about the study’s objectivity.

As the Body Freedom Collaborative, we emphasize clarity and transparency in scientific reporting. This study’s lack of precise details and potential biases challenge its credibility, urging readers to approach the results with caution.

ProSolution Plus ingredients

The company’s commissioned study teases promise, but with crucial gaps in its data, we delve into the science behind each ProSolution Plus ingredient to affirm or dispute its claims. Most ingredients lack specific research on their impact on premature ejaculation, but armed with knowledge of PE’s psychological and physiological aspects, we confidently infer how each aids endurance in the bedroom.

Let’s scrutinize each ingredient:

  1. Ashwagandha (240 mg)

A clinical study unearthed that ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) indirectly boosted serotonin levels in adult mice. Considering SSRIs elevate serotonin, this could alleviate PE, though to a lesser extent. Another 2003 study concluded that ashwagandha significantly increased nitric oxide (NO) production, a crucial neurotransmitter for erections. Higher NO levels enhance penile blood flow, potentially addressing underlying causes of ED, often linked to PE. In humans, ashwagandha raises testosterone and reduces anxiety, potentially mitigating psychological factors in PE.

  1. Asparagus Adscendens Root (200 mg)

Asparagus adscendens root (AARR), a climbing plant from Asia, holds potential effects on cardiovascular, nervous, and immune systems. Animal studies reported heightened sexual activity and increased ejaculation latency, albeit at astronomical doses. Another study showed dose-dependent improvements in dopamine and norepinephrine levels. Notably, these studies involve animals; human research on AARR remains insufficient.

  1. Shilajit / Asphaltum Exudate (150 mg)

Shilajit, a wax-like substance from the Himalayas, lacks documented PE-related studies. However, a double-blind clinical study revealed increased testosterone with shilajit use. Another study indicated elevated dopamine levels in mice. For those with PE related to ED or low dopamine, shilajit might offer benefits, though the studied doses exceed those in ProSolution Plus.

  1. Kali Musli / Curculigo Orchioides Root (100 mg)

Kali Musli, an endangered Asian plant, is anecdotally linked to conditions like ED, low libido, and jaundice. Yet, scientific evidence remains insufficient to support these claims. An animal study showed enhanced erections, mating frequency, and female attractability at a 100 mg/kg dose, but human trials have yet to replicate these results.

  1. Tribulus Terrestris Fruit (100 mg)

Tribulus terrestris has been featured in animal studies exploring its potential for treating Parkinson’s disease. These studies reveal an influence on dopamine activity, potentially benefiting PE. A 2013 study indicated that TT influenced nitric oxide and relaxed penile tissue. Results in humans vary, with one study finding no difference compared to a placebo for treating ED and another reporting significant sexual function improvement over a placebo. Further research is essential to determine TT’s utility in sexual dysfunction, especially in PE.

  1. Mucuna Pruriens Seed (100 mg)

Mucuna pruriens offers a wide array of potential uses. Notably, it contains L-dopa, a compound working as a neurotransmitter and dopamine precursor. As dopamine plays a pivotal role in pleasure and climax, one animal study reported significant increases in sexual activity and ejaculation latency with a 200 mg/kg mucuna pruriens alcohol extract.

While untested as an aphrodisiac in humans, one clinical study yielded promising results for male fertility. Over five months, daily 5,000 mg supplementation led to a 688% increase in sperm concentration, a 32% boost in sperm motility, and a 25-81% reduction in cortisol levels, a stress indicator.

  1. Asteracantha Longifolia Whole Plant (80 mg)

Asteracantha longifolia, a marsh plant in Asia and Africa, remains common in Ayurvedic medicine, though scientific knowledge about its effects, especially in humans, is limited. An animal study found heightened sexual activity, sperm production, and female attractability at doses ranging from 100-200 mg/kg, with no adverse effects observed.

Is ProSolution Plus safe?

In the ProSolution Plus study, only 2% encountered headaches or heartburn, without any cases of flushing or dizziness. This marked a significant safety stride, considering the 8-18% occurrence of these symptoms in Viagra and Cialis trials. Yet, ProSolution Plus differs substantially from these treatments. A fairer comparison might be with SSRIs, a common prescription for PE in men, or delay sprays, an over-the-counter solution gently numbing the penis.

Delay sprays, when used as directed, present minimal risks. Allergic reactions to benzocaine or lidocaine, the active components, are rare, affecting about 2.4% of the population. To put it in perspective, this allergy rate aligns with the frequency of side effects seen in ProSolution Plus’ study. However, this does not imply their equivalence beyond their occurrence rate.

Conversely, an SSRI study revealed 38% of participants experienced side effects, notably changes in sexual functioning, sleepiness, and weight. ProSolution emerges as a safer alternative. Nonetheless, caution is necessary. For those on blood pressure medication, ProSolution Plus might lower blood pressure and induce light-headedness. Diabetics should monitor their blood sugar levels due to potential shifts caused by ProSolution Plus.

Shilajit, a component, raises concerns. A study found heavy metal contamination, including lead, mercury, and arsenic, in 20% of shilajit supplements from the US and India. Early signs of contamination include rashes, increased heart rate, and dizziness.

Additionally, an FDA letter from 2017 exposed unmarked sildenafil in a counterfeit ProSolution version. Purchasing directly from ProSolution Plus is strongly recommended to ensure authenticity.

Editor’s Note
In the dynamic landscape of healthcare today, keeping abreast of alternative treatments is imperative. Assessing the safety and efficacy of ProSolution Plus, as well as viable substitutes, holds paramount importance for individuals seeking trustworthy solutions. We advise our readers to carefully evaluate these options, taking into account their individual health profiles.

This article has undergone meticulous research and fact-checking to deliver accurate and up-to-date information.

Packages and Pricing

ProSolution Plus drastically reduces costs for bulk purchases, reaching almost a 50% discount for a year-long commitment. Unlike its counterparts, it offers an expansive seven-tier pricing structure, surpassing the industry norm of four or five levels. Although it may not be the most budget-friendly option, ProSolution Plus distinguishes itself with unmatched flexibility in the market.

Breaking it down further:

 PricePrice per BoxSavings
One month$70$70N/A
Two months$120$60$20
Three months$165$55$45
Four months$210$52$70
Five months$255$51$95
Six months$300$50$120
12 months$430$36$410

ProSolution Plus, under Leading Edge Health, once shared common ground with competitors in imposing shipping fees that dissipated for larger orders. However, the landscape has shifted. Many, including Leading Edge Health’s other brands, have abandoned this approach, embracing free shipping for all purchases, irrespective of quantity. ProSolution Plus lags significantly in adapting to this contemporary norm.

67-day money-back guarantee

ProSolution Plus backs your purchase with a 67-day money-back guarantee. The concept here is simple: you can put the product to the test over a two-month period, ensuring it truly suits your needs. Moreover, you’ll still have a week to request a refund if desired. This return window aligns with Leading Edge Health’s standard policy, although it falls shorter than what most competitors in the male enhancement industry offer. Furthermore, it might prove insufficient for various nutritional supplements to exhibit their full potential. Generally, two months represent the minimum time frame for noticeable effects, with 8-12 weeks emerging as the more prevalent duration, as supported by research.

In contrast, Test Boost Max, a testosterone booster sharing certain ingredients with ProSolution Plus, stands out by providing a lifetime guarantee on its product. Notably, it comes at a lower cost and offers higher doses of ashwagandha and Tribulus terrestris than ProSolution Plus. However, it lacks some of the dopamine- and serotonin-boosting elements present in ProSolution Plus, such as Mucuna pruriens.

 ProSolution Plus Alternatives

For men seeking alternatives to conventional premature ejaculation treatments, ProSolution Plus may seem enticing. Despite its high cost and issues with shipping fees, website functionality, and dosages, a modest study on its effectiveness and safety hints at its potential.

Before committing to ProSolution Plus, it’s prudent to explore other avenues. Numerous options abound, ranging from alternative supplements to prescription medications and topical anesthetics. Each option boasts distinct advantages and disadvantages, necessitating a closer examination.

Comparable men’s health supplements

ProSolution Plus, renowned for tackling premature ejaculation, boasts not only this prowess but also attributes commonly associated with male enhancement pills. These encompass enhanced erectile performance and heightened libido. A comparison of ProSolution Plus’ formula with many male enhancement supplements reveals a significant overlap in ingredients, such as Tribulus terrestris, shilajit, and ashwagandha.

However, this shared ingredient list doesn’t guarantee effectiveness against premature ejaculation. In fact, these supplements might counter symptoms of erectile dysfunction often linked with PE. For those seeking a solution that addresses PE, the key lies in seeking a male enhancement pill enriched with dopamine-enhancing components akin to ProSolution Plus.

Let’s delve into two male enhancement products featuring some ingredients akin to those in ProSolution Plus, potentially impacting PE:

Test Boost Max: 

Test Boost Max falls under the category of testosterone boosters, targeting improved sexual health by elevating testosterone levels, especially in men with clinically low T. Its primary ingredients, ashwagandha and Tribulus terrestris, echo ProSolution Plus’s composition and share known dopamine benefits. Notably, Test Boost Max’s doses of ashwagandha and tribulus exceed ProSolution Plus by approximately three and five times, respectively.

Performer 8: 

Performer 8 stands out as our top-rated male enhancement pill, boasting 500mg of ashwagandha and a remarkable 6,000mg of ginseng. A comprehensive study on ginseng’s impact on neurological disorders reveals its significant positive effects on dopamine and serotonin, even at doses below those provided by Performer 8.


Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) enhance serotonin flow in your body, offering relief from premature ejaculation (PE). These early PE prescriptions boast well-documented efficacy.

Yet, SSRIs yield drawbacks, interacting adversely with certain drugs and inducing side effects. Sexual dysfunction, reported by 25% of users, poses a significant concern. While SSRIs combat PE, they hinder erections in a quarter of cases, counteracting their purpose.

Embarrassment often deters individuals from discussing PE with doctors. Fortunately, discrete online services provide consultations, prescriptions, and discreet delivery options.

Noteworthy SSRIs for PE treatment include:

  • Sertraline (Zoloft generic)
  • Paroxetine (Paxil generic)
  • Fluoxetine (Prozac generic)
  • Clomipramine (Anafranil generic)
  • Citalopram (Celexa generic)
  • Dapoxetine (Priligy generic)

For those considering SSRIs, Hims offers sertraline or paroxetine, while Roman exclusively offers sertraline. Hims and Roman cater to men without insurance coverage or those with inadequate PE-related coverage.

Although insurance can yield savings, Hims and Roman’s offerings start at $24/month. Surprisingly, United Healthcare covers a 90-day supply for a mere $23, a third of Hims or Roman costs.

Delay sprays and wipes

Combat premature ejaculation safely with delay sprays and wipes, unless allergic to benzocaine or lidocaine. Apply these topical solutions to your penis before sex for a mild numbing effect, reducing intensity while maintaining sensation.

Delay sprays typically use lidocaine, while wipes often contain benzocaine, though exceptions exist.

Explore our top delay products, considering cost per use based on effective numbing. Our rating balances numbing effectiveness and preserving sensation, not just raw numbing power.

ProductPriceActive IngredientSpray/Wipe CountCost per UseEffectivenessDuration
Promescent Delay Spray$23Lidocaine35$0.66835-55 minutes
Promescent Wipes 5-pack$20Benzocaine5$4.00630-45 minutes
Hims Delay Spray$29Lidocaine50$1.74515-20 minutes
Roman Swipes 8-pack$27Benzocaine8$3.38720-30 minutes

In the realm of intimacy, topical delay products stand tall, eclipsing traditional supplements and prescriptions. Unlike their counterparts, they grant freedom from daily routines and minimize side effects. Some users note mild skin discomfort; consulting a doctor beforehand is wise to rule out numbing agent allergies.

Yet, a hurdle persists: the application process. It demands patience, taking 10-15 minutes for the numbing effect to ensue. Crucially, ensuring dryness precludes inadvertent transmission of the numbing agent to one’s partner during intercourse.

Delve deeper into this transformative world through our comprehensive guides on top PE wipes and delay sprays, reshaping the landscape of intimacy for countless individuals.

How we reviewed this article:

ProSolution Plus

Prosolution Plus amplifies male sexual prowess with its potent natural formula. Crafted from a fusion of proven herbs and vital nutrients, it elevates erectile function, amplifies libido, and enhances overall sexual contentment. Through consistent use, individuals can attain prolonged erections and better mastery over ejaculation.

– Body Freedom



In this comprehensive article, we delved into the potential of ProSolution Plus, a non-prescription nutritional supplement, in enhancing sexual performance and tackling premature ejaculation (PE) concerns. The examination is grounded in existing research, evaluating the supplement’s efficacy and safety. A detailed analysis of key ingredients, including ashwagandha and Tribulus terrestris was provided to offer readers valuable insights.

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