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ExtenZe Reviews: Male Enhancement Pills That Really Work?

Do Extenze male enhancement pills really work? We review these sexual health products' effects plus they release fast acting ingredients for extended results.

I know there are already many customer reviews online, but I had a remarkable experience and wanted to share it.

Here’s My Story…

I tried penis pumps and natural supplements and all the new male enhancement products that you have to order—and none of it worked. Big surprise, right?

Most people aren’t too ready to buy into any of that stuff because it looks like a scam. And I’ll admit, sometimes I felt a little dumb for wanting or needing to make my penis bigger.

But I do have (had) a pretty small penis, even had a woman tell me that once, so I was ready to find something that would help with that. I’m sure at least a few readers will know exactly what I am talking about.

So I tried everything. Well, not everything, but pretty close to it. It feels like every few months I was trying something new, and I began to feel a little like an obsessed mad scientist or a crank or something.

I was starting to get made fun of, and things were going downhill. My wiener, small as it was, was taking over my life.

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What Is ExtenZe?

Ironically, the one product I never actually tried (until recently) was ExtenZe. I saw it in convenience stores and assumed it must not work: stuff that works has to be expensive and come with a guy with white hair in a lab coat or a mysterious Chinese guy in a tent with herbs, right?

So I totally discounted ExtenZe and even went so far as to make fun of guys who did take it (I told you things were going downhill).

Then I bought ExtenZe Pills…

Finally, completely frustrated and ready to give up and just live life with a small penis, I picked up a few ExtenZe boxes online after being too shy to pick them up at the convenience store while checking out. I went in for entirely different things anyway, and while the clerk was ringing me up, I tried to build up the courage to ask him to throw in a few boxes of ExtenZe but I couldn’t.

Ever watch NASCAR?

So… What Happened? These Are My ExtenZe Results

All kinds of sexual activity. I saw better male enhancement results immediately. My girlfriend’s sex drive skyrocketed and wanted to have sex all the time—I thought she was just never in the mood, but with my increased stamina, performance, harder erections, and BIGGER ones due to the increased blood flow, she was suddenly really into it.

I noticed a few other reviewers talking about how their wives/girlfriends would get uncomfortable after long sessions, and this didn’t happen to me at first.

It did a few weeks later though, no more premature ejaculation. While I’m certainly not a guy who wants my girlfriend to be in pain, it was kind of a backhanded compliment when she wished to stop because I was too big and had increased sexual stamina.

It’s a nice problem to have, after what I’d been dealing with for what felt like my entire life.

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Other Stuff To Think About…Does ExtenZe Work?

ExtenZe is not designed to make your penis bigger, and I do manual penis exercises every day, like jelqing. So when I say that my penis was bigger, it was just a lot harder than it normally was, and it lasted a lot longer than normal. So it does help to make it look bigger after all.

So if you’re looking for something that will enlarge your penis, I’d recommend jelqing every other day, and taking ExtenZe when necessary. It will certainly feel like you’re getting bigger.

But the biggest thing that this product has done for me is to improve my self-confidence.

Guys who are naturally good in bed just do not understand what happens to your confidence when you’re walking around knowing that you probably couldn’t make that hot girl you saw across the room happy even if you did get her to bed.

It’s humiliating, honestly, and it started to get to me. But with something like ExtenZe, that is the last thing on my mind. Now I just smile at women when they are attractive. Then my girlfriend gets jealous—and here’s a secret; sometimes that makes the sex even better.

All in all, I’m practically raving about this product. Not because it made me a thousand times bigger—it didn’t.

What it did do was enhance my sexual experience to the point that I was able to enjoy really having sex and so was the woman who I was with. I struggled so much with this that it’s satisfying to be able to experience the other side of it now.

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ExtenZe Side Effects

This is the one problem that comes up with ExtenZe. Yohimbe is one of the ExtenZe ingredients, and Yohimbe is a stimulant. Now, I read up on what this means since I took too many ExtenZe once and had real problems, but it can kill all the beneficial effects and un-enhanced you if you overdo it.

I know the temptation is to pop fifty of these things and just go hard all night, but that’s not how it works. Try just taking one, and if that doesn’t work, take two. Scale-up slowly until you reach a performance level you are comfortable with.

It’s not a linear improvement—it doesn’t just “get better” the more you take. I’m happy with just one pill at a time. That’s all I need to have a good time. And you’ve heard how many problems I’ve had in the past.

But guess what?

The National Institute of health has indeed confirmed that Yohimbe does counter the effects of sexual dysfunction and these findings have been published in scientific studies; so that’s good news. Seek medical advice If you are suffering from ED symptoms (erectile dysfunction) especially if you have high blood pressure. You may have low testosterone levels.

So, Is ExtenZe Safe?

Ok so after reading about Yohimbe, you might be thinking that these pills are probably not safe. But ExtenZe is the only male enhancement pill that I have seen being sold in stores. So they can’t be dangerous. Otherwise, they would either be a prescription drug or banned. When was the last time you saw male enhancement pills in stores eh?

Some notable male potency ingredients in this male enhancement pill are Ho Shou Wu Extract, Muira Puama, and Yohimbe. Other ingredients help to boost nitric oxide levels and heighten sexual desire.

Have  a look at the natural ingredient list;

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Does ExtenZe Have A Guarantee?

Yes, you will be pleased to know that if you buy ExtenZe from the official website, you will be entitled to a 60-day money-back guarantee. So that means you can try it out and take the pills for a full 60 days and if for any reason at all you want your money back, then just send back the empty boxes.

ExtenZe Special Offers And Discounts?

After going on their official site I kind of regret buying from my convenience store because the prices on their site are much lower. Not only that but they offer bonuses too on larger orders.

ExtenZe Conclusion

I wouldn’t recommend ExtenZe to everybody.

Some people out there are convinced that penis size is the only thing that matters, and they’re going to run away screaming when you tell them that this product isn’t about increasing size, but improving performance.

And maybe they’re completely satisfied with their sexual performance, and that’s okay. ExtenZe isn’t for them. But I figured out the first time I had a good time with my girlfriend that it’s not all about size.

I’d recommend this product instead to people who are most concerned about having a brilliant time in the bedroom and concerned with making sure their partner does too.

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Where To Buy ExtenZe…

The choice is entirely up to you, but if I could go back, I would have never bought it from a store and just purchased it from their official website. The reason for that is because of the guarantee (which I didn’t use obviously but still) and the cheaper price with the free bonuses.

Oh and the strange feeling you get when you don’t know what the person in the store is thinking about you when they are scanning the boxes through. It is better to do it discretely online!

All my subsequent orders have been online, though, but make sure you only buy from the official site; you don’t want to end up with a fake box of ExtenZe. Oh and just a quick update: ExtenZe Plus is what you need to get, it’s the improved more efficient Extenze formula so you will see results even faster.

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