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Naked Freedom Film Festival (NFFF)

911 and BFC Present:

NFFF logo

Naked Freedom Film Festival (NFFF), debuting on May 15-16, promises to be the most comprehensive and diverse collection of films to date exploring naked expression in its many colors. Three unique shows will play at two distinctive Seattle venues: Seattle Art Museum and 911. Films will explore themes of body acceptance, body art, public lands advocacy, exploitation, taboo, recreation, emerging body-positive cultures, and the use of the naked body to seek social justice. The films showcase historic moments and the many colorful personalities involved in the spread of body-positive culture.

Poster © Daniel Johnson 2004. Click for larger view.

This year’s selection of films includes footage from all over the world including: United Kingdom, Czech Republic, France, United States, Canada, and Australia.

Naked Freedom Film Festival is another funky project of Body Freedom Collaborative (BFC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the integration and acceptance of non-sexual social nudity in a variety of public and private settings.

Professional German business correspondence with film makers in Germany provided pro bono by Claudia Kellersch, Software Translator and Conference Interpreter,

BFC is grateful to the friendly people at the International Naturists Association (INA) / for their support of our mission and for hosting our web site.

Contact Festival Coordinators and Selection Committee

Three unique shows:

May 15, 2004

1:30pm at SAM
7:30pm at 911

May 16, 2004

7:30pm at 911

Click on above links for programming schedule information.


SAM tickets, if any are available, WILL BE for sale at SAM on the day of the show. Earth River Records is closed and is not a valid ticket distributor, as some early posters indicated. Ticket info is here. Also, for the 911 calendar listing: Naked Pavement will not be playing at SAM on May 15th. We apologize for the all the changes.

Two distinctive venues:

Ticket & venue info

Buying tickets for the SAM show just got easier! See above link for details.

Info for filmmakers:

Submission guidelines

Entry forms:

Adobe Acrobat .pdf file
Microsoft Word .doc file

Press Release (Adobe Acrobat .pdf file)

Ad for the 5/13/2004 issue of The Stranger © Daniel Johnson for BFC 2004. Click for larger view. Film still from Riverdogs courtesy Robb Moss. Photographs of painted cyclists from 2003 Summer Solstice Parade in Fremont courtesy JC. Additional promotional stills are from Nude Note and Being Human. Two stills at bottom right from Chasing the Sun, Courtesy of NEF. An even larger, supersize version.

See also older, smaller ad for 4/29 and 5/6 2004 issues of The Stranger. © Daniel Johnson for BFC 2004. Film still from Riverdogs courtesy Robb Moss. Photographs of painted cyclists from 2003 Summer Solstice Parade in Fremont courtesy JC.

NFFF is made possible with generous support from the Naturist Education Foundation (NEF). NEF is the nonprofit informational and educational adjunct to The Naturist Society, which grew and developed from the Free Beach movement in North America.

NEF is an organization of volunteers dedicated to:

• improving the awareness of naturism and body acceptance among both naturists and non-naturists.

• achieving an understanding and acceptance of naturists and their activities throughout North America.

For more information about the Naturist Education Foundation (NEF) visit