ZeneRX Review

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: November 14, 2019

What is Zenerx?zenerx

Zenerx male enhancement capsules are from a company called Everest Nutrition.

The product is very simple in nature, yet it works.

But there are better alternatives: Keep reading!

At a time when the medical world is getting flooded with chemical-based drugs, Zenerx is a step away from the beaten track.

It hopes to achieve better results by introducing 100% natural ingredients into its composition.

Why Zenerx?

Today, the need for better sex among men has grown. This could be partly because they don’t have any time left for personal life as such.

The urban population has grown to get accustomed to a busy lifestyle. Family size has shrunk to two. The couple doesn’t have time for each other most of the time during the day.

At the end of the day, if at all they manage to get any time at all, the “spent off” man does not have the energy or the interest in sex. People naturally wanted to depend on a medium that could put them back on their life tracks.

The first option was to try the chemical-based drugs, as they are available at an economical price.

The initial results showed some success. As time progressed, the side effects were more than the actual benefits. Hence, the option proved to be a failure.

[UPDATE Feb 2020: We are no longer recommending Zenerx to readers simply because there are much better alternatives available which will give better results. Some of these companies have been in business for much longer and provide much more reliable guarantees. Their reputations are excellent too. Check out some of the ones we recommend.]

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Before ZeneRX, it was the turn of steroids

They showed immediate results. Men became stallions. Their female partners were also quite excited.

There were reports of unbelievable increased in energy and performance.

Soon, the steam ran out.

The terrible side effects like permanent loss of potency, impaired organs, and critical ill health made this choice potentially dangerous.


Now left with no option, people started looking for a natural alternative. It was during this time that Zenerx was conceptualized. It consisted of purely natural elements.

The main ingredient “Ashwa-Gandha” is an Indian herb. It has been traditionally used in the Indian medical system to promote male enhancement. It also has several other ingredients that provide nourishment to the human brain and increase blood flow. If you have any queries like “where can I buy Zenerx in stores?”, please refer to the section below.

What are the Zenerx ingredients?

All the Zenerx reviews and the official declarations approved by the F.D.A indicate the main ingredient is “Ashwa-Gandha”.

It has many medicinal properties that extend much beyond persistent erection and increased sexual performance. The primary activity of “Ashwa-Gandha” is to promote sexual energy.

Zenerx in several stages.

You might have experienced severe muscle stress during the day.

Right from the time you take your car out, to the moment you park it back in, your muscles are under constant strain.

No matter whether you are in a white-collar job, a blue-collar or any other, your muscles consistently ache.

This has been one of the main factors in decreased sexual urge and performance.

The ingredient helps in taking the toxic elements deposited in the muscles, induce a fresh stream of blood and oxygen and helps the muscles in gaining strength.

The other ingredients of Zenerx are;

Zinc: – This is the mineral that is responsible for the increase in the testosterone levels. When it gets in combination with “Ashwa-Gandha”, the health of hormones is ensured to be at the highest level. The other benefit of Zinc is its ability to increase the sperm count.

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The fertility rate also increases as a result.

Jujube-Fruit: – This ingredient is used to sustain body energy during intercourse. Sexual activity requires a lot of stamina though it is a pleasuring act by default. You tend to lose power every time there is ejaculation. This fruit restores the energy by pumping vital vitamins A, C, and B2.

L’-Arginine: – This is the ingredient that takes care of normal sexual drive among both men as well as women.

L-Norvaline-Ingredient:- This ingredient works along with the L’-Arginine and “Ashwa-Gandha” to increase the rate and quantity of blood flow into the Corpora-Cavernosa region. Hence, the duration and frequency of erections naturally grow. The other ingredients are Maca-root-Extract, Macuana-Extract, Niacin, and other berries.

What are the benefits Of ZeneRX?

As you can observe, 99.9 % of the ingredients are natural.

It has several benefits for the male body.

ZeneRX Physical-benefits

Your body can absorb the ingredients quickly and naturally. Unlike chemicals, those get resistance and also give terrible side effects.

The ingredients help in the normalization of the metabolic activities in your body.

Your muscles get toned and flexible. You can carry out your everyday activities without undergoing any stress.

Once your sexual performance level shows slight improvement, your self-esteem and confidence naturally go up.

ZeneRX Psychological-benefits

The initial part of your sexual stimulation, the lateral part of your sustenance and performance depends on another factor which is critical. This is the psychological aspect. Zenerx helps in the relaxation of the brain muscles and tissues also.

The confidence level naturally increases as your performance improves over a period of time.

What are the possible Zenerx side effects?

One may experience an increase in blood pressure. This is commonly observed in cases where the male is suffering from Hypertension, High blood pressure, etc.

Most Zenerx side effects affect men because they are allergic to zinc. If you are allergic to zinc or any of the other ingredients used in the preparation, you may get itching in your muscles. There is a common myth that extra doses of Zenerx would create extra energy and stamina.

This is not true.

Your body can only withstand the optimum amount of energy. Hence, it is recommended that you consume only the Zenerx dosage as per the instructions printed on the manual.

When to avoid Zenerx?

If you are recovering from heart-related illness, heart-surgery, lung-related disease or other serious surgery related to your sexual organs.

Zenerx complaints frequently occur if you have consumed alcohol, sedatives or any other sort of drugs that could obstruct the functionality of Zenerx ingredients in your body.

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If you are suffering from excess body-obesity, acidity, or any other abdomen-related disorders which are preventing you from carrying out everyday activities.

In these cases, it is recommended that you take the medical advice from your physician before considering the consumption of Zenerx.

Does Zenerx really work?

There are no out-of-the-box claims about Zenerx, which are not established. The natural ingredients of the preparation get absorbed by the body. The only pre-requisite could be; you have to maintain a healthy food diet. This factor could be critically responsible for boosting and sustaining the physical energy of your system over a longer period of time.

Veggies: – Ashwa-Gandha is a herbal ingredient. It can fuel your body, provided you have sufficient energy to burn. It is hence recommended that you include a lot of fresh veggies in your diet. You can opt for raw vegetable salads.

Fruit-juices: – It is paramount that you consume fruit juices in plenty. When your water-balance is optimum, the rate of Detox becomes high.

Water: – fresh and clean water is one ingredient that is highly critical for the smooth functioning of your entire system.

Seafood: – Fish, prawns, and shrimps can do a lot of good your body. They increase the antioxidant levels in your body and bring fresh energy. It is a better idea to avoid alcohol and other intoxicating substances before or after the consumption of Zenerx. They can nullify the effects and sometimes even cause adverse impacts.

Zenerx…Where to buy?

If you have a query about where to buy Zenerx, It is available on its official website as well as many of the authorized online stores. If you want to know where to buy Zenerx in stores, you will be able to find it with the chemist in your neighborhood. You can also buy it from many Zenerx retailers either online or in your region. You can contact your retailer for any information and details about Zenerx free trial

ZeneRX Conclusion

Zenerx for men works to its full effects when you can adhere to the prescribed levels of consumption.

You can get the best results when you adopt a healthy and hygienic lifestyle, including your physical exercise and food habits.

This answers your question, does Zenerx work? But a better question to ask would be, is this the best product out there?

And the answer to that would be No!

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