X4 Labs Extender Results Before And After

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: July 3, 2019

What Are X4 Labs Results Like?penile-traction-therapy-before-and-after-x4-labs

The  x4 lab’s results are obtained from the various experiments that were conducted throughout the world. Initially, they were carried out by the manufacturers. They used the most advanced methods to determine the outcome.

You can see some actual before and after results pictures and written testimonials further down the article.

One such method was based on the “Cell division” method.

This was somewhat complicated to determine accurately.

After all, you can’t go with a microscope to conduct your analysis every time!

Fortunately, you have a comprehensive method of determining the x4 lab’s extender results through microscopic methods today.

It is the Real user X4 Labs Results!

A series of experiments were conducted to find out whether this method actually worked.

Cell mitosis takes a long time to produce visible x4 extender results. The challenge had presented itself before the extender developers were assessing how to reduce the time gap?

It is to apply gentle pressure along the length of each tissue continuously.

This is one of the reasons for the expert’s advocate to “wear” the device for at least 4-5 hours at a continuous stretch.

This way, the cells get sufficient time to expand and divide themselves.

The second obstacle faced by the experts was the “health” of each cell after it has been split into two.

What would happen to the nucleus?

Would it get split too?

For this, they relied on trusted biological experiments and methods.

It is well known that whenever the Human Cell is split through Mitosis, the DNA-molecules invariably wrap themselves around every new cell.

This provided continued development of each cell independent of the others. It also ensured that each cell would get its portion of “nourishment”. This means the health of individual cells is guaranteed.

There was one more method left to be tried to ensure quick results; it was the “Meiosis” method. In this way, a parent cell gets split into two daughter cells in the first instance.

The second example would result in 4 daughter cells from the two which have already evolved. This is more or less like the chain reaction applied in the field of “genetics”.

After trying out various permutations and combinations, the experiment proved to be a success.clinical trials

At last, the experts were able to “replicate” the complex process of cell division and development by using an “External Device.”

The second parameter is considered as the “tapering” method.

The tribal communities had successfully used this method to achieve “Organ” expansion without bothering going to a laboratory to do so.

Before was still one hiccup left…

The traditional methods involved “piercing of the skin” to achieve this goal.

The experts had ended in a deadlock.

How could anyone implement the same technique for the penis-muscles extension? There was no way they could ask the users to pierce their vital organs to expand it.

Here, the experts came out with an innovative solution.

It was to stimulate every cell to expand by external pressure.

Care was taken to guard the “safety” of each cell.

The penis skin is known to expand naturally during “erection”. This natural biological phenomenon was used now by experts.

They brought several modifications to Achieve X4 Labs Results.

However, one more challenge remained.

One could not let the penis in a hanging state while the cells expanded and divided into an open environmentx4 labs wide base comparison

The expansion either happened too quickly, or it did not occur at all.

Puzzled, the experts tried to find an optimum method by which they could apply the “right” amount of pressure over an ideal frequency of time intervals.

It was then that they came up with the cotension springs rodsncept of Tension springs and the perfect amount of “2700-g”. This proved to be a great success, and this was immediately introduced into the extender system.

The next challenge was to ensure uniform expansion in the length without making the penis to Curve or deviate in its growth direction.

Then the concept of “Flexible extender rods’ was introduced.

The development of concentrically coiled extender rods with the insertion of “springs” as thus born.

X4 Labs Before And After

There was one more challenge to be overcome.

What about uneven bloating?

This is something seen in people who had pain during their erections.

The Glans-penis portion would bloat wildly, causing pain and discomfort.

Unfortunately, the conventional extender tools that existed at the time of research did not address this issue. The experts managed to come up with a solution to this problem also.foam pads uvu

The introduction of “Foam-pads” resolved the issues permanently.

The “Glans-penis” is the region that consists of most sensitive cells as well as the “foreskin”.

They had to consider the stage of erection in which the foreskin came out and pushed the “Glans-penis” forward.

The pain would shoot to the head region and become unbearable.

Thus, the pads were further refined to give additional soothing effects to the foreskin as well as the sensitive parts of the Glans penis and the corona.

X4 Labs Results – The final outcome

x4 free extenderThe final assembly proved to be a success within the laboratory conditions until the experts came across one more practical situation.

This occurred rather in a funny situation perhaps.

The First “patient” who was prescribed this device happened to have an erection while he wore the device.

He experienced some issues.

Thus, the concept of additional “Erection while you wear” was also introduced into the device.

Finally, the “Current version” of the X4 extender was born. Still, there were certain pressing issues involved with the device

This is where the concept of X4 Labs Editions was born.

The starter edition: – This is the basic version. This was for those who wanted to try out the results casually. The additional options included girth-base and support pieces.

The Deluxe Edition: – This is for those who were rather in a hurry. The experts introduced several other accessories like the;

The Gold-Edition: – This called for a radical shift in the material being used in the device. As the name suggests The Golden” metal was introduced into the components and accessories. Now the additional sets were added to make the assembly practically more feasible.

x4 editions

How successful were the X4 Labs results?

The results were again put to the test.

This time, it was not within the four walls of the laboratory.

It was with direct end-users.

A group of users with penis erectile and size problems was selected for this purpose. The aim was to test the x4 extender before and after-effects of this process.

The time gap was fixed to be 30 days. At the end of such an experiment, a surprising result awaited the researchers.

The “patients” had reportedly developed a 10% expansion. When the analysis was extended to more than six months, the users were able to outgrow their expectations. It was observed that the majority (>99%) were gaining by 30%.

before and after results

What do the testimonials And X4 Labs Results reflect?

These experiments in the laboratory as well as in the open world demonstrated some pertinent ideas.


Who is the best judge Of X4 Labs Results?

Obviously, it will be you who can experience the x4 labs before and after results.

You will be able to ascertain the results practically at the end of every month.

Once you have used the device and essentially confirmed that the x4 lab’s testimonials are realistically accurate, you will surely recommend this product to your friends as well.

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