by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: January 19, 2019

We had an email here from a woman, and she wrote in because she had two dates with this particular guy and they really had a great connection, and on both occasions, it ended up in the bedroom, the only problem was that the general would not stand to attention. She’s wondering what the real cause is? Is this guy not into her?

This particular guy that she’s seeing, he’s been separated from his wife for about a year, he’s got a kid with his ex-wife to be, and she’s wondering; is he just not into me? Is he not over his wife yet? Is it a medical issue? What’s the deal here…

I have a quote that I wrote on this particular topic because I think this is a subject which all men and women should understand. Just like you can’t turn a woman on and in other words you can’t make her fall in love with you like a light switch, it’s the same thing when it comes to guys and causing the Sargent to stand at attention. We are not robots, and for a lot of guys, it’s a mental game.

So, the quote that I wrote on this topic says that there are three main reasons why a man becomes impotent (it’s not an easy word to say) and unable to perform sexually in the bedroom. When the general or the pork fork doesn’t rise to the occasion, it’s usually because, number one, the guys nervous and has performance anxiety because he is tense instead of being relaxed. Number two, he is just not turned on sexually or third, there is an underlying medical condition habitually associated with inadequate blood supply to his lower unit.

Causes one and two can be taken care of by the woman by being accommodating and creating a comfortable environment which allows him to become relaxed and having him focus on allowing and letting the sensations occur naturally to him rather than trying to force a Boner.

For a man, getting an erection is all about proper blood flow to his flesh rocket by allowing relaxation and letting sensations happen to him and practicing infinite patience to let an erection and sexual eruption occur slowly over time.

Cause number three needs to be addressed by a medical professional. You can always get the magic blue pill.

Impotence: Hard Facts About The Soft Truth!

It seems that not a day passes when I don’t see a commercial for impotence and of course when people always think about that – they imagine Viagra. Whereas Viagra for many people causes all kinds of unhealthy side effects. I lost about 20% of my vision and had it analyzed only to discover that it was Viagra that did it years ago. I also saw a 20/20 show I think it was that where they demonstrated a man who had gone completely blind having taken Viagra.

Viagra messes with the plumbing of your body; it messes with the circulation of blood in your body. Simply put, if your body is exerting too much energy to push too much blood, it may result in you not getting enough blood to your eyes, and you actually have a cell degeneration issue that occurs. That’s the simplest explanation for it. However, there is no need for a more complex one because it should make sense.

Just from the point of view (excuse the pun) of retaining your vision vital, Viagra, in my opinion, is not the right thing to do. It just interferes with the plumbing; it allows more blood to be held down south and up. It can also be dangerous for someone’s circulation to the heart. I just would stay away from Viagra and people casually taking it and then you know people getting heart attacks at 55 – 60 years old and you try to figure out what’s this about?

All the contributing factors are not known, but I have to say I have friends who, in their 70s, use Viagra and they started having sex again because they had erectile dysfunction. Nobody knows how much longer they’re going to live, but for sure the last years of their lives are going to be much more pleasurable.

Without a doubt about that!

So, What Is Impotence?

Impotence is a sexual condition that affects men and their abilities to achieve an erection which is hard enough and lasts long enough for it to be used for a satisfactory length of time to reach ejaculation. Sometimes people who have impotence find it difficult to ejaculate. It is a form of ED, and there are various factors which play a role.

Factors stemming from psychological, emotional, physical and medical origins all come together to induce impotence in men. It is estimated that half of the men from the age of 40+ have all or will experience impotence or ED in their lives at some point or another. This goes to show that age increases the risk of being impotent.

Another strange finding is that an educated man is less likely to experience impotence than those who are uneducated. Sounds somewhat obscure and prejudice if you ask me but its probably down to the fact that educated people generally have healthier lifestyles and are more well informed about health issues in general.

Stress, anxiety, and depression, etc. can all induce impotence, but they can also add to it and make it worse once a man has experienced it.

If you become acquainted with the common causes, it can help you pinpoint and identify why you may have impotence and ways for you to rectify your condition.

1. Endocrine Disease

The endocrine system is the system in the body which is responsible for the majority of secretions and hormone production. These are used to regulate the body’s internal environment as well as the regulation of other bodily systems. Hormones regulate sexual function, mood, metabolism and reproduction as well as many other things.

The most common endocrine disease to cause a man to become impotent is diabetes. Depending on the type of diabetes it will affect you differently. However, it is associated with the utilization of the hormone insulin.

Nerve damage will inevitably occur in diabetic patients over the long haul. Nerves are what give us our sensations, and the penis is densely populated with them, so you can only imagine the effects this would have on the ability to get an erection.

Other complications tie in with diabetes that adds to the problem and makes it worse such as impaired blood flow and hormone levels.

2. Neurological And Nerve Disorders

The nerves in the body are responsible for all of the communications that take place between the different parts of the body and the brain. The brain communicates via transmission of electrical impulses along nerve fibers.

Damage to neurons will limit and eventually deplete the communication between the brain and the reproductive organs and that my friends is what stops a man from getting an erection.

The severity of this reduced communication between the brain and reproductive organs differs between conditions, but some of the chief neurological disorders associated with impotence are listed below;

Other conditions that can affect the nerves and cause impotence are prostate gland surgery and even cyclists can experience temporary impotence. This is because of constant pressure and weight applied to the buttocks for extended periods of time can compress and press against nerves.

3. Medications

Certain medications can cause a detrimental effect on the body and in turn lead to impotence. We are not talking about Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra here, instead, we mean medication that is used as a treatment for a condition which may be entirely unrelated to impotence but due to the nature of how it works, it will impede on your erection quality.

Let’s look at some of the medications that are used to treat impotence…

There’s a treatment that they promised they’d fix it with, they actually put a little needle, and they stick the chemical into your penis, and it stays for three hours, it’s awful! You ejaculated a long time ago but you still got your penis erect, and it’s terrible.

These kinds of treatments are so synthetic when you think about it. People, for thousands of years, have approached these issues in other ways. The most important thing for your health, if your a man, is the ability to have erections in the morning.

Having said all that, wouldn’t it be great if there was a natural way to do it which didn’t have any adverse side effects. That’s my point!

Let’s look at the positive way of having no side effects.

You could try to use one of the recommended male enhancement supplements such as ExtenZe, VigRX Plus, Male Extra or ProSolution Plus Pills as well as many others that we have reviewed on this website. Go through the information and find the best one for you.

4. Cardiac-Related Conditions

It is the blood flow that determines whether or not you can get an erection or not. So, any ailment which impacts on the heart, its ability to pump blood or the cardiovascular system, in general, has the potential to lead to impotence.

The majority of the cardiovascular system is comprised of vessels which are responsible for transporting the blood around the body. Atherosclerosis is when these vessels become clogged with cholesterol forming plaques. These plaques cause blockages and restrict the blood flow. High cholesterol levels and hypertension (high blood pressure) all play a role in making you impotent.

Also, by the way, one aspect of impotence is not able to get an erection, another one is losing the erection by ejaculating even before you’re ready. That’s premature ejaculation.

That may sound so bizarre but in all cultures, it was known, variability, vitality in men had to do with their erections. When you get old you lose your erection you’re not healthy. People who continually sustain those erections every day are more youthful and macho. Now, why would that be? There are so many functions in the body that are dependent on healthy testosterone levels. Males need at least 30 times more testosterone than females. When his testosterone level starts to decline; estrogen levels begin to increase. Estrogen starts putting fat in his belly which starts to put on free radical damage to his veins which results in a heart attack.

This is the number one risk factor for heart disease – its low testosterone in men in the average male 40 years old, his testosterone levels have already significantly started dropping. The average male at 50 years old had half the testosterone he had when he was a young man. These averages, it’s not me saying this, in fact, I, have more testosterone than I had in my 30s now because I use some herbs which stimulate that. Why should we need to use herbs?

Because we live in an environment which is filled with estrogen and the estrogen-filled surroundings make way into the body via the water we drink, the food and in particular the meat we eat.  With all that extra estrogen in our body, it sends a message to the brain, and the brain stops making testosterone. It’s that testosterone that gives you the erection, that’s the whole key to it, that’s what will provide you with health.

I’m not saying take testosterone, oh my God I’m not saying that! As soon as you take testosterone which is a dangerous steroid that causes your body to break down, ten years later you’ll be in pain, and asking why you’re in pain. It’s because you took testosterone. Yeah right now you feel good, some men feel good right away.

If I had only five years to live, and I had no alternative I’d take it too then, but there’s a natural way to do it with no side effects, and you live longer. Research shows that men who had sex three times a week live ten years longer.

Now, why did they have sex three times a week? Is it because they have a partner… Well, no! It’s because they want it, they feel that testosterone.

I’m not saying you have to take testosterone three times a week or have sex three times a week. But you should be ABLE to have sex three times a week; you should have that erection, it should all be happening for you. And it should be happening in the presence of a woman; ideally with a woman that you know.

It’s much easier to get an erection with a random lady you don’t know or even more so with pornography.  When you need to have somebody you don’t know or who isn’t physically present to get turned on; those are all symptoms of low testosterone;

That’s not a good thing; it’s a virtue that you can actually know someone, and then you still get turned on, he still gets an erection and so forth. That’s a sign of healthy testosterone levels.

5. Lifestyle And Psychological

You must become excited for you to achieve an erection. He needs some form of stimuli that excites you sexually. This is usually due to an emotional response to the stimuli. So, as you have probably guessed, any problems with psychological or emotional disorders can affect the likelihood of you achieving an erection and becoming sexually excited.

Anxiety and depression are two of the most common causes of impotence in men. Depression and anxiety are significant problems in and of themselves but can lead to further complications such as sadness, helplessness, low self-esteem and even fatigue due to excessively overthinking and processing all these extra emotions. The fatigue will begin as mental fatigue and soon result in physical fatigue making it physically impossible to achieve an erection.

Another big culprit is performance anxiety. This is the anxious feeling that the guy may have when engaging in sexual activity. He may feel inadequate, or maybe he has had a bad experience in a previous sexual encounter which leads him to doubt himself and his sexual abilities.

You can check to see if you are suffering from performance anxiety if you have no problem in achieving an erection while masturbating but with a partner, these difficulties suddenly arise (or should we say, don’t rise).

Drug abuse, smoking, and drinking alcohol can also cause impotence. Make an appointment with your doctor if you’re having problems with drug addiction.


There are various types of treatment for impotence. They include prescription medication, lifestyle changes, and natural remedies.

Prescription Medicine

Many of you know the names of the standard prescription medication for impotence issues. Viagra is a common household name. You may not have heard of Levitra or Cialis though. All three of these as well as various similar prescription meds come with severe, devastating side effects that many people are not aware of.

That’s why it’s hazardous for you to take them without a prescription, but nowadays you see people, generally teenagers and young adults misusing these even when they don’t need them. There is a reason why they are only available on a prescription.

When you look at the side effects of these drugs, I would be surprised if you didn’t shit yourself on the spot.

Natural Remedies

This is a much better option all round. There are many natural remedies available with more and more coming to light all the time.

Some natural remedies for impotence are;

Make Lifestyle Changes…

Regardless of what the cause of your impotence may be. Making lifestyle changes to benefit your overall health will only be in your favor. There are many lifestyle tweaks that you can make that can help you with erectile dysfunction and impotence.

Here is a list of a few lifestyle changes you should be making;


Wouldn’t it be better to prevent yourself from becoming impotent before you have to try to control yourself from being impotent? You should try to take measures to stop the problem happening or reduce it before it gets worse.

You can take the following steps to lessen the risk of impotence…


Impotence can affect many aspects of your life. It may begin with your sexual life and creep into other parts because it will sway your self-confidence and self-esteem.

As you get older, the chances of becoming impotent are increased. However, aging is not the primary course of becoming impotent. Aging is just a risk factor, and many older gentlemen never have a problem with getting an erection.

Luckily, impotence is a very treatable condition. It can be managed by following some of the guidelines and steps we have outlined in this article. There are different approaches you can take to correct impotence, but the best would be a natural approach. Taking natural supplements are by far much safer and efficient than synthetic prescription medication.

He should take VigRX Plus, Male Extra, ExtenZe or ProSolution Plus Pills as part of a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle.

You should also try to use the penis pump regularly for at least a few months, and you will start achieving rock hard erections on demand within a brief period of time. Do not use an air-based penis pump and opt for a water-based hydraulic pump such as the Bathmate or Penomet. Water is more uniform then air so that it will be much safer for your penis.

Sometimes, impotence is a sign of more severe underlying health conditions. For that reason, it is strongly advised that you visit your doctor if the problem persists.