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Enzyte-male-enhancementWhat The Heck Is Enzyte?

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We no longer advise, endorse or recommend Enzyte. The Reasons for this are justified and for your safety, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you read why we have taken this decision.

If you are looking for a genuine alternative, you can try the following which are from reputable companies and have many positive reviews and here at Body Freedom we feel confident in recommending them. We value your safety and pride ourselves in giving advice that is congruent with our beliefs.

We value your security and pride ourselves in giving advice that is congruent with our beliefs. We sympathize with anybody reading this who has been unfortunate to have been taken advantage of. Anything written below the line was written in the past when we were confident in sharing valuable insights about the Enzyte Pill. As of June 2016, we STRONGLY advise not to read anything below the line and to read why we have made this decision here: ENZYTE SCAMMER Gets 25 Years! Steve Warshak (SCAM!)

Enzyte is a male sexual enhancement pill. The 100% herbal ingredients based supplement is used for initiating and enhancing many of the natural processes within the male sexual anatomy.

Many factors make this pill efficient over the other conventional methods of male-enhancements. Since the start of the day till the dusk, men have been under physical and psychological stress throughout the day.

If you are one of the busy executives or the office bearers you could certainly have experienced the stressful effects.

Moreover, uneven diet habits make your body and mind further weakened. This is the reason you seek to hit the bed early and tend to doze off faster than you can imagine. Enzyte pill can help you in reversing this over a short period.

What Is Sexual Excitation?

This is a state where your mind and sexual organs are in perfect wavelength with each other. Your erection happens naturally in time. Your performance levels are high, and you enjoy good sex and pleasure your partner also. For this to happen, your body and mind should be in a sexually excited state.

That means, your;

What Hinders Sexual Stimulation?

As we saw earlier, many of the everyday routine jobs and tensions make you physically and psychologically weak. At the end of the day, when you are ready for copulation with your partner, your mind and body are tired.

  1. You are prone to a higher stress level consistently; you will lose your appetite for sex in the long run. You will need more time to attain your initial erection
  2. Your partner tends to peak much later, just as you orgasm she is only getting started. Stress is the most critical factor that has caused premature ejaculation among men.

How Male Enhancement Pills Enzyte Act?

The natural ingredients of the pill are supposed to work through the various stages of your sexual pleasuring. It starts at the foreplay stage and goes on to the stage when you and your partner are completely satisfied with your sexual activities.

The Enzyte natural male enhancement is free of any chemical or toxic elements based ingredients. Hence, the effects are longer and safer.

What Are The Enzyte Male Enhancement Pills Ingredients?

The essential components of the Enzyte pill are simple, yet very powerful.


This ingredient induces the important aspects of sexual drive and performance capacity. The ingredient works at various stages during your intercourse.

  1. It is responsible for increasing Dopamine-quality and quantity. Your stressed-out brain can get into an activated state in lesser time.
  2. It enables the streamlining of connectivity between the sexual stimulation of the brain with the stimulation of your erections in time.
  3. It helps in sustaining your erections.


This is another potent anti-depressant and energizer. If you are feeling physical stress, this will assist you in actually overcoming it.

Also, the ingredient has many benefits like;

But it has been proved among the eastern countries, especially China and India that they are not the same. Ejaculation is the ejection of your semen including sperm. Whereas, orgasm is a state of physical and mental bliss that happens during the peak of intercourse.

This is done at the physical level.

By conditioning the sensitive nerves in your penis region into a state of active-numbness (This is different from the inactive numbness induced by drugs and chemicals).

Meaning, the sodium compound responsible for the ejaculation is held back within the penis region for a longer duration of time.


This is responsible for keeping the flexibility and stamina of your penis tissues as well as the veins over an extended period of time. Most men experience flaccidity even before they ejaculate. It happens due to the lack of strength in the penis tissues, especially the corpora region.

Hence, the skin also shrinks.


The native American-Indians have traditionally used this for healing virtually all urinary and reproductive systems problems they came across. As scientific enhancements matured, the discovery of treating sexual ailments among men was also identified. The ingredient works at two preliminary and two critical stages before and during intercourse.

Pre-Intercourse (Fore-Play): –

Due to body stress, the flaccid state of the penis makes it highly non-flexible. Once the tissues have absorbed the ingredient, their default elastic nature starts increasing.

While Orgasm: –

At this stage, the activation of sensory nerves is in progress to a limited extent. Once it reaches the ejaculation state, the sensations are automatically sealed off.

But the continued state of the sensitiveness ensures that the flow of blood remains uniform within the corpora-cavernosa tissues. That’s why you experience involuntary erections even during the multiple-orgasmic phases.

The other active ingredients are Avena-Sativa, L-Arginine, Ginkgo-Biloba, Epi-Medium, and Niacin. Every part helps in its unique way. The main tasks of the active ingredients are to initiate and sustain your performance levels throughout the intercourse.

The supportive elements also play their role in your performance indirectly.

Propylene-Glycol: –  It is a natural lubricant.

Most men experience increased friction at the time of initial penetration. This happens mainly because of the lack of lubrication within the penis tissues. Glycol adequately compensates for this. It lubricates the inter-tissue regions and the tissues themselves.

Titanium-dioxide: – It is a supportive agent for Zinc-oxide to work efficiently.

Why Enzyte Natural Male Enhancement?

The pills are preferred for their purely-herbal nature. There are no chemicals or artificial ingredients that could cause the slightest of toxic and adverse impacts.

What Are The Long Term BenefitsOf Enzyte “Natural” Male Enhancement Pills?

The long-term benefits of Enzyte male enhancement pills can be felt as men keep taking the supplement regularly.

The best impacts are experienced by those men who are prone to male menopause at one stage of life. The Enzyte consumer, on the other hand, is observed to have prolonged periods of orgasmic pleasures which he enjoys with his partner.

What Are The Possible Enzyte Side Effects?

The observed side-effects are in two aspects, namely physical and psychological.

The physical aspects include

The psychological effects include slight and intense sensations of anxiety and tension. However, these symptoms have been observed to go away once your mind and body gets conditioned to Enzyte pills.

If you are allergic to Zinc oxide, titanium or any of the other ingredients used in this preparation, you may feel skin irritations at the tip of your Penis and in the urinary areas for a while. This can be easily avoided by consuming a lot of fruit juices.

Tender coconut can help you in keeping your body temperature within normal conditions. If you are an Enzyte user, this will help you a lot in avoiding adverse side effects.

Enzyte Conclusion

The practical experience of many men using Enzyte pills shows several interesting facts.