What Is Edging?

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: November 28, 2019

edgingEdging is a great exercise to include in your penis workout routine. It can help improve your penis and sexual performance in three ways – by helping build up your stamina, by enhancing your hardness and also by helping you to enlarge the size of your penis.

Edging at its most basic is a type of masturbation where you stop before you ejaculate, and then taking a pause before resuming masturbation. You literally go until you are “on the edge” and then stop.

This can help prevent premature ejaculation by building up stamina and also help people who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Edging helps increase the amount of blood that can flow into your penis over time which can contribute to improving your average penis size as the more blood in your penis the stronger and bigger your erection.

Edging – What Is It?

Edging, surfing, ballooning or peaking is simply masturbation where you stop just before you are about to cum. This can be done either by yourself or with someone else. Once you get good at it, you can also edge while having sex, slowing down when you get closer to ejaculating until the urge goes away and then carrying on.

As you edge more, you will begin to understand when you are getting close to orgasm, and after practice, you will be able to control your orgasms much better. The longer you leave it before you orgasm, the more intense it becomes because the stimulation and energy build up over time.

How can edging help with premature ejaculation?

As you edge and get close and then stop, you are giving your brain training on how to be in control of how and when you ejaculate. As you practice more, you’ll understand when you’re about to cum and how to stop yourself from ejaculating prematurely.

You’ll know when you need to change position, pause, or slow down to help prevent you from finishing when you don’t want to. Getting used to lots of sexual stimulation will also contribute to desensitizing you a bit so you won’t want to orgasm the moment you start.

How can edging help you with erectile dysfunction?

Edging is a great exercise for your penis, which is a smooth muscle. While you’re edging you’re maintaining a peak erection for extended periods of time and can help you have a harder penis over time.

For many men, maintaining an erection is hard because they have lost confidence. By practicing edging, you know that not only can you achieve an erection but that you are fully in control of what you are doing. This confidence can help relieve you from anxiety and allow you to take back control of your sexuality and enjoy great sex life.

How can edging help enlarge your penis?

Just doing edging as your only exercise probably won’t enable you to see you many gains in your penis size, and it works best when combined with other activities such as stretching and jelqing programs.

Edging can help the process started by the other exercises by encouraging your shaft to lengthen and increase the amount of blood flowing to your penis.

By keeping your penis hard for longer than you normally would you stretch the shaft and by keeping lots of blood coming into your penis you encourage it to heal the small tears you are creating in the muscle.

As this heals, you are left with more girth and length. Ballooning, which is a more advanced version of edging, can help achieve significant growth even without the other exercises.

The five steps of edging

  1. Privacy and timeEdging takes time and privacy so the best way to do it is to find time in your schedule when you won’t be disturbed.
  2. Extenze lubricant A good lubricant is necessary because you’ll be going for some time. Lubricants such as KY Jelly may dry out too quickly and need re-application before you’ve finished.
  3. Start masturbating Stroke from the base and move slowly upwards. Unless you’re in complete control or are ready to orgasm, you might want to avoid some of the more sensitive parts such as the head or the frenulum.
  4. Get close to the point of no return Every time you get close to ejaculating you want to ease back towards the base, keeping slow and steady at first.
  5. At the point of no return Since going beyond this point means you’ll ejaculate you need to stop masturbating for a few seconds until the urge leaves. While you’re pausing, take some deep breaths to help stay calm.

More tips

To summarize edging can be an excellent tool and also great fun. The idea is simple, and anyone can give it a go – and see improvements in their control and stamina as a result.