VitaliKoR Review

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: July 15, 2019

VitaliKoR ReviewVitaliKoR Review: Ready When You Are Or Not Ready At All?

Vitalikor is the latest arrival in the field of male enhancement supplements to boost the muscle, testosterone, energy and performance levels.

The Vitality Research Labs (manufacturers of VitaliKOR) are supposed to have made extensive research and analysis into the field of male sexuality, infertility, erectile dysfunctions, and various other sexual disorders, before arriving at the original formula.

The factors considered while developing these unique blue products are many. Traditional methods focused only on certain limited aspects of male sexuality.

The focus was only on increasing the length and girth of your penis. The question of increasing the performance levels was always given second place. However, time and time again it had been proven that having a bigger penis doesn’t always mean better performance, especially when it came to satisfying your sex-partner in the bed. There are many more qualities that you require which went unnoticed.

The researchers and experts at the Vitality Research Labs had better ideas to make male sexuality work in better ways when formulating the constituents of VitaliKOR. However, the focus was to enable the entire system of male sexual anatomy to work in harmony with the sexual instincts.

VitaliKoR ReviewThis was supposed to be the best method for enhancing the all full sexual male health and improving the sex with the female sexual partner. Hence, a lot of research and lab tests have been conducted before confirming the quality, suitability, and reliability of each ingredient that goes into VitaliKOR.

UPDATE: However, many activities below the ingredients of VitaliKOR seem to be either incomplete or have a negative influence, in the long run, leading to many customer complaints and the company recalling stock of a bad batch.

The main ingredients of VitaliKOR are said to be mainly herbal derivatives

VitaliKoR ReviewRhizoma-Polygonati

This is one of the main ingredients of VitaliKOR. If you happen to go through the scientific and medical journals dating back to centuries, you will certainly be familiar with the strength of the ingredient.  It supposedly increases the potency levels among men. But when compared with Extenze extended release, the effects seem to be far lesser.


The modern name of this Chinese-herb is Lycium. This herb was used to normalize blood pressure levels. The secret behind the functionality of the herbal ingredient was known to the Chinese herbal experts for long.

How do the ingredients of VitaliKOR work?

You might have come across many situations in your sexual life earlier when the rising blood pressure has practically ruined your sex-life. It happens primarily due to Body stress levels.

If you recall the exact nature of your problems, you will certainly be able to relate the connection of pressure with your sexual performance. The number of activities you perform during the day naturally leads to

When these factors are considered in the formulation of VitaliKOR, the ingredient, in essence, play a critical role in normalizing and reactivating your entire body from the start. The basic functionality of it is related to the central nervous system and its associated blocks.

  1. VitaliKoR ReviewThe ingredient Lycii is to be a powerful anti-oxidant. That means it should be capable of completely cleaning the toxic elements within the veins. Many users did feel its effects to some extent. But those who used Vimax found its immunity power to be far better.
  2. Lycii is also known to normalize the blood sugar levels within your body. But there are no explicit instructions about how much of blood-sugar level will be reduced or controlled.

Once these two actions have been performed, your body supposed to come naturally back to its original state of blood sugar and blood pressure.

However, the practical experiences of VitaliKOR users show otherwise.

  1. Erection becomes standard. You are no longer affected by the weakening of erections. But the effects seem to be only temporary. In comparison, Extenze appears to work better, at least, two times.
  2. Your erection gets prolonged. Of course, yes. But only the duration is very much less than what has been claimed by the manufacturer. Many users have often complained about softer erections than normal during sex.
  3. It is supposed to help in controlling the premature-ejaculation sensations. However, this seems to be also in the short run only.


Many elements within your body can retard the development of sexual urges. They affect the activities including the normal production of testosterone. As the process starts, the hormones imbalance creates a setback in our sexual performance levels. The Spinosae is supposed to

  1. Enter your bloodstream and fight the free-radicals (A Free-radical is a bodily produced chemical that produces toxic blocks for the regular functioning). In many cases, it has been observed that the effectiveness is less than what is claimed.
  2. Make the path for the surplus production of testosterone and other related sexual hormones and their proper distribution at the appropriate instance.

However, the better alternates like Prosolution Plus and Vigrx Plus Results seem to score better in these aspects.


This ingredient is a common clove. It looks like this is the ONLY ingredient which appears to have some effect on your penis and performance levels. This has one of the greatest potentials for enhancing the natural sexual desire and the sex drive. In many parts of the world, it is also used as an essential ingredient of toothpaste.

The ingredient looks very simple in its appearance. However, the functionality needs to be probed a bit. This will give you an insight into the essentials of VitaliKOR and its natural power in reinstating your sexual power and pleasuring capacity.

  1. Clove is a powerful anti-oxidant-natural-agent. Its presence in your bloodstream can make a lot of differences in the way your body fights with germs and stress-causing elements.
  2. Clove is a blood-purifier.
  3. Clove is a blood-flow controlling element also. When you consume VitaliKOR, the blood flow to your penis during intercourse time will be continuous.
  4. This has happened due to the corpora-cavernosa region being flooded with a constant supply of oxygen and minerals.
  5. This is made possible due to the suppressing of Na+ channels in the penis area. This ceases your Penis urge to ejaculate.


This is supposed to be one of the natural approaches to erectile problems. Once you have started the consumption of this ingredient, it supposedly works in steps within your body to restore the erectile state. As you continue to consume the ingredient, it takes your penis to a state of complete health.

However, many users were found to be lacking immunity even after many weeks of consumption. On the other hand, Extenze seems to score better off with its unique combination of Extenze ingredients and side effects.

Fructus- Foeniculi

Your sexual arousal is supposed to be caused by the sex hormones that get activated. However, if your body temperature is low, or the blood temperature is a bit on the lower side, the sex hormones may not get activated in time. This is where the Foeniculi ingredient comes to your rescue.

It increases the temperature of your blood flow into the penis region as well as the hormones which are responsible for the creation and sustenance of sexual drive. But, in many cases, it was observed that the variation in heat distribution seemed to affect the general body conditions, often pushing males to the state of feverish effects during intercourse.

VitaliKoR ReviewPoria

The positive characteristics promoters alone are not sufficient for making our progress to complete manliness simple. You will also need to reduce the negative forces within your body. The Vigrx Plus easily does this compared to this. The main action of this ingredient is to reduce the stress levels within your body. Many times, the consumption of VitaliKOR seemed to make no impact on the sexual-stimulation process.

Semen Allii Toberosi

This is said to be an ingredient that can help restore your immune system to complete healthiness. The Chinese ancient herbal experts were using this ingredient to keep away from diseases.

The other ingredients of VitaliKOR work in combination with those listed above. Together, they can restore many characteristics within your body and sexual anatomy.

The VitaliKOR reviews conducted across various social-networking sites suggest that the supplement is not as highly efficient as claimed by the manufacturer. The ones we have highlighted seem to work much better and are SAFER!.

VitaliKOR Side Effects

There have been many reports lately, indicating the possible usage of a probably hidden ingredient which has resulted in the manufacturers forced to recall products already bought and shipped.  However, it is evident that a particular opinion or a report which suggests that there may be a cause of lower blood pressure caused. The general observation and experiences of thousands of satisfied users seem to suggest exactly the opposite.

  1. Men tend to experience low-blood-pressure quite often.
  2. Men tend to get allergic to one, many or all of the ingredients
  3. The effects seem to increase when using it for daily maintenance.
  4. Consumption of Alcohol will also increase these risks.

Conclusion – Should you buy VitaliKOR?

The user experience suggests that VitaliKOR has some ingredients to make your sexual life a pleasurable and sustainable one.  But in case you are looking forward to a completely healthy and immune male sexual anatomy, there are many other excellent options with Extenze or Vigrx Plus.



Bigger & Harder Erections


Increased Penile Blood Flow


Treat ED


Improves Sexual Desire


Intensified Orgasms & Sex Drive



  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Money Back Guarantee Is Misleading
  • May Cause Headaches
  • May Cause Facial Flushing In Those With High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Disease Patients May Be At An Increased Risk
  • Products From This Company Have Been Recalled Due To Dangerous Chemicals Found