Vimax Patch Review

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: April 2, 2019

vimax-patchesWhat Is The Vimax Patch?

The Vimax patch is the latest in the product group of Penis enlargement methods. This is entirely different from the existing ones. It is just a patch that you have to wear on your skin.

The “Trans-Dermal” technology will allow your body to

The technology in the system makes the patch highly safe and hygienic. There is no fear of any chemicals, drugs or other harmful elements.

Above all these parameters, there is one particular variable that makes a lot of difference to the way in which your body gets maximum benefit from this patch. It is the way in which the patch releases its ingredients into your body over a period of time.

What Actually Happens When You Wear The Vimax Patch?

Why Use A Vimax Patch?

This method is the safest one you can ever imagine finding. When you depend on a penis pump or an extender for your purpose, you are always inviting the risks associated with it. The pumps help in pushing excess blood into the corpora region and try to expand the size of your penis.

It is only temporary in nature. As long as the effects of the pump are there it will look like it has grown. Once the effect is gone, the penis will be unfortunately pushed back to the same position as it was before the use of the pump. You would have to continue using the pump on a regular basis to start seeing permanent gains.

Moreover, there are lots of risks associated with such pumps. If you make a simple mistake even once, you may end up in a critical condition. Hence, it is safer to go for a Vimax patch.

What Are The Vimax Patch Ingredients?

ingredientsThe ingredients play a critical role in Vimax patches. They have been chosen, keeping your need for increasing erectile abilities. The ingredients can help in removing stress, inducing energy and bringing the penis to a stable and healthy stage. Also your need for increasing your performance power. The ingredients can perform this task at two levels.

Physical: – they help in increasing the sensitivity of your sexual organs.

This is very critical. Unless your sexual organs are sensitive, they will never be able to pass sensory signals to your penis during the foreplay period.

Psychological: – This is done by clearing the pleasure-spots in your brain.

Once this is done, your mind is ready for sexual intercourse. An active mind can make a lot of difference between an intense love session and an excellent time with your female partner.

Also your need for sustaining your stamina. Your sexual intercourse is not going to be a one-time affair. Since it has to last for the rest of your life, sustaining your abilities and power for the rest of your life is also imperative.

The ingredients can condition your penis into high performance, instant erection and sustenance of energy.


ginsengThe Ginseng ingredient can help in the proper functioning of the penile tissues. The corpora-Cavernosa region gets strengthened. Removal of toxic elements from the penile area gets activated. This process can enable extra blood flow into the corpora-region. When this is done, your penile-erections become accessible.

Moreover, you can sustain your erections over a long time. Every negative force that opposes the blood-flow is now effectively eliminated.

The Ginseng ingredient is capable of sustaining your orgasm. This action naturally slows your penile-ejaculation. There is a subtle difference between orgasm and ejaculation. The conventional concept is that an orgasm always ends in ejaculation. This happens because the Na+-release (Sodium Ions) within the penile nerves causes the orgasm to end in ejaculation. Continued conditioning can change this process dramatically.


fo-tiThis ingredient possesses lots of vitalizing properties. It gets directly absorbed by the sexual glands in your body. Once this is done, the process of cell generation will become much easier, this ingredient helps in unlocking the growth hormones.


When you use Vimax patches, you get more than just penis length and girth. There are many more things that compliment the sexual Gotu-Kolaperformance of your penis, apart from length and girth, it is the potency. The kola injects the right kind of strength into your penis at the right time during your intercourse.

That means, your penis

  1. Will not go limp during sex. Your tissues and cells are supplied with the required energy to keep your erection constantly rock hard.
  2. Will draw a sufficient amount of fluids to keep itself active throughout the intercourse. Hence, liveliness will always remain.


saw-palmetto-powderThe male reproductive system plays a critical role during sexual intercourse. You can assume the similarity between a production house and a warehouse.

Just like the warehouse supplies raw materials to the production, your reproductive systems provide the necessary elements to boost your power, stamina, virility, etc.

This ingredient is capable of strengthening the entire reproductive system. The nerves play a great role in sexual intercourse. They are the ones who instigate erection, sustain it and take you through the orgasm stage.

Hence, it is important that their health and functionality remain uniform and active throughout sexual intercourse. This ingredient is capable of strengthening and relaxing your nerves throughout your…

  1. Penis region. This is the most critical organ. The flow of blood has to be consistent and free in this area. Only then your erections and performance parameters receive the boost they require.
  2. Abdomen and hip. This is very critical because your penis needs muscular support from this region during the sexual intercourse
  3. Prostate-gland. The ingredient keeps your prostate gland clean, healthy and within its correct shape and size.


damianaThe element is capable of improving sexual ability. That means, your penis becomes more sensitive to the touch. The erection duration and frequency increase.

Damiana is known for removing depression. Experience knows that depression is one disease that can make a stallion look like a mule. This is very much the case during your sexual intercourse.

No matter what size of penis you have, or what powers you may possess, if your mind is not in a position to perform, you will not be able to fulfill your sexual desires or be able to satisfy your female partner. This is where this ingredient comes to your rescue.

Hence, the functioning of this ingredient is most critical for your performance to improve.

Its properties are capable of increasing your potency. It does so by increasing the generation of testosterone. Once this is done, the rest of the cyclic processes start all by themselves.

  1. Your sperm production will increase
  2. Your semen production will increase
  3. The penis develops a higher ability to shoot sperm further.


mentholMenthol, as you know is a cooling agent. It can calm down nerves, cool your mind and bring solace to your tensed up tissues.

The major part of menthol in Vimax Patch is to make your skin ready to accept the ingredients of the Vimax patch without resistance.

How does menthol do it?

  1. Your skin is exposed to dust and pollution throughout the day. Being porous in nature, they absorb them.
  2. Your body, however, does not accept these pollutants instantly. So, these particles get stuck up in the pores of your skin. They block other elements from entering your skin
  3. Menthol cleans these pores by dissolving and eliminating them

Now, your skin is completely free to absorb all the contents of the Vimax patch.

What Are The Vimax Patch Side Effects?

The product has zero side effects that are known, and none reported in any testimonials.

Vimax Patch Conclusion

Vimax patches are absolutely safe to use and very efficient in nature. You will be able to gain harder erections (throbbing) and a noticeable increase in the girth. The time period varies between 2 and three months or less.

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Vimax Patch


Erection Frequency & Quality


Increased Penile Blood Flow


Intensified Sensation


Improved Sexual Stamina


Enhanced Pleasure & Arousal



  • Works By relaxing The Smooth Muscles Within The Penis To Allow More Blood To Flow Through
  • Natural Ingredients Are Readily Absorbed Through The Skin Much Faster Than Through The Gut
  • 67-Day money Back Gurantee
  • Thoroughly Researched & Manufactured In An FDA Approved Facility
  • Discounts & Bonuses Available On Bulk Orders


  • You Will Not See Results Straight Away But Rather Within A Few Weeks
  • Only Available Online