Viarex Review

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: December 19, 2018

What is Viarex? Or Better Still, What Is It Not?viarex jpeg

Viarex is a male enhancement cream made of 100% herbal ingredients.

It is manufactured by Viarex-Labs, and you can buy it from the company’s unprofessional official website.

The cream has been made by the experts with the best of knowledge about the physical and sexual anatomy of men.

Before we start our exploration into the understandings of its functionality, we take a look at some of the reasons for using Viarex cream.

viarex WARNINGUVU Performance no longer recommends purchasing Viarex Cream. There are many other products which are much better/safer and give better results.

We recommend products that also have positive reviews all across the internet and the companies that manufacture them provide longer guarantees rather than just a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Why Use Viarex Cream?

The concept of using cream is quite simple.

It is to promote the strengthening and enlargement of the male sexual organ naturally, without resorting to any chemical, surgical or therapy methods.

In this way, you will be able to gain maximum results with zero-risk.

There have been many methods used before the arrival of Viarex-cream.

Let us look at some of them and analyze their impacts.

This has been discussed in detail in the Viarex reviews.


Surgery is a no-no! But neither is Viarex

This method has been in practice for ages.

However, the risks involved are much greater than the marginal benefits, which last only for a short while.

Surgery has its severe limitations and harmful side effects in the sense

  1. It tries to make physical changes to male sexual anatomy, which goes against nature.
  2. It results in scars that take a long time to heal.
  3. It has the risk of impairing sexual functionality in the long run.

Viarex And Prescription Medicine

Most of the chemical-based medicines could turn your body into addictive-conditioning.

Their effects are also temporary and limited.

This Viarex Labs review contains more details.

  1. They can create complications like permanent impotence, loss of sexual drive, depression, drug dependency, etc
  2. The chemicals in the medicines could result in toxic elements deposition in the Penis tissues, making it numb. One may lose the sensations in the long run.

What are the Ingredients of Viarex Cream?

Viarex-cream is made of highly energizing, growth-promoting and vitalizing ingredients.

Viarex Labs have taken all the required measures to make this work practically.

Every Viarex cream review stresses the importance of these ingredients.


This has been traditionally used by the native American-Indians for curing many urinary and reproductive systems problems.

Later the usage of the cream for sexual disorder among men was also discovered.

The ingredient works at two preliminary and two critical stages before and during intercourse.

Viarex Before intercourse: –

  1. It soothes the skin layers on your penis. Once you have applied and massaged it, it starts penetrating into your skin layers. Each skin layer is made of millions of cells. The cells absorb the ingredient and tend to get relaxed.
  2. It increases the elasticity property of the tissues. Due to body stress, the flaccid state of the penis makes it highly non-flexible. Once the ingredient has been absorbed by the tissues, their default elastic nature starts increasing.

Viarex During Intercourse: –

  1. It promotes the initial erection. When the cream is applied before your foreplay, it starts activating the sensory nerves on the first layer of your penis. Once the nerves are sensitive, the flow of blood gets faster. This is the reason for your involuntary erections during the foreplay time.
  2. The second stage of its effectiveness starts during intercourse time. It helps in sustaining your erection. It is achieved by maintaining the elastic property of your penis tissues without letting them shrink at any point in time. Your doubts about do Viarex cream work will be solved once you experience sustained erections.


This is an Amino-acid-based ingredient.

This is a potent nutrients-supplier.

The tissues and nerves of your penis experience friction during intercourse in two ways, intra-muscular movement and the friction with the inner walls of the vagina.

The tissues get stressed.

This is one of the reasons for many men experiencing a flaccid penis in the middle of intercourse.

The ingredient helps in sustaining the flexibility and maintains the erection.


This is one of the native components.

It works in two stages.

  1. It promotes male-libido. The ancient Chinese used for improving the sexual performance levels among men.
  2. It improves male fertility: – The stress developed by you (men) during your everyday activities could, in fact, reduce fertility. The sperm-producing glands remain inactive at times due to stress. If this happens at the moment of intercourse, your pleasuring and pleasing will automatically get reduced. The extract helps in activating the testosterone-producing hormones in getting activated at the right time.

Yohimbe Extract

This is primarily a strong toxic removing anti-oxidant-agent.

It helps in clearing the veins in your penis of all the toxic elements.

You could assume the process to be somewhat similar to removing all the blockages within the tubular structure of your penis.

The second task of the ingredient is rectifying the erectile problems of your penis.

Your erections are controlled by the state of your mind.

This is the reason you observe frequent variations when you are either too excited or too depressed.

This extract soothes the exciting nerves in your penis.

Your brain tissues at the pleasure-centers are relaxed. Hence, your erections tend to sustain for longer periods of time.


This ingredient is responsible for influencing the Sex-Hormone-Binding-Globulin and increase the amount of testosterone being produced during the event of sexual intercourse.

This extract has numerous applications in increasing the stamina of your sexual organ as well.


It helps in lubricating the inner walls of the penis once it is absorbed.

Lubrication of the penis tissues during intercourse plays a great role in sustaining it.

You might have observed your erections getting largely disturbed when you are under physical stress.

This is because the tissues of your penis get dry and erection becomes weak.

This ingredient helps in sustaining your erection by supplying the essential fluids.


This is a fatty-acid. Its task is to stimulate the sexual desires in your brain cells. The Sub-Colossal region’s nerves and tissues get activated by the ingredient.

Hence, you can get aroused at the right time.

The second task of the ingredient is to activate the brain’s connecting-nerves with the erection causing tissues within the penis.

Once this connectivity is established, the sexual arousal-signals transmitted by the brain are automatically and seamlessly captured by the penis.


It is primarily a coolant for the nerve cells.

The sudden rush of blood in the veins causes the temperature to shoot up.

You might have observed a burning sensation within the penis Corpora-Cavernosa-region. Citric-acid cools the tissues.

This helps in sustaining the erection for a longer period.

But the Viarex review columns contain many user experiences that DO NOT show such results.

The second task of the compound is to regulate the flow of sex-stimulating fluids within the penis.

You could call it an anti-aging compound for the penis tissues.

It helps in controlling the intensity of erections.

Typically, age puts a break on the repeated male erections after an ejaculation.

The period between the next-subsequent erections increases with age.

Citric acid helps in the rebuilding of erections within a short span of time.

What Benefits Will I experience With Viarex?

The main advantages of Viarex ingredients are their natural origin, zero side-effects and their quick absorption into the penis muscles. But as for results? Have a look at all the negative Amazon reviews.

How to use Viarex

It is applied by a gentle massage.

You can use a cotton ball for this purpose.

If you have any doubts about how to use Viarex, you can go through the various Viarex cream reviews to know more.

Viarex Side Effects, Are There Any?

By default, the cream is supposed to have zero side-effects.

However, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients specified, you may feel skin irritation.

In some cases, the users have reported Viarex cream side effects in dizzy-feelings during or after intercourse.

This happens many if you have consumed alcohol before or after the application of the cream.

Viarex Conclusion – DO NOT BUY!

The controlled usage of the cream allegedly works in two aspects, namely increased erections and tissue growth.

The growth part has been subject to heightened debate in the medical and user-community.

The Viarex testimonials, on the other hand, prove that there is NO Amount of growth in the penis tissues.

Tissue growth can be stimulated by subjecting it to a particular period of exercising and traction using a penis extender.

The same concept is not implemented in the case of Viarex “male enhancement”.

The cream does not stretch the tissue during the intercourse to an “Extra” millimeter even.

When you are using it over a period of time, as reported by many customers – you will not see the desired effects.

If you still want to buy it, you can contribute to Viarex Male Enhancement Reviews by writing about your experience. But if it is a penis enhancement cream you are after we would recommend Maxoderm over Viarex.

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Viarex Labs Cream


Increased libido & Intensified Sensations


Decreased Premature Ejaculation


Erection Quality


Improved Sexual Stamina


Enhanced Pleasure & Arousal



  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Company Information Is Available


  • Ingredients Not Known In Detail Except That They Are Plant Based
  • No Scientific Proof Or Clinical Studies Found
  • Disclaimers About Allergies Regarding Using The Cream Found On Their Website
  • Many Better Options Available