STUD 100 Spray

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: June 25, 2019

What Is STUD 100 Spray?

stud-100-bottleSTUD 100 is a Lidocaine based spray for men.

It is supposed to prevent premature ejaculation and prolong your lovemaking session.

It belongs to the Over-The-Counter (O.T.C) class of drugs which is applied externally to the man’s penis.

Why would you need STUD 100 Spray?

STUD 100 isn’t only for the ‘one-minute man’ but is for any man that wants to last longer in bed.

Whether you can go for 20 mins and want to go for even longer or if you can’t even last a few minutes without ejaculating.

I have also used it for penis enhancement techniques such as edging with my Fleshlight stamina training unit to train my penis to last longer.

Why use STUD 100 Spray?

It is supposed to improve the physical aspects of male sexual performance.

However, many of the users have found the formula not so efficient, as stated by the manufacturer.


As against the claimed positive qualities, the preparation is considered to have a certain amount of weaker influence also.

Take for example.

The intention here is not to completely downsize the utility of STUD 100; rather it is to suggest to the user about better alternates.

This is only the personal Stud 100 Review of the writer, based on the studies conducted and analysis made.  

When you use the spray for the first time and experience a certain amount of positive results, your confidence levels naturally go up.

You tend to relax your mind before the lovemaking session.

However, the VigRX Delay Spray seems to give you a more comfortable feeling to your Glans-Penis and foreskin region, in comparison.

Physically also, spray preparation has many benefits.

Of course, no formula can make an impact on the market with zero benefits.

However, you will be able to find better quality cream on the market today that can make your penis get better-withstanding capacity.

You will be able to read about such creams in the thousands of STUD 100 spray reviews in the web world today.

What are the Stud 100 ingredients?

stud-100-ingredientsThe Spray has two types of ingredients namely active and inactive.

The active ingredient is Lidocaine.

It is a local anesthetic which is capable of prolonging male sexual performance.

It freezes the sensations of Penis nerves to some extent, to make your erections go on.

But, what about the pleasuring sensation?

Will that also go away, leaving a sensation-less penis in the long run?

This question is yet to be answered by the manufacturer.  

Some of the main inactive ingredients are said to be Dimethicone, Farnesol, Soy Lecithin, Glycerin, Fragrance, and Ceteareth-20 along with purified water and other ethanol-based compounds.

Ethanol, when used in the long run, could create skin allergies and other some form of inflammation, when sprayed in excess.

How does Stud 100 Spray work?

The main job of Lidocaine is supposed to block the electrical pulses being transmitted from the Penis region to the brain.

As you are aware, most of the activation and arousal of the male penis are controlled by the Hypothalamus region of the brain.

In ordinary cases, the cycle of orgasm and the cycle of ejaculation are connected and balanced.

When the balance gets distorted, the ejaculation phase comes much before the orgasm phase.

This is called Premature-ejaculation.

Though not entirely proven, the possible causes of premature ejaculation are attributed to 

Benefits of Inactive Stud 100 ingredients

The inactive ingredients, on the other hand, seem to do their supporting job quite well.

But, they are not quite robust enough to overcome some of the acute adversarial reactions induced by ethanol

But the effectiveness seems to be only temporary. Meanwhile, Enlast appears to perform better as it offers many features like 

How to use STUD 100?

The usage is quite simple.

The STUD 100 spray is available in a bottle with multiple safe seals.

The seals have to be opened first.

When to use and when to avoid Stud 100?

According to the manufacturers, you can use this spray 10 to 15 minutes before your lovemaking session.

This is the theoretical calculation.

You can use it based on a simple formula also.

The reason to avoid the usage of spray seems to be more in number than the ones to recommend its usage.

Possible STUD 100 side effects

If you are allergic, you may develop irritation itching, burning or mild inflammation of the skin.

The spray may not make any impact on your premature ejaculation.

In such a case, your problem may be more than just physical or more complicated.

You may have to discontinue using the spray for some time and contact your physician.

Stud 100 Conclusion

Though the preparation is scientifically validated to have positive effects on male performance levels, you will be able to find better efficient products in the market today.

Your purpose will be better served when the product can enable your penis and other sexual organs into power and endurance rather than numbing the organs.

Many users have got better results with the Ejaculation Guru, in combination with a balanced diet.

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Stud 100


Delays Orgasm


Fast Acting


Fast Absorbing


Improved Sexual Stamina


Enhanced Pleasure & Arousal



  • Safe To Use With Oral Sex
  • No Prescription Necessary
  • Can Be Used With A Condom


  • You May Find Even A Small Application Is Too Strong And You Cant Feel Any Pleasure
  • It Will Take Some Trial & Error The First Few Times You Experiment With It
  • Not A Permanent Fix So You Will Need To Apply It Every time You Have Sex
  • Can Become Expensive If You Need It Every time You Have Sex
  • The Numbing Effect May Stop You From Being Able To Even Maintain An Erection