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SizeGenetics Before And After

Last updated Fact Checked: Sep 11, 2019

sizegenetics-before-afterThe Functionality Of SizeGenetics Extender

The functionality of SizeGenetics extender is motivated by the dreams of men to attain the largest, biggest, and best penis size ever made possible.

This could be a misnomer, for we are not comparing two penises regarding any parameters we have mentioned.

The idea is to:

  1. Gain the maximum size and length possible for your penis.
  2. Achieve bigger size erections and get the highest pleasure of sex
  3. Gain the best of healthy proportions of growth
  4. Sustain your erections for longer periods than ever before
  5. Please and pleasure your female partner like never before
  6. Enjoy a wholesome healthy and fit life

The Fundamental Problems That Are Addressed By The SizeGenetics Extender Are…

SizeGenetics-Extender-uvu-performanceThe essential problem that is bothering your penis would be the state of its initiation. When you find difficulties in sustaining your initial erection, you can assume that your penis is lacking strength and stamina.

If you sincerely wish to enhance your erections…

You should improve your initial penile erection. This is made possible by the SizeGenetics device by continuously subjecting your penis to a state of gentle traction over some time.

Your penis can be manipulated to gain extra strength in the extended state. Exercising helps your penis to benefit from the supplied energy. Every tissue and cell in your penile region is now capable of absorbing the nutrients and minerals from your food more efficiently.

The size genetics results show that the Extender device is capable of inducing flexibility and tensile strength to your penis. Thus, sustained exercises can solve your penis’s initial-erection problem.

The device works in the flaccid state of your penis. At the end of each training session, your penis tissues get extra strength and flexibility. The SizeGenetics penis extender is bestowed with a unique ability.


It can induce the energy storing capacity of the cells of your penile tissue.

This energy is used by your tissues to attain

  1. The consistent growth of new cells over a period
  2. Complete state of maturity
  3. Ability to withstand premature ejaculations for a longer period
  4. Sustaining the sexual energy levels enhanced sexual arousal

Problems Concerned With Male Libido

The libido factor is responsible for the initiation, sustenance, and control of your sexual powers during sexual intercourse. Once your penis is in the initial state of erection, you will need the stamina for copulation.

This can become possible when your penis can sustain the initial tremors and sensations that may force premature ejaculations. For this, you need to hold your sexual drive consistently.

In many cases where the penile strength is not properly initiated. The power and strength of the penis become weak. This results In a limp penis while you are in the performance phase. This sort of problem could lead to premature ejaculation.

Some of the experiences of men have shown that being in a state of constant stress also affects their performance. This psychological stress happens because of the previous failed attempts for successful copulation that might have ended in disasters. This is where the SizeGenetics-extender comes to your rescue.stressed-impotent-man

It is capable of solving all the problems related to your libido and its sustenance over an extended time.

The increasing number of SizeGenetics extender reviews clearly show that large numbers of men are getting practical benefits from this SizeGenetic extender.

Physical And Mental Stress

Natural and mental stresses are the most critical factors that are responsible for failures in sexual performance and penis growth. Growth cannot happen if there is continued pressure on the penis tissues and nerves.

Stress can take physical or psychological forms. The sort of work schedule determines the levels of stress that you physically accumulate within your body.


Over time, this stress gets transferred to every muscle and organ in your body, including your penis.

This makes it impossible for your penis…

  1. To get the optimum option for growth
  2. To get the optimum energy supplies that promote growth
  3. To get the optimum exercises for growth

The physical stress accumulated makes your penis get exhausted.

When you are busy in your professional life, your mind will always be preoccupied with ambitions to succeed in your life, overcome business competition, overcome fear and other negative factors, etc.

These are the factors that could also influence your penis relaxation. The Size Genetics penis extender is capable of relaxing your penis tissues

Once you start using the device, you can quickly experience the SizeGenetics results practically. It helps you in relieving the stress levels in your penis. Exercising with this device over an extended period can help overcome problems.

This naturally increases the performance levels of your penis.

SizeGenetics Before And After Scenario

The before-after scenario can be best understood when we look at the growth rate of your penis in weeks.


Sizegenetics ResultsReasons
813% growthThe initial stages of your growth can be attributed to the stages in which your penis is made to overcome its erections. Here, the device works in removing the shrinkage problem, increasing flexibility, and initiating mitosis. Good results are observed within the eight weeks. By this time, the strength of your penile skin and the Corpora Cavernosa regions would also have reached a stable state.


19% growth

This is the second stage. Your penis tissues and cells are being prepared to expand and grow naturally. The sustained phase ensures that the growth is uniform, forward in nature and non-reversible.


24% growth

The next state of intermediate growth rate provides induction of flexibility, stamina, and virility to the growing cells and tissues. You can observe a remarkable improvement in your penis’s ability to withstand pressure. You can attain and enjoy longer erections without experiencing shrinkage or premature ejaculations for more extended periods


29% growth

The pinnacle state of growth. This stage is set for the final launch of your drive to enhance the size, girth, and virility. Your erections are the best you have ever experienced. You can also feel the benefit of gaining the best growth rate possible.

sizegenetics-horizontal-bannerSizeGenetics Compatibility

SizeGenetics can best measure the compatibility of the real Sizegenetics results. You can find the increasing confirmation of sound evidence in the published SizeGenetics testimonials online.

SizeGenetics Working Principles

The working principles of the device are best compared when you get the best results. The device promises to deliver all the results well within the time frame specified.

This has also been practically proven.

How this is made possible can be seen when we understand some of the fundamental principles on which the device is built.

boytoy-sg-testimonialAs you continue to utilize the device. You can experience the traction. You may experience it some time in quicker frequencies. At some other point, you may feel the slowdown. It is not because of the device issue. Neither it is related to the method of extension.

Your penis will now be subject to the relaxation phase. In this phase, your penis tissues will be undergoing growth and expansion, resulting from the mitosis process. At this stage, your penis may be experiencing a tight feeling.

Make sure that you wear the device for at least 5 hours a day. Once your penile tissues get conditioned to the exercising methods, you can extend the time to which you wear the extender.

forum-recommendationIt is recommended that you keep measuring the SizeGenetics before and after frequently. Preferably monthly, as penis growth does take time. This will ensure that you are on the right track of progress.

The structure of the device provides that it sends growth stimulation to every penis tissue and cell. The traction process achieves this. In this process, gentle waves are generated due to extended pressure all along the length and girth of your penis.

This process results in actually increases the total growth of your penis. The connected tissues, blood-veins, and other cells start realigning their orientation and alignment in line with the growing penis.


Shahrokh Shariat, MD

Prof. Shariat has published over 1400 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. In 2014 he received the Matula Award from the European Society of Urology (EAU), in 2017 the Gold Cystoscope Award from the American Society of Urology, probably the most important urologist award worldwide.