Premature Ejaculation?

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: June 14, 2019

Premature ejaculation is more common than you might think. It’s an embarrassing problem that many men face in silence or within the close company of their significant other. Let’s take a look see what it is.

What Is Premature Ejaculation?

It is usually shortened and referred to PE to simplify matters, but basically, it just means that you end up cumming too fast.

How embarrassing right?

There has been more attention more recently to premature ejaculation as the announcement of a new medication has been made available. In 2014 this medication was made accessible on the NHS. More about that later.

To some, PE is just a thing that happens to somebody else. But if you happen to be that someone else it could cause much distress and anxiety, which can affect personal lives and relationships. You can understand how this can take its toll on a relationship as both parties are affected.

It’s not uncommon for marriages breaking up due to it.

6 – Signs & Tips for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is a problem that hits the majority of men at some time in their lives. Here are 6 tips amp; signs for those who have experienced Erectile Dysfunction or for men who want to know more about the subject. Erectile Dysfunction is almost always solvable once tackled with truth and an open mind.

1. Erectile Dysfunction can be an early warning sign for a number of conditions, such as Diabetes or Heart Disease. As soon as you experience any problems you should attend your Doctor immediately for a check-up. In the case of Erectile Dysfunction “the-sooner-the-better,” you get a Doctor to look into your problems is the main catch phrase

2. There’s absolutely no need to panic about Erectile Dysfunction. Whatever you do, don’t turn it into a problem about you or try to blame yourself. Most men’s Erectile Dysfunction is not down to not fancying their partner, not down to having found someone else and there is always a good explanation as to why you are experiencing it. For partners of men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction please remember that this is a common occurrence in men and various reasons can trigger this problem.

3. If you go to your Doctor and your Erectile Dysfunction is not for a physical reason, or if you have lost confidence because of your problem, you must talk to someone about your worries with your partner, your Doctor or a counselor. There are many places that you can call that will treat your inquiries with complete confidence and you should avail and encourage yourself to take action. It is important to be completely honest with your partner who, in turn, can encourage you about this problem.

4. On attending your Doctor he/she may offer medication for the problem and if so, please take the full course of your prescription. If one particular medication does not suit you then just go back and explain until you both work it out and get the right medication for you. Your Doctor is there to help you and not judge you.

5. It is highly important to help yourself and begin a plan of healthy living. Excessive alcohol, smoking, and obesity can all add to the chances of developing Erectile Dysfunction. If you are medication for e.g, depression, anxiety, or various ailments, this medication could be the root of your problem. Check with your Pharmacist or Doctor and be open and clear about your problem.

6. If the problem becomes a major problem then it may be helpful if you and your partner seek help together. There are many Erectile Dysfunction Support Networks out there. Try looking it up on the internet and ask anyone you can think of for help. If you involve your partner then they do not feel isolated and alone. A great website you can check out is

Some Statistics

Many surveys have tried to investigate and bring to light more information about who and how many people are affected. A study in Britain concluded that approximately 10% of males in England had at some point in their lives ejaculated prematurely.

Younger men are more prone to it. It makes sense since they are newly exploring their sexuality. As age increases so does experience, guys are usually able to tame and control their ejaculation as they get to know their body better.

A European survey conducted about a decade ago showed that many middle-aged men also suffer from it. So it doesn’t seem like an age thing, but luckily there are a wide array of treatments available.

Let’s Define Premature Ejaculation…

With things of this nature, it’s difficult, to sum up, a definition concisely. It is very subjective; I may consider five minutes perfectly fine, but you might consider that to be the time for you just to get started.

More Statistics

The European Society for Sexual Medicine published a paper in 2006. The information they presented was that, on average, men who suffered from premature ejaculation lasted 1.8 minutes before ejaculating.

Men who weren’t suffering from PE, on average were found to be lasting about 7.3 minutes.

This is where the problem lies, some guys claim to be suffering from PE, and they could go for about 25 minutes.

At the same convention, a professor said that out of the study, he found that 2.5% of men weren’t even able to have sex for one and a half minutes.

It’s not only the men we have to take into account here, but women are also undoubtedly affected. Women take much longer to climax so we can understand their frustration. From a female’s point of view then, even 15 minutes wouldn’t suffice.

If you are unable to manage five minutes, our advice would be that you should look into some form of treatment.

So let’s finally define what premature ejaculation is, or at least try. The best we could come up with is that if either you or your partner feel as though the orgasm is arriving much too quickly, then it is likely that you have PE to some degree.

Is It Really All That Important?

To reiterate, if neither you or your partner feel as though you have ejaculated too quickly, then there is no problem to report. But if it is affecting either one of you and leaving you unsatisfied, unhappy or even frustrated then it can be something that matters.

Depending on its severity it could matter a lot or not all that much.

In extreme cases, men end up ejaculating even before penetration begins. Not only will this affect his confidence sexually, but diminished confidence will creep into all aspects of his life as well.

What if she’s feeling broody?

How is she going to get pregnant when your semen’s all over the inside of your pants.

In less severe cases, the man ends up cumming within a few minutes of having entered the Vagina with his penis.

Listen To What Some Women Of The Great British Publics Population Think About Premature Ejaculation And A Leading NHS Health Expert Explain A Bit More About It.

What Is The Cause Of Premature Ejaculation?

Sexperts have believed for a long time that it is a result of behavioral conditioning from an early age. We all remember being younger and masturbating vigorously to cum before anybody in the house walks in on us.

Don’t lie; you know you’ve been there! We all have.

This is a bit of a hit and miss analogy because it does not explain why some people suffer from premature ejaculation even though they never had this experience. The reasons for premature ejaculation can sometimes be very ambiguous and blurred with no one size fits all approach.

The intellectualist, know it all Darwin theory of evolutionary guys claim that it all started back in the day when the alpha male was the one that was able to squirt his cum quicker than everybody else and end up getting everybody pregnant so his genes could live on forever. What nonsense!

What nonsense!

But, a more sensible explanation would be, anxiety or lack of confidence. It is inevitable to end up ejaculating quickly and much too early when you have anxiety issues, lack of confidence or trust issues in your own self. Lack of trust means that you will always be imagining the worst situation that could happen to you with the girl.

It’s kind of like when they say you will never win a fight if you go into it believing that you’re going to lose. If that’s your mind frame, then you’ve already lost before you’ve started.

This is why many men resort to a bit of Dutch courage, alcohol eases anxiety and increases confidence. In no way do we recommend using alcohol as a treatment for premature ejaculation as it will become anchored to the act of sex and it will become a must-have in order for you to have sex?


Premature Ejaculation Help Needed?

As for recommendations, firstly we would need to differentiate between the severity of PE.

Best Treatment For Mild Cases Of Premature Ejaculation

If you are one of those men that can last about five minutes generally, but you would like to increase that to say maybe 10 to 15 minutes, then there’s hardly any point in visiting your doctor.

Why do we say that? Just because a situation like this only requires a bit of imagination so that you can distract yourself.

Think about something else, get out of the whole situation, get your mind out but leave your penis in. Try not to think about your granny that would just be weird, but try to think of something completely unrelated and non-arousing.

Or you could try to divert the attention of the sensations you’re feeling, what I mean by that is by maybe pinching yourself and so your brain has that to think about that rather than cumming too early.

Use A Desensitizing Spray, Cream Or Gel

These help PE because they work due to them containing local anesthetics such as Lidocaine or benzocaine. Just apply about 10 minutes before intercourse, and it will numb your penis so that sensations are not so intense as they previously were.

Make sure that it has been fully absorbed into the skin of your penis because you wouldn’t want to numb out the inside walls of your partner’s vagina, would you?

If this is an option for you, then make sure you go with a reputable brand and not just a cheap knockoff. Cheaply made creams, sprays and gels may be extremely highly concentrated with a local anesthetic. Then you won’t be able even to feel your dick, so how would you even get hard in the first place?

Opt for one of our recommended ones such as VigRX Delay Spray, Enlast or ProSolution Gel. They offer a money back guarantee and the Internet is plastered with positive reviews about them. STUD 100 is another one, but we would NOT recommend that as many users have reported the numbing to be too intense and therefore ruining their sexual experience altogether.

What If You Have A More Severe Case Of Premature Ejaculation?

You will know if it’s a serious case if it is causing you great concern and ruining sex for you and your partner on a continual basis.

The best advice for you would be to speak to a doctor or more specifically a trained Urologist.

But you’re a man, so the chances are you’re probably not willing to disclose such a beta trait to somebody else.

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