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Penis Extenders

Shahrokh Shariat, MD
Senior Editor & Writer

Prof. Shariat has published over 1400 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. In 2014 he received the Matula Award from the European Society of Urology (EAU), and in 2017 the Gold Cystoscope Award from the American Society of Urology, probably the most important urologist award worldwide.

A Detailed Guide On How Penis Extenders Work And Help You!

To get complete satisfaction in your sexual activity, the size of the penis matters a lot. However, most of the time, men do not have that bigger size which leads to dissatisfaction for both of the partners during sexual performance.

Over the years, there has been a wide range of devices and options developed for men, who are looking for the best solution to improve the size and girth of their manhood.

You should be aware of the fact that not all of the options and devices are created equally. Amongst others, penis enlargers have become one of the most efficient and reliable options to rely on.

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Enlargers are the devices that are helpful to provide long-term results. Additionally, it has been concluded that it is a safe and natural way to attain the desired effects for increasing the penis size that every man wants. This is the main reason why a penis enlarger has become a device of choice. The popularity of these devices has been increasing for many years.

Why Are These Extenders Popular?

When it comes to penis enlargement, more and more people use the internet to get the best method. Men can make the right decisions and choices that are concerned with penis enlargement with the help of the web. They are available on the internet quickly. The ability to find them easily has made them so accessible.

This is why they are gaining a lot of popularity in different parts of the world. Those who have tried these penis enlarging devices are also able to discuss their results, as well as, experiences utterly free of mind and without any hesitation.

As you know, people are social by nature and the internet gives some level of privacy, it gives people a chance to give their opinions and pleasure to others as they have experienced the use of the best penis enlarger and they have obtained what they want to achieve. So, when any other men search online about a particular penis enlargement device like Male Edge, they never get disappointed as they can find reliable information about these tools.

Using the internet will give you an option to visit many sites and forums that are designed for solving the issue of penis enlargement. Since penis enlargement devices are a comparatively affordable option that gives remarkable outcomes, their popularity has risen exponentially in the current years.

Penis Enlargers: The Best Option, Why?

When you are new to penis enlargement options, you may experience confusion as to whether or not these choices work. Apart from the penis extension devices, you will find many other options that may attract you to a great extent. These options include penis pumps, penis enlargement surgery, pills, weights, and much more.

Overall, these devices tend to be the preferred and transparent method to enlarge the pills. There are many reasons why these extending devices are selected as an alternative to other techniques and approaches. Explore more about the reasons, such as:

Male Enhancement Pills

You might have heard about male enhancement pills, and the options are many that make the penis larger and harder. The results are temporary with pills, which is the primary issue. Additionally, sometimes, they offer negligible outcomes as compared to extenders. Another demerit of the pills is that you will have to consume them internally.

In any case, if a user is undergoing medication for any other purpose, these pills can prove to be harmful due to drug interactions. However, you would be glad to know that these pills are a valid option according to studies, which help to maintain firmer erections throughout.

For those men who have experienced the use of both penis enlargement pills and penis stretchers, they prefer the stretchers as these devices provide the best results for them.

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Penis Enlargement Weights

If we compare the extenders with the weights used to boost the penis size, the extenders would be the priority among men. Weights for penis enlargement have been around for quite some time.

Either way, Penis weights, and extending devices work using similar principles to enhance the size of the penis, but extenders have a unique benefit. It is because weights often stretch the ligaments that may cause severe issues and irreparable damage to the body.

Another drawback is that they also stop the blood flow to the central part that can cause infections in the penile glands and a man may experience some severe health issues due to that. Moreover, if they are misused, they also give long-term health problems associated with the sexual division.

While on the other hand, if we talk about penis stretching devices, they are designed to give the correct amount of traction and pressure to the penis safely and efficiently. They are beneficial in adding inches to the penis.

Unlike weights, you do not need to think about the guesswork in deciding how much quantity is required to use the device rightly. With the extending devices, there are only simple instructions that make them both convenient and straightforward.

Many men are still worried about the fact that do penis enlargers work? There is nothing to be stressed about the functioning and safety of these devices as they are more secure and reliable than other penis enhancement options available on the market.

Male Enhancement Surgery

Another method to raise the size of the penis is to follow penis enlargement treatments and surgeries. During surgery, the cutting of the ligament takes place that is linked to the pubic bone from the penis. It is a highly invasive procedure to get additional strength and length to the penis. Then, fat is inserted into the penis so that it can become thickened or enhanced.

These treatments are full of risks and have many potential adverse effects on the body, particularly on manhood. These side effects include impotence, loss of sensitivity, infections, incontinence, and constant pain. Rather than getting the desired results, there’s more chance you will damage your penis and hinder your sex life as well. This is why a lot of men are attracted to only penis enlargers.

Vacuum Pumps

Last but not the least, in the list of penis enlargement options, there are vacuum pumps. They can also be compared to penis extension devices.  These are pumps, which work to increase penis size by relying on the vacuum principle. It works by using reverse pressure to eliminate the air around the penis. This way, it increases the flow of blood to the organ that leading to an enormous increase in the level of erections.

Once erections are achieved, these pumps need to be removed and then replaced with the plastic or rubber ring that you need to wear. The results obtained are not permanent and may not last for long. It is another reason why you should prefer the best penis enlarger, like SizeGenetics or the Phallosan Forte rather than the vacuum pumps.

What Exactly Is A Penis Extender?

Now, coming to the point, what is a penis extender or simply a penis enlarging device. It is defined as a medical device that needs to be worn on the central part of the man to give a constant stretching force.

These devices are lightweight. They are to be worn only when the penis is in a flaccid state. You can adjust these tools to accommodate the penis, which will be growing day by day. There are different levels of traction force that can be applied to the penis according to your needs.

You should wear a penis stretcher for 6 to 8 hours every day if you want to obtain the best and desired outcomes. Based on the requirements, it can be worn in 2 different sessions, like you can use them in the morning for at least 3 hours and another session can be in the evening for the same time.

Nowadays penis extender devices are the most popular gadgets among men who are not satisfied with their penis size.  You are also going to find pretty good options on the market.  These devices are specially designed for men to use and are the best alternatives to pills and surgeries.  These devices promise to increase the size of your penis with constant traction.

They are known to give permanent results based on consistent use.

Approximately sixty percent of the male population is not happy with their size. This is the reason why they are looking for a complete package.  These gadgets are nonsurgical devices that can add a few inches to the penis.  The longer you use them, the better the results. Now comes the question of how they work?

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How Do They Work?

The penile extender is a device that is worn over the penis when it is in a flaccid state. Some screws are used to stretch the penis. Theoretically, these devices are going to cause the replication of the cell, and the result is going to be penis enlargement that increases the length and girth of the penis.

There is a plastic loop or strap, which grips and holds the penis in place. Then two metal bars provide the traction force.  It is advised to use this device for up to 4-6 hours daily to get the desired results.

Also, make sure to use it for at least six months. After this period you are going to experience an increase in the size and girth of your penis, and this is proven.

Traction is a method that is used by physicians for skin regeneration and also for the tissues of the body. While these devices are used to enlarge the cavities which cause cells to replicate, this method leads to the cellular breakdown of cells in the shaft of the penis.

After that, your organ goes through to restore the tissues that are damaged, and then new cells are formed which fill in the gaps.  When cavities get enlarged, they can hold more blood, and this leads to bigger erections.

If you think that this process is going to be painful, then you are wrong.  You might feel a little discomfort when you are wearing one of the best penis extenders. But if you are going to follow the instructions you will start noticing results, which will also motivate you.

How To Stop Using It?

After you receive permanent results using it, you can put an end to using it. Make sure that you are not stopping its use all of a sudden.  For example, if you are using it for 6 hours, come down to 4 then 2, and then leave its use. Also, make sure to buy the best one like SizeGenetics or the Phallosan Forte.

Choosing a trustworthy brand is also essential. This will assure you with efficient, quality components, safe and durable gadgets. All these features will help you in getting the desired results and also in a secure way.

What Gains Can You Anticipate From A Penis Extender?

When you are going to rely on these penis stretching devices, the main thing to conclude is that do penis extenders work? Of course, they work for sure if they are used accurately as per the instructions. The typical gain is around one inch in length within the regular use for 1 to 6 weeks. If you use it for a further three months, it helps to add a 2nd inch to your penis. Depending on the period you will use these devices, the more inches it will add to the penis.

Once you have obtained a thicker, longer, and more satisfying penis, you can stop using the penis enlarger. The results these devices give are permanent, and you are going to have an exciting, joyful, and wild sex session with your partner, giving her the fantasy she deserves to have.

Many men are not satisfied with the size of their penis, and this is the reason they are looking for ways out. Penis extenders are the first things that come to mind.  Increasing the size of the penis is a sensitive topic when it comes to men with small penis syndrome.  They keep on looking for alternatives and many end up their search on penis enhancers. There are both advantages and disadvantages of penis enhancers, and here they are explained.

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Advantages Of The Device

So, if you are ready to use any one of the machines that you have picked for your case, then here is the detailed guide of its benefits first.  These advantages are also going to help you in reaching an informed decision. The best penis extender is going to assist you in getting all these benefits that are mentioned below.

The Safest Option

There are different types of penis enhancing gadgets available, and some of them look weird and others dangerous, but the fact is that they are safe to use. You will have to try it first to realize how safe it is. If you know how to use it correctly, you are ready to have a big penis.

You just have to apply the pressure gently initially, and you will see that it is quite comfortable. It is also safer than nasty pills, and not many prefer taking them. On the other hand, this option is even better than surgery because numerous things can go wrong.

Improves Bedroom Performance

These gadgets surely work if you know how to use them properly. You will see that there are regenerated cells growing and your penis will become healthy and enlarged resulting in the best bedroom performance ever. This is also going to lift your confidence.

Better And Rock Harder Erections

No matter how big your penis gets, if it fails to get erections, nobody will know what the size of your penis is. During intercourse,  penis size does matter which comes after proper erections?  After using penis enhancers, you will find that you are getting better erections which will lead to satisfactory sexual sessions.

Affordable Treatment

You may know how expensive surgeries are and there are many threats involved when you undergo surgery. Operations can even result in death and are also extremely expensive. After Penis enlargement surgery you will also need to invest in pills and aftercare is also required for which you have to spend money once again. On the other hand, when you purchase any gadget which is used for penis enlargement it is just a one-time investment.

Sure Shot Treatment

You get the best benefits from a penis stretcher. Several studies show that the users who correctly used penis enhancements added up to 30% of their size to their penis. Here, the trick is to use your gadget correctly.

Permanent Results

Once the changes are developed, they are not going to collapse back.  The body has a natural process of regenerating cells that fill the gaps. Once you get results, there is no chance of dragging the results back.  You are just left with a big penis. Even after you stop the use of penis enlargement gadgets, the body is going to maintain the results.

What Are The Disadvantages?

No product on the market can claim 100% results or say it is a perfect piece. Everything has both pros and cons.

No Immediate Results

If you think your penis stretchers are going to give you a big penis overnight, then you are living in a fantasy. You will have to be patient and let your body work because first, it will need to adapt.  The results you are going to get will be permanent, but for that, you will have to wait and show some patience.

Risky Deal

These gadgets are safe to use, but still, there are some risks involved when you are not appropriately using them. Make sure that you are not purchasing a low-quality device. There are some premium quality gadgets available such as Phallosan Forte.

You can get this extender from their official website which is the only trusted source and enjoy excellent results.  A good manufacturer is going to guarantee you the quality, and this is going to prevent potential risks. Also, make sure that you are following the instructions to use this extender properly.

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Not Discreet

You cannot keep it open and think no one will find what it is? Just like any other sex toy people will quickly know what you are up to.  It can be pretty embarrassing if your cleaning lady finds it beside your table. You can avoid the embarrassment by keeping it secretly hidden somewhere and using this device in your complete privacy.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of using a penis extender and based on these things you can come to an informed decision.

How Much Does It Cost?

As mentioned earlier these extenders are inexpensive as compared to any other remedies you think about. The price is also going to vary from one brand to another.  There are some extenders like Male Edge, which are one of the best names and will even fit your budget comfortably.  It can cost between $150 to $400.

It is a good idea if you purchase this gadget online from trusted sources like their official websites. Online you can request private delivery. Online you are also going to get several options to choose from.

They have mentioned features, prices, guides to use them based on which you can make your purchase.  It will be better if you have already decided on a budget and they can find a deal that fits your particular budget.  You are going to find one but the best one to go with would be the Phallosan Forte if your budget allows.

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