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Penis Enlargement: Male Penile Size Enhancement Can It Work?

Male penile size enhancement can work? Men want to enlarge using products such as pills, dermal filler (Hyaluronic Acid), or penis enlargement surgery but what are the risks?

Last updated Fact Checked: Jan 31, 2022

We’ve heard the spiritual axiom “what you focus on grows!” Well, you can make your dick larger. Though, this does beg the essential question, does size matter?

And, how important is penis size for women?

First off, you know that penises come in different lengths, in different widths but so do vaginas. There are longer ones, shorter ones, wider ones and so the well-matched question is the idea. More than your physical size, you want to look at how your two genitals come together and how your overall sexual function comes together and matches with your partner.

With That In Mind, Here Are Five Suggestions To Start The Process Of Penile Enhancement!

These techniques have been known to increase penis length anywhere from half an inch to an inch and more and even half an inch to an inch and more in penile girth. So, these techniques are physical, and some of them are psychological. All in all, they allude to you to have what I refer to as a self-actualized cock, so that’s a cock that’s fully grown into itself and has realized its full potential.

Occupy For Dick Enlargement

Hold your penis, what’s more, important than physical inches? Even though I said size matters, what I’m getting to, what matters is the size of your confidence. How much you own your cock, the size of your faith will pump up your penis size and your sexual power much more than you realize, so you own your sexual energy, you own your libido, you own your cock!

Your cock is an extension of you as a man, so it’s an expression of your power, your confidence, and your masculine energy. That’s what you’re channeling through your cock and what you give to your women when you fuck her. That’s what you need to fuck her with. I’ve had less well-endowed lovers who fucked like champions, and I don’t mean that they just performed a lot of cunnilingus to make up for having a small penis.

What I mean is that they fucked as though they had a superstar cock. They strutted around with that thing, leading the way, they walked around and had all of their consciousness and intention infused into their dicks. And that’s what they infused into me. That massive power, strength, and confidence. That is what every woman wants and needs from her man.

So, own what you’ve got. Choose to start loving your penis and eventually you will. And if you do, others will. That’s the secret of confidence, it’s 9/10ths about what you own and what you love about yourself, rather than what you have, so whatever size that you’ve got, your penis is a tool to penetrate, heal and open your partner. Whatever size it is.

Dopamine Enlarges Penis’s

Dopamine builds cock. Physical activity that generates dopamine will help to grow a cock. Dopamine is the precursor to testosterone. Exercise that stimulates more dopamine and testosterone will lead you to a fuller stronger and even longer-lasting erect penis.

Weight training and HIIT training are the best generators of dopamine and testosterone. So, get to the gym, and you’re not only going to be building your biceps but also your cock.

Doing what you love and what pleases you will generate dopamine too. So, having lots of great sexual activity will help you to build your cock. There are ways that you can orgasm using ancient Taoist and Tantric techniques which allow you to harvest more dopamine from your sexual performance and thus build more testosterone.

The average male just ejaculates out most of his dopamine, so if you want to learn more about ways how to enlarge your penis by doing this.

Testicle Massage – New Way Of Penis Enhancement?

The testicles are the storehouses for testosterone in the body, so regularly rubbing them even for five minutes a day will raise the production and flow of testosterone in your system. This will strengthen your erections and increase your libido.

Physically, you will boost circulation, sperm count, and men’s sexual health overall of your testicles plus everything that they create.

How To Do It The Safe Way?

So, to demonstrate, you just need to cup them with your thumb on top and your fingers underneath and then just massage with a light rolling circular motion. You want to go 36 times in one direction and then 36 times in the opposite direction and keep breathing deeply throughout.

Even if you do this once a day, you can easily do it as part of your morning routine, and I suggest that you do it instead of your daily espresso shot, give yourself testosterone shot first thing in the morning. I always like to say I don’t do coffee; I do orgasms or some kind of sexual energy. Let’s stop here for now, and we will carry on in just a second after you’ve gone 36 times in both directions!


Soon we will explore more organic, growing techniques including a particular cock sexercise routine but in the meantime…


Cocks will GROW – YES, a flaccid penis will get erect, and when a man is indeed showing up and inhabiting his power, he also occupies his cock to such a degree that it grows larger into its full potential. Another half an inch or an inch is attainable.

I’ve seen it, and I have felt it with my own eyes and other parts, this is not a spam folder rumor it’s genital truth! Your cock can do all kinds of other crazy shit too, like separating orgasm from ejaculation.

You can have ten orgasms in a night without emitting a trace of fluid, and you can heal a woman with its awe-inducing powers. That is your birthright, that is the kind of cock magic that every man can tap into. So, remember to check out the rest of this article once you finished massaging your balls, don’t think I’ve forgotten!

Now that I trust you have finished massaging your balls let’s continue talking about growing your cock organically… Is it possible? Using these natural methods you can gain inches in both penile length and girth.

Food As Sexual Medicine…

The more that you eat a clean, organic, whole foods diet, the more cock that you will grow. Foods that increase testosterone production will also increase the size, strength, and even staying power of your erections. So let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.

First off, you want to avoid refined, processed, and packaged foods. White sugar, white flour, all of these things have a disruptive effect on your system and are often full of chemicals that will interfere with your proper hormonal neurotransmitter function. Sugar itself is a neurotoxin, so avoid!

Do eat a diet composed mostly of fresh fruit and vegetables, healthy fats, and high-quality protein. Some foods have a direct result in testosterone production such as the pomegranate, and in recent studies, they have found that a glass of pomegranate juice daily increased testosterone levels by up to 24% in just two weeks. By the way, some people think that the pomegranate is the original Apple in the Adam and Eve story.

Pomegranate and pomegranate juice may be difficult to get hold of so you can consume them every day. Fortunately, the Male Extra male enhancement pills contain pomegranate extract along with many other libido boosting and erection enhancing ingredients making them very powerful for treating erectile dysfunction.

Some foods function indirectly in that they build the precursors to the manufacture of testosterone like Oysters, which are packed with Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium, Copper, and Vitamin D. All of these things are crucial for testosterone production. Other foods high on the list are berries. Blueberries, blackberries, Acai berries are also high in antioxidants. So you can have your morning acai bowl and know that it’s perfect for your cock.

Fermented foods and pre and probiotics. Studies have shown that different pre and probiotic strains, not only increase testosterone production, but they increase testicular size and weight, which is awesome! You can add a pre or probiotic supplement to your diet or some fermented foods like kimchee.

Raw Cacao/organic dark chocolate

I mentioned healthy fats which are linked to higher testosterone production, so are looking for saturated fatty acids (SFA) or monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), almost sounds like motherfuckers but in a good way.

Good testosterone nuts and seeds are like Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, and pumpkin seeds. All nuts and seeds, in general, are good, but these, in particular, were particularly useful.

Oils and healthy fats like organic extra virgin olive oil, make sure that it’s an organic and extra virgin because there are a lot of bogus olive oils out on the market these days that are cut with inferior oils and not olive oils. So, look for organic olive oil from high-quality brands. Coconut oil is also amazing, and so is flaxseed oil.

Avocados are another great one – organic free-range eggs, grass-fed organic meats, grass-fed butter or ghee, and also on the list would be garlic and ginger. So, I’m a huge garlic fanatic, I just make everyone around me deal with it, but you will be happier ingesting significant amounts of garlic if your partner also swallows large quantities. You will just be oblivious to it together.

Exercises For Penile Lengthening And Girth Enhancement

There is evidence of different ancient cultures all over the globe who had practiced this to grow cock through exercise. I once had a lover who was obsessed with growing his penis and so by

But he was very, very, very diligent about practicing and I had another lover who had the same level of let’s say commitment to these practices, and he had practiced for several years. He had the largest, thickest, strongest – I’ve never had a larger penis that could do or have the agility and articulation which is the equivalent of the vagina weightlifting practice that I teach, that women have this ability to articulate – grip – move – pull – suck with their vagina. This is the usual state of affairs for genitalia that has been coached.

He had the wildest, strongest, most amazing cock I’ve ever been with and it was like the equivalent of my superb vagina. It was incredible I coined the term SUPER COCK to describe his legendary dick and all legendary dick’s are a tribute to this man.

The purpose of these exercises is to enlarge the corpora cavernosa; this is the sponge-like tissue that fills with blood when you get an erection. There are small spaces in the tissue, and by gently stretching it out you can increase the surface area that the blood will flow into.

To find detailed instructions on how to do these exercises for maximum gains you should check out the Penis Enlargement Bible by John Collins, the Penis Enlargement Remedy, or the Penis Advantage programs.

You can also choose to use a penis extender or penis pump to give you more intense stretches on your penile shaft and suspensory ligament than you could achieve with the use of your hands alone. Try the Phallosan Forte or the SizeGenetics extenders as they are the most comfortable and reputable ones available.

For pumps, only use the water-based ones such as the Penomet or the Bathmate. Water-based hydro pumps are much safer than air-based ones.

All of these ideas and techniques from growing confidence to testosterone building, to penis exercises, will help you to seize control of your life, of your cock, and your woman. Your penis is an extension of you as a man, so when it’s firing on all cylinders so is the rest of your life.

You infuse more and more of your personal and sexual power into everything that you do, so when your life is thriving that will also then come back and reverberate back into your penis. Uplifting it!

Penile enhancement surgery or penis augmentation should be a last resort for cosmetic penis enlargement. A Plastic surgeon would love for you to become a patient for a penile enhancement procedure but try natural penile enlargement treatment first.

Shahrokh Shariat, MD

Prof. Shariat has published over 1400 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. In 2014 he received the Matula Award from the European Society of Urology (EAU), in 2017 the Gold Cystoscope Award from the American Society of Urology, probably the most important urologist award worldwide.

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