Penis Enlargement Hypnosis

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: May 8, 2019

There isn’t much information on penis enlargement hypnosis available, probably because it hasn’t had such in-depth research done on it to prove its efficacy.

Other methods such as penis pumping and extending using an extender device have long established themselves as valid options for penis enlargement through many clinical studies conducted and even personal experiences of real users.

Let’s talk about hypnosis for male enhancement…

Let’s get to the crux of the matter, the likelihood of you landing on this page is because you want to enlarge your penis through hypnosis, is that correct?

So, What Was The Reason For You Wanting To Have A Bigger Penis?

Is it to become more masculine?

To feel bigger?

Or is it to feel more confident?

Or are you just doing it for your partner’s benefit…

Think about it for a second, imagine how your life would have changed if you possessed a bigger, larger penis?

Whatever the reason may be, that’s not my concern; my concern is that I know for a fact that a big penis will most definitely improve your life in all aspects for the better. Well, that’s due to sex being easier or just your overall psyche being developed. I want you to be the man that you’ve always wanted to be.

A bigger penis is not always required to achieve all of the positive aspects of your life but it damn sure does help. And, no matter what people have told you or what you may have read, women, for the most part, find a bigger penis more of a turn-on than a smaller one.

Everybody finds a big Dick more attractive, penetration will be a much easier task to accomplish and will provide all pleasure for her as well as yourself. The ability to take longer strokes and strides will help you to gain control of your ejaculation and last longer also.

There are other ways of gaining ejaculation control which works for any size penis, but you still want a bigger one don’t you?

That’s Understandable; I Get That – It Makes Sense!

Not only that, but you want the whole process to be completely painless, inexpensive and with as little effort possible, that’s just human nature – that’s how we are built!

We want things on a plate, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The easiest way to get something done is to get somebody else to do it for you.

With hypnotherapy, getting a bigger penis in the most effortless and even most relaxing way is actually possible! There is no other method of penis enlargement out there that requires less work than hypnotherapy.

There are a few well-known hypnotherapists which we would recommend, they are registered on the board of hypnotherapy, and therefore I recommended them. Others, we would stay away from because their credentials are questionable. The two hypnotherapists we recommend are Wendi Friesen and Victoria Wizell from

Let’s talk about Victoria for a minute; she claims that with 20 minutes per day of listening to her relaxing and somewhat seductive voice, you will be able to increase your penis size naturally. The program costs a mere $99 and comes with complete money-back guarantee.

A pair of shoes may even cost you more than that, yet you are afraid of spending $99 on your sexuality, which one is worth more to you? A pair of shoes will eventually wear out and become obsolete, you’ll end up throwing them away, and they most definitely won’t score you any brownie points in the bedroom.

Other Methods Versus Hypnosis

The other methods out there such as using penis pumps, extender devices, supplements and pills and manual exercises all require a bit of work; some need more work than others. Nevertheless, you won’t get to lay in bed and listen to a sexy voice for 20 minutes a day and achieve the same results.

How Does Penis Hypnosis Work?

It’s a scientific, proven fact that all the cells in your body are continually reproducing themselves. Think about it, if cells are always dying and reproducing themselves so new cells can be born – how do they know that they should be doing this?

Because they have MEMORY, all the cells in your body contain DNA which provides the memory blocks that are required to command your cells to grow back the same way that they are supposed to, to make your body look the way it should. But ultimately, all of the information and the commands that are given to your cells to reproduce comes from the brain; it comes from your SUBCONSCIOUS mind.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy work to reprogram that information within the subconscious mind by initially getting you into a meditative state so that your subconscious and conscious mind start operating on the same paradigm.

This trance state enables the subconscious mind to learn new behaviors, this part of the brain works intuitive with images, and so the hypnotherapist will give you suggestions to imagine your size, girth, and length in the future, to see yourself at the size you want it to be.

Everybody perceives this information; differently, there is no right or wrong way for you to comprehend it. Hence you may not see clear images at the beginning. Instead, it may just be a feeling or a thought process, but eventually, you will become in tune with it.

Whatever method your body takes for this information to embed itself within your subconscious mind will be the best way for you personally.

After repeated sessions, information that has become integrated into the cells will begin to manifest in reality, but you must be patient as this is not something that is instantaneous, rather it does take some time. Some of you will begin to see results faster than others just like with anything, but in most cases, the majority of you will experience noticeable changes at the one-month mark.

For optimal results you would want to listen to one of the four 22 – 25-minute hypnotherapy sessions once per day for a period of 6 to 12 weeks, depending on how much you want to grow and how quickly your body adapts to the suggestions from the sessions.

Not only that, the process is not that simple! Suggestions will also be made to the various glands in the body which release specific hormones that aid in the growth process. For example, the pituitary gland, after receiving the suggestions will begin to secrete more of the hormones required to aid the process along. These are the hormones that were present in your body in abundance during the time of puberty when your body was growing the fastest.

Another program that focuses on aiding your body in releasing natural growth hormones that were present at their highest amounts during your pubescent period is the Penis Enlargement Bible. This program can also be used in conjunction to speed up gains as well as other methods such as penis extenders, pumps or supplements, and pills.

Mind Over Matter

If all of this seems a bit far-fetched, just remember that the human mind and brain is much more complicated than you may anticipate. The brain is capable of more than you could ever imagine. An example of this would be cancer patients being cured by merely believing with their mind that their healthy cells were destroying and fighting off the cancerous cells. This is all possible, and I’m sure you’ve heard the stories before.

ULTIMATELY, it is you that is in control. Your mind and body are intrinsically one entity, and it is you that is in control of it all. Belief and faith are fundamental; you can only influence your thoughts on the things that you wanted to do. If you don’t believe that this will work then it just won’t work, it’s as simple as that!

It’s Up To YOU To Make This Work!

That’s why it’s important to think positive. If you’re always imagining, believing and assuming that your penis is growing, getting bigger and larger. Then eventually, it will start doing that. Hypnotherapy has worked with so many conditions and illnesses and has been proven to be more efficient than conventional medications and treatments. Have a look at some journals if you don’t believe me…

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Hypnosis Really Work To Enlarge My Penis?

Yes! It has worked for many before you, and it will work for many after you, that includes you too! As we have explained above, you should by now, know what it entails and what is requested and required from you.

What we haven’t explicitly stated is that for the best results you should accompany a hypnotherapy program into your regime while using a penis extender, pump or manual exercises and supplements at the same time. The result you will experience will be much more drastically improved and the timeframe reduced.

It is not vital for you to use all these methods but the more ways you use at the same time, the better the results you will experience. No matter how you may be feeling, do not consider surgery as it is dangerous and there is no need for it with all of these working methods that are available.

How Long Does Penis Growth Take With Hypnosis?

If it’s only hypnosis that you will be doing, it just requires 20 or so minutes a day because that’s how long each session is. There are four sessions on four separate CDs; it is recommended to listen to one session for a whole week before moving on to the next CD. You will then rotate the sessions accordingly and adjust which one you should listen to.

There are no specific rules if you prefer to stick with a particular session for slightly longer than by all means you are allowed to do so.

Ultimately, everybody’s body is different as well as the susceptibility to change, so the length of time for you to experience penis growth with hypnosis will vary, but ideally, you should stick with the program for at least 90 days minimum. At least give your body time to adjust and make changes accordingly.

If you want to incorporate other mentioned penis enlargement techniques such as penis pumping, extending, manual exercises or taking supplements, this will help to speed up your gains.

Why Choose Hypnosis?

Changes are made due to the power of beliefs. Our beliefs will reflect on internal processes as well as outward physical appearances. The view you hold with regards to hypnosis and how it is powerful enough to make physical changes to your body will inevitably make it reach its full potential.

Even if you decide to incorporate other techniques that are also proven to work and use hypnosis as a secondary method to facilitate growth, it will still give you faster gains than if you were just to use a penis pump, extender, pills or do manual exercises all by themselves.

Hypnosis is a nonintrusive and clinically proven method of treating many dysfunctions and illnesses. It has established itself to be more efficient than many well-known treatments, and it is entirely safe, in fact, it’s actually good for your mental well-being.

Just remember, hypnosis cannot make your body do anything that it doesn’t want to do. You are in control of the hypnosis; the hypnosis is in no way shape or form in control of you.

Overall sexual health will also be improved using and undergoing the penis enlargement hypnotherapy program. As we said before, your cells are always repairing and replicating themselves, so this will inevitably give you a healthier penis overall. You will begin to experience harder erections much like you did when you were 18 years old. Remember waking up in the morning with an erection? Yeah, that’s what we’re talking about!

Hyptalk - Penis Enlargement Delux


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  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee Which Is Long Enough For You To See If It Works
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  • Release Negative Beliefs About Your Body


  • Requires Patience, Time & Will Power
  • Best Results Will Be Seen When Using More Tradition Results Of Enlargement At The Same Time