5 BEST Penis Enlargement Exercises

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: August 2, 2019

If you are like most people, you probably already think that penis enlargement techniques that are talked about on the Internet are all a pile of rubbish. We understand your skepticism, seeing as the majority of the information online is in fact rubbish.

It’s not just the free information that is spewing out nonsense either, some of the paid subscription exercise programs and courses are also providing incoherent dribble too. Everybody seems to be wanting to be an expert at penis enlargement when in reality they have no idea.

Honestly, you probably already know this, but the vast majority of information about penis enlargement online is written by people who don’t even understand English and grammar correctly, let alone the subject matter of what they are writing.

As a result, the information provided is ineffective, not detailed enough and potentially dangerous and unsafe.

In this review;

Why Is There So Much Rubbish Out There?

Most of the websites are offering penis enlargement information for free because they know that it is bogus information in the hope that you will eventually give up and eventually resort to buying one of the more expensive alternatives – in most cases, it’s their own product that they want you to buy.

On the other end of the spectrum, you need to realize that penis enlargement guides are not sold very much. They are quite cheap. For that reason, only a few of the companies who are offering them actually put the time and effort in to provide a well-established and useful guide.

It is actually quite saddening though, because if exercises are done in the proper manner with the right precautions such as warming up and warming down, penis exercising is completely safe and can save you a lot of money. You could even start right now from the comfort of your own home.

All that you need is a comprehensive guide and a bit of patience.

You can also speed up your gains with the help of a penis extender or a penis pump and naturally increase blood flow to the penis using male enhancement supplements, those which have all been proven work. Extenders, pumps, and supplements are also a great addition if you know you will not be able to keep up and maintain regular exercise programs.

How The Heck Do You Train Your Penis?

It sounds a bit far-fetched for sure.

Exercising in the natural sense of the word will probably bring to mind using weights or doing cardio. You are not expected to do press-ups with your dick or lift weights by flexing your penis muscles.


The penis is unique because although it contains muscles, the majority of it is comprised of tissue. That’s why when you stop exercising your muscles over time they will gradually decrease and become smaller. Tissue, on the other hand, is not a muscle and so when it becomes enlarged it remains at that size.

There are two main types of penis exercises; the first involves stretching to increase the length and the second means expanding the tissue so it can hold more blood. Penis pumps and male enhancement supplements can help you with this.

If you wish, you can achieve permanent results by using just your hands. By yanking, pulling, tugging and stretching your penis in a variety of ways from different angles and holding the stretch for varying durations.

Personal Preference?

To be honest, I much prefer penis extenders coupled with a pump and to take supplements on a daily basis.


The less engagement and less effort required bit is by far the secret to success. Nobody is THAT lazy that they can’t take literally one minute to attach a penis extender to their dick every day that will hold their penis under tension for hours on end. Imagine having to hold your penis for eight hours a day with just your hands! You would give up after two minutes!

If you don’t have a problem with commitment, then manual penis exercises is a very valid option as long as you stick to the regime. Even then, I would still recommend using devices to aid you along the way and to speed up your gains. Use them in times when you are not exercising.

I’ll Give You An Example:

You can use the Phallosan Forte extender under trousers while you’re sleeping, at work or shopping.

Watch This Short Video To Understand Fully How This Phallosan Forte Extender Is Different To Normal, Regular Extenders.

Do Penis Exercises Really Work?

They most definitely do if you do them correctly. However, don’t expect to see results within a few weeks. It will take a minimum of 3 to 6 months for you to be able to gauge the dramatic increase in size. Not only that, but they also help to improve blood flow and overall sexual performance.

However, don’t expect to see results within a few weeks. It will take a minimum of 3 to 6 months for you to be able to gauge the dramatic increase in size. Not only that, but they also help to improve blood flow and overall sexual performance.

Apart from an increase in size, over time you will experience much firmer erections (the type you had when you were a teenager), increased stamina and more intense orgasms. You’ll even have a bigger penis in the flaccid state so that it will hang much longer and thicker.

Still skeptical?

These methods have been clinically proven. Let’s begin…

The Chartham Method

The Chartham method was one of the first penis enlargement programs of its time. It probably dated back to before most of you were born. Dr. Brian Richards, a renowned sexual health specialist, began investigating its effectiveness in the 1970s.

The doctor was known for his written works and scientific studies in the field of men’s sexual health. So, it’s no surprise that this illustrious new method was of particular interest to him.

Dr. Richards began his research over a three-month period involving 32 men in his clinical trial. This particular study showed an  87.5% success rate. Two of the participants failed to complete what was required of them, and two others did not see any improvement.

The remaining 28 men achieved both erect length and erect girth gains. Length increases ranged from 0.94 to 1.4 inches and girth gains between 0.55 and 1.2 inches.

That is quite an accomplishment; achieved in as little as three months.

Synexus And Harrison

A more recent study that was done a few years back by Synexus and Harrison involving 50 men showed even better results than the previously mentioned trial.

This time, one of the leading penis enlargement guides was put under scrutiny. The guide in question is called Penis Advantage.

The results experienced by all 50 participants were averaged out to show an increase of 1.8 inches in erect length and 1.6 inches in erect girth. All with as little as 30 minutes of exercising per day for five days per week.

This goes to show, that over the years, penis enlargement exercises have become more advanced. The routines and regime in newer programs are what has owed to such a drastic improvement with a 30 to 50% increase in results.

We have come a long way since the 70s, don’t you think?

The Drawbacks

The main drawback is commitment. For you to achieve the results mentioned in the studies, you will have to make time to do the exercises as and when required, consistently. A structured program must be followed, and you can’t afford to skip days.

Similarly to conventional forms of exercise, you reap what you sow. If you put in the time and effort, it will yield great results, but a half-arsed approach gets you nowhere.

You may be excited right now thinking that this won’t be a problem, but in reality, it should not be underestimated. When life gets in the way, and you become busy, it can be difficult to set aside half an hour to fully concentrate on exercising. Or on the other hand, finding somewhere private (completely private) may be somewhat difficult.

You need to make sure that you will be uninterrupted so you can fully concentrate on penis exercises. Initially, it will take slightly longer to grasp the techniques as you will be learning from scratch.

The learning process will continue as you continue to advance in your exercises with newer and more advanced exercises being introduced along your journey.

Don’t think that you can pick up the basics and just repeat the same process over and over again. The techniques will advance, and you must always adapt and refine your workouts while accurately judging how your penis reacts and at what stage of the process you’re at.

Mentally, you must be prepared as well as physically. It can be a laborious task spending 30 minutes a day on, but it is most definitely possible. Many men tend to give up quite early on, and I don’t say this to be pessimistic but rather to be realistic.

You have to be a really motivated person to overcome the mental and physical hurdles if you want to undertake manual penis enlargement. A lot of men have found that even though they have high willpower, they still can’t manage to go longer than a few weeks before giving up.

That’s why the studies done using penis extenders have shown much higher success rates and therefore better results. Spending 30 seconds to strap on a penis extender requires much less commitment to give much better results.

Safety First

Manual penis exercises involve exerting force and tension on the penis. Stimulating the penis tissues with physical stress is what stimulates the tissues to grow. So of course, it involves some risk, but no more than the risk involved with any other form of exercise.

By following a reputable penis enlargement program or guide, the risk will be minimized even further because the appropriate precautions are outlined, including warming up and warming down. This is much like stretching exercises before you go for a jog, so you don’t pull a muscle.

A structured program also conditions your penis gradually to become stronger and to be able to accept higher levels of tension as it becomes conditioned over time.

If you do experience any injuries, it will probably be at the beginning as you become accustomed to the techniques. It will be nothing major provided you follow the guide. At most, you will probably experience some soreness or minor bruising but to avoid this try not to be overly enthusiastic.

Try not to exercise for longer than the recommended time at any given stage when following the guide. If you start to feel pain, then that is your body’s way of saying you are exerting too much pressure, ease off a little bit and try not to ignore the warning signs of overtraining. Of course, this won’t be a problem if you just follow the instructions.

What Kind Of Gains Can Be Expected?

It is important to be patient and give yourself at least three months before you see some noticeable permanent gains. You will not see size improvements in the beginning few weeks, but you will notice much firmer, harder and thicker erections. Even when flaccid, your penis will appear to hang longer and feel heavier. These are all positive signs of encouragement as having better erection quality will at the least make your penis feel bigger when erect at the beginning.

As the weeks go by and you stick to the program you will begin to see improvements in size, which will keep you motivated. But sometimes you may reach a plateau which can be demeaning.

That’s just how it is, and everybody’s body is different so try not to let it put you off. Keep going, and you will surely overcome the plateau.

An excellent guide will inform you about plateaus and would recommend that you switch up your exercise routine by intensifying workouts, changing activity patterns or introducing new forms of exercise that your body has not experienced yet.

This is another reason why we recommend using devices such as penis extenders and pumps as they can stimulate the penis to grow in ways that you can’t manage with just your hands.

A penis pump can force large volumes of blood into the penis which is what is required before doing certain exercises such as jelqing. And a penis extender can be applied right after doing a manual workout to keep the penis in an elongated state to help stimulate growth. After an intense workout, the penis tends to shrink which is known in the penis industry as turtling. An extender can counteract that problem!

When you do start to see a visible increase in size, it’s important not to stop at this stage because the gains will be temporary. It’s at this stage that you should intensify your workouts to solidify the gains and make them stick permanently.

It is in between the four and six-month period where you will be working on making your gains permanent. By this time, you can experience anywhere between 1 and 2 inches plus.

How To Maximize Growth Rates (Tips And Techniques)

Physical tension used during exercises will stimulate growth, however, without the right nutrition, your body will not have the building blocks required to grow, regardless of how well you train.

Similarly to how when working out in the gym to increase muscle mass, you would be expected to feed your body with the right nutrients for it to be able to repair itself and grow.

The majority of us will begin our quest for a bigger penis when we are a little older. The potent mix of growth hormones that were present in our bodies during the time of puberty is long gone. So, we must work on other factors to optimize conditions.

Your diet will play a vital role, but you don’t need to drink five protein shakes a day like a bodybuilder because, in comparison, the penis is a relatively small organ – well, for now, it is anyway! But we must at least think like a bodybuilder and adopt that mindset.

The Secret To Growth Is The Right Nutrition

The best way to aid growth is to ensure that you supplement your diet with enough protein during the day. Try and get 20 to 30 g of protein inside you, three or four times a day. This way, the limiting factor for growth can never be insufficient amounts of protein. Protein gives your body the right balance of nitrogen within your body which is a must to accelerate tissue growth.

Also, try to supplement your diet with a good male enhancement supplement such as VigRX Plus, if of course, your budget allows. Gains are usually accelerated greatly with the added nutrients male enhancement supplements can give.

The good male enhancement supplements contain vasodilators that expand the blood vessels safely so more blood can flow through them resulting in harder erections and the right nutrients being delivered to your penis when required.

They also contain natural ingredients that help your own body to boost its testosterone levels, and as a result, natural HGH within the body is increased making growth happen.

All Of This Combined Can Give The Following Benefits;

Using a penis pump, also, will expand your penis incrementally, even more so than male enhancement supplements. Using pumps and supplements is highly recommended while you undergo a penis enhancement program, but it is not vital.

The benefits mentioned above are just some of the reasons why it would be beneficial if you want to reach your goals as quickly as possible.

More details will follow below about the recommended supplements to use as well as the recommended exercise programs to enroll with.

What Are The Best And Most Qualified Guides?

There are many penis enlargement exercise programs advertised all over the Internet. They all claim pretty much the same thing, but you will never know how good they are until you make a payment to enroll.

The majority of them give the same old rehashed information and nothing new or innovative. Much of this information is available for free online anyway. However, there are a few that stand out with comprehensive information and detailed progressive exercises that will continually shock the penis into growing, even when you reach a plateau.

Of all of the crap that is available online we have sifted through and found the best and most comprehensive guides which we will cover in some detail for you in our top five list.

All five have been thoroughly investigated with a fine-tooth comb to find out the effectiveness, whether they are safe or not and what kind of methods and techniques they contain.

Let’s begin…

Our Top 5 Recommended Penis Enlargement Exercise Guides

In this review;

These five are the most popular and most recommended guides we have come across. Also, they are all slightly different, and each has a unique selling point. So, we will expose all the relevant information to you so that you can be aware beforehand of which one of them is right for you.

1. Penis Advantage

If you are planning on doing strictly manual penis enlargement exercises, then Penis Advantage is one of the only programs which does not include the use of supplements or any penis devices. All you will need is some lubricant to perform the necessary exercises.

It is not an e-book, rather it is a membership website which you will gain access to after you have made your payment, instantly.

The site may seem a little old-fashioned and outdated regarding its layout, but it’s the information that we are after and not how it is presented. Obviously, the techniques are pretty much ancient, but they have worked for centuries. Maybe that’s why the design of the website hasn’t changed. Having said that, the website is laid out clearly, and the menu is such that it will be easy to follow and navigate through the site.

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Penis Advantage gives you a detailed introduction, outlining what penis enlargement involves and claims that initial results can be observed within 2 to 8 weeks of exercising. Safety precautions are explained, and they have a growth chart for you so that you can document your activity and gains.

It includes information on warming up before exercising which is vital for you to do to prevent injury and keep you on track.

When you get to the main exercises, they are explained in detail with the provided step-by-step instructions. Each exercise is illustrated in video format by a woman demonstrating them on a replica penis. You will understand exactly how to do the exercise with no ambiguity.

After the different workouts are shown, you are given a weekly program to follow which tells you in which order, how many reps and for how long you should do each exercise for the best results. There is a different program for each week for up to 7 weeks.

Details of how to customize your workout to suit your own needs and an advanced version of the program are laid out from seven weeks and beyond. It is very easy to follow and advance through the weeks methodically.

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Once your penis becomes tolerant and conditioned to the core exercises, the program introduces its version 2. This includes more advanced exercises and techniques. Advanced routines encompassing this new array of tasks are given to you for you to experiment with.

Penis Advantage also offers other free guides to help you skyrocket your sexual abilities. Some will be more beneficial to you and others. One of the ones that stuck out to me was the guide on sex positions which includes demonstration photos.

Also included is access to a private chat room and forum with their very own community if you would like to discuss or talk to people about penis enlargement. This’s nice to know that you can always get advice from some of the members that are more experienced than you.

Final Thoughts

One thing that stands out about Penis Advantage is that it is wholly reliant upon manual exercises. Some of the other programs that we will mention, hint at buying supplements. Obviously, supplements will be beneficial and will accelerate growth, but if you are looking for a program outlining just exercises, then this may be the program for you.

The downside is that the website looks old-fashioned. But is that really significant?

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2. The Penis Enlargement Remedy

Again, the Penis Enlargement Remedy isn’t an e-book, rather it is something you get access to online when you become a member. Access is immediate as soon as you make payment.

The exercise program is by a man called Tom Candow who has coupled the aged exercise methods with a cutting-edge approach.

The central concept involves two supplements which will help promote cellular growth and accompanying this with manual exercises. It is to do with stem cells. However, the information contained is protected by copyright laws so unfortunately, we cannot leak that information.

What we can do though is give you the information from a research perspective to show you that the methods do in fact work.

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There are proven scientific studies to prove that the supplements you will have to take, do actually encourage cellular growth. Not particularly cellular growth in the penis but they do promote cellular growth in general.

Both supplements are completely legal and readily available. Other methods besides using supplements include influencing growth with the right gym workouts. This works because it triggers natural human growth hormones to be produced in the body which will aid your penis growth. The timing, planning, and supplementation are all outlined in detail for optimum results.

Similarly to the other programs, the exercises consist of stretching, jelqing and exercising the PE muscle. Instructions for everything is available alongside safety precautions.

Exercising the PE muscle can be done during the day at any time, in any situation. They are more commonly referred to as Kegel exercises. Just by doing these alone, you will notice stronger erections and thickening of your penis.

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Once all the exercises have been explained, a full six-week regime will give you the basis and foundation of a stronger penis. After the initial six weeks, more intense exercises are introduced which will push your training even further.

As a bonus, Tom also helps in the following departments; premature ejaculation, straightening a bent penis and other erectile dysfunction issues. Four extra bonuses are also included for FREE.

Final Thoughts?

The Penis Enlargement Remedy includes many proven and ancient techniques of penis enlargement exercises as well as more innovative methods to induce growth by influencing your natural body chemistry to produce specific hormones and vital nutrients to aid the process.

If you are somebody who likes to delve into the latest concepts and theoretical approaches, then this program is ideal for you. Also, it is important to note that you will be required to buy and use a couple of supplements outlined in the program to experiment with this course.

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3. The Penis Enlargement Bible

This program definitely has the weirdest and most creative titles. It is also a bit more complicated to follow than the other two programs mentioned, this we will explain in more detail later.

Similarly, it is not a downloadable e-book, rather it is accessible via code. Once you have gained access, you can read the guide online. It is well laid out and easy to follow.

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As you will notice from reading what the author, John Collins has written, you will see that a whole host of men’s sexual health issues is addressed, and it is not completely or exclusively focused on penis enlargement.

The guide comprises of 100 pages of information covering premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, how to increase the volume of ejaculate and information on correcting penile deformities including Peyronie’s disease. The methods outlined are stated to be of benefit to your overall health and even help to counteract the signs of aging naturally.

It is a two-part process. The first is to naturally increase the number of chemicals and hormones in the body – similar to that of the ones present when you were at a pubescent age. The second – to do manual penis enlargement exercises to increase the size of your penis directly.

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The supplements you will need to take to increase the naturally occurring biochemicals in the body are readily available and are quite cheap to buy. Some of them, however, have negative side-effects like prostate enlargement and baldness. To counteract these adverse effects, John Collins does inform you of which foods and supplements help to counter these effects, but it still seems worrying, though, don’t you think?

It is better to opt for one of the natural male enhancement supplements that we have reviewed and rated on this website than to use the controversial ones in the Penis Enlargement Bible.

The section about the actual exercises, however, is exquisite! All the precautions such as warming up and warming down are included. It also includes a well laid out 10-week regime for you to follow which includes progressively more intense workouts as you get further into the weeks.

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Final Thoughts?

The Penis Enlargement Bible has been one of the leading guides being sold for quite a while now with many favorable reviews and reports from legitimate users.

One member of a forum we came across when doing our research proclaimed that after a week of taking the supplements recommended to him in the Penis Enlargement Bible; he did start to see a much-improved erection quality and performance enhancement.

The guide includes a reference table of recommended Chinese herbs and supplements which are all-natural and how much of them and when you should consume them safely.

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4. Penis Health Guide

This is another recommended guide which simply works judging from many people’s personal experience. It comes Free when you buy the SizeGenetics Extender.

It’s much simpler and clearer to follow in the animation guides and it is more suited towards somebody who is completely new to enlargement by natural exercises. It will give you simple instructions and exactly what to do and remove any doubts that you may have.

All of the exercises have pictures illustrating how to do them making it very clear. As a newbie, you can get started straight away without being overwhelmed or overburdened with technical jargon or uncertainty.

Many users have reported almost 2 inches in erect length and about an inch in erect girth. This can be attested to from looking at many forums with many real users proclaiming phenomenal results.

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So, What Makes It So Successful?

One reason is that it can easily be precisely followed due to its structure and how the information is presented. Sometimes it can be difficult even to make a start because the information is too complicated or because it is not concise enough and has much ambiguity. With this program, you will not be overwhelmed as the information is presented in a bite-sized fashion.

You will only need to cover it section by section as and when you require particular information. Information is also compartmentalized into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

This is imperative because you don’t want to risk overtraining such a sensitive part of the body and risk injury. You can be confident that the right amount of tension and stress is applied at the right time when your penis has become conditioned.

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Also, exercises are also categorized with regard to what they are targeting. For example, length, girth or general improvement of erection quality.

You will always know what you should be doing at each stage, and you can further tailor your own exercise program to suit your own personal goals.

Final Thoughts?

The program is very thorough and definitely recommended for anybody who is new to penis enlargement and doesn’t want to be overburdened by complicating the process with information that is above them and their level at the beginning stages.

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5. Erections Fitness Guide

Again, this program is more suited to somebody who has never done any form of penis enlargement before. It is a high-intensity program produced by the manufacturers of the world-leading male enhancement supplement, VigRX plus.

If you have read online any of the forums, you may have come across a distinguished member who goes by the name “Big Al.” He is a renowned member who has produced substantial gains and is seen as a veteran and an expert in the field of penis enlargement.


The Erection Fitness Guide is a 120-day intensive program for you to follow, which leaves little flexibility. You are simply requested to follow along and complete the program.

Big Al has a background in sports science and physiology; he has managed to take the core principles of this resistance training and focus it directly onto the penis.

The program will progressively increase resistance over the 120 days causing your body to adapt continually. Bodybuilders are known to use similar principles to force the body to be shocked into a state of extreme growth steadily, and this is the principle that this program is reliant upon.


The other programs mentioned give you a weekly regime to follow. In contrast, the Erection Fitness Guide provides you with a detailed 120-day system to pursue. It outlines exactly what to do every single day of the program, so you will never be lost.

It tells you when to do which exercise, how much of it you should do, when you should take days off to regenerate, etc. If you are somebody who is lazy and fears that you don’t have sufficient willpower, this is an excellent guide as it gives you a strict Day-to-day regime. If I were to compare it to an exercise program, it would probably be the insanity workout, as it is extremely high-intensity and geared towards maximum gains in as little as four months.

The downside is that it is $97, but the plus side is that it comes with a one-month supply of VigRX Plus pills for FREE– which on their own will cost about 80 bucks. The combination of such a powerful supplement and high-intensity exercise program will yield fantastic results, as mentioned earlier.

It is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to worry about if you are unsatisfied with either the pills or the exercise program!


How To Get VigRX Plus Or Erection Fitness For Free?

Instead of getting a subscription to the Erection Fitness Program directly, if you get a four-month supply of VigRX Plus pills you will receive the exercise program for free.

VigRX Plus is the most recommended male enhancement supplement found on the Internet which is backed by scientific and clinical research to back up their claims. It is Doctor endorsed and even prescribed to patients.


VigRX Plus contains very potent, 100% natural and safe ingredients which help to increase blood flow and hormonal levels to produce aphrodisiac-like effects, making you more virile and increasing your libido.

It is worth using VigRX Plus as a supplement alongside any exercise program or routine that you choose to do. It will speed up your gains by boosting your recovery time between workouts.

Four months’ supply is exactly what you need to accompany the Erection Fitness Program to exploit it to its full effect. To read more about VigRX Plus pills, you can read our in-depth review or check out the official website.