Penis Enlargement Drugs

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: November 14, 2019

Penis Enlargement Drugs And Medicine You’ve come here looking for the best penis enlargement drugs and medicine, so we assume you’re talking about stuff like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. First off we want to tell you that this stuff is very expensive, not as effective as you may think and comes with negative side-effects.

Not to mention, Viagra and the likes were not even created initially to treat or for any penis enlargement or male enhancement issues. They were made as a treatment for high blood pressure.

We will give you the quick burst of information you’re looking for as to which are the best penis enlargement drugs. You probably already know, but there are thousands on the market today, but we have selected just a couple to keep it short and sweet and highlight the few brands which truly stand out amongst the competition.

Penis enlargement pills need to be clinically safe and adhering to laboratory regulations. All the ingredients must pose no harmful effects to the body and must have the exact composition in a well-balanced dosage. The best of the pills are the ones that have scientific evidence to support their claims. Especially the ones which contain ingredients that have been thoroughly investigated by scientists with their findings documented in clinical journals to prove their efficacy.

Let’s get started…

VigRX Plus Pills

This is probably one of the most famous brands on the market, which you have more than likely heard of. There are many reasons as to why we recommend this as the number one penis enlargement drug. One of them is that it has been around since 2001, giving it a total lifespan reaching close to 20 years.

Why do think that is?

It does what it says it does and thousands of people have and are willing to testify to that claim. Why wouldn’t they? If it works, it works. It is also one of the male enhancement pills which has actually been endorsed by REAL doctors and not just some phony made-up actors/characters to fool the public into thinking they can be trusted.

VigRX Plus is, in fact, the second generation. The “plus” bit at the end of the name shows that it is the more potent and advanced version of the original VigRX pills. Needless to say, that the great results have given makers of VigRX and VigRX Plus a huge following of loyal repeat customers.

Initially, the original formulation owes it’s success to its unique and effective combination of ingredients consisting of testosterone enhancers, aphrodisiacs, and blood flow improving constituents. Men who had used the original formula reported that they were able to achieve rock hard, engorged and throbbing erections. This is something that was unmatched and not seen with any other supplement companies at the time.

Even without the release of the VigRX Plus, second edition product, the regular VigRX Pills were still considered to be amongst the creme de la creme of enhancement and penis enlargement drugs and medications available. These types of supplements are best used in conjunction with manual exercises, penis extenders or penis pump routines to give the fastest, permanent result.

I personally have used both the original and the second generation formulas. I can’t comment strictly on the effectiveness of using them alone because I used them in conjunction with manual exercises and using a Bathmate and Phallosan Forte or SizeGenetics extender.

But, I can say that initially I did test the VigRX Plus Pills for a few weeks without using any other devices or doing any manual exercises, and I can say that the results were remarkable. I started experiencing rock-hard erections, much harder than I could have imagined. My penis began to feel heavier within a couple of weeks and looked very mean and monstrous. It had a veiny appearance to handle the increased blood flow that is required to fill it to its full potential. It actually felt like it was going to burst from being so rock-hard and throbbing.

I can say for certain, that it played a huge role and impact in my ability to gain in erect length and girth while using penis pumps and extender devices at the same time. Because manual exercises focus on forcing more blood into the penis by doing exercises such as jelqing, VigRX Plus Pills can tremendously aid and impact and boost the amount of blood flow entering into the penis.

What’s The Difference Between The Old And New Versions?

The first and original formulation was definitely a winner and is still valid to this day. There’s nothing wrong with it, it works! But with that being said, the new VigRX Plus Pills contain added three ingredients that take it to the next level.

Tribulus and L–Arginine simply are an addition to the already potent concoction, but the third component is the most significant – Bioperine!

What Is Bioperine?

To explain it in the most concise and brief way, it significantly improves the speed at which the rest of the potent mix of ingredients are absorbed. So, it, in essence, makes VigRX Plus even more powerful, potent and faster acting. Clinical studies have proven that Bioperine increases the rate of absorption of a therapeutic compound by up to 60%. Therefore, ingredients are more readily absorbed, more of the ingredient is absorbed at a faster pace.

What does that mean? That means that the most powerful and potent male enhancement/penis enlargement pill has just been made 60% even more powerful.

What Kind Of Results Will You Experience?

Seeing as I have tried both formulas, I can confidently say that there is a significant difference between the two. The “plus” version which contains Bioperine works much more powerfully. It will enhance your sex life with all it’s naturally herbal ingredients which give better results than most prescription drugs.

Initial, results can be experienced within as little as a few days, maybe even with the first usage, depending on person to person. Firstly, you will notice that your penile blood flow will improve drastically. As I mentioned before, the veins will become noticeably more apparent and begin to build as extra blood flow is accommodated. The head of your penis will have more of a swollen appearance, swollen as in swollen with more blood – not from injury!

Your flaccid penis will hang longer and fuller. As though you have just left a hot bath, all of this will take much longer to witness with the original formula, so the “Plus” formulation definitely gets to work much quicker.

Seeing these types of gains, so early on in the process will inevitably keep you motivated and definitely motivate you further when it comes to adhering and sticking to a regular exercise program of manual exercises or using devices such as extenders or pumps.

Even if you don’t use other methods of penis enhancement, the added and increase blood flow that the VigRX Plus Pills would give you much harder erections. Within about a months’ time, your dick will bulge so much that it would be safe to say that it can push your erection size quite quickly by half to ¾ of an inch.

Just by using an extender for a month will not give you these types of gains. This is quite phenomenal all you have to do is take the supplement once-a-day for a month. It may even sound too good to be true, which is understandable. But, you have to see to believe it! I think this significant improvement is down to the Bioperine, without a doubt.

The original formula is still available to buy and I would highly recommend it if it weren’t for the advancement of the second recipe. So my recommendation would be to get VigRX Plus Pills for astonishing results.

VigRX Plus is priced a little higher than other leading brands, but when you consider the type of results you will get, they and it are definitely worth every penny. Another thing is that the manufacturers, Leading-Edge Health, are very reputable and value trustworthiness. There is no question on whether or not they honor their money-back guarantee, unlike other companies who may just claim to give your money back if you are unhappy.

Why VigRX Plus Pills Are Rated Number 1.

Here is a quick-fire list of why VigRX Plus Pills are our top-rated recommendation.


A Final Note – Order A Bigger Package For A Bigger Package!


MALE EXTRA – Bigger – Harder – Longer!

Male Extra is another popular male enhancement supplement. It is relatively new regarding its brand and has been developed from next-generation research. Since its release, it has gained popularity over a short period of time, and it is becoming more and more popular within recent months.

Many men who have used Male Extra Pills will not hesitate to recommend them. The results generally start to show within a week or more and are similar to those of VigRX Plus. Erections become more engorged due to the added blood flow in the penis and expand up to ¾ of an inch in length and an inch in girth.

Obviously, these results will not appear overnight, but you will have to continuously consume the pills on a regular basis for at least a month or two. Results will differ from individual to individual, but these are the everyday experiences witnessed by users. This should give you a good indication of the potency of Male Extra Pills and how they affect penile blood flow.

One thing that is incredibly unique to Male Extra Pills is the key ingredient of ellagic acid (this is extracted from the pomegranate fruit). Some are even calling pomegranate nature’s Viagra. Ellagic acid promotes and increases penile blood flow using the same biological mechanism as Viagra without the harmful side effects, hence the name and hence the rock-hard, massive, swollen erections.

Viagra increases nitric oxide levels in the blood. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator and expands blood vessels so they can accommodate more blood. Ellagic acid is so effective in doing the same thing that some are wondering why Viagra still exists, considering its extensive list of harmful side-effects as well as a hefty price tag.

To make sure you experience the results quickly, the Male Extra manufacturers throw in a free penis exercise guide called penis health. Penis health also has an excellent reputation even when the guide is followed without using any supplements. But, when you combine Male Extra or VigRX Plus Pills with an exercise regime there is no doubt you can gain over an inch within as little as three months.

The only reason we have put Male Extra pills as our second option is because they haven’t been around for as long as VigRX Plus and therefore don’t have the same long-standing, proven track record. But it’s nothing to worry about seeing as they offer a 90-day money back guarantee, it’s only a matter of time until they become as reputable as VigRX Plus.

On a final note, steer clear of dangerous prescription penis enhancing drugs and medicines to give you the desired sex-enhancing benefits. Stick with natural, herbal remedies for even better enlargement without the negative side effects of synthetic drugs and medicines.