Penis Enhancement

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: July 8, 2019

How Does Penis Enhancement Work?

Well, that’s a very broad question, and a lot of men are very confused about the whole subject. If you go online and try to check, you are going to find hundreds of different methods, exercises, routines, pills and all different kinds of tools. All these things together only serve to confuse the entire process.

We have found ways to make penis enhancement very simple to understand using extremely useful methods. Penis enhancement with Body Freedom, I can explain how that works because it’s the unique property that we explore here.

Length For Penis Enhancement

First of all, making length gains is all about stretching your cock, and there are various ways to stretch your penis. Through the different methods, I found that we could be actively pulling our penis or we could be passively stretching out the penis. That’s what it kind of boils down to.

When we actively stretch the penis, it’s when we’re applying exercise or were using an instrument to perform that stretch. Some people will use an extender, some people will use manual efforts, but both are forms of hanging or using the extender.

All these are types of progressive penis enhancement for men, what it’s doing is, it’s reforming the shaft of your dick to become longer. It is stretching the penile tissue, and as you’re stretching the tissue with the various methods, we go into passive penis enlargement where after you’re done stretching you use certain devices such as the Phallosan Forte to keep that stretch throughout the entire day.

So, you’ll be gaining if you put a 15-minute session in, and right after that you’ll go directly into a system that allows you to stay extended throughout the entire day and healing in an extended position is the fastest way to make length gains.

Now, I’ve also discovered that length gains can be made from inside the body, something I call express of stretching. This is where we stretch inside the body, we grab inside the body by using a hydro pump to get into the body and pull out the internal penis. It sounds very painful but it’s not since we don’t grab inside the body.

Most men will notice that if they reach down underneath the shaft, they can trace back, and there’s at least 4.5 or maybe 6 inches of the internal penis inside of you.

And being able to access and stretch that dick with these explored methods will make getting penile length gains much quicker.

Girth For Sexual Enhancement

And when it comes to girth, which is entirely different to length exercises, we are doing something completely different, we’re trying to expand the tissue to hold more blood and the method of growing the tissue to hold more blood is a very complicated process. But, using our system, we keep it very, very simple.

When you’re doing girth work, you want to be able to accent one exercise with another.

What I found using the SRT method is, if I do five minutes of hydro pumping and get that expansion going in my Tunica, shaft, and Corpus Cavernosa. Since it’s all expanding, if I spend five minutes in that pump at maximum pressure, I can slip out of the tube and directly go into the manual girth exercise called slow squash Jelks.

Now, what’s happening here is, first we are getting this incredible expansion, very quickly from the hydro pump.  Then right afterward were going to a manual exercise where you’re taking the penis, and you’re pushing all that fluid, all that blood into all these cabins of the penile anatomy making it thicker and girthier and these are things that are all about expansion.

Gaining girth is about actively doing these exercises or using the hydro pump to expand the tissue and then after it’s done, healing in an expanded state using the Phallosan Forte. It’s very simple, you slip into it, you move right into the Phallosan Forte after your girth workout, and for the remainder of the day, you will be wearing this as passive PE.

So, you will keep that pump throughout the entire day, and that serves to help you heal in an expanded position so were healing in an expanded and elongated position which helps cement the gains for penis enhancement gains.


What Is The SRT Routine?

SRT is all about using different methods and combining them with other methods to make penis enlargement much, much faster and to heal quicker.

I found that when we’re doing penis enhancement, yeah we’re making these gains but then a lot of guys go back into their underwear, or they’ll shrivel back into these tight briefs, or they won’t take advantage of the penis after it was stretched.

I found that if we kept ourselves in the extended position after we did the penis enlargement, even in a light position were getting so much faster gains because where healing in the extended position and the same thing goes with regards to girth.

Before healing we want our cock quickly inside an extender and after we do the work and our penis stays in that huge expanded position so that cock enhancement is going to happen so much faster.

LOT Theory And SRT Explained…

LOT theory… Well, first of all, you know a lot of people ask what LOT theory is and when they start to read into what it is, what happens is that they get information that’s very limiting as far as the kind of length gains people can make.

LOT theory stands for loss of tug back and the theory basically advocates that – after your loss of tug back, meaning if you pull your penis out to do a Kegel and your penis pulled back, the angle where you stop and you can’t get there anymore if you feel that tug back that’s your LOT position.

According to the LOT theory, giving any stretches below that, you’re not going to make gains because they won’t translate to the ligaments.

So, it’s an incredibly complex subject, and in my opinion, it’s discouraging and extremely limiting because in basic stretching which is a big part of the SRT program. Well, you might think why are you referring back to basic stretching? Well basically, when you’re doing basic stretching and let’s say your tug back is at a certain point it doesn’t matter because when we do behind the cheek stretching it’s in a position that’s so extreme that the ligaments HAVE to be stretched.

It’s important when stretching to be hitting every single angle so in the individual penis enlargement programs such as PE Bible, Penis Advantage, and the Penis Enlargement Remedy you will see that the manual exercises involve stretching in all different directions and intensities.

Even in free routines, you can find online such as the matter of size routine; it pretty much gives you every possible angle because there might be gains here or there. We don’t want to take the risk of missing those gains just because some theory tells us that we’re not going to be able to get gains if we stretch downwards.

I’ve always stretched downward and have made bigger gains than anybody in the business, so that’s not true! AT ALL!

What’s important when stretching is to hit multiple angles and to stay in a healed position after you’re done stretching, that’s why you will see with SRT putting on an extender after you do your length work is ideal. And you can see how easy it is and how simple it is to put on an extender so why not wear it during the parts of your day when you are not doing penis enlargement.

The extender will keep you in an extended position allowing you to heal in a lengthened position and actually taking advantage of all those many stretches.

If You Would Rather Someone Explain What LOT Theory And SRT Is To You Rather Than Reading What It Is, You Can Watch This Video And Let DLD aka Double Long Daddy Explain It To You. This Man’s Name Really Reflects The Nature Of His Penis Enhancement Gains. There’s Not A Lot Of Men Who Can Say They Have Literally Been Able To Double The Size Of Their Penis With Penis Enlargement Techniques So Listen Carefully To Him As He Is Somebody Worth Listening To.

What Equipment Will You Need?

Well, if you decide to strictly go the manual route you will only need to purchase one of the excellent guides such as the PE Bible, Penis Advantage or Penis Enlargement Remedy and follow the routine which involves using just your hands. In that case, no equipment is needed.

You can either do it manually, or we can take advantage of some of the best male enhancers that have been developed to make the process much faster. Either way, you’re going to make gains. Penis enhancers work for everybody. Using an extender device such as a Phallosan Forte or SizeGenetics or a penis pump (Bathmate or Penomet) will greatly speed up the process because you can take advantage of the power of the tools. But you don’t need a dime to do it; you can do it all with your hands if you really want to. It really depends on you.

Are There Any Age Restrictions?

I can’t advise anything under the age of 18 years old because this is something for guys who are 18 and over but in actuality, penis enlargement methods will work for any male, so it doesn’t really matter what the age is. People who are 85 to 90 years old have made gains using natural penis enlargement techniques and have even restored harder erections.

Later in life, they restored harder erections and corrected some dysfunction. You can be 80 years old and make gains, and you can be 18 years old and make gains, there are no restrictions for male sexual enhancement for men. Begin to start reliving your former more youthful life by having the best sex you’ve ever had.

The penis isn’t really that complicated, really! The penis is like a balloon, like a flesh balloon and the more blood you can get in it, the harder, thicker and longer it’s going to be. The basic understanding of penis enhancement is forcing as much blood in there and having the ability to hold that blood, so we practice things like strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, so we can keep more blood in our penis which adds to the length and girth of our penis.