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Pearly Penile Papules: PPP Treatment Laser Removal Or Other Options?

Last updated Fact Checked: Jan 24, 2022

What Are Pearly Penile Papules?

PPP Is small penis bumps made visible from the presence of Tyson glands. Is this a medical skin condition? What are the causes, symptoms, and diagnosis? Can you do treatment only in a dermatology clinic with laser removal or are expert online doctors able to find an at-home treatment?

These small papules are harmless and not to be mistaken with genital warts around the coronal margin and penile shaft which is caused by the human papillomavirus. They can appear as small spots in large numbers typically occurring on the Glans of the penis.

There is a small chance of occurrence even on the penis shaft. These could be appearing due to the imbalance of hormones, excess or shortage of some compounds in the penis, or other reasons.

Until today, the medical world has not been able to find a sufficient and satisfactory answer to the question of why they occur.

It is not a sexually transmitted infection. Hence, the fear factor in patients is unfounded. However, the proper identification of pearly penile papules is paramount. A doctor must differentiate between ectopic sebaceous glands, Fordyce spots, lichen nitidus, hirsutoid papillomas, hirsuties coronae glandis, and acral angiofibroma when making a diagnosis.

Most of the time, they are confused with other sexual health issues. Though many methods exist for the removal of these small bumps, it would be wiser to take the safest route.

Today, several methods are made available, let us look at each of them and try to understand their advantages and disadvantages before we conclude the best remedy.

Symptom Of Pearly Penile Papules?

Though this type of lesion is sexually and medically harmless, management for cosmetic reasons is the main problem patients face.

This will have a lot of bearing on sexual activity between you and your girl in the long run. Besides, the bumps may start causing pain.

This pain tends to increase during

You will be losing your interest very soon in sexual intercourse. If the problem persists, you will gradually slip into mental depression and psychological impotence.

This is much worse than the physical inability, for physical impotence can be cured. While, the psychological impotence has no cure, even with the best of psychologists who deal with sexual dysfunction problems and issues among men.

There is no need to despair.

Today, the worlds of medication and alternative medicines and treatments have found appropriate methods through which the Pearly Penile Papule can be successfully and permanently eradicated from your penis.

7 Best Pearly Penile Papules Treatment Options For Removal?

Today, there are n-number of methods are existing for the removal of Pearly Penile Papule. Let us look at some of them. We shall also discuss the advantages and disadvantages in general.

1. CO2 Laser Treatment

This type of cosmetic surgery involves focusing a Co2 Laser beam onto the affected area. This is said to cleanly remove the papule concentration. Laser therapy is also stated to be a very much painless and hairless method.

However, there are many limitations associated with this sort of treatment.

Hence, many people avoid taking up this sort of remedy.

2. Radio Surgery

In this method, highly concentrated beams of radiation are used to remove the papule deposition. Though this is very much similar to the earlier explained way, the accuracy is said to be less than that.

Moreover, the risks associated with radiation methods are said to be far worse.

This method is said to give only temporary relief. Because, when you are exposing the papule region to radiation, you are not removing the actual cause of the disease so the papule will regrow after some time.

You obviously can’t afford the risk of exposing your penis’s most sensitive part to radiation repeatedly. It may turn into another serious sexual disorder.

3. Cryotherapy

In this method, liquid nitrogen is used at very low temperatures. The temperature is lowered to such an extent that the papule layers start falling off. Once the treatment is complete, the entire region will be cleared off the papule.

This method seems to be the most harmless among the ones we have seen above.

However, there are many hidden threats to this sort of treatment.

4. Excisional Surgery

This is perhaps the most conventional and risky method you can ever expect to put your penis through. In this method, the surgeon will have to remove painfully every papule individually.

They are often cut and separated from the Glans penis area

5. Electro Desiccation

This is yet another painful process. In this method, the papule granules are desiccated with an electric current. After this is done, the remaining tissue is removed by scraping. This is the most painful and risky method. Unless the surgeon is highly expert with plenty of experience and patience, the surgery may end up in a disaster.

6. Creams

You could say; this is one of the coolest methods of removing the papule. However, this approach has a major disadvantage of allergy. If your penis skin of yours is allergic to any of the ingredients, then the method may backfire.

In the initial stage, it may start with skin irritation. You may feel that it’s because the papule is going away.

After some time, you may find that the papule domes have grown back while your penis is losing its erectile and functional characteristics in the long run.

7. Natural Methods Of Removal

By far, these methods have proved to be the most effective and permanent way. You will be able to find many sites which support and advise on natural methods. The experts in skin and sexual problems know the method by which Pearly Penile Papules on the shaft can also be removed with the same ease.


The best way out is to go natural or through the cream. You just can’t afford to take risks with surgery and LASER methods. However, the final choice and decision will be yours. Before you take any remedy, make sure that it is a papule.

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