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Over The Counter ED Pills: Best Otc Viagra Tablets Alternatives

What are the best OTC Viagra tablets alternatives to buy for erectile dysfunction?

Last updated Fact Checked: Feb 9, 2022

We have some drug alternatives with organic extract for male sexual strength. Do they work just as well?

In recent times, erectile dysfunction and subjects of that nature have become widely accepted to speak about, especially in the Western world.

That comes to our point; nowadays guys don’t mind shopping OTC for an erectile dysfunction pill in stores and buying them over the counter. Some are so comfortable that they might even ask the guy working in the shop which one he recommends.

Just by doing regular average day-to-day shopping and landing in stores such as Walmart, Walgreens, GNC, etc., you will come across aisles that contain many such products.

Most men are more comfortable buying their male enhancement pills online rather than over-the-counter (OTC),1 but for those of you who don’t mind buying from the store, let’s cover some of the available ones.


Pills, generally do not increase penis size. It’s not possible. It will make it appear bigger, due to the increased blood supply engorging the penis.2 But as for permanent gains, not the case. If it’s permanent, solidified length and girth gains you’re after, you should try penis extenders,3 manual exercises,4 or penis pumps5 – or a combination of all three.

Many companies who sell pills will try to claim that you can get permanent penis enlargement just by using them, so just be aware.

Erectile dysfunction supplements and pills are better suited for ED treatment, impotence, lack of libido, and general sexual function.6

Store #1 GNC

If you are alive in the US as of now, I’m pretty confident you must have come across GNC. Probably the largest supplements store, so there’s plenty of space to store erectile dysfunction products in there for you to buy over the counter.

Let’s look at some of the over the counter (OTC) erection pills and products I found in GNC, for research purposes, obviously.

Prolatis 2.0

I can’t honestly say I have experienced any effect at all from this one. I didn’t take it continually, so that’s maybe why. I took two of these ED pills, expecting to see some change at least. But nothing happened.

So next time, I upped the dose of it, me being a rebel and all. I took four this time, all in one go. Now that’s when I felt something brewing. The tremendous sense of sexual desire overtook me, and I then had to pay the price for the following morning…

A banging headache is what I had for breakfast. Three painkillers weren’t enough to numb the pain. My conclusion to that would probably be that I was dehydrated. I Checked the packet, no sign of any diuretics in the ingredient so I can’t say what caused it.

I think it’s safe to say; it’s better to stay away from this one.


Extenze Fast Acting – BEST OTC ED Pills!!!

Pretty sure you’ve heard of this one, it was on adverts and plastered on NASCAR cars, it’s even endorsed by porn stars such as Ron Jeremy.

ExtenZe is available online from its official website as well as in stores.

It’s worth trying this one as I have had very positive results with it. Lives up to the name and extends your stamina and heightens arousal and pleasure.

ExtenZe works within minutes of taking it. You can feel it working, not kidding. It’s kind of hard to explain. If you’re looking for something that works quickly, similarly to Viagra connect and Cialis Daily. Then Extenze would probably be the closest thing to it.

The benefit is, it’s herbal and so no prescription medication is required. Your healthcare provider will never find out so he can’t make a note of it on your medical records for future embarrassment.7

GNC isn’t the only place that stocks ExtenZe over the counter, it’s a household name and is available at most stores, like Walmart, CVS Walgreens, and others.

If you want more info on Extenze and to see before and after pictures, click here.

Or You Could Watch This Guy’s Video Review After His First-Ever Time Taking ExtenZe, Let’s Hope His Girlfriend Doesn’t Find Out! You, Will, See Why If You Watch The Short Video.



Progene isn’t necessarily an ED pill per se, however, it is a dietary supplement to help improve the sexual performance of men. It’s not explicitly mentioned that it is a testosterone booster, but by looking at the marketing and packaging, it surely hints at that.

Vitamins and natural aphrodisiacs are included in the active ingredient of Progene. Its primary function is to restore energy levels quickly so you can go on for longer with ease.

From the reviews online I have read, it doesn’t seem to be living up to its claims. Not many people who have used it said that they experienced anything terrific.


Magna RX

It is decent and not a complete waste of money. Need more information? We have a full 1500 word review about it. Click here to read the Magna RX review.


Vitalast New Vigor

Never personally tried it but it seemed like GNC trusted it quite a bit as they were heavily promoting it with special offers and lined two full shelves with it.

Since I knew nothing about it, I checked online to see if I could find any reviews, and lo and behold, it’s quite popular and efficient, according to those who have taken it.

It only contains four active ingredients which are all pretty safe and well known, so it seems trustworthy. The ingredients are L-arginine, l-carnitine, deer antler velvet, and maca root, however, the literature regarding this product is of low quality.8 It’s priced at about 60 bucks.


Store #2 Walmart

Usually, you will get the best price at Walmart due to them being a huge corporation. Naturally, they will be able to buy more stock in bulk and they can afford to pass the savings on to you as a customer. That makes sense, right?

Okay, what did I find over the counter at Walmart?

Libido Max

What do I say about this one, it works, and it doesn’t work all at the same time. You will get horny when you take it, and it will give you rock-hard boners, but you will also get feelings of nausea at the same time. Maybe even a headache.

I can’t recommend it because it seems too dangerous considering the negative side effects,9 so take it at your own risk but please before you do that, consult your doctor.

An important note about Libido Max: it contains Yohimbe, which is a powerful aphrodisiac but it is also quite dangerous at the same time.10 Maybe it’s this that causes side effects. For more information read the full Libido Max review.



This company also claims you will experience benefits knowing you would love to experience them. But according to real users, you will not experience longer-lasting erections, harder erections, improved stamina, and powerful orgasms.

To top it all off, the pills themselves are humongous. Talk about a hard pill to swallow.  Cyvita will take up to 2 weeks for you to see results if you can call them results that are! Perfect timing seeing as your money-back guarantee would have run out by then anyway.



This is another famous brand you will see at your local Walmart. Zyrexin is the self-proclaimed “world’s strongest sexual enhancer.” Maybe not the world’s best or strongest but it does get to work pretty quickly!

Effects can be witnessed in as little as a quarter of an hour, and by half an hour you have a baseball bat between your legs, ready to hit the next home run. It may have interactions with Yohimbine according to a study.11

Read our full Zyrexin review


Store #3 – Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, etc

Sometimes you need that erectile function supplement right there, and then, there’s no time to wait for sexual activity. Potentially you might be having sexual intercourse within the next hour, so the price isn’t that important and the more important thing is whether or not they are available over the counter.

Maybe you just don’t feel like driving too far because there may not be a Walmart or GNC nearby.


Virmax DS

As far as the ingredients go, this proprietary blend is somewhat an unknown cocktail of ingredients plus Ginkgo biloba and L-lysine.

The reviews from men who have used it online state that they got an energy boost after using it. Maybe it’s due to the Ginkgo biloba and L-lysine or who knows, maybe it’s a secret just like the rest of the ingredients in their advertising?12


MD Science Labs Max Hard

The good thing about this is it comes in sample packs of just two pills, so if you need just one-time use, it seems handy. I found this at Walgreens.

The ingredients it contains are natural and are quite well known. For example, it includes ginseng, Yohimbe, and horny goat weed13 as well as other well-known ingredients.


Extenze Liquid

As you’ve guessed already by the brand name, made by the same manufacturer but in liquid form this time. Liquids will naturally be absorbed faster and more readily into your bloodstream than solids, so this should work faster than the capsules. Although the capsules are gel caps anyway so it’s pretty much the same in terms of speed of absorption.

If you wanted it to take effect even more quickly, just let it rest beneath your tongue for a moment or two, and the ingredients will get into your bloodstream even quicker.

The good thing is that it’s available in most stores and it works very quickly. Recommended!

Ageless Male

As you can probably guess by the name, the primary function of this pill is not intended for erectile dysfunction. It’s made to give men a more youthful feeling hence the ageless male in it.

How does it do this? Increasing testosterone level which in turn increases sexual arousal and sex drive, making you feel 18 again.

It works slowly over time, so if you’re looking for something that will work quickly, it’s best to look elsewhere at something more fast-acting.

But if you’re after a testosterone booster, there are better options available which we would favor over ageless male such as Provacyl.

To find out more information as to why we no longer recommend ageless male, click here to read the full Ageless Male review. Or click here to read our Provacyl review.

Tips To Keep You Safe Over The Counter And Not Get Ripped Off!

1. Be Careful

Some pills that are sold over-the-counter have later been found to contain illegal substances or a prescription drug.14 Due to the lack of testing and regulations, many of these unsafe products can enter the market and claim to be 100% natural.15

Some of them contain fad ingredients that will do nothing for you except offer a placebo effect; others include ingredients such as sildenafil and tadalafil. These are the active ingredients in prescription Ed medication such as Viagra and Cialis.16

Viagra and Cialis can cause some unpleasant side effects depending on already existing health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, or pulmonary hypertension. Side-effects can be severe such as blurred vision, migraine, dehydration, reduction in blood pressure, and a host of others.17

Now you understand why Viagra and Cialis are prescription ED drugs, prescribed by a medical professional who is qualified to assess and give oral medications to each patient individually.

You are better off buying from a regulated store like Walgreens, CVS, etc. rather than a shady liquor store or gas station.


2. Pills Are For Erectile Dysfunction – Not For Penis Enlargement!

Whatever the claims may be, just ignore them. A pill will never increase the size of your penis permanently. Maybe in the short term it will by filling your penis with more blood, so it appears to be larger, but not forever.18

You will get better erection quality though because that is what they are meant to do, remember they are for erectile dysfunction not for penis enlargement.

If it is a bigger penis you are after, you can use pills to give you better blood flow to your penis19 while doing manual exercises. Or you could use penis pumps or extenders; these are for penis enlargement.20


3. It’s Better To Buy Online Than Over The Counter

If you have purchased a product from a local store or supermarket and it worked, and you’re happy with it and would like to buy more of it, you should buy it online next time.

You’re more than likely to find a better deal online; you might even get some free bonuses. Plus you can save yourself the embarrassment in-store and save yourself the drive.


Only buy from the official websites, that way you can ensure that you receive a genuine product and don’t risk your health and safety. Plus, you won’t get a money-back guarantee if you bought from anywhere other than the official website.

Our Recommendation!

As you can probably see from the list above, there are plenty of erectile dysfunction supplements available. Many of the ones mentioned above, you probably haven’t even heard of.

If you’re anything like me, you wouldn’t be seen dead buying any form of male enhancement in a store, knowing full well that even if anybody else doesn’t see you, the shop clerk knows that your Winky isn’t working properly.

So, save yourself the embarrassment and buy online instead. The supplements available online are not always available in stores, and they are much better than the cheap, crappy ones sold in stores due to the sheer selling power of the retailer.

Best Over The Counter Erectile Dysfunction Pills – VigRX Plus

Nothing compares to it. It’s been on the market for years, and its reputation has grown so much that online doctors and health care providers endorse it. Clinical trials and tests have proven its effectiveness,21 and it is safely manufactured in FDA approved facilities.

The customer reviews do not disappoint either, making it stand out from its competitors by a long shot.

VigRX Plus will help to boost your sexual stamina, increase libido and desire, make your orgasms last longer and be more intense as well as make your penis rock hard like it used to be when you were younger and a lot hornier. Studies show improvements in sexual function.22 Remember those times when you sat in class with an erection in your pants underneath the desk?

Click here to find out more about VigRX Plus and why we recommend it.


Body Freedom exclusively utilizes the best quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts in our content. Read our editorial process to learn more regarding our fact-checking to maintain the accuracy, reliability, and trustworthiness of our content.

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Shahrokh Shariat, MD

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