MOJO Risen Pills Review

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: April 4, 2019

mojo-pillsWhat Are Mojo Risen Pills?

Mojo Risen pills are male-enhancement pills, supposed to be made of 100% herbal ingredients. According to the manufacturer, they are meant to act at two levels when you consume it. The first one is at the physical level. It is supposed to include;

However, most of these actions are better supported by VigRX Plus. At least, that is what the increasing number of reviews on the social network and other personal experiences seem to suggest. On the other hand, Psychological level changes may not be seen directly. They, however, can be experienced by the self.

  1. Increased sexual drive and desire
  2. Ability to perform over a long time during sexual intercourse
  3. Increased self-confidence, self-esteem and a radical change of view of life

These are standard features supported by every male-enhancer. Moreover, these factors also depend on the individual’s body capacity in absorbing the ingredients.

Why Opt For Mojo Risen?

What Are The Ingredients Of Mojo Risen Sex Pills?

Theoretically speaking the active ingredients are supposed to play their roles as depicted below.


The ingredient is known to promote the athletic ability of your physical body, including your penis and the complete pelvic-region. As you are aware, sexual intercourse is a pleasuring as well as a tiring act, especially for you (men). One of your actions in a satisfying sexual encounter with your female partner can tire you out to a large extent, especially after the ejaculation phase. Your entire pelvic region will now need the complete energy supply rather consistently. This is where Antler’s power can regenerate the energy from its source completely into the roots of the penis.vigrx-plus-discount

Cordyceps Sinesis

This mushroom-ingredient has a lot of male-enhancement elements hidden deep within. This ingredient flawlessly manages the flow of initialization, sustenance, control and final explosion.

Initialization: – This is the first step into your sexual intercourse. This might start in the foreplay session, or much earlier, depending on what kind of stimulation you are receiving. This is where your initial erection comes into the picture.

Issues and solutions: sexual-urges- Most men experience weak or no initial erections at all. This is due to the sexual urges. If you happen to be having these problems, the Mojo Risen pills will certainly help you out to a large extent in attaining your first erections very fast. The other major problem encountered by men is the resilience to get stimulated when you are in the post-ejaculation period. It takes a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes for an average man to get back his powers completely after an ejaculation. Here is where the power of this ingredient comes into the picture. It will enable your erection probabilities to 2-3 minutes after the ejaculation.

Sustenance: food- nutrition in their every intercourse session, notwithstanding the fact they have had a couple of orgasms and ejaculations already. If you belong to such a category of highly energy conscious men, you will find this ingredient to your liking.

Issues and solutions: -This is the time period during your sexual intercourse. This is where your real performance comes into power-play. It has been observed over a period that an average man can perform not more than 3 to 4 minutes in every intercourse session. After that, it ends in ejaculation. This time between the start of sexual intercourse and the end of it lasts hardly to such a time that your female partner would have not even reached halfway to her orgasm. This is where the ingredient comes to your real rescue. It is capable of inducing pressure within your intra-vascular region. This is done with the help of other ingredients. Once this is done, your urge to ejaculate will be postponed.

Final stages: – This is where you will require maximum peaking capacity. The ingredient helps you to reach your orgasmic pinnacle and shoot an entire load of cum. The ingredient is quite helpful in making you shoot your load to a long distance.

Issues and solutions: – Most men find their orgasmic ejaculations also very depressive. They feel they don’t have that much of load to shoot and enjoy. This is where the ingredient comes to the rescue. It is capable of adding additional force to your ejection fluids.


This is one of the spicy elements that form the ingredient part of Mojo Risen pills. You might have observed many Asian and Mexican foods are having this pepper as one of its essential ingredients. The concept here is very simple and straight forward. When you have a spicy ingredient in your bloodstream,

vimax-vs-mojo-pillsLimitations Of Mojo Risen Pills 

Though the ingredients list speaks great volumes, the final combination of them in Mojo Risen pills seem to somewhere lack the perfectness as with Vimax.

What Are The Benefits Of Mojo Risen Pills?

It is, however, far from the truth to say that Mojo Risen pills do not have any positive effects at all. However, the following features listed are quite common to every male-enhancer that comes with its set of natural ingredients.

What Are The Side Effects Of Mojo Risen?

Since the ingredients of the pill are in natural form, there are no visible traces of negative side effects. However, if you have any allergic inclination towards one of the ingredients of the pill, then you will have to consult your family physician before you start consuming Mojo pills.

There could be some effects with those who are in the category of low blood pressure, heart ailments, recovering from a recent heart, kidney or any other related illness.

Mojo Risen Conclusion

Mojo Risen pills are safe to consume. They have been rated as one of the safest ingredients with 100% assured results., which has also been proved.

The Mojo pills can be quite effective in nature, provided they are consumed as per the prescriptions are given by your physician. But at no stage, you will be able to see its effects greater than the other brands available in the market today. When you feel any sort of apprehensions about the composition of the Mojo supplement or its action, you will be able to find many;

The ancient medicinal value will always remain highest in the most modern era of medications also. The reasons are obvious and simple. If you look at the ancient Chinese, Indians and even the Native Americans, you find amazingly striking similarities.

The sort of medicinal preparations are based on the same formula or somewhat a similar formula. These ancient traditions have been in use for centuries. They have not only withstood the test of time, but they have also withstood the criticisms and non-acceptance of many.

As you are aware, natural care and treatment methods are increasingly taking over the medicinal fields in the modern era. Perhaps, because modern medicine and pharmacy manufacturers either will have to switch over or face the music of competition from the herbal world. It’s maybe why they showing impatience with products like Mojo pills.

Well in the ultimate analysis, it will be your experience that matters most.

MOJO Risen Sex Pills


Bigger & Harder Erections


Increased Penile Blood Flow


Treat ED


Improves Sexual Desire


Intensified Orgasms & Sex Drive



  • Money Back Guarantee


  • The FDA Official Warning & Recall
  • The Supplement Was Found To Contain 3 Ingredients Found In Viagra
  • Many Side effects Reported from Users
  • Overly Hyped Claims
  • Not The Best Quality Ingredients Used