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Maxoderm: Topical Cream Reviews For Male Enhancement

Topical Cream For Male Enhancement Review. Does This Tube Of Lotion Work For Erectile Dysfunction? Instant Buy 4oz Formula From Amazon or Walmart
Shahrokh Shariat, MD
Senior Editor & Writer

Prof. Shariat has published over 1400 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. In 2014 he received the Matula Award from the European Society of Urology (EAU), and in 2017 the Gold Cystoscope Award from the American Society of Urology, probably the most important urologist award worldwide.

What Is Maxo Derm Cream?

A topical cream for male enhancement. But does this tube of lotion work for erectile dysfunction? Instant buy 4oz formula from the official website or get it from Amazon or Walmart. Due to the targeted advertising with its advertising partners, it has become a well-known brand amongst satisfied customers in the world of male enhancement.

The brand name has many products to its credit.

The current review you are reading through concerns the cream.

It is for external use.

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Why Use This Cream?

This is the easiest and non-oral targeted topical delivery method of attaining firmness in week erections.

It paves way for,

Lubrication Of The Penis Muscles And Tissues

Conventional medications focus only on the hardening of muscles.

This causes severe irritations during an erection in the foreskin region.

The cream eases the process of foreskin peeling.

The next stage is the activation of pre-cum fluids from within the penis.

This is a much-needed step if you want to make your penetration and performance painless.

It Restores Muscle And Tissue Elasticity

You might have come across ads in which the macho-men are into instant action and go on for eternity without slowing down.

It could happen in the fiction world.

In the real world, the equation is entirely different.

Your penis needs to be flexible if you wish to have a smooth penetration and enhanced performance.

This is achieved by using the cream.

It Eases Blood Flow Within The Veins.

Most of the time, your erection faces problems due to the insufficient flow of blood in the veins.

The cream helps the veins in recoiling back to their full form, thus allowing free movement of oxygenated blood through the veins naturally.

How Does It Work?

While the various methods of penis enlargement and empowerment talk about increasing the physical aspects of the male organ, this method focuses on the fundamental and critical elements of sexual intercourse.

It Improves Virility

What do you understand by the term male-virility?

It is the natural ability of the male to copulate with the female.

The question of improving it comes into the picture when you (men) have trouble in the following…

It Improves Attaining The First Erection

It happens due to many reasons.

The medical manuals and research results indicate two fundamental aspects, namely the physical and psychological.


Normally, the penis is in a flaccid state.

During the erection process, the various tissues, muscles, and nerves in the penis start getting hardened.

This state is sustained until the ejaculation phase.

Then the penis returns to its flaccid state.

This is the natural cycle.

What Goes Wrong During Erection?

Age is one of the common hindrance factors that either slow down your erection or prevent you from enjoying complete/partial erections.

The second common cause is physical stress.

You are back from a stressful routine job.

Your body is aching to hit the bed.

This is the time you get a seductive invite from your female partner for sex.

You may be through with your part of the love-making before she is even aroused.

How Does This Cream Help?

You will be applying the cream onto the foreskin, the shaft, and the root base of your penis.

The cream gets absorbed by the sensitive outer skin.

As it seeps deeper, it strengthens the Corpora region as well as the Dorsal vein.

Your penis is now able to pick up the sensual signals coming from your nervous system distinctly.

Enhancing the quality: It refers to erection, penetration, and performance.

The cream reduces the time gap between mental arousal and solid erection.

This is achieved by preparing your penis for a just-in-time erection by stimulating the artery and muscles.

The cream increases the sustenance of your erections, In some cases, it could take about 12-weeks to reach a state of stability.

Once this state is reached, your penis will naturally get conditioned to sustained erections.

Sustaining the hardness:  while the penis muscles need to be flexible, your penis needs to maintain its hardness also to a certain extent.

You might have experienced frequent sagging of your penis during the foreplay as well as initial penetration times.

Nothing could be more frustrating than this.

The cream helps in keeping the excited tissues and muscles to maintain their state for a long time.

The penis muscles react to the responsive actions of the female sex organs.

This is experienced during sexual performance.

The cream makes your penis skin feel a heightened sensation during sexual activity.

This increases the hardness as your intimate session progresses.

Revitalizing the penis and the surrounding muscles and nerves:  You can experience extreme physical pleasure in your sex life.

It is also a state of rigorous action for your penis muscles and veins.

If you expect them to keep functioning without a pause, you need to supply them with vital vitamins, sexual nutrients, and other energizing elements consistently.

The cream does this entire job in just one go.

What Are the Ingredients?

Now that you are familiar with the what, why, and how of this male enhancement cream, you start wondering about the driving force behind your success which will show in your bedroom every day.

They are the active and inactive ingredients of the cream.

Let us take a look at some of the most critical ingredients.

Active Ingredients 

  • Saw palmetto: It contains fatty acids from the Serenoa fruit. It is known to heal the Urethra-region from the stress accumulated.
  • Methyl nicotinate: The compound clears the flow of blood in the penile tissue and conditions it for better erection quality.
  • Maca supplement:  it enhances the sexual desire in you(men). Though desire; defined as a psychological phenomenon, it ultimately gets converted into physical arousal. It is made possible by this unique herbal compound.
  • L-Arginine amino acid: You will be able to attain and sustain your erections and hard-on only when your body can respond to the cream. That means it has to produce the vital hormones required for arousal and performance. The cream gets absorbed into the muscles as well as the glands that surround them. This way, the hormones are activated.
  • Zinc metallic compound: It is a powerful anti-oxidant agent. Most of your erectile problems could be traced to the presence of toxic elements in the penis and the surrounding internal organs. When the cream gets absorbed by the tissues, it clears the toxic components. You might have often observed the color of your urine, minutes after you apply the cream. It is a clear indication of internal cleansing.
  • Catuaba extract: Your body’s central nervous system has many branches. One of them starts from the tip of your penis at the tip of the Glans and extends up to the subcortical and cortical regions. Catuaba not only ignites the passion of intimacy by activating the biological reaction within this region and connecting it with your natural erection.
  • Muira Puama: The Herbal-compound extract can heal the physical inhibitors that block the process of erection.
  • Yohimbe Extract: –  It is called the potency-restorer. It acts on the pleasure centers located in the corona and the corpora regions.

Inactive Ingredients

Vitamins C & E: – They refresh the penis region thoroughly with a new dosage of energy. You will be able to experience its effect while you are in the process of copulation. You feel fresh and energetic throughout the intercourse without getting physically tired.

Aloe and Rose extract: – They are responsible for activating the pleasant physical feelings experienced by the penis during foreplay and copulation. You no longer feel the mechanical monotony in the sexual act.

Here, we have listed only the critical and vital ingredients of the cream.

How To Use the Cream?

You can apply the cream with the help of a cotton bud.

Make sure that you give the first coating completely in the Dorsal and  Corpora regions uniformly.

After that, you may need to wait for about 2 to 3 minutes to test the effects.

Meanwhile, engage your mind in relaxing and arousal activities.

General Precautions

You need to stay away from intoxicating drugs and excess alcohol consumption before you take steps to apply the cream.

This may render the cream inactive as drinking makes it harder to achieve a full erection.

  • Also, DO NOT buy from sites such as Amazon or eBay or even any other third-party sellers for that matter. The reason for this warning is because it’s a cream someone can easily sell ordinary lotion to you and many people think they can scam people online. Make sure ONLY to buy from the official website.

Have a look at some of the reviews on Amazon below, we have highlighted the parts which indicate a fake version had been sold.

What Are The Possible Side Effects?

If you have sensitive skin, it may result in mild to intense irritations, but this is just a precaution as nobody has reported any adverse effects due to the use of the cream.

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, you may experience an increased sense of anxiety, loss of sleep, and other forms of skin and body irritation.

If the symptoms vanish within a few minutes, you can choose to ignore them.

Because your body will have managed to overcome the initial hiccups.

In case the irritation and other nauseating sensations persist beyond 3-4 minutes, you need to consult your physician and take a second opinion.


This male enhancement product is found to have maximum benefits in 99% of the polled users online.

Since it is an external-use component, the chances of getting to unsolvable physical conditions are remote.

Moreover, the herbal ingredients ensure long-lasting benefits that otherwise may not be available in many of the chemical-based products that reach the market every day.

You should use the product consistently to reap the maximum benefits.

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