Male STAMINA Pills

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: May 26, 2019

If a man increases his sexual stamina then inevitably he can give more pleasure to his partner for a longer-lasting time. This will result in mind-boggling, toe-curling orgasms and an unimaginably deep connection through sex.

Has that information caught your eye?

That wasn’t just for click-baiting you either. It’s all possible! If those are the kind of things you’d like to experience, then you’ve come to the right place. You’re not alone, guys in similar and even worse positions then you have been able to experience these results rather quickly.

I don’t want to sound like a philosopher, but we all know the seed grows into a tree. Similarly, every man contains within himself the ability to reach a heightened state of giving and receiving pleasure. So, what makes you think you’re so different? You just need to be steered in the right direction, that’s all!

So this post will outline in detail some practices which I have used myself, and naturally, you can start using to turn you from being an insecurity ridden man to an extremely confident sexual beast.

These techniques aren’t even unique to me; they will work for anyone. People who have followed the guide just as I have reported that their last few sexual encounters had been the best ones of their lives. This was all within just a single month of following Jack grave’s Ejaculation Guru program. Guys begin to increase stamina and last much longer very quickly.

Remember, this is all within a month, imagine practicing and becoming a master of these techniques for a year, or just thinking what could be possible with a lifetime of knowing these routines. Your confidence will improve dramatically whether that’s in the bedroom or life in general.

Jack Grave Gives You The Ability To Experience Such Confidence And Power In The Bedroom With Your Partner.

Even if you’re not currently in a relationship, it doesn’t matter! You can carry out these techniques and practice them on your own. Even in due time, having this type of ability and stamina will make confidence radiate out of you naturally. It will only be a matter of time until you attract partners.

Gain that porn star like sexual stamina, and you will not ever need validation from women ever again. Rather, they will be wondering if you enjoy having sex with them or not, instead of it being the other way around.

Learn the traits of pure alpha manliness, and you will see how all aspects of your life benefit from it. The world will soon begin to realign itself and fit into your lifestyle, giving you what you finally deserve. It is better than what you can imagine right now.

You don’t need any male stamina pills either so before you decide to skip this page, I want you to know that I’m not trying to sell you any stamina delay pills, sprays, creams or supplements. Believe it or not, I actually want to help you because I know what it’s like to suffer from sexual stamina problems.


This post is written primarily for men with a heterosexual orientation. Don’t worry, though; it will still benefit you despite your sexual orientation if you want to improve your sexual stamina.

Last Week I Surprised Myself

I couldn’t believe it; I was able to have sex with my girlfriend four times in a single day. And don’t think they were quick in and out sessions either. In total, I’d say we must have been at it for over four hours. It was absolutely magical. Everything flowed seamlessly; we even changed positions without my dick even leaving her vagina. I kind of made her swivel on it as we changed position.

Before this, I used to pull out and change position on purpose to stop myself from cumming too quickly. Oh, how things have changed!

Four times in a single day was probably my personal best, but it was hers also. After already digging her out twice already, we were walking down the street to find a good place to get some food. I asked what’s the most she had done it in a single day. I could see her eyes flickering as she tried to recollect and sift through her memories of former lovers.

She said, “probably three…” Looking quite embarrassed as she did so. I looked her dead in the eyes and told her that I didn’t want to leave her with any uncertainty whatsoever as to how many times she had done it in a single day and exactly who she had done it with!

Pillow Talk That Night!

After finishing the fourth round, we both lay in bed breathing slowly and rhythmically in sync with each other. We complemented each other as we usually do and I experienced a profound connection with her, but I had never been able to experience that with anybody else. She told me the feeling was mutual!

Life Hasn’t Always Been This Way, Though…

A life of love, sex, and deep connections is something I had never experienced from an early age. From the time, I hit puberty, to my college years and even beyond those I was extremely frustrated. I was physically and emotionally shut down. I didn’t actually have sex until my mid-20s.

I’m a relatively good-looking guy if I do say so myself, so it’s not because I never had the chance to have sex because I did. One was that I was oblivious to the signals women give, the other was that I lacked confidence and deep down even though I may have known it was time to have sex my body wouldn’t allow it. Whether it was the inability to get an erection or because I made excuses to save face.

Things Began To Change…

Slowly but surely…

Thinking back, at the time I would have never thought it was possible to reach such a stage I am at right now. Within a couple of months, my whole life changed dramatically. Just by learning some of these techniques and changing my mindset and perception.

Let’s get into it.

Here Are Three Secrets To Take Charge Of Male Sexual Stamina…

1. Forget About Goals

Society teaches us, men, to become robotically trained sexual beings. Become aroused, get an erection, insert it into the Vagina, penetrate for a few minutes (if we can manage that) and finally ejaculate! Then we have two options, either sleep or carry on with life.

How do you think this makes women feel?

Answer: Unsatisfied.

And it makes you untrustworthy. Think about it for a second, if a man cannot be relied upon to last long enough to be sexually gratifying and satisfying for the woman, then what exactly is he good for?

Sex is intense, so other intense life situations will also require a man to be counted upon for long enough, what message is that sending to women?

How can she manage to remain calm and relaxed in the bedroom when all she can think about in the back of her mind is when you’re going to squirt your load, and she’s not even halfway there yet.

Did You Know You Could Cum Without Cumming?

At first, I had no idea either. And most men remain in the dark about this too. In most cases, when the sexual energy builds up inside you after you have not released it for long enough, you don’t think twice about busting a quick nut to get that five seconds of gratification.

Blue balls are what they call it when you become so sexually frustrated after not ejaculating for some time. It is technically, energy which is stuck or untapped. This energy or frustration can be dissipated and transformed into clarity, focus, and presence without having to sacrifice having sex. In fact, you can have sex for much longer!

As hard as it may seem, it is definitely possible not to ejaculate, I’m not saying it’s easy, but it is possible. And you will still be alive at the end of it, I promise!

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2. Make A Connection

Be honest, is it just sex or are you genuinely trying to make a deeper connection with your partner and open up more inner feelings and have that connection that you see in romantic movies. Or is she just a realistic, warm, moist blow-up sex doll?

Most of us fail to make a connection, and that is what usually results in a broken relationship, and then somebody else comes along who can connect with her on a level you were never able to. Previous encounters and negative memories often put up a barrier and force us not to get too emotionally attached or connected.

Slowly, over the years or during the relationship, these small and seemingly inconsequential hurts and shadows begin to have a cumulative effect on us. Because singularly they are so tiny and insignificant it seems as though nothing is affecting us, but when they are all combined, it can take its toll on our sex lives and relationships.

We need to learn how to open up to deep intimacies. In most of us, this is replaced with receiving pain and hurt instead at times when we were expecting or hoping to receive love. You need to feel this pain and hurt for you to release it. It won’t kill you, and it will make you stronger.

3. Take Ownership Of Your Desire

Own the fact that you want to fuck, yes, that’s right – fuck!

You’re a man, are you not?

It seems very counter intuitive, that’s why most men try to be the nice guy and hide the fact that they are after sex, even though, she definitely knows what you’re after. Some are hiding it; it only works against you.

How do I know this?

Let’s See What My Girlfriend Thinks About It…


Most people believe that it’s only the man that’s after sex, but this is completely wrong. Women also want sex and have a lot of imagination. If you listen to many of the sex experts or sexperts, you will see that they commonly repeat and are in agreement that women’s sexual appetite is far greater than men’s.

As I got older, I realized the truthful nature of the statement. With age comes confidence and more acceptance of my body which makes me take ownership of my sexual appetite. I want to eat my partner alive (sexually obviously), but more so I want to be eaten alive (excuse the pun).

This has been difficult to achieve because some men won’t be able to keep up due to their sexual appetite being lower than mine. Others will match with mine but will end up lacking creativity or presence. This results in dull, predictable and boring sex. A lack of connection!

How do you expect to grow and explore sexually? There’s nothing to learn from each other. But when you can simply let go of all the excess baggage and begin to own your desire to fuck each other. Fuck each other the way you get fucked in your imagination, not in real life. Make it a reality!

I don’t want a man just to be able to keep up with me, he needs to be wanting to take charge and lead the interaction. I want him to entice me, devour me yet at the same time I want to be adored. I want the limitations to be removed and to be celebrated for being such a sexual person.

Think You’re Ready To Release Your Inner Sex Warrior?

Even though these three tips are very simple, at the same time they are incredibly vast. Men are always looking to reach “the end.” This is because subconsciously men have been conditioned this way. To ejaculate – that’s the end. All of the energy, excitement, vigor, and fun you are having with your partner just diminishes within seconds after you have released and reached “the end.”

But, once this craving of reaching the end is deleted from our minds, you will be able to find something that is deeply satisfying and cannot be explained, it just has to be experienced.

Can’t explain how sex feels to somebody who is a virgin, can you? Well, you can, but they’d never understand fully. The only way to truly know is if they went out and experienced it for themselves.

Although, I have tried my best to explain and put forward the information for you to get a better understanding of what I’m talking about with regards to sexual stamina. These words are just drops when there is an ocean waiting for you in the next room.

If you’re settling for drips and drops, then remember, that’s exactly what you’re giving to your partner. A container can only give what it’s got!

This is a whole new mindset, not just an acquired set of skills. But, they are there for the taking for anyone who wants to take his sexual stamina to the next level. But don’t think it will happen overnight. It will take dedication; it will take patience and practice.

Continuously build upon this. Do it once, then again and again. When you look back in a month or a year, you will notice the cumulative effects when you will be having the best sex of your life. AND you will be making a profound connection with your partner at the same time, so it’s not just sex, it’s more than that!

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