Male Enhancement

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: May 12, 2019

In recent times there have become more male enhancement products increasingly available, with new devices and supplements becoming available on a daily basis. This is not good for us because it leaves us in a state of confusion as to which product we should try or even trust. It makes our job a lot harder to sift through all the BS to find the real deal.

Penis pills, the man enhancing supplements, vacuum pumps, topical enhancement creams, traction extenders and the list doesn’t finish there.

So, what we’ve done is made your job a lot easier by categorizing the typical male enhancement products into four groups with a brief bit of info and our top recommendations and reviews. Where it is appropriate, we will even mention a few products which you should avoid.

1. Male Enhancement Pills

Male enhancement pills can be split into two groups. Prescription pills like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra or entirely natural herbal alternatives which are much safer.

Prescription medicines like Viagra and Cialis are used to treat erectile dysfunction in men who find it difficult to maintain or even initially obtain an erection. When they were first developed, though, they were intended to treat low blood pressure, but patients observed advantages in the nether regions.

Natural herbal male enhancement supplements serve the purpose to achieve many goals, unlike prescription medicines. They help to give harder erections, improved blood flow, increase stamina and even increase sexual desire and virility. Over time with consistent consumption, the penis will appear to become larger in size due to the expansion in the spongy tissue as it adapts to accommodate more blood volume.

More recently, male enhancement supplements have been developed to increase semen volume, improve ejaculation intensity and control strictly. Ever wanted to squirt ropes like a pornstar? Try Semenax or Volume Pills. That’s what they must be using too.

Due to the composition of all-natural herbal ingredients, male enhancement pills rarely come with any negative side-effects, and hardly anyone experienced any allergic reaction. They are completely safe even if you are suffering from any medical conditions, in most cases. Which is profoundly untrue for prescription medicine as they often have SEVERE drug interactions.

Our Top Recommended Male Enhancement Pills And Supplements;

In this article, you will receive information which is very concise and brief. If you want further details as to why and how we have rated certain products and recommended them, you can read further detailed individual reviews or comparisons on other pages of this website.

2. Topical Enhancement Creams, Gels, and Oils

Some people don’t like the idea of having to take supplements. It’s a hard pill to swallow as the saying goes. Excuse the pun! That’s not a problem, even though our recommended supplements are completely safe, if you would prefer, you can apply the external topical solution directly onto the skin of your penis.

When male enhancement creams, gels or oils are used externally, the nutrients they contain will be absorbed into the skin via a transdermal route. If you prefer to use a patch, similar to a nicotine patch used to stop smoking we recommend using the VIMAX patch.

Opting for a transdermal solution is very efficient because the nutrients can be absorbed directly rather than having to be firstly digested, then broken down and reabsorbed.

Certain lotions, oils, and creams are manufactured specifically for improving stamina in males. They have numbing properties and will desensitize the penis ever so slightly so that you don’t end up climaxing too quickly. These can also be treated as lubricants and can be applied by your partner for extra enjoyment.

Our Top Product Recommendations;

You may have heard of some of these products already as they have become very popular due to their success and great reviews.

Penis Enlargement Creams?

Penis enlargement cream is applied directly to the penis and contains vasodilators and ingredients which will increase blood flow while at the same time desensitizing your penis to some level where you will be able to maintain ejaculation control and still feel extreme pleasure.

Just remember, with any male enhancement products, the results you will experience are cumulative and will get better with consistent usage over time. In most cases, male enhancement supplements, creams, oils, etc. are best when they are coupled with a penis extender and a vacuum pump. You will need to give your penis some stimuli for it to grow to its full potential, what we mean by that is to physically expand it using a pump or stretch it using an extender.

Pills VS. Topical Creams, Oils, And Lotions…

To be honest, whichever one you choose, the results will be pretty much equal. You will experience rock-hard, throbbing, bulging erections. Your erection will be bursting with blood and will stay in a rock-hard state for a long time. You will even be able to get hard on demand and start experiencing morning wood like you did when you were 18 years old.

The good thing about supplements though is that it will improve your circulation throughout your whole body, seeing as the ingredients will be delivered throughout. Whereas, when it comes to local solutions, the ingredients will be absorbed directly into the area where they are applied.

For the best results, you will indefinitely need to do some manual exercises and/or use penis extender and/or a vacuum pump. If you combine all three, there is no doubt you will experience the best results. By combining you will maximize your penis capacity and speed up the rate of enlargement dramatically as opposed to just using a single method.

Supplements will heighten your sexual experience to the point where you never thought was imaginable, especially if you suffer from erectile dysfunction. They also increase blood flow to the penis for when you are doing exercises such as jelqing or using a penis pump. They are a great help and complement other forms of enlargement very well.


3. Need To Last Longer? Delay Sprays And Creams Are Your Answer

Whatever the reason may be, sometimes your penis can become oversensitive. As you start to have sex, you will notice that the sensation is too overwhelming for you to be able to maintain your composure and control ejaculation. This is a common problem for guys. Even guys who don’t find this a problem all of the time still sometimes experience it.

This is called premature ejaculation and varies in its degree of severity. You can evaluate your performance, and if you are unhappy with your endurance and how long you can last, then you can bet your suffering from it.

This can be very frustrating if you end up orgasming much quicker than your partner on a regular basis. Whether you can barely last a minute or you just want to last even longer or long enough to make her climax then delay sprays/creams are your best option to have in your inventory.

Delay creams and sprays contain a mild form of anesthetic which reduces the sensitivity of your penis enough to strike a balance between lasting longer and feeling pleasure. We recommend you try Enlast Cream, Delay Pills or VigRX Delay Spray.

You should avoid products like STUD 100 Spray and Promescent because most people have reported by using them they have experienced too much numbing effect which has led to temporary loss of sensation entirely. Consequently, this incurred the inability to maintain an erection, or to penetrate or to even make use of their penis. They would have been better off prematurely ejaculating, don’t you think?

Stick to the proven ones like Enlast Cream, Delay Pills or VigRX Delay Spray, and you can be sure to improve stamina and skyrocket your confidence as a result. Nothing more emasculating than being able to give your partner body shaking orgasms and fuck her for as long as you both want.

4. Ejaculation Enhancers – Increase Semen Volume

Having a low sperm count could cause far greater problems for you than to simply trying to impress your partner. Due to it, you may experience week orgasms and even infertility. Psychologically, infertility is a bigger area of concern.

As men get older, their semen volume decreases due to reduced production. Their sex drive, libido, and desire are also reduced. This is a natural consequence of aging and sometimes can occur in some men earlier than others.

To minimize and reduce the effects of aging and to bring you back to your virile, younger self you should try Provacyl which has been clinically proven to counteract the effects of male andropause.

The volume of semen plays a huge role in the intensity of your orgasms. The more sperm you need to expel from your penis longer correlates to longer-lasting and more intense orgasms you will experience. Because more contractions will be required which in turn produces more sensation.

Semen production is dependent on certain ingredients that you consume in your diet. If there is a lack of, let’s say Zinc – then a lowered amount of semen and sperm will be produced. Luckily, there are supplements that will give you all the right ingredients in all the right amounts to optimize or maximum semen and sperm production and volume.

The two recommended supplements are Semenax and Volume Pills – these will give you up to a 500% increase in semen volume. The third option is less recommended but still nevertheless still an option – MaxoCum or SpermoMax.

5. Penis Extenders – The Best Tools And Devices

When it comes to enlarging your penis, generally you have two options – surgery or to use a penis extender traction device. Herbal solutions such as the ones we have mentioned previously will give you some size increase due to the added and increased blood flow over time – the results are secondary to the primary goal which is to improve sexual function.

Surgery is not something we recommend due to its incredibly high price and all of the negative side-effects that are associated with it. We are sure you have seen some of the horror stories when it comes to penis enlargement surgery, you only have one penis so try not to ruin it!

You should definitely combine a penis extender with a penis pump. There are studies that indicate that using both devices at the same time (not EXACTLY at the same time, but you know what we mean) the results can be substantially greater than just using one of the devices alone.

Top Rated Penis Extenders;

The design of many of the extender devices you may have seen online is very similar. There is an attachment piece that goes around the base of your penis which is attached to bars connected to a second attachment part attaches to the end of your penis.


The Phallosan Forte does not incorporate that design; rather it has an innovative way of attaching to the penis which in turn is so much more comfortable than a regular extender. We would not recommend any of the other extenders to be worn to sleep except the Phallosan.

The Penimaster Pro device seems to have followed suit after seeing the successful nature of the Phallosan. Out of the two devices, we still recommend the Phallosan all day long. There is simply no comparison even though some companies want to try and replicate; they will never be able to match the design and comfort exactly due to it being patented.

A study was done in Germany where the Phallosan is manufactured, and an average erect length gain of 1.9 inches was experienced by the participants in the study over a six-month period. In the following six months, the same participants were required not to use it at all to check if the gains had remained. And what do you know – the 1.9 inches was PERMANENT! With no diminishing results.

Traction devices are extremely safe when used correctly. They stretch the penis tissues, muscles and skin slowly enough to be completely safe yet sufficient enough to cause growth.

Penis extenders are aimed at providing length gains, but girth gains will naturally accompany any gains in length. If you are very specific and are more interested in girth gains, you would be better off with a penis pump…

6.Penis Pumps – Water-Based ONLY!

Doctors have regularly prescribed penis pumps to their patients who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. It is an effective treatment option without using dangerous medication. Penis pumps have been approved by the FDA for the treatment of erectile dysfunction but have not yet been approved for penis enlargement!

The vacuum that the penis pump creates around the penis forces blood to fill inside the vessels of the penis to reach its maximum capacity. The results are immediate, and you will be able to visualize them straight away after pumping for 5 to 10 minutes.

Initially, the results will be temporary but will still last a few hours at the least. To make the results permanent you would have to use a penis pump regularly (at least once a day) for at least a few months.

Traditional vacuum pumps always used air as their medium, but the latest designs use water which creates a more even distribution of pressure. The use of water can also increase the strength of the vacuum. When you use warm or hot water in the pump, it will provide heat to improve blood flow.

We recommend using either the Bathmate Hydro Pump/HydroMax or the Penomet. If you are unsure as to which one will be right for you, we have a detailed comparison of Penomet vs Bathmate.

What Are The BEST Male Enhancement Products, Tools, And Devices?

The best choice is based on your personal preference, lifestyle, free time and budget amongst other factors. You should use the right supplements such as VigRX Plus continuously regardless of whether you are after the length or girth gains. It just enhances your body with the right kind of nutrients that you need for better sexual performance.

But to sum it up, if you want the length, opt for an extender and if you want girth, then use a penis pump. For the fastest results, combine as many of the methods as you possibly can together, and you will speed up your expectations.

And use a delay creams/sprays or semen enhancers if you need them or if you want to be able to cum like a porn star, it’s entirely up to you!