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Male Edge Results

Last updated Fact Checked: May 19, 2019

male edge resultsWelcome to my continuous log of using my Male edge extender. It was supposed to be a weekly log, but sometimes it took slightly longer than a week to write up what I had experienced so I can’t call it a weekly log but here goes anyway…

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When I first started using my Male Edge extender…

Ok so I have just finished my first week of using it, but I know that some of you might want some information on what this thing is so I’ll briefly touch on that too.

It is an extender device that you attach to your penis. The base sits on your pelvis, and the end of the penis is attached to the end. The base and the end attachment are connected by spring-loaded rods, so a slight amount of stretch is applied to the penis continuously.

It’s easy to change the length of the device to fit the right size for your penis, and you can adjust the amount of force by twiddling the knobs at the base.

Pretty easy stuff to set it up, I just watched the DVD, and I was ready to go.

Male Edge is safer to use than other extenders too because I have heard that they can pinch the skin of your penis because of all the metal parts.

So I wore it for an hour for the first time at 1200g tension, and it was pretty comfortable. After an hour, I even twiddled the knobs to give it a bit more of a stretch.

Because I am new to all of this, I need to keep it at a maximum of 1200g for the first week or two, so my penis can get used to it so I have been doing this for 2 hours every day now.

Male Edge RESULTS: The only thing I can comment on right now is that my penis hangs longer when it’s not hard, but there is no change in erect length just yet. Also, I have noticed that my erections are much harder now, not sure if this is supposed to happen but I’m not complaining.

I wake up with rock hard erections now that don’t go away even my wife noticed, and she had no complaints either if you know what I mean :)

I haven’t measured my girth yet, but I can tell you that my dick is getting thicker and feels slightly heavier. I can only wear it for about 2 hours a day, so my wife doesn’t suspect anything; I might tell her later if and when my dick becomes so big I can’t hide it. No pun intended :)

I am thinking of wearing it when I’m out but not just yet. I might give it another week or two because I really should get some extra hours a day out of it.

Week 3 Male Edge Results

I am just going to document this now rather than at the end of the week because I will be busy then and I won’t have time. But so that you know it’s been about 2 and a half weeks now. I have upped the hours to 3 hours a day. I know it’s not much, but it’s the onlymale edge results time I have free when the wife can’t catch me wearing it.

I tried wearing it while I was out too, only once, though. I was wearing loose trousers and a pair of shorts underneath where I pushed the extender to one side through my shorts. If you do this, then it becomes less noticeable. Otherwise, people will notice.

I tried to aim it upwards too, but I find it’s better to point it downwards and through one side of the opening of a pair of shorts. It does become a bit difficult if you need to sit down, though.

I sat down funnily, and my friend was asking what the hell was wrong with me. I had to tell him that I worked out too hard in the gym, and my body was aching lol

Just to let you know, I don’t do any manual work or use any other penis stuff like pumps or pills. So any results that I experience will be purely to do with the Male Edge extender. I hope it gives me permanent results in the end because I don’t want to be wearing this thing for the rest of my life, but we’ll see how it goes.

If all the research that I did before buying it was accurate and the claims are true then hopefully I should be at 6.4″ after three months of using it. Fingers crossed eh.

Personally, if I get to that long then I will be sure that it works, and I will use it until I reach 7 inches. That seems like a good size. I might even get greedy and work to 8 inches which are a nice even number :)

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The comfort strap started slipping yesterday, so I was going to pull out a new one (comes with 4) but I thought I’d wash it instead, and the rubberiness of the silicone came back so no more slipping after that. Saves me from using a new strap so I would rather ration them if I want to get to 8 inches.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that this thing is really easy to use and very comfortable now. I wear it for 3 hours a day in just one session with 1200g of tension.

This stretches my penis out to 7.25″ Probably won’t wear it out much and just stick to wearing it at home too.

End of week 4 Male Edge Results

I have been quite busy with work, so I haven’t been able to increase the time of wearing my Male edge extender, but I have still managed to wear it for roughly 2 and a half to 3 hours a day.

I wanted to stretch it for about 4 hours a day but every time I came home from work I was too tired. I have been wearing it at work, though, not every day but some days.

I have to sit in the same position while I got it on when I am sitting down, but it’s all good. No pain no gain I suppose. Don’t get me wrong it doesn’t hurt at all, but it’s just that I can’t move around freely when I am sat down.

At the beginning of week 5 Male Edge Results

Even though I still only wear it for 2 or 3 hours a day I have increased the tension from 1200g to 1800g, and I am hoping to wear itmale edge results for 4 hours today non-stop. When I put it on this much tension, my dick now stretches to 7.5″ so it’s getting bigger.

Plus it looks bigger anyway, so I know now it Male Edge works!

Now that I have increased the tension I can feel the extender a lot more. It doesn’t hurt or anything, but I can feel a constant stretch in a good way. Seems like it must be doing a lot more than it was doing under 1200g of tension.

Oh, and the actual extender itself is fine too, no problems with it at all. I can tell this is a quality device made to be comfortable as well as practical. I have read up somewhere that instead of using the comfort straps to use Velcro instead, this supposedly gives you a much tighter fit and no slippage when you increase the tension even more which I intend to do soon.

Think I will just stick to the comfort strap for now though seeing as I don’t have any problems with this thing slipping.

Anyway, I am halfway there till I do my first official measurement, I don’t want to be measuring all the time because my penis isn’t going to grow that fast and I don’t mean to be discouraged in any way.

But just by noticing how much larger it looks is keeping me motivated and I do measure sometimes when I am in the extender, but that’s so that I can see if my penis gets stretched even longer when I increase the tension and whatnot.

I will be doing a proper measurement at the end of the week without wearing the extender and while my penis is rock hard to see if there is an increase in my erect length

Here’s me wearing my Male Edge on the first day…

male edge resultsSo after reading all that so far I thought you must be wondering what it looks like when it’s attached so here is a pic of me wearing it. In the pic, I am wearing it under 2000g tension which I adjusted from the base. Have a look at the red bars.

Male edge will work for you if you have a penis length of 2 inches up to 11 inches but if you were 11 inches then I would think what the hell do you need this thing for anyway!

End of week 8 of using the Male Edge

I have failed to use it for 4 hours a day which I wanted to do but I have still managed to use it for 2 to 3 hours a day; it seems like I have been relatively constant when it comes to using it for 2 to 3 hours. I think I need to try harder now since I am coming to the start of the third month.

I have been so busy I think a missed a few days out completely too; probably 3 or 4 days in total so not so bad.

But regardless of my slacking, I have still seen gains, my dick feels so big and heavy now, and my wife still hasn’t noticed. Well, I am pretty sure she has noticed, but she just hasn’t mentioned it yet. I would love her to compliment me on my size and be like where the hell did you get that thing from lol.

You might be disappointed, but the only measurement that I am interested in is the erect length. I know that my dick is getting thicker, but I just see that as a bonus because it’s the length that I have always been after. So I measured my erect length and hey presto it’s 0.6″ longer.

I knew it was bigger because I could see it but needed to put a number on it just to keep track of how it’s growing. Oh and I forgot to mention I wasn’t as hard as I could be so maybe it’s a 0.7″ increase, who knows?

And who cares, my dick is bigger that’s all I care about!

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Week 8 and beyond Male Edge Results

For now, I’m getting back into it a little bit and making sure that I keep to 4 hours a day at 2600g tension and so far so good. I have consistently used it for 4 hours every day so far to make up for the few days that I missed in the last couple of weeks.

Now when I measure my dick while it’s in the extender, it stretches to almost 8″ which is a great sign because I know for sure that it is turning into erect gains too.

The 2600g tension is a lot more than most people can do with other extenders partly because they aren’t capable of giving that much tension and partly because in other extenders I heard it is much more uncomfortable. This is no problem with the Male Edge, though; I have to say I get a really deep stretch.

Seeing as my dick is growing nice and steadily I have also bought some bio-oil just in case of stretch marks, I had a scar on my leg, and this works to make it disappear. It is quite useful, so try it if your dick is growing quickly :)

I know that 2600g of tension is a lot of tension, but it is something I have worked up to, I did start with 1200g, so I am over double that now. It is very comfortable too, and I’m sure I will be able to get some even quicker gains in my third month of using this Male edge extender.

I bought some loose-fitting trousers too so I can wear them at work, It just looks like a crease in the trousers when I walk rather than looking like I’ve got an erection lol.

And I have a confession to make, my wife commented on my bigger dick when she was giving me a blowjob so I finally confessed what I was up to and she was very intrigued and excited.

I can wear it freely now in the bedroom seeing as she knows all about it. I think the main reason she is so supportive is that she knows it works.

At the end of 3 months – Male Edge Results

male edge resultsOK so here are all the juicy details of how it worked out in the end after three whole months of using it. I measured it from the base to the tip when I was fully erect, and I have gained just over an inch. That’s a whole inch!

I don’t think I can stop using it just yet because I know how well it works now, so I am going to try and get another inch after another three months.

I will write up the details of how I am getting on in months 4 to 6 too so you can check back in a month. I will try and put some pics up too so you can have a look at my newfound penis lol.

UPDATE: My four-month Male Edge review has been written up, and I have included pics of my bigger penis…

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