Male Edge Pro

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: September 30, 2019

joshBefore I knew about penis extenders, I had tried other methods of enlarging my penis such as doing manual exercises which become annoying and give slow results for people who keep doing them but unfortunately for me…

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I soon gave up on those, so I didn’t see any noticeable gains. Then I tried penis pills, a few different ones like pro solutions which just didn’t work.

The only pills that I had some success with were Vigrx, but I don’t mean success with penis enlargement. They only made my erections much harder and stayed for longer.

That was until I finally tried the Male Edge penis extender which has worked wonders. I am not sure why I didn’t try it before, probably because I was just looking for a quick fix like taking a pill every day.

It is not surprising that it worked because when you think about the number of hours you can have your penis stretched, how could it possibly not work?

What is Male Edge Pro?

If you have been looking into penis stretching devices for a long time than you would probably remember the Jes extender which took the market by storm? Many people saw significant results with the Jes extender, and that’s how it became so popular with men who wanted to increase the size of their penis.

Well, it’s manufactured by the same guys who made the Jes extender so already they have got an excellent reputation.

The company that started the Jes extender was called DanaLife but has since changed the name to DanaMedic which makes sense because it is endorsed by Medical Doctors.

They made the new Male Edge Pro with high medical grade plastic rather than using steel rods like most companies. Making it much more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

extenderThe main thing is that the latest model can now apply a much stronger tractable force on the penis so you should see results even faster.

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How much is the Male Edge Pro?

The new version is much cheaper than the Jes extender; well actually it is much more affordable than most penis extenders out there. Now don’t confuse the price with quality because it can rival the quality of all the big names without question.

I guess that the great price is most likely because they want people to buy Male Edge and try it out because it hasn’t got such a big name for itself like the Jes extender yet.

I have been using it now for three months, and I can tell you for sure that it is the most comfortable extender imaginable. For the first few hours even under immense tension, you can hardly even tell that you are wearing it.

UPDATE: You can read more of my experience with it after three months of Male Edge Results, and I have written a Male Edge Review. I will keep updating month by month so you can follow my journey with me if you like and even compare your own results.

They even have a double your money-back guarantee so you can’t lose anything, in fact, you can double your money if it doesn’t work for you.

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When I first tried it on it was pretty straightforward, I just watched the DVD that came with it and followed along. I simply got it all strapped to my penis in a couple of minutes and was ready to start tinkering with the knobs at the base to set as much traction that I could without causing any pain.

I still didn’t take it higher than I knew I shouldn’t have, seeing as I was new to it and wanted my penis to adapt slowly, so I increased it a little every day.

Within a few weeks, I had become completely used to it, and I was stretching with the highest amount of tension that I could. I wanted to see it grow as fast as possible.

All in all, it is definitely much better than manually exercising it. I could never have it stretched for that long manually, and I can carry on with browsing the internet while I have it on. In fact, I am wearing it right now, in about 10 minutes it will have been three whole hours, and I think I should take it off and give my dick a rest for about 20 minutes before I put it on again.

But what about results With Male Edge Pro I hear you ask?

josh results with pro extenderOk so I stopped measuring every week, and I measured on a monthly basis instead because at least then I have given it some time to grow. After three months I measured, and I was a whole inch longer when I was erect.

I wasn’t too bothered about my flaccid gains because it was the erect length gains that matter to me anyway. What I can tell you is that there is no point in me measuring the flaccid length because it naturally just appears longer, thicker and more beastly.

You will see your flaccid girth and length increasing much quicker than erect length and girth by the way.

I am now going to start my fourth month of using it and increase the tension and the amount of time I wear it simply because I know for sure this damn thing works!

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This is why Male Edge Pro is the best option to increase your length and girth quickly…

As I mentioned before that manual exercises MIGHT work, I doubt they will work as effectively as using the Male Edge extender. I mean, do you really have that much time to be constantly jelqing and stretching your penis for hours on end? Really?

I know that surgery works too, but I wouldn’t let anyone that close to my penis with a knife :) And besides surgery involves cutting the ligament that holds the penis upright making it only appear longer but you won’t actually see any real length increase.

It will only seem to be longer when it is flaccid, and it won’t stand tall anymore because the ligament has been cut.

That’s probably why only 35% of men are satisfied with the results of their penis enlargement surgery.

This extender gives you better results than any of the other methods combined, and it costs a fraction of the price of surgery.

double your money backYou might have to wear it for a few hours per day but, at least, its totally hands-off, unlike manual exercises which are literally HANDS ON!

Plus it is completely safe and endorsed by doctors, and it has never caused me any unbearable pain or injury to my penis.

And best of all it is covered by a two-year warranty and a DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK REFUND if you are not happy for any reason whatsoever.

So even if you don’t get the results you wanted (which I can bet you my dick that you will) at least you will have twice the money that you spent on it back in your pocket :)

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