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How To Naturally Increase Penis Size: 5 Ways To Get Bigger

Natural products and enlargement supplements to get bigger or should you use sexual health products instead? What actually works? Here are the 5 best ways to get bigger!

Last updated Fact Checked: Jan 30, 2022

The average penis size is roughly 5.1 inches according to Clemson University and similar studies in BJU International. So read to learn how to enlarge your penis naturally using natural techniques and ways without surgery.

Here Are Some Natural Ways To Make It Bigger

1. Doing Penis Enlargement Exercise – Using Just Your Hands!

If you want to keep your body in good shape, build muscle and stay healthy and you would assume it would be a good idea to work out at least four or five times per week. The same applies when it comes to wanting a bigger penis. There are various penis exercises you can do to give yourself added length and girth and here are a few of them which are extremely useful;

I. Penis Press Ups – Become A Natural

To do these exercises, you will need to find a comfortable place to sit, ideally on the edge of a chair or edge of something at least. You will need to have an erect penis, to begin with, so do what you have to or whatever it takes to get to that state.

Put a towel on your erect penis and tense your penis so that it lifts the weight of the towel. (tense by contracting your PC muscle – these exercises are sometimes called Kegels). Also, try to put the towel on the head of the penis to increase leverage to make the training more efficient.

Try to do 3 to 5 sets of these exercises of at least 5 to 10 reps in each set. As you build resistance, you can increase the intensity by either wetting the towel or using a heavier fabric or a bigger sheet.


It is important when doing any type of exercise to warm up. You can do this by using a warm wet cloth to wrap around your penis before you begin. Continue reading this guide to discover more techniques and tips on ways to naturally enlarge your penis.

II. Make Sure You Lubricate Before You Start Enlarging

Once you have successfully warmed up your penis using the warm wet cloth we have just mentioned, the next step is to lubricate your penis. There are many lubricants available that contain ingredients called vasodilators that will soak into the skin of the penis and cause the veins to become enlarged and therefore allow them to fill with more blood causing harder, bigger, and longer erections.

Our number one recommended lubricant for this process is VigRX Oil which includes many safe ingredients that are proven to cause the desired effects and will aid you significantly while you do certain penis enlargement exercises.

Something to keep in mind is that water-based lubricants will dry up fairly quickly as opposed to oil-based ones. You will need some form of oil to carry out some of the exercises, as they honestly won’t work otherwise.

III. Penis Stretches For Natural Length Gains

Ideally, for stretching exercises, you should use some form of powder, which is talcum powder to provide added resistance. When you pull your penis with such force, your hand can easily slip off your penis. That is why it is important to use powder for added resistance.

You will also notice that you will be able to provide a stretch with much more intensity and force if you use talcum powder.

What you want to do, is with an OKAY sign, grab hold around your penis head, very tightly. Your second hand should grab hold of your hand holding the penis head. Pull outwards and rotate in a rotary fashion approximately 30 times to the right. You may have a short break and then repeat the process but this time switching to the left.

This exercise should be done as often as every day at least once. You can even do this every time you go to the washroom. Try to make this your regular practice. Again, you must warm-up before doing this exercise to avoid any injury.


You can use a penis extender such as the SizeGenetics or Phallosan Forte to keep your penis extended for lengthy periods without even using your hands. So basically, you can be enlarging your penis and do exercises while you are out and about and just be living your life.

Also, extenders such as the two mentioned can provide a traction force higher than you can with your hands, and they can do it painlessly. Imagine how quickly you can see gains if you can practice penis stretching for eight hours a day perhaps?

A penile extender will allow for a gentle and painless tactile force to be applied to the penis for long periods. You would never be able to achieve this with just your hands, no matter how hard you tried. For one, it would be utterly exhausting and secondly, way too impractical. And thirdly just plain and simply impossible.

Over time your penis will adjust and be able to withstand higher amounts of stretching force, and your body will adapt by responding to making your penis stronger and allowing for cell division to increase the length of your penis. Think of it like building muscle in the gym except due to the nature of the penis being tissue rather than muscle; the gains experienced will be permanent.

IV. Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises allow for the muscle part of the penis to be strengthened. The PC muscle will have to be clenched and released to enhance it. Do you know when you pee? If you stop the flow of urine – that is the PC muscle which you need to contract continuously.

In the beginning, just hold it on and off, but as it becomes stronger, you can try holding it for several seconds and further down the line even begin to squeeze it for over a minute at a time. The good thing about Kegel exercises is that they can be implemented anywhere at any time. You can be doing them while you’re sitting at the computer at work in your office or while you watch TV. Even when you talk to your friend or wait in line at the shops. Who’s to know?

V. Jelqing Exercises

Don’t forget to warm up! After having done that, it is important to be in a semi-erect state. You don’t want to have a completely flaccid penis and you will also need some form of lubrication – VigRX Oil would be ideal.

You want to grab hold of the base of your penis using an OKAY grip. Squeeze tightly around the base to trap the blood inside your penis. Slowly, begin to milk your penis in an outward direction maintaining the squeezing of your fingers throughout. You don’t want to do this too quickly, take 3 to 4 seconds per stroke.

Do this with both hands, one stroke at a time repeated by the next to improve blood flow. After the first few times, you do this, you will notice that the veins in your penis become larger and your penis will become engorged with blood. This is exactly what we are trying to achieve.

To improve blood flow even further, you can use male enhancement supplements that contain safe and active ingredients that help with the process of increasing blood flow. The more blood is you can push through your penis each stroke will make the chambers inside your penis expand further and give you a bigger penis over time.


Just like when you exercise in the gym, you can’t rely on your training program, rather the diet plays a critical role in how you will experience gains successfully. Foods on their own cannot increase your average penis size because that is predetermined by your genetic makeup.

However, certain foods can provide the right building blocks and shorten recovery time for when you do your penis exercises. That means you can experience results much quicker. As you start to do manual penis exercises and use an extender, you should try to incorporate these five foods into your diet as much as possible.


If it may be difficult for you to incorporate any of the five following foods into your diet, then that is nothing to be worried about because there are supplements available that can achieve the same desired effects – in fact, better results than eating these foods.

I. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds contain vital nutrients such as vitamin E and various other factors that help to speed up and aid natural blood flow. They are very readily available as you can get them down your local supermarket. They also contain Zinc, Zinc is known to help improve sex drive and is crucial for producing healthy sperm.

Zinc is also responsible for testosterone levels in the body. Every time you ejaculate, Zinc is also depleted from the body. There is no storage mechanism for Zinc, so it must be replenished on a regular, daily basis. Semenax and Volume Pills both contain an abundant amount of Zinc. How much will you be losing if you have premature ejaculation?

II. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains Flavonol which helps to raise your sex drive and increase blood flow naturally. It is excellent and beneficial to keep your heart healthy and therefore improve circulation through the blood vessel.

Many male enhancement pills such as VigRX Plus and Male Extra pills contain L-arginine and vital amino acids, similar to those which are contained in dark chocolate. L-arginine increases nitric oxide levels in the body which is a natural vasodilator. So, blood flow to your penis is considerably improved so that you will experience rock hard, bulging, and throbbing erections.

III. Avocados

The ancient Aztecs used to describe avocados as being like testicles. If you split one open in half, you will see the resemblance in their physical shape.

But, avocados contain unsaturated fats and low amounts of saturated. What that means in layman’s terms is that it is good for your heart and arteries and it is a potent aphrodisiac. Remember, anything that’s good for your heart and circulation will inevitably be good for your penis. How’s that? Because an erection is nothing but blood entering into your penis.

IV. Seafood

As you probably have already heard, Oysters are usually listed as the number one aphrodisiac of all time. But all seafood also contains Zinc – the effects of which we have already discussed. Oily fish such as wild salmon contain omega-3 and other fatty acids which play a significant role in heart health.

V. Figs

Figs have been known for a long time to boost fertility and also for being an aphrodisiac. They contain soluble and insoluble fiber which as you have probably already guessed must be good for your heart health. Can you see a pattern emerging?

It may be difficult to get hold of or even consume these five remarkable foods. That’s why many supplements have incorporated such ingredients all into a single daily dosage. Much easier to access and get hold of isn’t it?

3. Stop Masturbating! Seriously!

Have you noticed that when you regularly masturbate, for some reason you can’t achieve a full throbbing erection? And the opposite is also true – if you haven’t had sex or masturbated for a long time, say at least a week or two at the minimum, when you do become horny and get an erection it will be an incredibly full and bulging one. It will feel so much fuller and even look like your penis is bigger than what it is usually.

You can learn more about naturally increasing penis size with reliable guides such as the Penis Enlargement Bible, Penis Enlargement Remedy, or Penis Advantage. Or you can go through our lowdown of the top five guides available here.

4. It’s A Penis Pump!

The field of sexual medicine is increasingly beginning to recommend penis pumps for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Not only that, but it is becoming increasingly known that penis pumps, with consistent and regular use, will give you a bigger penis within a few months.

Stay away from air-based pumps and opt for a water-based hydro pump much like the Bathmate or Penomet. Both of these two brands are extremely reputable and are industry leaders. They both come with a money-back guarantee, and the testimonials and reviews about them say nothing but positive things.

They can even be used in conjunction with manual exercises or even as a substitute for jelqing, that’s if you can’t be bothered doing it manually. The results of using a penis pump can be remarkable. Especially since they give instant results with the first use – which of course will be temporary but can be made permanent with consistent use.

5. Get Rid Of Your Pubic Hair

This technique is similar to wearing male enhancement underwear in the sense that it will instantly make your penis look bigger even though nothing has changed. A circumcised penis will also look bigger but may have scar tissue.

A big bush with a short penis deeply embedded inside your pubic bone does not have high sex appeal. It is also not hygienic. It’s better to trim it to stubble level or shave it off completely. If you’re going to use a penis extender, penile pump, or do manual exercises you have to remove your pubic hair anyway, as it will get in the way and cause you discomfort as you embark on your journey of penis growth.

Shahrokh Shariat, MD

Prof. Shariat has published over 1400 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. In 2014 he received the Matula Award from the European Society of Urology (EAU), in 2017 the Gold Cystoscope Award from the American Society of Urology, probably the most important urologist award worldwide.

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