HydroMax Pump Review

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: March 30, 2019

bathmate-hydromax-x30-x40Design Of Bathmate HydroMax Xtreme Pump

Bathmate hydromax is a state of the art technology penis-enlargement-device, designed and developed by UM Products Limited. The device is devised in a thoroughly scientific and technical manner.

The main principle used is the Application of optimum hydraulic pressure.

As you are probably aware, the power of water can be used to treat many serious physiological problems in simple ways. Water therapy has been in practice for centuries.

The medical world also knows how to harness water to treat patients. The same principle is adopted in this device with the help of hydraulics technology.

Bathmate HydroMax Xtreme

hydromax-pump-accessoriesAs the name suggests, the central part of this hydro pump is the Pump. It is designed in a unique way. The pressure is built up by your action rather than by an external agent. You will be able to control the pressure according to your physical ability and requirement.

Of course, there is an option available for “pumping” also. It can be used if you feel the need for customized pressure levels. There are plenty of versions available with the Bathmate hydro pump.

You can choose a broad range of beautifully designed pumps from the X4 range to the Goliath clear. Every pump has its own unique characteristics and works in an extraordinary manner.

The suction force generated by each pump is different. The valve systems are designed to maintain optimal pressure range. The guidance-scale provides an option for visual monitoring of quantity, pressure, and other parameters. The soft-sealing of the system gives a cushioning effect to the base of your dick.

The device keeps your penis free of any Mechanical bondage. It works efficiently in shaping your penis. The symmetry and size(Girth) of your penis is shaped to perfection, so the length increases smoothly.

Optimum Water pressure when applied consistently for an ideal time can strengthen the inner nerves, tissues, and muscles by multiple times.

Hydro Pump’s from Bathmate comes with a whole range of accessories for fulfilling every need of penis support, care, strengthening and enlarging.


There are special accessories for cleaning and maintenance.

The technically advanced valve packs increase the options available for monitoring and controlling the quantity, pressure and other parameters related to the “Water.”

Power rings are the latest advancements, unique and specific to the Bathmate and Hydromax brands. They are simple yet technically advanced utilities for increasing the robustness and alertness of your penis during intercourse.

Hydrodouche is also available for women and experts to certify the complete set of sexual power enhancing tools, accessories, and other utilities.

The safety, quality, durability, and feasibility of these products can be experienced every time you use the Bathmate penis enlargement device.

Functionality Of The Bathmate HydroMax Xtreme Pump

The hydraulic pressure system in the device works seamlessly and continuously with many years of warranty to ensure it stays that way.

The Different Versions Of Hydromax Xtreme Include


Bathmate Hydromax: – This is the standard series of penis-enlargement devices brought out by UM products Limited.  The series is well supported by a set of high caliber accessories and additional supportive tools for increasing the power and pleasuring characteristics.  You can learn about all the features of the product in this Hydromax review.

Bathmate Xtreme: – This is a series of pumps featuring high-tech security locks, an attachable handball, and quality that takes your exercising standards beyond your expectations. A complete reading through the Bathmate review will reveal its salient features, user experiences, and satisfaction levels completely.

all-bathmate-pumpsBathmate Hydromax Xtreme: – The peak state of Hydromax can be encountered in this.  Your penis is given the complete set of exercises for improving its all-round health and performance levels. The technically advanced features provide X-tra comfort and safety to your penis.

Bathmate Hercules: – This series is aimed at pushing the macho characteristics a step higher every day. You will be experiencing the maturing of your penis from the dormant state into the upper state of action-packed robustness within a few days of usage. The series is well supported with an adequate number of accessories for various additional exercises.

Bathmate Goliath: – This is the product that could take you beyond the herculean macho levels with ease, safety, and comfort. All it takes is 15 minutes of water created vacuum exercise for your penis to grow into extreme-adulthood within a few days of regular usage. At the beginning of every copulation session, you will certainly feel the benefits of Goliath Bathmate on your penis performance and endurance levels.

pleasure-lubeYou can dramatically increase the pleasuring sensations with the usage of Hydromax Pleasure Lube which works effectively where natural lubrication is insufficient.

The entire series of products are ensured for maximum safety and productivity by the manufacturers. Once you start using the products, you will find a natural increment in your performance and endurance capabilities. Make sure that you are adhering to the standards of usage as directed by the manufacturers to get maximum benefits.

Strengths Of Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme Pumps

Every Bathmate product is guaranteed to deliver maximum power and performance abilities to your penis.

The main strength is the universal supporter and sustainer of life and energy, water!

The utilization of hydraulic pressure to drive high-performance mechanical systems has been well known in the engineering world. The same water has also been used to cure many incurable illnesses in the medical world through water therapy. The same “water” is being employed in Bathmate to power your penis into ultimate sexual performance levels.

Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme Uses Water Pressure To…

water-pressureSince water pressure plays a significant role in shaping the penis size, length and strength, it is vital that we get a detailed understanding of its effects.

According to several research studies conducted over the years, many interesting facts have been found about the real effect of water pressure on the enlargement of your penis.

Limitations Of The Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme 

The known limitations are limited.

Since your penis is free from any mechanical restrictions during its exercising, there are practically no binding limitations to which it can grow in length and size.

Of course, nature has certainly put certain restrictions on the human male penis which will certainly be respected by the Bathmate series as well. The expandability of your penis tissues can be taken to the maximum limit by the device.

This is again dependent on your body and the penile rigidity factor which is dependent pressure applied quality of penis tissues and the geometrical restrictions.

bathmate-hydromax-x30-x40The amount of blood (volume) that your penis veins can hold and its sustenance ability, without rupturing also determines the maximum size and length your penis can attain.

The device can help your penis in increasing the vein strength and volumetric proportions to the maximum limit imposed by nature on your penis. Your genetic characteristics are the other major factors that may influence the maximum length and girth.

Bathmate products have been engineered to push the elasticity of your tissues to their maximum capacity within the safety limits.

Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme Conclusion

The series of penis-enlargement products from Bathmate are capable of producing their stated results. The results obtained by thousands of users and their testimonials prove this beyond any doubts.

The devices an ideal investment option, if you are looking for safe and secure methods to increase the appearance and active life of your healthy penis in the long run.

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HydroMax Xtreme


Increase In girth


Increase In Length


Ease Of Use


Overall Effectiveness


Build Quality



  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 2 Years Warranty Included For Free
  • Only Requires 15 Mins Per Pumping Session & You Can Experience A Huge Penis Right From Your First Ever Pump. More Powerful Than The Regular Bathmate
  • Uses Water Instead Of Air & Can Be Used In The Shower Or The Bath
  • Experience Rock Hard & Thicker Erections On Demand As Pumping Will Treat Erectile Dysfunction As Well


  • Gains Will Be Temporary To Start With & Will Require Frequent Pumping Sessions To Make The Gains Permanent
  • Many Fake Versions Available So Be Sure To Buy From ONLY The Official Website