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How To Make Your Penis Bigger: Get Ways To Increase Your Size

Get The Best Ways To Increase Average Size With Enlargement. Pills, Exercise, Or Surgery? Proven Science Methods That Actually Work For Length And Girth.
Shahrokh Shariat, MD
Senior Editor & Writer

Prof. Shariat has published over 1400 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. In 2014 he received the Matula Award from the European Society of Urology (EAU), and in 2017 the Gold Cystoscope Award from the American Society of Urology, probably the most important urologist award worldwide.

Pills, exercise, or surgery? We show you proven scientific methods that work for penile length and girth gains.

Even somewhat well-informed guys still end up falling into these traps out of desperation. The companies know this, and so this market is primarily aimed towards men who psychologically believe that they are below average.

That’s not to say that getting a bigger penis is impossible, just try and dodge certain products but don’t be expecting a miracle.

Penis enhancement is achievable because it is not comprised of 100% muscle. Rather the majority of it is tissue. When you train in the gym for a certain amount of time, you will gain muscle, but when you stop training the size of your muscles will begin to decrease. This is not the case for the penis because the tissue will not drop once you stop exercising.

How To Make Your Dick Longer With Natural Exercises…

Most inexpensive Jelqing exercise programs are not worth your money, but there are a few which are an exception. You can compare and contrast the differences in the benefits of each of the recommended ones in our in-depth top 5 Jelqing programs review. But in general, the ones that we recommend will all give you similar results.

The latest addition to these guides is known as the Penis Enlargement Remedy program, it costs about $47 and introduces a brand-new stem cell researched approach. It comes with an eight-week full money-back guarantee, so you will never feel out-of-pocket even if you do not benefit from it.

Furthermore, it includes guides on how to increase staying power and ways in which you can naturally achieve harder erections and give you an all-around sexual enhancement experience.

You must remember that to get a permanently bigger penis; you will have to persevere and remain patient – it is not going to happen overnight, there is no magic formula. If you are lazy or too busy to commit fully to an exercise regime, then expect to see little to no results depending on how much time you dedicate to it.

If that is the case for you though, you would be better off using a penile extender (SizeGenetics or the Phallosan Forte are recommended) combined with a vacuum penis pump such as the Bathmate or Penomet. When you get time, you can still do some Jelqing exercises and with the use of these devices, you will be sure to experience gains at a faster pace even if you do religiously conform to an enlargement exercise routine.

If money is an issue, then we advise not to spend so much on devices, rather, invest in a  guide such as the PE Bible, Penis Advantage, or Penis Enlargement Remedy and put in time and effort instead of dollars.

Penile enhancement is most definitely possible but similar to exercise and weight loss, it requires effort. The right training is necessary just like the correct diet. Not all the products this multimillion-dollar industry throws at you are worth your money, remember that.

How Do Women Feel About Penis Size?

The Common consensus found online is that penile size is not an issue to women and that they can still experience sexual pleasure. The fact of the matter is that this is completely untrue; it’s a flat-out lie! If a woman is asked face-to-face or in-person whether the size matters, she will say no, but in anonymous surveys, the majority of women have stated that erection size is a huge factor.

Women say that a larger penis is more visually appealing and will give better stimulation and sensation during penetration. Oh, that rhymes! Confidence is something that women are attracted to also and there is no doubt that the size of the penis reflects on a man’s confidence. Even men with a short penis generally are shy and hesitant to approach women fearing it may lead to sex.

Enough about women, studies which included men show that guys with bigger penises were happier with their sex lives. Men with smaller than average penis’ (or just men who were unhappy with their normal size) reported many problems in their sex lives including the inability to bring their partner to climax and unable to penetrate in all positions.

Let’s be honest: a bigger dick means full confidence and better sex for you AND your partner!

Forget what we are saying, there is real research out there that is done by actual scientists and professors. Watch the video below narrated by Mr. Michael Jennions explaining a study highlighting the correlation between penis size and attractiveness by Dr. Brian Mautz. Watch the video below…

So, What’s The Average Size?

Depending on the study, the average penis size varies. It differs because of the vast amount of studies that have been done on this subject involving men from all over the world. But, it’s important to note that there is no definite correlation between race or ethnicity and penis size. So all that “Blacks have bigger dicks” or “big socks means big Cocks” is all a myth!

The worldwide average is 4.7 inches in flaccid length. The average global penile girth is 3.9 inches. The North American average sits slightly higher at 5 inches.

Understandably, in studies that required the men to self-measure, the averages were slightly higher than the studies which had men measured by medical professionals. I wonder why eh?

How To Measure Your Penis Accurately?

All this measurement talk must have you wondering where you sit in the average range. So, our first piece of advice would be not to use a soft measuring tape, rather use a ruler made of plastic or one of those metal ones which starts at zero would be best.

Always measure from the top, from the base to the tip. Press the ruler into your pelvic bone; this will give an accurate measurement every time. This should be the standard measuring technique for measuring erect or flaccid length.

To measure your girth, you should use a soft measuring tape and wrap it around your penis. The measurement should be taken at the thickest part of your penile shaft, but this does not include the glans.

Growers And Showers, What’s The Difference?

Flaccid length is not an indication of erect length. Some men will possess a colossal-sized flaccid penis that could look almost or even bigger than another man’s erect penis. But when it’s time to become hard, it does not lengthen a considerable amount – this is referred to as a shower!

A grower, on the other hand, will show a rather small penis in comparison to the difference when it expands and becomes erect – this is referred to as a grower!

Have a penis that is less than 2 inches in length? This is considered to be a micropenis. This condition affects less than 1% of the world population, but a penis of this size is incapable of penetrating a vagina making sexual intercourse not possible.

Do Extenders Work Or Are They A Scam?

Penis extenders, stretchers, or traction devices work by providing a gentle and consistent contractile force to give it an even stretch. Before extender devices came out on the market people used to use penis weights – this is not only dangerous but also ineffective due to the force being too inconsistent.

Stay away from hanging weights as this is extremely dangerous. See some of the horror stories associated with weight-hanging. The noose that is used to attach to the glans can sometimes cut into it and sever the head off and cause permanent nerve damage.

Anybody who tells you that penis extenders don’t work is plain and simply lying and trying to sell you ANOTHER method. If you look carefully at exercise techniques and analyze them, what exactly are they doing? You are using your hands for penis stretching so what’s the difference if you are to use a device to do the stretching for you?

Well, the difference is that it can stretch for much longer than you will be able to do so with your own hands. Also, the amount of tension a device can give you is much more than you can achieve with your own hands provided you want to remain within the parameters of safety.

Some people will try and say that a stretcher will only stretch the skin. Think about it, does this even make any sense? The truth of the matter is that Jelqing with your hands can cause more injury than when you use an extender. If you follow the instructions and listen carefully to your body signals (such as pain etc.) You will be in safe hands! (Excuse the pun).


Not all extenders and structure devices adhere to the same strict safety regulations. Therefore, not all are recommended for use. It is better to use the Phallosan Forte for the best results. It not only is the most comfortable by far, but it is Doctor endorsed, and clinical studies conducted in Germany prove that with consistent use over six months you can gain 1.9 inches in penile lengthening permanently.

Other extender devices that are recommended are the SizeGenetics, and Male Edge. We have reviewed many of them on this website so you can decide for yourself which one would be best for you, but generally, the Phallosan Forte tops them all by a large margin.

The reason why some penis extender devices are referred to as scams is that some of them are. This, unfortunately, taints the whole industry with a negative hue. Some extenders are simply too painful or uncomfortable to wear for a long enough time for you to gain any size. So, of course, this would seem like a scam because your money didn’t go very far.

That’s understandable, what’s not understandable is that you don’t do your research before you buy one. If you choose to go with one of the ones we have mentioned you will not be scammed, it’s as simple as that. Voting Phallosan Forte for president is what we say!

The Next Question, Are Enlargement Pills A Scam?

The majority of penis pills available only contain natural herbal extracts which are said to increase blood flow to the penis naturally. That is the main claim as to how they work. Many companies claim that their product is medically approved, and Doctor endorsed, making them completely safe for consumption.

The problem is that many of these claims cannot be fully verified seeing as their websites contain some questionable and rather drastic results. The good thing is that if you stick with VigRX Plus, Male Extra, ExtenZe, ProSolution Plus, and a few other penis enlargement pills which we have specially selected to review on this website, you will see some good results within a few months. Doctors endorse VigRX Plus.

Stay Away From Stuff Like Enzyte etc.

Even though it may be tempting to opt for penile enlargement pills which cost less, due to the high price of the notable ones, you should hold off from that temptation. The reason is that they contain cheap ingredients, most likely even a placebo effect if any effect at all will be experienced.

The ingredients they contain are often regular ones that can be found in natural day-to-day sexual health supplements. Some of the cheaper ones also contain dangerous ingredients that the FDA has warned against and recalled due to safety concerns. Enzyte is one of the ones that were retrieved amongst many others.

If you have problems with getting an erection or maintaining one, then supplements are the best solution for you. They are completely natural (if you stick to the reputable ones) and more efficient than prescription pills. They also are not accompanied by adverse side-effects which can be quite severe as the effects of Viagra etc.


You will not experience the results that you desire with the use of supplements alone, irrespective of how reputable they may be. You will have to use penis pills in conjunction with penis exercises, an extender, or a penis pump to really and truly solidify any gains you may make.

If that is something that you are not willing to commit to then maybe it is not something for you. But, there are other means for you even if you are a lazybones. Use an extender or a pump; this will take minimal effort from you and give maximum benefits.

You can even carry on with your busy life schedule while stretching with the aid of a penis extender, or with the Phallosan Forte, you can even sleep while you are exercising with no pain or discomfort whatsoever!

Try out VigRX Plus, we have no hesitation in recommending them, and they have no hesitation in refunding your money if you are not best pleased. There are many clinical studies conducted on them. Also, this is because they are probably the most popular and long-standing enhancement pill that has ever hit the market, EVER!

Did You Mention Penis Pumps?

Pumps have been sold for many years, they have been adapted and improved upon over these years and advertised to give you natural enlargement efficiently and safely without having you bend over backward.

This is true for water-based, hydro pumps but not right for air-based ones. Air-based pumps are dangerous, and the risks far outweigh the benefits. When the penis is placed inside the chamber, and a vacuum is induced it increases the blood flow giving you temporary growth which will last anywhere from a few hours to a whole day.

If you do this for 15 minutes every day, the temporary growth soon starts to become real, natural, and permanent growth. The great thing is that you can visualize penis growth almost immediately, even though it may be temporary it will give you hope and increase your perseverance to achieve your goals.


DO NOT USE an air-based vacuum pump! The pressure that they can exert on your penis will not be uniform (due to the nature of air), and this may lead to capillaries bursting or causing blisters or even circulation problems which will lead to erectile dysfunction with continuous, regular use. They may also result in miss shaping your penis and causing bends and kinks in it resulting in Peyronie’s disease.

Stick to a water-based pump such as a Bathmate or Penomet and trim your pubic hair to create a better seal with the vacuum pump.

Is Better Sex Promised For A Bigger Penis?

Well, the plain and straightforward answer to that my Friend is a big fat YES! Let’s face it, a bigger man will naturally possess much higher confidence levels, and that means he will have fewer negative thoughts about himself and his ability to satisfy a woman.

He will not have sexual performance anxiety because he will be in the right frame of mind.

Even though women experience the most sensations from clitoral stimulation, vaginal penetration is the most important thing to a female for achieving incredibly intense orgasms. No matter what she says, science proves that oxytocin levels are higher when she achieves a penetration orgasm when compared to orgasm by clitoral stimulation alone.

Oxytocin is vital! It is a peptide that has many positive effects on the brain when all of the different effects come together it gives a woman the feeling that you are the right guy for her. It boosts trust levels, reduces fear and anxiety, etc. The lesser the oxytocin levels, the more likely she is to look elsewhere for some other guy whom she feels is more suited.

Don’t worry though, sex isn’t the most important factor in this, but women who tend to have a more active sex life will consider increasing penis size much more greatly than those who are content with having sex once or twice a month.

What If I Have Premature Ejaculation?

The first point is that you should remember you’re not the only one. Almost all guys have experienced a problem with controlling their ejaculation at least once or twice. For others, the condition is much worse.

Younger and less experienced men or guys who engage in less sexual activity generally suffer from this condition more than more mature and older men.

That begs to answer the question, what’s the average time that a man last in bed?
In most cases, it’s between 3 and 10 minutes. It is considered premature ejaculation if you are unable to penetrate for longer than three minutes. But don’t rush to assume that if you ejaculate before making your partner climax, you are suffering from premature ejaculation! This is not the case.
What if it takes her 45 minutes to orgasm? Does that mean you suffer from premature ejaculation if you lasted 35 minutes?

The good news is that help is at hand, and it comes in many forms depending on the severity of your condition or how quickly you need it solved.

1. Desensitising Spray (Immediate Solution)

A similar solution is used in your local dentist’s practice or tattoo studio. There will be a difference in the strength but the desensitizing spray or creams contain Lidocaine. Lidocaine will give you a numbing effect, so you will be able to last longer. VigRX delay spray would be good options for this. Stay away from STUD 100 Spray as their effects can be too strong.

2. Ejaculation Training

The complexity of premature ejaculation runs deeper than just physical stimulation, for that reason, the only viable long-term solution is employing rigorous and proper training. There are ways in which you can learn to control your ejaculation both physically and psychologically.

There are countless training programs available online that you can use to help treat this embarrassing problem, the problem is though, that most of them are not worth your time let alone money.

By looking at real customer testimonials and feedback and how long it has been available, we can see that Jack Grave’s Ejaculation Guru program stands out from the crowd.

With a money-back guarantee, with no questions asked for up to 60 days you have nothing to worry about, great techniques are contained within this guide that all the other guides just can’t compete with except a mere few which take on a slightly different approach. Depending on your situation, commitment, and the way you learn, each guide will suit you differently, but Ejaculation Guru should suffice for all.

3. Visit Your Doctor

If you’ve never had ejaculation problems before and all of a sudden, the onset occurs, especially if it is accompanied by pain or any other adverse effects we firmly advise that you visit your doctor. Sometimes there can be other factors such as STIs or inflammation of the prostate or nervous system disorders that play a role.

The doctor may prescribe prescription drugs to help treat the problem, or there are prescription-free ones available.

What’s The Best Male Enhancement Product?

The problem is that every product you come across will claim that it is the best and that doctors have endorsed it or clinical studies have proven it to be the most effective etc. This can’t be the case, everything can’t be the best. That just shows that for the majority of products it’s merely a claim to fool you into buying whatever bogus device, cream, pill they have to offer.

The reality is quite different, and we cannot say that there is one single product that is the best for everyone. What we can say is that there are various categories of products and there are the best products within those categories. Let’s split the groups into four for simplicity and explanation purposes; herbal/chemical, manual, psychological, and cosmetic penis enlargement!

1. Herbal And Chemical

This is the category that will include male enhancement pills, creams and sprays, and substances of that nature. On their own, they do help to boost blood flow to the blood vessels in the penis giving the impression that you have a bigger erection.

But, things of this nature alone cannot be used for increasing penis length and permanent size increases, but rather their primary purpose is for male enhancement, although they are great when used in conjunction with other methods.

The majority of supplements you will come across contain natural, herbal ingredients and are an excellent choice for those of you who are suffering from erectile dysfunction, weak or non-existent erections, the inability to maintain an erection, and performance anxiety issues that arise due to any of the previously mentioned conditions.

Although the ingredients are in most cases very safe, this does not mean that your body will agree with them if you are allergic. That is why it is better to stick with the male enhancement supplements we have mentioned such as VigRX Plus, Extenze, Male Extra and ProSolution, and the likes.

2. How To Enlarge Your Penis With Manual Exercises

This is the category that involves anything that will physically exert pressure to cause it to become bigger. This includes penis pumps, extenders, exercises, and weights.

Firstly we would like to say that the body can adapt. Some people will say that the penis stops growing once puberty comes to an end, that is true, but it doesn’t mean that by physically exerting pressure you cannot make it even bigger.

If you do nothing, then it will remain the same size and will not grow. Think about when you go to the gym, if you don’t lift weights you will stay the same size but when you start to lift your muscles begin to get bigger. The good thing about the penis is that it is not primarily composed of muscle, rather it is tissue. What does that mean for you?

That means that the results will be permanent. When you stop exercising in the gym, your muscles will decrease in size, but that’s because they are muscles and not tissue. The tissue will not reduce in size, and your gains will remain permanent.

We are firmly recommending not using any weights as this is extremely dangerous, it is better to use a penis extender device such as the Phallosan Forte or SizeGenetics, as the force can be kept constant and controlled. They are also much more comfortable and can be worn for longer periods which ultimately will give you better results.

The more hours of stretch means the bigger you will grow. Exercise programs will show you how to stretch and increase the size of your penis with just the use of your hands; we recommend the PE Bible, Penis Advantage, or the Penis Enlargement Remedy. You will need to be committed and follow the regime rigorously if you want to see any success, but exercises do work if you do them properly.

That’s not to say that an extender can’t be used in conjunction with manual exercises nor can we say that an extender won’t work on its own. Natural exercises and extenders and pumps all work, whether you use an isolated method or you combine two or more of them, that’s up to you. You will get better results if you use more than one penis enlargement method though. But, if you don’t have that much money to spend then try using a single method to start with, preferably the Phallosan Forte.

3. Psychological

If you are suffering from any erectile deficiencies, you should visit your doctor, and this should be your first point of call. The reason for that is because some sexual conditions have an underlying reason behind them such as diabetes for example.

On the plus side, most of the things that are causing erectile dysfunction are just negative thoughts in your head, stress, lack of sleep, and limited amounts of physical activity in your life. That’s not an exhaustive list, there are many other factors, but these are just a few that are easily changed.

Furthermore, performance anxiety plays a huge role. The best thing to do in these situations is to learn to train your penis physically and train your mind psychologically using techniques that are outlined in the Ejaculation Guru book. If after you have been through it and carried out the techniques and exercises and still there is no resolve, request for a full refund and book an appointment with your doctor.

4. Surgery

Some guys think that penis enlargement surgery is the ONLY option. Maybe that’s due to a lack of knowledge about all the advancements in the plastic surgery industry, or maybe it’s due to the lack of trust they have in certain products such as extenders or pumps.

Whatever the reason may be, penile augmentation should always be the last resort, and maybe it shouldn’t even be a resort altogether when you look at the risks and complications involved such as scar tissue formation. It involves cutting of the suspensory ligament to expose some of the buried penis, so never mind the fact that surgical procedures can run into and over the $20,000 mark.

Even after surgical methods, doctors will request that you wear a penis extender device similar to SizeGenetics, or Male Edge.

Oh, you didn’t know that, did you?

Well, it’s TRUE!

Why not start with using the extender in the first place, if you don’t get results, only then should you think about surgery. But believe me, once you utilize an extender for a long enough time and see the results, surgery will be out of the question and no longer needed.

Body Freedom values transparency.

Our mission at Body Freedom relies on support from readers like you. We fairly compensate our expert writers and conduct thorough product evaluations monthly, incurring significant costs. To keep our information accessible to all, we instead receive referral fees from select companies mentioned on our site. Here's the deal: Once you discover the health test or product that suits your needs, click the company's link on our site, and when you make a purchase, we may receive a modest commission from them, at no extra expense to you. We're also Amazon Associates, earning from qualifying purchases through our website links. Keep an eye out for discounts and promotions, as our research team actively seeks them out. While we can't guarantee lower prices every time, we assure you they'll never be higher.

We uphold editorial integrity.

Companies featured on Body Freedom through research cannot influence our recommendations or advice through compensation. Our guidance is firmly rooted in countless hours of diligent research. Moreover, we purchase all reviewed products ourselves and decline freebies. Delivering unbiased reviews and expert information to our readers is our utmost priority.