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How To Make Your Penis Bigger Without Pills: Dick Size Enlargement

Ways To Increase Dick Size Naturally. Best Enlargement Guide And Methods To Grow With Jelqing. Get Longer And Thicker With These Hacks.
Shahrokh Shariat, MD
Senior Editor & Writer

Prof. Shariat has published over 1400 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. In 2014 he received the Matula Award from the European Society of Urology (EAU), and in 2017 the Gold Cystoscope Award from the American Society of Urology, probably the most important urologist award worldwide.

But First, There’s One Crucial Thing That I Must Address…

If you were to sit to discuss with me the topic of penis size, premature ejaculation, or sexual performance, it would not have gone down well with me at all. I was very frustrated and depressed that I had a smaller than 5-inch penis.

I was even contemplating penis enlargement surgery as a last resort, but thankfully it never quite got to having a surgical procedure. I used to read online about how they cut the suspensory ligament to expose the buried penis under the pubic hair and the horror stories of scar tissue and erectile dysfunction.

How do you know which one works? Which one do you choose?

Six Months Later?

I went from 4.8 inches in erect length to 7.1 inches. That’s a whole 2.3 inches added to the end of my penis head. Much of my success owes to a man called John Collins was the author of the Penis Enlargement Bible. This is an enlargement guide that shows you precisely what to do to enlarge your penis naturally and manually without the use of a penis enlargement pill.

This guide is the one that I just so happened to stumble upon, but I have since researched a few other similar guides to evaluate whether or not they will be able to give you the same results.

The other two guides go by the name Penis Advantage and the Penis Enlargement Remedy. We have discussed the similarities and differences between these various programs in a detailed review elsewhere on this site.

A few other guides were also mentioned but for this article and to keep it more succinct and briefly let’s just focus on this guide for now…

Oh Please… Not Another Guy Preaching About Another Penis Enlargement Method…

This PE Bible is a very scientifically advanced guide. It works in a two-step process. The process is a biochemical process and is unique to this too. Another program that has a slightly different two-step process is the Penis Enlargement Remedy which focuses on the use of stem cells.1

But, in brief, to give you a quick overall picture of how these guides are supposed to work, you will be coupling manual, physical exercises with natural chemical ways of enlargement.2 The chemical method is by increasing and forcing the body to naturally increase the number of vital nutrients such as hormones and growth factors3 so that they will be able to be the building blocks to enlarge your penis after physical tension has been provided with the natural exercises.

With a system like this, it is straightforward to begin to start gaining erect size very quickly. You may even be surprised at how fast some guys can experience such increases.

To indicate some real genuine user reviews and the experiences they had with using the PE Bible, you can watch the video below. Not many other methods can boast about such impressive results by the way…

I know how disappointing it can be every time you look in the mirror naked and see just how meager the size of your penis is.4 It can be incredibly frustrating; you only wish that it would grow and you realize that you are no longer in your puberty period.5

You’re willing to do whatever it takes to increase the size of your penis, but maybe you are afraid of the sexual health risks of extenders, pumps, or male enhancement pills. Or, perhaps you don’t have enough money to invest as some of these can be expensive.

So what happens is, is that you continue to search the Internet to find ways to get a bigger penis without pills, but you end up coming across advertisements suggesting to use of extenders, pumps, weights, and other expensive contraptions, which you can’t afford as of yet!


A traction device, pumps, weights, and even pills and supplements work to give you a bigger penis. Extenders, pumps, and weights will provide you with permanent results,6 but tablets would have to be used in conjunction with other methods to achieve the results you’re after.

The reason we tell you this is because many people claim that pills don’t work, they may not function in the way that you’d hoped they would, but they do have their place, and they can speed up the time to get a larger penis IF used in their correct place.7

Back To My Story…

I was not blessed or endowed with an enormous penis from birth. It was below 5 inches when I had my first sexual encounter (which I would rather forget), and that motivated me to make my dick bigger because I couldn’t carry on living like this!

I even made it my goal not to sleep with another girl until I had reached a satisfactory or bigger than average penis size,8 which for me was 7 inches in erect length.

The other reason I wanted to do exercises was that almost every method that people were saying worked had its root in exercises. An example would be penis stretching using an extender as much as you would do with your own hands.

My concerns about doing manual penis exercises were that I lacked motivation (even though I thought I had plenty of it as I had a goal to reach pretty soon) and TIME.

It is quite offputting reading the stories of men in forums who were only getting ¼ to half an inch gains after a whole year of putting in the effort. Some may be happy with this, but for me, this was not the type of results I was after.

I wanted something that worked and something that could be achieved quickly. Now, I am not stupid, and I knew it would take some time so I wanted something that would take a few months rather than years

This Is Where John Collins Crept Into My Life.

Naturally, I was still skeptical, as I expect you are right now. Nonetheless, I decided to give it a try because they offered a 60-day no-quibble money-back guarantee, what did I have to lose?

I managed to contact John Collins directly via email to clarify my doubts, because this two-step process of biochemically enhancing the penis was something very new to me, and claim that I’d be, at the time to be far-fetched.

He suggested to me that I should combine the natural exercises that he outlines in his guide with the accompanying step to create a pubescent-like environment within the body to naturally make the penis grow as it did when you were having the most prominent Growth spurt of your life.9

60 days is enough time to be able to experience that growth spurt and if you don’t? Get your money back!

This two-step process from John Collins’ guide is what led me to be able to gain 2.3 inches in erect length in as little as six months.

The reason for me telling you my life story was not to get you jealous, nor to motivate you. I told you to give you hope to show you that it is possible if you are feeling the way that I did. I know how it feels, I wouldn’t wish anybody to be in such a deep dark place.

While I’m writing this, I’m sitting here with a 7.1 inch dangling between my legs, and it feels great, up until I just realized there’s a wasp in my room becoming increasingly agitated. Be right back…

Okay, I’m back after having gotten rid of it. But it just proves that we’re all the same, if I can do it so can you.

Hopefully, after reading what I have written, your search for growing a bigger penis without the use of pills should have come to an end. Look no further as this works, and I’m confident it will work just as it did for me. Who knows? Maybe your results will even be better than mine.


The PE Bible, Penis Enlargement Remedy, or Penis Advantage programs won’t work for you unless you make them work. This means it will require dedication and commitment on your part. Give it a minimum of six months with real dedication and responsibility, and I promise you will see results.10

When you look back, you won’t even be able to imagine life with a small penis. You will be brand-new. I know this because I’m speaking from experience and so will you be in six months from now.

Remember, I can pay for a whole year’s worth of gym membership, but I will not see any results up until I start attending the gym and working out regularly. It’s the same with enlargement.

What You Will Need To Do First…

The first thing you should do is to take accurate measurements of your penis; you will need to measure the flaccid penis and erect penis.11

The correct methods and ways of measuring to minimize discrepancies are outlined on this website and other articles so we won’t be covering that here. But, you will need either a piece of string, a ruler (preferably one that starts at zero without a small gap), or a soft measuring tape to measure girth.

When measuring the erect size, you need to make sure that your penis is as hard as it possibly gets. Push the measuring tape or ruler against the pubic bone and measure from there. Erection quality makes a significant difference in your erect size. You may have even noticed it yourself that when your penis was rock hard with blood flow making the blood vessels bulge, it looked bigger.

A Penis Journal

Get yourself some form of documenting your progress. You should do this initially before you even start exercising, so you can see the results before and after. The Phallosan Forte is a penile extender that is FDA approved to give permanent results in a short time because it is so comfortable to wear.

The  Phallosan Forte offers a mobile phone app that can be used to document gains and it’s free.

You can read more about the Phallosan Forte and other extenders that we recommend such as the SizeGenetics and the Penimaster Pro as well as others12 on the pages of this website.

Make sure, whatever method you choose to use such as extenders, penis pumps, manual exercises, etc. keep track of progress and try not to cheat yourself by rounding up unnecessarily.


Do not measure excessively or too frequently. By measuring daily, you will kill your motivation because penis length does not take place with any significant increments in as little as days. Measure weekly. Better still, measure fortnightly or even once a month.

What I do is I try not to measure up until I look at my penis and feel as though it has visually become bigger. This way, I can keep motivated.

Also, try not to be too excessive in the amount of force that you apply to your exercise. If you go in too hard to start with without firstly conditioning your penis, it will result in injury. We all know how sensitive the penis is. The slightest injury can result in you having to stop doing penis exercises for maybe even three weeks or more.

This is a motivation killer. It may even put you off exercising for good because the pain from the injury may have been that severe. Go easy, to begin with, and build up resistance and tolerance. Listen to your body, if you are experiencing pain then ease off, your body is smart, it knows what it can handle and what it can’t, so listen to it and interpret the signs that it gives you correctly.

Final Thoughts?

You can quickly enlarge and get a bigger penis using just your hands. A bigger penis is possible without pills, but pills do have their place if used correctly and in conjunction with exercises as a supplement and not as a means on their own to increase your penis size.

A Penis extender, penis pump, and weights (although weights are more dangerous) can speed up your penis size goals drastically. Especially if more than one technique or device is used simultaneously with the correct plan of action.

Alternatively, penis exercises using just your hands are sufficient enough to give you permanent size increases in relatively short periods. It is essential to follow a reputable guide such as the PE Bible, PE Remedy, or Penis Advantage, so you may do it most safely.


If you have money to invest then definitely get your hands on the Phallosan Forte extender device for some serious male enhancement gains and grow your penis without pills while you sleep. FDA approved!


Body Freedom exclusively utilizes the best quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts in our content. Read our editorial process to learn more regarding our fact-checking to maintain the accuracy, reliability, and trustworthiness of our content.

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