How To Keep An Erection

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: August 14, 2019

Most of the people around the lookout for the answer as to how to maintain an erection throughout the sexual intercourse so that they can enjoy sex properly. Before knowing all these details, let’s understand what an erection is.

One can call it a hard-on, boner, chubby or any other equivalent slang term but the erection occurs when the penis gets filled with blood, and it gets stretched in some size or shape.

All erections last for some amount of minutes or longer than that. It ultimately depends on the stimulation involved. Most of the time, your penis will be in the flaccid state.

Erections can even occur for different reasons, but they are usually triggered by arousing stimulation or thoughts.

Young men typically start getting erections during puberty, as part of natural sexual development.

Different guys also experience such erections in their sleep that sometimes result in a wet dream which occurs when one ejaculates during sleeping. Sometimes, people even get erections when they least expect or when they don’t want it.

Well, one must not get stressed out as it is part of healthy development. Men can get them even when they are not thinking about sex-related things. If such things happen, one can get their mind thinking about something other than what is taking place in their pants.

If you are in a public place with some people around, then try readjusting the pants for covering yourself. You can also get to know how to keep an erection online. Most of the people struggle a lot in maintaining or gaining an erection.

There are different reasons which cause erections and even some factors that make a person lose their erection. It can be troubling for some as it occurs during sexual activity with a partner. Self-consciousness, fatigue, distractions and more can cause a temporary loss of erection. If such things happen, don’t sweat it too much as it is a common and natural occurrence.

If you can get an erection on your own during masturbation but have some difficulty in maintaining your erection with your partner, then problems can be more psychological or emotional.

Know-How To Keep An Erection

Try speaking with your partner about it so you can be more at ease when you are active sexually the next time. If you are uncomfortable talking to your partner, then this can also show that you will not be ready for getting turned on the next time.

Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, one can also decrease their ability to maintain their erection. You must keep in mind that being under the influence of alcohol or drugs and getting engaged in sexual activities can put you at risk of sexually transmitted diseases or even unwanted pregnancies.

If you are unable to get an erection on your own or want to learn how to maintain an erection, then start by adjusting your diet and limiting drug usage, or you can be the one to blame. Speak with the provider of health care that can advise all about the cause and what can also be done for the improvement.

Some of the erectile dysfunction aids are also available which can help a lot to men that have issues in maintaining or getting the erection. Some experts can even prescribe medication for treating such conditions.

However, one must make the best use of the tools available for gaining an erection. The usage of these aids can act as the alternative for all men in achieving good erection quality within a short time and to satisfy their women at the same time.

Physiological Phenomenon

The erection is termed as the physiological event in which the penis turns firm, gets enlarged and engorged with blood. The penile erection is also the result of a sophisticated interaction of endocrine, neural, vascular and psychological factors. It is also related to sexual attraction and sexual arousal.

Erections can even be spontaneous. The direction, angle, and shape of them vary from person to person. Physiologically, erections get triggered by the division of the autonomic system of nervous stimulation that causes the nitric oxide levels to get a rise in the arteries of trabecular and smooth muscles of the penis.

The artery dilates which causes the corpora cavernosa of the penis to be filled with blood, and the muscles even compress veins of corpora cavernosa to restrict egress and also blood circulation. The erection subsides when the activity of parasympathetic reduces to baseline.

As the nervous system of autonomic response, the erection can result in different stimuli that include the sexual arousal and stimulation which is not even under the control of the conscious mind. The absence of the nocturnal erection is also used commonly for distinguishing between the psychological and physical causes of impotence and erectile dysfunction.

The penis which is partly and not wholly in an erect state is sometimes termed as a semi-erection. The penis which is not erected in its entirety is referred typically as turning soft and flaccid.

The penis is the male sex organ, and the shaft of it is the longest part. The glans and head are located at the end of the shaft. The opening at the tip of the head when semen and urine come out is termed the meatus. Inside the shaft are two cylinder-shaped chambers called the corpora cavernosa and they run the length of the penis. They have blood vessels, maze, open pockets, tissue, and others.

The urethra which semen and urine flow through also runs along the underside of it in the spongy tissue of Corpus Spongiosum. The two main arteries and some of the veins move the blood in or out. The nerves also relay the messages from and to other body parts.

Plenty number of people are looking out for ways as to how they can increase the size of the penis, how to keep an erection, how to maintain an erection and much more. Well, different ways help in increasing the size, stamina, and strength of the erections which can be learned and used.

Ways To Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Several methods are available which can help in preventing the issues of erectile dysfunction. It includes the endless treatments, the devices and some of the ointments which claim for pumping up the volume.

There are best ways to prevent erectile dysfunction which can help in maximizing erections on all the fronts. All these tips come in handy, and when you know in advance that you are going to enjoy sex, you will be prepared as well as well-informed.

One can make their penis for going the distance instead of completing the sex in a few moments. The easiest way to keep yourself away from erectile dysfunction includes,

Have a look at different exercise forms which puts in the excessive pressure on the perineum which is the area between the anus and scrotum. Both blood vessels, as well as the nerves which supply the penis, can get affected adversely by excessive pressure in such zones.

However, one can learn how to keep an erection, how to maintain an erection and even how to prevent erectile dysfunction and more. Similarly, there is one downloadable guide called the Ejaculation Guru online. It is the one that includes all clear instructions and even stepwise instructions as to how one can be sure their premature ejaculation is resolved.

The best-selling author as Jack Grave of Ejaculation Guru is the natural researcher of health and also the creator of this sex guide. In his manual, he has well explained the need for every man who is required to be known and how they can get rid of the condition without any hassle and without even spending too much money on other useless products.

This guide is also cost-effective as compared to tablets and it is even available online and accessible immediately.  Firstly, one has to make a small investment in getting the system of Jack Graves. Secondly, all methods which are shared in the guide are even intended naturally as well as permanently for curing the problems of PE and ED and not just temporary.

Full money-back guarantees for 60 days are also offered just in case you change your mind.

No Misleading Claims Of Ejaculation Guru

Another thing about this sex guide is that it doesn’t make any outlandish claims. Jack Grave has made it entirely clear from the starting that this one guide is the only solution needed. It has also been explained that Ejaculation Guru is based on sound methods that are scientific and free from all ridiculous claims that can be found in the books online. No one can even know that you are making use of it. This is the digital guide and can be downloaded without any embarrassment.

Promotes A Close Relationship

This guide also encourages intimate contact. Sex is one much-esteemed aspect. Jack has shared some useful techniques in the handbook that can assist in pleasuring the women in bed, and they can be turned into sex addicts even.

So if you are the one who needs more assistance over ejaculation control, then you can ask him directly through email support. Based on the experience of many, it includes all the easy to follow techniques, and simple language has been used for all types of people.

Another Useful Erectile Dysfunction Aid, Bathmate

Bathmate is also one helpful tool for many men around that have an issue with an erection. This device works well by creating a vacuum which expands tissue in the penis.

Over time with consistent usage and similarly, with the ample chance of recovery, tissues get developed permanently which causes the penis in its entirety to become broader along its whole length.

This expansion of tissue also significantly allows more blood for the opening of the penis and even resulting in harder and firmer erections. One can see visible size increases with its constant usage even.

Gains With The Bathmate

Immediately after making use of this product, one can get full erections, and they can also find increases in length as well as their girth. With this device, the gains stay for as long as 24 hours, during intercourse and even after one loses their erection.

With the constant use of it, gains will turn permanent. Some of the users make use of it in the shower, and they have found that immediate changes were observed in the circumference. It’s nice to have sex for some hours after making use of it.

With the immediate gains, mainly in flaccid size, the penis of the person can even hang well below their balls. One can achieve permanent results with its use. The immediate or temporary gains get permanent if the device is used regularly. It is similar to work out in the gym.

When you go to lifting weights, gym or other, the muscle gets fatigued, and the immediate gain can be seen and then it returns to regular size. If you work out consistently, you will find the muscles to grow efficiently and remain in size unless one stops working on it.

The other thing to take into account is that unlike muscles the penis consists of tissue, so the gains will remain permanent as opposed to working out in the gym.

Safety Comes With The Bathmate

Unlike the potential and lousy air pumps, the Bathmate is a water pump that is safe and can be used as directed. None of the users have yet experienced any issues with this device.

People are using it for months and even years both as aggressively and consistently. It helps all in maintaining the gains efficiently.

For any reason, if you are unable to use this product regularly, then on the extended period only make use of it couple times in a week for at least 12 minutes. It can be enough in maintaining the gains.

User-Friendly, Penomet Pumps

The excellent product which has hit the market with its great features and results for a complete erection is Penomet pumps. It is user-friendly. One has to pump it once while making the usage of it. It helps in good and longer erection.

The great benefit of this is also that; one doesn’t have to do much. They can use it even outside of the shower and walk around wearing it. As you don’t have to pump it all over again, you don’t have to be in place for discharged water or tub.

One can chill on the couch and roam around at home wearing it. You only need to use it for a maximum of 20 mins per day, so it won’t intrude on your lifestyle.

As the Penomet pumps come with the different gaiters and pump is massive enough, there is a learning curve in this. All of the gaiters are different. One can quickly expect both the permanent as well as temporary gains from regular usage.

With it, one can see the immediate increment in size. This increases the hang around for long hours. You can even check out the before and after photos of the user where you can find that the length of the flaccid gets increased and erect girth also increases. You can expect the temporary gains from it during the first-ever session.

With the semi-erection or in a flaccid state, this Penomet pump can help a lot without being dramatic. The development of a large penis is one of the best treatments for all sexual anxiety.

With the constant use of it for long months, the temporary gains turn permanent. This process is termed “cementing the gains.” All regular users gain between one or three inches in length and even around 30 percent of the growth in its thickness.

Every man with a small penis whether in flaccid or erect size can get the fastest and noticeable results with this pump.

Within one to three months, the length of the penis starts getting increased, and one can visibly watch their penis grow much longer and fatter than previously. This penis enhancer pump comes with 60 days of money-back guarantee too.

One can get their money back if users don’t good results with it. It is the one which is the male enhancement device as it makes use of heat from water for its secure functioning. This expands and relaxes the penile vessels of blood. As a good result, more amount of blood flow to the penis and prevents sexual issues with better erections.

Revolutionary Design And Performance

The Penomet comes with its innovative design which includes two parts. It also offers the interchangeable gaiters which contain the active enlargement effect on the penis. No other penis pumper can provide visible flexibility and results.

One has to use this primary device for around 15 minutes during a bath or shower. This can help them with the opportunity of increasing the size of their penis and even its girth and length. It also comes with some useful tips that can make you learn how to keep an erection.

The Penomet pumps should also be used to having sex as one can expect for enjoying excellent and temporary results. One can find their penis as huger in size for more than 7 hours after initial usage.

Apart from that, one can also have better sex due to the excellent flow of blood in the dick. One can experience intense orgasms as well. If you are the one who is suffering from any issue of erectile dysfunction or even the premature ejaculation, then this device can assist in curing all by normalizing the flow of blood in the penis and even relaxing the penis veins.

Benefits Of Using The Penomet Pumps

The Penomet is a quality product that incorporates well the comfortable gaiters and even the mighty pump. One can feel good in the warm water. You can also make use of the highest “Force 80” gaiter for permanent gains. If gaiters break for any reason, they can use the free service of replacement.