How To Fix ED?

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: March 17, 2019

What Is ED?

This is another term for impotence. This ailment is held responsible for making a male unable to sustain penis erection during sexual intercourse. The penis erection has to be firm enough to make sure that female partners can conceive. In Asian countries like India alone, there are millions of people who are diagnosed with this problem.

Usually, ED is self-diagnosed, and through lab tests, images are screened to study whether the symptoms are present or not, which is actually done for confirmation. The disease can be chronic and can last a lifetime too if left untreated.

Medications include various options depending upon the cause of treatment. This guide talks about the ailment and its associated therapies for a smooth recovery and controlling the penis erection during sexual intercourse.

Treatment And Cure For ED

For ED, the treatments available include various options which are as follows:

  1. Vacuum devices
  2. Penile implants
  3. Surgeries
  4. New therapies for ED
  5. Alprostadil
  6. Testosterone Replacement Therapy
  7. Alternative Remedies
  8. Yohimbe Bark Supplements
  9. Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium)
  10. Psychological counseling
  11. Oral medications
  12. Physical exercise

How to treat ED is easy, and when it comes to treating the patient, you need to seek four options available. Picking a treatment depends on the cause of the ailment, and any medication is efficient and suitable if doctors have treated it correctly.

So, first of all, you have to talk with your doctor to understand the suitability of treatments available.

Using Vacuum Tubes For ED

For treating erectile dysfunction, out of various treatment options available, vacuum pumps are known for providing a long-lasting effect. These tubes are a constriction device that comes with a pump and a band.

A man who is suffering from ED has to maintain the erection as well, and vacuum tubes help in keeping it for long hours.

Best ED treatment may include various other options, but when it comes to vacuum pumps, results are quite promising. Vacuum constriction devices or VCD as they are called consist of the following equipment:

Procedure to wear these vacuum tubes is simple and includes the following steps:

Penile Treatment For ED

For treating ED, penile procedures are carried out in which prosthesis is used for getting rid of ED. The devices are simple and the prosthesis used is either malleable or inflatable. The prosthesis can be chosen as per your choice. It is implanted within the chambers of the penis or during surgery. Penis reconstruction also has the implants in which the penis shape can become curved and is known as Peyronie’s disease.

The effect of this penile treatment is meant for maintaining the erection at least to a semi-rigid state and helps with liftoff. Most of the problems in ED occur when sexual intercourse is initiated, an erection can be maintained. But one needs to understand as to when penile treatment should be used. Penile surgery is used when other forms of medications or natural remedies have failed. So, it’s the last resort.

The time duration required for surgical implants takes around one hour, and results are very quick too. There is a misconception around the penile treatments that makes a person unable to resume intercourse, but after six weeks of surgery, regular sex life can be continued.

Surgeries For ED

Penile treatments are included in the ED operations, but there is another option as well. Therapies for ED are available as you can pick from vacuum pumps and hormones depending on your doctor’s recommendation. Can erectile dysfunction be cured is a major question that is posed by the sufferers of this disease.

Another less common surgery other than penile treatment is vascular reconstructive surgery. Through this surgical procedure, blood flow is improved which helps in keeping up the erection.

In most cases, the surgery is not recommended as this is seen as a last resort. The reason being, these operations require effort and are money intensive, also very tough to be carried out too. Many times, these surgical procedures don’t always yield promising results.

Why Are Vascular Surgeries Severe?

Out of all the ED treatments available, vascular surgeries are seen to be the last resort. How to fix ED is indeed a big question, and the results of this surgery include increasing blood flow to the penis. In most cases of ED, this surgery is seen as the last option, and as we said, results are not promising too. But in many men, this operation has yielded promising results that help in maintaining penis erection during sexual intercourse.

Advantages Of Vascular Surgery:

Out of all the ED operations carried out, only 50% of patients are satisfied. One problem faced in operations related to ED is that it leaves a permanent scar on the penis. So there are some risks as well when it comes to treating ED. One problem is that the surgeries can also relapse if not done by experts. Another problem includes painful erections during sexual intercourse.

Mostly younger men come for vascular surgeries and are medically recommended for them owing to the reasons which are as follows:

Alprostadil and ED

As an effective medication for ED, Alprostadil is used. This drug is used for treating ED symptoms and is quick to give the results. But concerns include the risk factors which also need to be taken into consideration. This drug works by expanding the blood circulation in the penis by expanding the vessels. The effects of this medication are quite promising which helps in maintaining penis erection during intercourse.

Using this medication is oral or either it is applied or injected into the penis. There are many brand names under which this injection is sold. But there are some risk factors in using this medication that includes proper care. When Alprostadil is not used correctly, it may do permanent damage to your sexual organs.

Talking about the effectiveness of Alprostadil, this gives a firm erection in most of the men who use its injectable form. In the case of a suppository, the success ratio is up to 40% among men with ED. But the time in which the body responds to this medication is surprisingly quick. In about 20 minutes, this medication will show results.

But there are limitations to use it and one should not be using it more than thrice a week. But, like every other medication, this also has some risk factors, and intake should be avoided at all costs. One shouldn’t be taking this drug when suffering from the following issues:

There are some other concerns as well which include avoiding the application of this medicine when you are taking a blood thinner. When a person already has a congenital disability like a curved penis or penile infection, then it has to be avoided.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Low testosterone is also a reason for aggravating ED. As the level of this testosterone decreases, problems related to TRT is also exacerbated. There are some causes that are linked to low testosterone concentrations in the body leading to ED. In case, you have suffered from the following health conditions like:

Can ED Be Cured Or Not By TRT Replacement?

Treating a deficiency of testosterone involves its injections in the penis to ensure that erection is maintained during sexual intercourse. TRT shouldn’t be taken when a male has prostate cancer, UTI, insomnia, apnea and heart disease. Like every other medicine and therapy, there are side effects of TRT as well.

This hormone therapy leads to the stimulation of prostate tissue which increases the chances of cancer in the gland. The size of the testicles is also decreased. Therefore this hormonal therapy has some associated risks. It has been observed that among men, sperm count is too reduced which can lead to infertility.

Treating ED With Nutritional Supplements

Dietary supplements are required for making you recover from the ED symptoms in the most efficient manner. The surgical procedures adopted are indeed very promising and yield good results, but people are taking alternative medications as well. The medications are much different from what has been used conventionally, and we call them supplements.

What these nutritional supplements are and how they have been helping people all over the world, you can have a look here:

Role Of Acupuncture In ED

As an alternative therapy for ED, acupuncture is used effectively. This is a safe technique that can provide you ample scope for recovery from this disease, but the effects are evident with time.

Treating ED With Psychological Treatment

ED is also caused because of stress, and there are significant underlying emotional issues that exacerbate the symptoms. Having healthy emotional well-being is essential for getting a natural improvement in ED. Most of the complications in ED are caused due to stress which can be dealt with efficiently through acupuncture. This is an age-old method that helps to ward off the symptoms of anxiety and relationship issues which results due to ED.

Yohimbe Bark Supplements

It sounds a bit non-traditional, but the tree bark is going to be much more useful in various ways to treat ED. This is an aphrodisiac that has showcased promising results in improving ED symptoms. Yohimbe tree bark is used extensively across the African continent by the locals to improve their libido.

Known to be mostly an untouched aspect of ED treatment, this is now prescribed by some medical practitioners. But being in the nascent stage of trial and error, there are very few companies that are coming up with medications having the bark extract. The best part is that this supplement can be purchased without showing up a prescription, it’s called ExtenZe.

Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium)

In the category of natural supplements, the horny goat comes into play which is used extensively in China. People world over have been suffering from health situations like ED, low sexual health and related symptoms owing to multiple lifestyle factors. As far as ED medications are concerned, the natural form of medicine is now a preferred way.

Natural supplements include the horny goat weed which is used extensively for ED treatment. There are some side-effects of this medication as well which you need to think of beforehand. The symptoms of the related side-effects of this medication include the following:

But before you go for these medications it is recommended to seek medical help. Otherwise, the condition may become deteriorated. There can be significant side effects that can invite trouble for the patient.

Thinking that natural supplements are completely safe, it may come out to be a misnomer. When a patient of ED is on other medications like aspirin, contraceptives, thyroid pills, the chances to improve are nil when ED herbal supplements are taken.

If you are thinking of natural supplements to treat ED, you should opt for the following four brands as they have the highest reputation and best results without any side effects. VigRx Plus, Male Extra, ExtenZe or ProSolution Plus Pills.

Severe drug interactions are observed when horny weed is taken with nitroglycerin. So taking care that no drug interactions are there can make it easier for you to find the right treatment.

Oral Medications

If a person is suffering from ED, then oral medications are generally recommended as the first step by doctors. But drugs shouldn’t be taken when a person is already on nitrates as it can combine with ED medicines thereby leading to low blood pressure. The primary purpose of these medications is that it results in problems like chest pain and can restrict the blood flow when nitrate gets combined.

Medications used in ED are as follows:

The brackets above mention the brand names of the medicines. There are some differences when it comes to the results being delivered by ED medications. Usually, it takes a lot of time for some drugs to show up the results while some come with quick results.

There are some risk factors associated with this medication which includes the following:

It is highly recommended that one should take the medication only on the recommendation of their doctor.

There Are Some Conditions Under Which The ED Pills Are A Complete NO!

These are as follows:

Physical Exercise And ED

This is a proven fact in medical parlance that erectile functioning is improved significantly by being physically active. A range of activities can be undertaken like yoga, aerobics, running, jogging and so on. In fact, physical exercises have evolved to show as improvements in ED. For instance, there is an essential Kegel exercise showing results in ED patients. In this physical activity, focus always remains on improving pelvic muscles which improved ED symptoms.

For highly physically active persons, aerobics come to play a significant role. The focus is again on improving the pelvic floor muscles which can ward off erectile dysfunction to a large scale. Several studies have indicated that aerobics is very helpful in enhancing sexual activity by strengthening pelvic muscles. The medical researchers substantiate the benefits of this physical exercise.

Among the physical activities, the effects of yoga are not unknown. Millions of people across the world have taken up this training to improve their body stamina and muscle flexibility. People practicing yoga have experienced betterment in health and improvement in their well-being. Yoga improves blood flow and ensures that pelvic muscles are strengthened over time.

Most of the benefits are experienced when an energy-centric exercise is taken up which can help in weight shedding. Obesity is also seen to be one of the leading causes of ED which can be improved upon through jogging, running and taking quick steps in aerobics. Even brisk walking 30 minutes a day, three to four times a week, maybe enough to change your cardiovascular health and impact your ED.

Ed treatment review shows some surprising results which answer whether can ED be reversed?

Reversing ED

There are practical treatments like Ejaculation Guru, and Penomet pumps and people have also gone for the Bathmate but still, is the reversal of ED possible? 

In recent times, the medical community has advocated for combining medication with physical exercise.

The above strategy of joining up the twin benefits of physical activity with medication has been reaping success in ED patients. Among many men, it has been observed that adopting a healthy lifestyle has shown promising results in their recovery. Taking on to physical exercise and eating a diet rich in nutrition is indeed a way out for the betterment of health.

It can be said that ED reversal is possible with minor improvements in diet and lifestyle and solely relying on medication alone can reap you only small benefits. Though there can be an improvement in the symptoms of ED but reversal is altogether a different phenomenon. In the present times, there are more cases of ED and the leading cause of this ailment is a faulty lifestyle where men are highly sedentary.

As ED is caused due to weak penile muscles, there are chances of improvement when a person becomes physically active. Taking up exercise has multiple benefits, and as there are various forms of exercise that are present, you can pick based on your liking. Flexibility to choose a particular form of exercise is solely based on your body type.

If we look at the benefits of exercise, it is observed that patients, who are physically active, have experienced lower stress levels. Also, the reduction in weight has improved their libido, which eventually alleviates ED symptoms. Stress indeed is a major killer today and health destroyer too, and people fall prey to ED without even realizing it.

If a person is active and chooses the right medication and treatment options carefully, depending upon body requirement and stamina, chances of recovery are increased. Usually, it is the physical factors that are responsible for ED but owing to an inactive lifestyle; stress is playing a vicious role. Alcohol is a curse that destroys the overall health of a person which results in the form of ED. Taking an effective medical treatment along with exercise results in improving health conditions and makes ED reversal possible.