How To Enlarge Your Penis?

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: April 11, 2019

In recent surveys conducted in Germany to find the average length of an erect penis, the result was 5.6 inches on average. The measurements were reported from men themselves and according to Reuters – the penis extender is the only device that can give you added length and actually enlarge your penis!

So, that’s how to enlarge your penis!

That’s all folks!

Why Do Guy’s Want To Enlarge Their Dicks?

We live in a world that dictates to us exactly what we should do, eat, wear, and the list goes on and on and on. If we fail to conform to the societal norms that this will dictate to us, we may start to feel feelings of anxiety or self-loathing, especially when there is nothing we can do about sculpting ourselves into the societal norm.

Fear runs through the air just like oxygen and nitrogen and is easily transferable from person to person, all it takes is a single comment, and that could leave us feeling nervous for the best part of most of our lives.

While many of us are nervous and worried about other aspects of life, there is a huge proportion of people who are distracted by thoughts of their physical appearance. These ideas can overtake and become dominant over what really matters rather than zoning in on a particular body part.

Of the numerous body parts we possess, the private ones in our pants are the ones we focus on the most. And where did we get this information from I hear you ask! In 2015 the study was conducted which included 367 literary personnel, all males and under the age of 40. It showed that at least one-third of them had an issue and a negative self-image of their genitalia. Those of them who felt negatively about their penis also experienced sexual anxiety and weren’t able to perform sexually to the best of their abilities.

In contrast, the complete opposite was true for those who had a positive self-image and were happy with the size of the penis. To conclude, unhappiness and discontent gave rise to anxiety which in turn resulted in sexual difficulties – a savage process!


What’s A Guy Gotta Do Around Here?

One thing you definitely shouldn’t do is panic! Let’s put a stop to that at once. We need to be rational and start with facts. Start by erasing everything you’ve seen in pictures, movies or on the Internet from your memory. Those porn star penises are a far-fetched stretch from reality. Let’s think about the 5.6-inch average penis that men self-reported. I’m sure you fall into about that range, and according to the Mayo Clinic, unless a penis is less than 3 inches when erect it’s not even considered to be small.

Just like women get bombarded with pictures of photoshopped and sometimes surgically enhanced beauty queens, consider yourself a victim of the same bombardment. Stop comparing yourself with an augmented version of reality because it’s you that suffers as a consequence for absolutely no rational reason.

Another study (scientific journal of course) found that the majority of cases of when men complained about having a small penis were comparing themselves to an overestimated average penis size. Moreover, not a single one of them genuinely had a little cock. What a bunch of time wasters, eh?

30 years experienced, practicing urologist, Doctor, and author of the ultimate guide to male sexual health – Dr. Dudley Seth Danoff suggests that many patients have asked him “what can I do to get a bigger penis?” His response to the whole world is this  – there’s not a single guy alive who wouldn’t prefer a bigger penis, is there? And he knows what he’s talking about because he’s graduated from both Princeton and Yale universities. He has also seen over 100,000 patients in his time – that’s definitely more than I’ve had hot dinners.

Another dude called Brandon Bartling who manages a glorified sex shop (erotic store) called the pleasure chest in New York City seems to understand this pretty well too. He says that they sell all kinds of male enhancement supplements and devices to help men enlarge their penis size and make it bigger like penis extenders.

He even stated in an email that the VigRX Plus Pills were the best thing to help men get rock hard, thick, fuller erections that lasted for ages and the results were appreciated by all the guys and their partners.

While others prefer using penis pumps especially those manufactured by Bathmate and Penomet and most commonly in the HydroMax range.

By using a water-based penis pump on a daily basis for at least 15 to 20 minutes, it will yield permanent results if continued over a few months.

Unfortunately, many claims that the manufacturers of some of these products make cannot be verified, and others claim unrealistic-too-good-to-be-true results which scream for you to stay away from them. For example, a product that has been warned against by the FDA that you should stay away from is Enzyte. The owner of that company is sitting comfortably behind bars for the next 25 years of his life.

According to many researchers, many of the Dodd products available on the market today are reliant upon the placebo effect is a form of trickery to con customers out of their money. Danoff says that roughly 40% of people will be affected by the placebo effect and will believe a product is working even when it’s not, just because they have been told that it works.

The power of suggestion plays a bigger role than what’s actually happening and it is a way of how to enlarge your penis. He believes that if you’ve paid X amount for a certain product, then you will be more inclined to believe that it works simply because you paid X amount.


Some scientists think that absolutely nothing will extend the penis or make it bigger, not even surgery. One surgical technique involves cutting the suspensory ligament which only gives the illusion of length but doesn’t actually extend anything.

More importantly, forget about whether it works or not, think about the negative implications that a surgical treatment on the penis would have. There are so many reports which indicate the risks involved. The risks by far outweigh any positives. This is something that should be steered clear of at all costs, speaking of price, it’s not cheap either.


There is hope!

And that belief is growing potentially like your penis will if you use it in a traction device. Over the years more and more studies using penis extenders are being carried out with positive results. Not a single study that has involved penis traction extenders shows any negative results. I sense your sigh of relief!

Phew! You can wipe that sweat off your forehead.

The traction extender is placed along the length of the phallus, and it is stretched on a daily basis. One team of researchers registered an average of 0.7 inches in length over a duration of four months of wearing the penis extender for 6 hours a day.

Another study showed the participants enlarged their penis by 0.9 inches in erect length on average over a six-month period. And these studies were the first few I got my hands on, so I didn’t have to dig too deep to find them.

However, my most favorite study and the one that I think you are going to like and be relieved of the most is the study that was conducted to scrutinize the efficacy of the Phallosan Forte. The latest and greatest in cutting edge, innovative, comfortable and proven design. Different from all other extenders out there, no wonder they got their design patented!

The Phallosan Forte study concluded that after a period of only six months, the average erect length gains by the participants in the study was 1.9 inches, that’s almost two whole inches!

Oh, you think that’s exciting?

The even more interesting part is that all the participants stopped using the Phallosan Forte after they had gained their inches for another six-month period. After the following period of six months had subsided, measurements were taken to see whether or not the size increase stuck or returned to normal. You bet, the results resulted in permanent enlargement!

Why Does Phallosan Give Better Results Than Other Extenders When Enlarging Your Penis?

Penis extender devices use traction forces to extend the penis ever so slightly for extended periods of time until the body adapts and begins to repair itself and ultimately enlarges the penis. The secret to making it work is the number of hours that you can stretch your penis for.

Other extenders are so uncomfortable and hardly bearable that you cannot wear them for extended periods of time without feeling pain. The Phallosan, on the other hand, due to its innovative design and vacuum bell to secure the penis, it is virtually painless. So comfortable in fact, that it can even be worn while sleeping, doing sports or other regular activities. You don’t even have to fear it coming loose, and it’s not even a problem if you get an erection while wearing it.

Ultimately this means you can stretch your penis for over 12 hours a day without feeling the slightest discomfort AND the Phallosan is capable of providing higher traction force than other extenders. They really hit the nail on the head with this one!

According to science, by applying traction in a safe manner across the length of the penis, it stimulates the tissue cells to multiply by a natural process of cytokinesis causing enlargement. Obviously, it’s a very slow process, and it takes ages, but with continued effort, you will see results.

Are 6 months really too long to wait for 1.9 inches?

If having a small penis gives you feelings of anxiety, at least you have some hope now. All we ask is that you take a step back and exercise caution when enlarging your penis using a traction device and not to get too overexcited and try to rush the process.