How To Control Premature Ejaculation

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: January 14, 2019

How To Control Premature Ejaculation?

Sex is an enjoyable activity, and usually, time flies when you’re having fun. Particularly for most men who don’t last nearly as long as they’d like. Who wouldn’t want to be able to last longer, right?

This issue is not only embarrassing, but it can take a heavy toll on your relationship because it often results in sex being over in a matter of minutes. If you are unable to delay or control the timing of your ejaculation even though you may be trying incredibly hard, you are probably suffering from premature ejaculation.

You are not alone, roughly a third of the male population aged 18 and upwards experience this at some point in their life and many suffer from it for a long time.

Even though the man still experiences sexual gratification, it is still a major problem because women take much longer to orgasm than men. Lasting longer from the woman’s perspective could turn regular mundane sex, sex just for the sake of it into sex that is magnificent.

We Have A Few Tips For You To Help You Reach A Degree Of Ejaculation Control

Included we will have some suggestions that you can use straight away, and others will require more effort. If your condition is an extreme case, you may be needing to make an appointment with your physician. We understand that this can be embarrassing so we have included some of the techniques that will be recommended to you by your therapist anyway. So you can try them before making an appointment and

So you can try them before making an appointment and hopefully, this will fix your problem of premature ejaculation and save you the embarrassment.

1. Start With Wearing A Condom To Control Ejaculation

By wearing a condom, you will have added an extra barrier between your penis and the Vagina. This will result in decreased sensation enabling you to last longer. Try to opt for a slightly thicker condom to increase this barrier.

Naturally, if you’re trying for a baby, then this method will not be an option for you. Or you could still use it on the days that your partner is not ovulating.

2. Use Desensitizing Creams, Gels Or Sprays

The good thing about these is that they can still be used while you and your partner are planning for a baby. Topical solutions provide a gentle numbing feeling to your penis, as they contain Lidocaine or benzocaine.

The drawback is numbing out your penis too much if you are suffering from other erectile problems such as erectile dysfunction and finding it hard to maintain an erection. This will make it even more challenging to remain erect making sexual gratification even harder to achieve.

Another drawback would be if you have sensitive skin or are allergic to any of the ingredients. It is best practice to try it on a less sensitive area of your body first to see if you experience any negative reactions just like you would do with any new product like this such as hair dye etc.

If you are suffering from erectile problems, you could always try to use the cream, gel or spray on your own during a masturbation session beforehand to test the waters and get acquainted with it.

These types of creams and sprays have proven to be very efficient to help hundreds of men last longer in bed with their desensitizing and numbing properties.

Another tip would be to make sure that cream or spray is fully absorbed into your penis skin by massaging it in gently, as you do not want it to transfer to your partner’s vagina and end up numbing it out and making sex uncomfortable. And don’t worry about receiving oral sex as most of these are safe for ingestion and are tasteless and odorless.

3. The Good Old Squeeze Technique Or Sometimes The Stop-Start Technique

This is one of the techniques that isn’t a quick fix and will require some dedication from you. It is also one of the methods that are commonly advised by medical professionals and sex therapists. You can do this on your own or with the help of your partner; it’s entirely up to you.

Both of these techniques are slightly different, but both of them require you to stimulate your penis until you reach the point at which you are going to ejaculate.

For the stop-start technique, once you reach the point of no return, all you have to do is stop

stimulating until the feeling subsides. Repeat this a few more times and build up your resistance as time goes on and you will learn how to fix and cure Premature ejaculation.

For the squeeze technique, when you reach this point you press the glans of your penis and allow the feeling of arousal to subside.

You can practice both of these techniques actually while having sex. One way in which you can do this is by pulling out whenever you reach the point of no return and maybe squeezing the glance of your penis. Or just waiting for the feeling to become reduced in the time it takes for you to switch positions, perhaps pleasure your partner in a different way without the use of your penis.

4. Consider Using Antidepressants To Cure Premature Ejaculation

A man’s orgasm is a complicated procedure and is not entirely understood completely by science. We do know one thing though, that it has something to do with Serotonin. As a result, men using SSRI antidepressants experience a hard time achieving orgasm.

Scientists have since researched the effects of SSRI antidepressants on guys suffering from premature ejaculation. Different doses have been tested with promising results. Since this is something that you would have to have prescribed to you from your doctor, we advise you to discuss this further to see if it is the right approach for you.

5. Widen Your Horizons For Ejaculation Controlling

If the primary focus of you fixing your premature ejaculation problem is for your partner, then consider speaking and discussing what it is exactly what she likes when it comes to sex. Many men go straight in for the kill without indulging in foreplay. This can get her aroused more quickly and can help her reach orgasm with less penetration.

Make sure you know what she likes, what feels good to her and which areas of her vagina are more sensitive etc. Maybe she would like you to lick her out or finger her, or maybe even use toys with her.

Maybe she wants to make out before sex for half an hour, or wants a massage and wants her body caressed. If she doesn’t know what she likes, then you could consider this course put together by girls; Two Girls Teach Sex.

Who better to tell you how to perform then somebody on the receiving end?

If you want to take control of your premature ejaculation issues, permanently you should consider The Ejaculation Guru By Jack Grave. Jack will teach you to cure, fix and solve premature ejaculation for good rather than just learning to control it as you continue to live with it.

Or for a more immediate solution to beat and overcome premature ejaculation in the meantime, consider the following recommended delay creams, sprays, and gels.

  1. VigRX Delay Spray
  2. ProSolution Gel
  3. Enlast Cream
  4. Delay Pills

Stay away from STUD 100 Spray as many users have experienced complete desensitization with no feeling left in their penis at all. This is not the goal we want to achieve. Especially if you have Erectile Dysfunction issues and find it difficult gaining and maintaining an erection.

P.s Consider coupling your Topical cream, gel or spray with enhancement pills, that way you will be able to keep a rock hard erection at the same time even though your penis has been desensitized.