FDA Approved Male Enhancement Pills

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: July 7, 2019

Are you doing research and are trying to find the safest option available when it comes to penis enlargement? You’ve seen all of the products that are claiming to be FDA approved and have not yet seen any evidence of it being true? Am I, right?

You’ve seen all of the products that are claiming to be FDA approved and have not yet seen any evidence of it being true? Am I, right?

Am I, right?

It’s good that you are skeptical as you won’t be duped by all the bogus claims that some of these pill manufacturers present to unsuspecting victims to lure them in, whether that’s by them using false advertising claims on the TV, radio, Internet or magazines.

When it comes to FDA approved male enhancement pills, we are confident that you won’t find any! That’s because, after all of our research we have failed to find a single male enhancement PILL with FDA approval. That’s not to say; we haven’t found a male enhancement PRODUCT with FDA approval, though!

Carry on reading, and we will reveal which penis enlargement product ACTUALLY DOES have FDA approval!

First, Let’s Clarify Some Doubts…

To be fair, there is nothing wrong with wanting a bigger penis; the problem is that many of the pill companies are claiming results based on no clinical or scientific data or sometimes the scientific evidence that has no merit. Let’s put the science bit to the side for a second, consider the adverse and negative side-effects that some of these pills could induce.

So far, not a single male enlargement pill or supplement has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). If you do come across male enhancement products that claim to have FDA approval, their claim holds little to no weight in most cases. Except, obviously the one single product which actually does have FDA approval. We can prove that, and we will go later on.

Non-Specific FDA Approval

Sometimes, you will find a particular type of product that the FDA has in fact approved. When this happens, many companies produce similar products and then piggyback off the back of the actual product which has gained approval. We will give an example shortly.

Luckily for people like you and me, the FDA exists to oversee many health products. We should be glad that such an organization is working hard to protect, primarily the consumer. Knowing this, many companies use the “FDA approved” slogan because they know how much the customer trusts the FDA.

Back to our example. The FDA is known to have approved individual penis vacuum pumps for the treatment of patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. That is exactly what they have been approved for but not for penis enlargement. Even though some vacuum pumps have been proven to give permanent size increases with continuous use, they have not been FDA approved.

We do not say this to discredit all the companies who produce vacuum pumps but just to mention that some have been known to exploit this for their own personal benefit. Still, we recommend water-based vacuum pumps over air-based ones all day long. That’s because just because the FDA hasn’t approved them does not mean that other studies have not proven them to work as well as the many thousands of satisfied customers with positive reviews.

We are going a bit off-topic here, but just a note, the only two water-based vacuum pumps we recommend are the Bathmate and Penomet brands.

Do Dietary Supplements Require FDA Approval?

The answer is NO!

This is a known fact.

To put it more simply, dietary supplements do not need to have proof of the efficiency nor their safety. This is why this type of product such as male enhancement pills, is more readily available under hundreds of brand names.

Again, as we have mentioned just because they don’t require approval, doesn’t mean that SOME of them do not give the results that they promise. Other studies should be looked into when considering male enhancement supplements or pills when considering their effectiveness. Remember to be careful when considering male enhancement pills. You can read about the recommended ones and the ones to avoid this website.

If you regularly read men’s magazines or look for information on the Internet, you will have inevitably come across many male enhancement products that claim to have endorsements from medical professionals. In most cases, this is just a fad, but it cannot be ruled out completely as sometimes it may be true. It’s just that, with all the subpar products on the market, it can be difficult to distinguish between them.

Male enhancement is an industry which is hugely hyped and promoted. But, the term male enhancement encompasses many techniques, products, and practices. It is a vague term. And since everybody’s body is different, no single method, product or practice can guarantee the same results or even indicate so much to give a blanket statement.

Let’s Look At A Product Called Enzyte!

This is a product that has been known for its extreme hype and false guarantees and claims of the size increase and results you can experience. The founder of the company got away with it for some time until everything caught up with him and now he is sitting behind bars for the next 25 years of his life. Read more about Steve Warshak in a full news story here.

Finally… A Proven, FDA Approved Penis Enlargement Device…

As we mentioned earlier, that we would be telling you about the only FDA approved male enhancement/penis enlargement device on the market – behold the Phallosan Forte!

It has been engineered and manufactured in Germany with a patented design and most importantly FDA approval. Don’t believe us?

We understand your skepticism. We would be too, seeing as nearly every article you come across online is trying to promote something or the other. But, if you hop over to the official FDA website, then you can see for yourself that the Phallosan is definitely listed in the FDA inventory of approved devices.

There are many reasons how it got approved, but the one that you are most likely to be interested in is based on real results in a clinical study conducted in Germany which spanned over 12 months. Six months using the Phallosan and the following six months involved not using the extender at all – but to check for permanency of results from the first six months.

The average length gain was 1.9 inches in length over six months of wearing the Phallosan extender for eight hours a day. Due to how comfortable it is to wear, this is entirely manageable unlike when using a regular extender which has the classic design which inevitably will give you discomfort.

You can read more about real user experiences with the Phallosan Forte, expected gains or details on how and where to buy without being scammed on this website.

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