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by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: October 16, 2019

What Is ExtenZe Lube?free-lubricant-when-you-buy-3-month-supply

The Extenze Lubricant is a formula for increasing the sensations and prolonging the duration of sexual intercourse.

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The male and female reproductive organs generate natural fluids at the time of copulation. It helps in easy penetration and movement of the penis in the inner vaginal areas during the intercourse.

However, there are many circumstances where they are insufficiently produced or not generated at all. The Extenze-lubricant substitutes for these natural secretions. The lubricant is available in two formulas namely water-based formula and silicone-based formula. You can choose which lube you want for free when you make a purchase of Extenze Pills.

Water-based formula: – The main ingredient is water.

It provides the coolant sensations on the outer surface of the penis skin. Also, it helps in vaginal secretions during intercourse.

Causes of dryness

According to extensive studies conducted over a period, women experience a severe case of desiccation in their vaginal region during the initial penis penetration into the vagina.

Many clinical studies were conducted to confirm the real reasons behind the lack of natural lubrication. When the vaginal dryness is compensated with penis generated lubrication, this problem can be solved to some degree though not entirely. However, the penis-lubrication is insufficient to make up for this.

Let us look at some of the common reasons behind this.


This is one of the major causes.

Physical stress causes dryness in the body. You will need lots of fluids to overcome this trend. However, today’s food content and the busy lifestyle drain out most of the water content in your body during the day. This is coupled with psychological stress factors. Hence, lubrication never happens at the right moment.


The water level in the body gets imbalanced due to toxic elements accumulation. This happens especially within the penis blood vessels and cardiovascular system.


Nicotine and tar are the two most important toxic elements that get continuously accumulated within your blood, veins, and lungs region. Your libido is also considerably reduced because of smoking. Even the non-smokers who happen to work or live with smokers are found to have these symptoms of passive smoking. This is especially the case for women who smoke cannabis.

This drastically reduces the generation of lubrication within the penis as well as the inner vaginal walls (If your female partner is either an active/passive smoker).


One drop of alcohol absorbs ten drops of water content from your body, especially from the central nervous system and the tissues surrounding the liver and abdominal region. Your sexual organs also fall under this area.


They are one of the increasing worry-factors today. The preservatives and other chemicals used in processing these sorts of foods can lead to dehydration to a large extent.

Lack of water consumptionwater-consumption-extenze

Just think of the amount of water you intake during the day. An average adult today needs 3 liters of water every day just for existence. That means you will need more than 3 liters of water, which may not be your consumption. In such cases also, you can experience dryness in the sexual organs during intercourse.

What are the ExtenZe Lubricant ingredients?

The parts of the lubricant are based on the formula used.

ExtenZe Water-based lubricant

The ingredients are

The silicone-based formula has an additional element which is the silicone-base. This ingredient increases the tensile strength of the penis outer surface. It also gives additional flexibility to it.

The movement of the penis during intercourse will induce the vaginal lubrication process. Thus, the ease and flow of sexual relations are made possible.

How effective is the ExtenZe lubricant?

The effectiveness of a sexual lubricant comes into the picture when sexual intercourse becomes smooth and flowing. The Extenze-lubricant takes care of both aspects. Writing about its actual effectiveness, one of the satisfied users of the lubricant wrote a review.

A part of it is being depicted below.

ExtenZe Lubricant Effect Number 1: Lubrication

My name is John and I am a sales executive of a famous penis-extender company.

I had used a penis extender device for increasing the size of my penis to a certain extent. I was quite happy with that. Even my girl expressed her happiness when she saw it. We had fixed our first erotic date on a weekend.

The location was also quite wonderful and just romantic for us. We had ventured into the eastern coastal beach zone. The rainy evening weather also added to our eroticism.

Everything went fine and we started making love. She was astonished to see my erection size and we soon got into the act. The trouble started then.

I somehow could not make the initial entry into her. No matter how much I tried, it failed. Soon she started complaining of too much pain and irritation due to itching. We abandoned the idea of sex. This made a nightmare out of our beautiful dream.

The use of an herbal lubricant, in this case, would have solved this embarrassing health problem. This is where Extenze Lubricant came to the rescue of John, the next time he went out with his girl again.

There is one more reason for the lack of natural lubrication period. It is the lack or absence of foreplay before the actual sexual intercourse.

Many of the couples make sex look like an act they are performing to satisfy the personal sexual urge and get out of the bed. It is like sitting in front of your dining table to have food. At that time, you are bothered only about filling your stomach rather than trying to fill your girl’s hunger. In those cases, also the dryness in the vaginal area can occur.

This, when coupled with a lack of male penis lubrication, can ruin the entire act of sexual intercourse.

ExtenZe Lubricant Effect-Number-2: anti-depressant

The pleasure zone and the pleasure centers in the base part of the male brain are responsible for activating the sexual nerves. This is how sexual desire is born in males. Men are more prone to visual provocations than females. This is one of the primary reasons for male sexual stimulation when you see an erotic film.

On the other hand, your female partner gets stimulated upon physical proximity. However, the male excitement seems to die down when in actual physical contact with the woman to an extent. Have you ever started to go soft during intercourse?

Nervousness over the fear of failure could be one of the reasons for penis erectile problems. When this is coupled with dryness, the fate of lovemaking goes for a loss on a particular day. This is one of the reasons why the sexologists often recommend sufficient foreplay before the actual intercourse.

When you can take care of all these aspects while using the Extenze Lubricant, it would be a particular bonus point for your extra lubrication.


What are the possible ExtenZe Lubricant side effects?

There are no known adverse side effects of the Extenze Lubricant. However, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients specified, you may experience mild senses of skin irritation.

The timing of the application needs to be considered. Most men have found one-time application entirely insufficient while twice could prove to be too much. The best-known method is to apply the lubricant 15 minutes before the actual penetration.

Now, the ointment starts getting absorbed into the penis skin layers. When you use the oil for the second time, just before intercourse, you will be able to attain maximum benefits.

ExtenZe Lubricant Conclusion

The usage of a lubricant depends upon the level of dryness in the vaginal area. One way of making your lubricant work better for you is with your mental frame during the intercourse. If you are too troubled or psychologically tensed, your natural lubrication will also not work. This could be one of the reasons for dryness.

A second cause of the lack of lubrication is the unbalanced water level in your body. You need to drink a minimum of 2 liters of pure and safe water in a day. Consumption of fruit juices in large quantities can also make your natural lubrication easier.

In this way, your overall lubrication and its sustenance are taken care of during the full intercourse.